Review of Air Lift Vehicle Suspension - Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement - AL57242

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Air Lift Vehicle Suspension - Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement - AL57242 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Air Helper Springs. These are going to install on the rear of our vehicle and they help to alleviate some of the problems that we typically get whenever our vehicle's loaded down pretty heavily. That's typically going to be sway and road shock. So these are going to create a connection point between the frame of our vehicle and the axle and that's going to help to bring our vehicle back down so we don't have as much leaning to one side as we're going around a turn. Typically your vehicle would want to lean out. This is going to keep that to a minimum.

It's going to bring the high side back down and then push back on the low side. So it helps to keep everything tracking down straight and makes it feel a lot more stable as you're going around those turns or as you're experiencing crosswinds, especially in the plains states you know those winds come right across that flat land and I can make I feel really unsecure whenever you're going down the road. So these help to relieve that. And then also any kind of road shock that you typically get along bad pavement so you don't go bumping down the road as much, helps create a cushion there to make that ride more comfortable.These are going to be a fit for the Ford E-450 chassis and that's what a lot of RVs are built on top of. Of course you do want to make sure that you check our fit guide here at, put in your year, make, and model to make sure that this is a fit for you.

With that being said with those RVs that's going to be the biggest thing that you're trying to relieve is that sway and the road shock that we typically get. So this will be a good addition for that. If that's a big issue for you though you might also consider getting an anti sway bar or a steering stabilizer. Those are two other great components to reduce sway and make it a lot more enjoyable to drive your RV down the road. The sway bar, again, creates that connection point between the frame and the axle.

And the steering stabilizer helps to keep your steering wheel from tracking and from feeling like you have to really grip on to that steering wheel. We have all those accessories here at as far as our airbags, these are going to be a great addition and they also give us some load leveling capabilities so if our backend is leaning down a little bit we can bring that back up. Got a lot of weight in the rear of the vehicle. Also if it's sort of leaning off to one side, if you notice that your RV kind of wants to tip, you can adjust these independently to level it out side to side as well.So that helps to again make sure that everything's tracking straight down the road, helps to maintain a good life on the rest of our OEM suspension components since now we're not having to put all of that weight on those OEM suspension components, it's getting spread out across our airbags as well. Now these have a load leveling capacity of up to 5000 pounds.

Just the thing to keep in mind with that is that it doesn't increase the overall weight carrying capacity, so you never want to exceed your manufacturer's recommended weight limit.Our adjustable air pressure is going to go between five psi and 100 psi so you always want to make sure there's at least five psi of air in your system so that they're working properly and that we're not smashing down the bags as we're going down the road. A great thing to add with that to make sure that there is the proper amount of weight . or the proper amount of air in your bags is to get an air compressor system that is also sold separately. It seems pricey, but they are a great thing to have so you don't have to get out of your cab to adjust the pressure side to side, you're able to constantly monitor it, make sure that it's staying true and if you notice that there is a drop in the pressure you can see that immediately and then address any leaks in your airlines.We do have a lot of options for air compressors here as well and you can get a single stream or a dual compressor system. The dual compressor system will let you adjust the bags and it lets you keep that adjustability side to side. A compressor single will just marry these two together and then it just lets you lift them together and you lose that independence side to side. So it's up to you which one you want to go with if that's something you're interested in.We'll get all the hardware you see laid out on the table. This is roughly how our airbags will be set up. So if I turn it to the side this portion will be mounted to the frame and then this side would face towards our tire. You want to make sure before you start the install that you measure from the frame to the tire and make sure that you have at least seven a half inches of space that way you know that you have enough clearance between those two so there isn't any interference between our airbag and the tire. If there's anything obstructing putting an airbag on top of that axle, something like a fuel line or brake lines or anything like that and you can't move them out of the way, you can get a kit that would actually mount to the bottom of the axle rather than to the side. And that is a separate part number that you can find here at'll have our quarter inch airline with the Schrader valves already installed. All the hardware to get those two valve stems installed on our vehicle as well. You can wrap those either to either side or both to the back. Really just depends on what you want to do there. Or again if you want to use a compressor they'll route to that instead. It's not too bad of an install really. The worst part is going to be drilling through the frame to get that top bracket mounted. You want to make sure that you have a really good strong sharp drill bit whenever you go to do that and just be patient with it. Use low speed, high pressure as you're going through that frame steel.Again our load leveling capacity is 5000 pounds. You always want to make sure that you adjust that or keep in mind that you don't want to exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight. Our air pressure goes between five psi and 100. It does come with a limited lifetime warranty from Air Lift and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee as well. These are made in the USA and constructed of a two-ply fabric reinforced rubber. And it has end caps that are made of a Zytel nylon which is going to be lighter, stronger, and more corrosion resistant than steel.One note with that, if you take your RV to get serviced anywhere, you want to mention that you have airbags just in case they would ever suspend that rear axle. Air Lift doesn't suggest leaving that axle suspended with the airbags installed, so that's something to keep in mind there. Typically I would think that if you're going to get your RV serviced anywhere they're not going to be suspending that, but it's never a bad idea just to mention it to any tech or mechanic who's going to be working on your RV to say, "Hey, I've got some airbags installed just so you know."And that's going to do it for our look at the Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 Air Helper Springs.

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