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Review of Air Lift Air Suspension Compressor Kit - Standard Duty Dual Path Compressor - AL25852

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Air Lift Air Suspension Compressor Kit - Standard Duty Dual Path Compressor - AL25852 Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this Air Lift Load Controller Standard Duty Dual Path Air Spring Compressor System. This is gonna be a great setup for your light and medium duty applications, those of you who are doing occasional hauling or towing, this is going to eliminate the need to find air along the side of the road at gas stations and that sort of thing to make sure that you have enough air pressure in your air bags, this will provide the compressor on your vehicle, so that you can always add air if you need to, make sure that you're keeping enough air in the bag, so that they're not gonna be damaged. This system is also a dual path compressor, so it is going to allow you to still retain that functionality of airing up your bags independently, side to side, so that if you have off centered loads, you can add more air to that bag, so it is going to be a really nice option, a lot of the compressor systems out there are a single path, so you lose that versatility of being able to air up the bags up individually, but this is gonna give you the best of both worlds. So this will work for two air bags or it can be used for two sets or two pairs of air bags, so if you do have a set in the front and a set in the back, you can control those pairs to make sure that you're leveled front to back as well. This will work for all brands of air helper springs, so you're not limited to Air Lift brand springs, it's gonna do a really good job for you.

We are going to have this gauge, which is going to allow us to, zoom in here, you can see we've got scales on either side, so that we can monitor our springs independent of each other, and then we've got that one-touch control face built in there, so we can add air or take air out if we need to. This is going to mount on your dash with the included stand or is compatible with most custom pillar, pods, or dash mounts, will fit right in place there. But having that control at the touch of your hands, up in your cab, is gonna be a lot more convenient than having to get out, add air manually for you. This will be able to detect if your air pressure drops below your minimum safe level, so for most bags that's gonna be 5 psi, but for certain setups, it might be up to 10 psi, so this will work for both of those settings, and if it does detect that the air pressure is low, it is going to automatically restore that air spring pressure to ensure that it is gonna have a much longer spring life. So with this kit, you are going to get this standard duty compressor, and so, again, it is for your more light and medium duty applications, your occasional hauling and towing.

So compressor here, you're also going to get the gauge, and wiring harness, the air lines, and everything that you're gonna need to get this installed, as well as very detailed instructions to walk you through that process, make sure everything is getting hooked up properly, so it will operate properly for you. But again, I think this is a really nice system for those of you who are, again, are gonna be doing your light to medium kinda loads, this will do a really good job still allowing you that side to side adjustability with the convenience of having a built-in compressor on your vehicle. So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching..

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