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Adco Covers - Tire Covers - 290-3964 Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the ADCO tire guard tan RV tire wheel covers for 24-inch to 26-inch diameter tires, and it is for a quantity of four covers. Now, these covers will protect all four tires on your parked RV. The wheel covers will protect the RV tires and even the wheels from water, dirt, UV rays. So they are good for all-seasons storage or any time you're parked for an extended time. They will also guard against dry rot and premature sidewall cracking of your tires to help prevent blowouts of those tires. Also, help keeps away any unwanted attention of animals when you're storing your RV.

We did have one customer that reviewed on the covers, they mentioned that when they're storing their RV over time, lots of times, spiders and sometimes other critters love to get into the wheels back here and make their homes in the wheels. But after they've installed the wheel covers, it stopped them from doing it.They are heavy duty, water-repellent, vinyl construction. Double needed stitching. Has nice overlapping seams to ensure durability. And also, what's nice is on the inside, they use a nice soft flannel backing material.

That'll protect the wheels from scratches. So once you slide your wheel covers over the front and the back, this flannel material will protect your wheels.It is a very quick, easy installation. As you can see, all you have to do is just slip it over the top of the tire. And at the very bottom of the tire, you can see it has this hook and loop strap here that just attaches to the bottom to keep that attached to the bottom of the tire. Now, I do also like to recommend for best results when you go and you cover the tire, what you might want to do is lay these covers in the sun for a few minutes before installation, and that'll allow the material in the covers to expand some so that they'll fit more easily over your tire.The hook and loop strap's down here, we mentioned.

Also, if you look on the very end, they do have brass grommets on each side to secure the covers to your tires and wheels. Gives it a nice tailored look. Prevent loss of your covers in any high wind. And with those grommets for added security, I might even mention what you might want to do is buy a small bungee cord and besides using your hook and loop fastener, just put a small bungee cord from one grommet to the other to help hold it.These covers are very simple to clean with soap and water. They are designer series covers, you can see.

They have a nice two-tone tan color, gives it a nice clean look on your stored RV. And it does come with this nice large storage bag here, with handles, for storing all four. You can see here's one I've installed and then there's three down here. All four of those will fight nicely in the storage bag for storing or transporting your covers.Again, the application, they are designed to fit 24-inch to 26-inch diameter tires. So it will fit many 13-inch to 15-inch tire sizes, including the common trailer tire size of 175, 80, 13, and 185, 80, 13. This one, we have inaudible 00:02:54 175, 80, 13, and it fits on there real nice. Now, all the tire sizes that these covers will fit are listed on the bottom of the product page for this part number. And this is for quantity total of four covers. But that should do it for the review on the ADCO tire guard tan RV tire wheel covers for 24-inch to 26-inch diameter tires.

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