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Review of Airaid Air Intakes AR401-278

Today, we're going to review part number AR 401-278, the Airaid MXP Intake System with the SynthaMaxfilter. This part number is designed to fit the 2011 and newer Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 and the F-550 that use the 6.7 liter power-stroke diesel engine. Iwould recommend to go to the product pagefor this part number, and at the bottom of the page it will list the years and models of the vehicles this will fit on.This is a cold air intake system, which will increase your engine horsepower and torqueby collecting cold air and improving the air flow. This has the stage two sealedbox cold air intake with the air dam that will block the hot air and thenthe large inlets will maximize the cold air draw.This does increase the airflow and draw in more air than a fully closed system. Now this air box and this intake tube right here are both made of a roto-molded cross-link high-density polyethylenematerial and both of these pieces will replace the factory air box and intake tube that's on your vehicle right now. The cold air dam will isolate the engine heat while maximizing air intake.

At the very top here, it comes with this rubber seal that you would install on there and then this part would seal up against the hood on your vehicle and that will block out a lot of the hot air. Now this system does causeless noise than an open system andbecause both of these parts are made of a polyethylene material, it will help resist engine heat better than your steeland aluminum parts. It has the built in velocity stack right here and the huge inlets, which willfurtherpromote the air flow and if you will notice right down here there is a location where you can actually bolt on a factory sensor to still give you the factory readings that you are used to seeing in your vehicle. This is a very easy installation. It does come with all the hardware shown here, the mounting hardware, the instruction manual. It comes withthe split wire looms to put around the wiring harness. It comes with the seal that I mentioned earlier.

It comes with these two stainless steel clamps that will help connect this intake tube to the airbox and it comes with thissilicone or urethanecoupler.It also has these two pieces, which are aluminum. This is a hose bracket and this is a heat shield that would bolt around your intake tube and basically right now they look white. They're actually aluminum, but the white is just a seal that you would peel off and that keeps protecting the finish on it so it looks nice. It's an easy installation. It will use the factory mounting points on your vehicle. It is custom fit for your vehicle.

The parts are made in the USA. Now one other part it does come with is this Synthamax air filter. Let me just show this to you. I'll get it out of the box. I'll show you the size of it.

It'sverylarge. It's a drytwo layer air filter, which will deliver more than 99% filtration. It gives you superior air flow, excellent filtration and easy maintenance. As you can see it is avery large 360 degree conical-shaped filter and it is composed of two layers of100% synthetic materialbetween two layers of a stainless steel mesh and this will help filter out any contaminates while allowing the clean air to flow through. Now the two layers of the stainless steel mesh, theydo provide the rigid durability of the filter. This does provide excellent protection, superior air flow. It is washable and reusablefor easy maintenance and it isall held together with this durable urethane frame of the filter. Now this part number does include all of these parts showing here and just to show you briefly after you have this all put together, your air filter would basically just bolt up right in here, inside this air box just like that, very simple installation.This will include all of these parts and that should do it for the review on part number AR 401-278, the Airaid MXP Intake System with the SynthaMaxfilter. .

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