Air Lift Air Suspension Compressor Kit - Wireless Control - AL72000 Review

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Review of Air Lift Vehicle Suspension AL72000

Today we're going to take a look at the Airlift Wireless Compressor System for Air Helper Springs with the wireless remote control. Now, this will let you adjust two air springs independently with the wireless remote control. Allows you to level your vehicle front to back, get side to side leveling of off center loads by inflating each spring with a different amount of air. It includes this nice powerful handheld wireless unit, it's about the size of a garage door opener and it conveniently clips to your visor. This part is designed to work with all air spring brands. Basically, this will maintain automatically the air pressure that you set and it will adjust the air pressure to stay within three PSI of your pre-set level. It will also sense when the air pressure falls below a safe level and instantly acts to restore the pressure.

Provides two programmable pressure settings for frequently hauled loads. It will also deliver advanced diagnostic reports ensuring your vehicle's safety and it will notify you of leaks or compressor failure. Allows you to monitor each spring with a built in digital air pressure gauge and this part does install easily, there's no lines or wires need to be run to the cab. Includes everything shown here on the table, it includes the compressor, the wiring harness, the weather resistant manifold that's waterproof up to two feet, the wireless handheld digital controller with batteries and visor clip, the airline tubing, the installation hardware and a nice detailed installation guide on how to install it and how it operates, specs on this is compressor max duty cycle is 9% and what I just want to do is we're going to try to zoom in here and this does come with the batteries so I have installed them and just to give you an idea of what the screen looks like, we're just going to push one button. There it's going to show you the four different sides if you want. It's saying fail because we don't have it wired up to the vehicle but I just wanted to show you how detailed the screen is.

Then you have different buttons that you push for your different settings. But that should do it for the review on the Airlift Wireless Air Compressor System for Air Helper Springs with the wireless remote control.

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