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Review of Airaid Air Intakes AR301-277

Today were going to review part number AR301-277, this is the Airaid MXP Intake System with the SynthaMax Dry Filter, this is a stage two version. This part number is designed to fit the 2013 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500, that has the 5.7 liter V-8 engine. This cold air intake system will increase your engine horsepower and engine torque by collecting cold air and improving the air flow. See here, this will replace your factory airbox. Some of the parts will connect to this airbox. Has a stage two sealed box cold air intake with air dam which will block hot air and has large inlets to maximize the cold air draw.

Also has the intake tube here, which has the velocity stack and also very large inlets to promote the air flow. Both of these parts, the box and the intake tube are a roto-molded cross-linked, high density Polyethylene, this will replace the stack system on your vehicle.This will also increase to your air flow and draw in more air than a fully close system. The cold air dam will isolate engine heat, will maximizing air intake. Using the seal on top here, it will actually seal directly to the hood of your vehicle and block out any hot air. It does cause less noise than an open system and being made of a Polyethylene it is will resist engine heat better than your steel and aluminum airboxes.

There are spots on the intake tube right here, you can see a hole here and theres a hole here where you can actually gives you a relocation point for some of your factory centers on your vehicle, that will still give you some of your factory readings that would be use to.This is a very easy installation. It does use factory mounting points on your vehicle. Has the stainless four stainless steel clamps that will help connect all these parts together. It does have urethane couplers, which will help connect your air intake tube to your airbox. This part is made in the USA.

It is custom-made to fit your vehicle. It also does come with the Synthax flow air filter or a SynthaMax, Im sorry, SynthaMax air filter. This is a dry two layer air filter, which are deliver more than 99% filtration efficiency rate. Has superior air flow, excellent filtration and very easy maintenance. Lets take it out here to show you.

This large 360 conical filter is composed of two layers of a 100% synthetic material between two layers of stainless steel mesh.You can see that would drop right into your airbox. This does provide excellent protection and superior air flow. It is washable and reusable for easy maintenance. It has a very durable urethane frame. This intake system will maintain proper air and fuel ratios. Therefore, eliminating the need for re-calibration once the installation is complete. That should do it for the review on part number AR301-277, the Airaid MXP Intake System with the SynthaMax Dry Filter.

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