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Review of AceCamp Sleeping Bags - Kids Rectangle - 3773980

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AceCamp Sleeping Bags - Kids Rectangle - 3773980 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at We're going to be taking a quick look at the AceCamp kids sleeping bag. This is a really fun sleeping bag to have with you on your camping trips. It's going to keep you warm at night and also has this nice glow in the dark pattern on the outside. So that's always fun to have.

So let's take a closer look at the features here. This does work for down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit or negative one degrees Celsius. You can see on the inside, we have this nice bright green pattern. So it kind of gives you a nice contrast to the dark blue on the outside. Something that I really like about the sleeping bag as well is that it does have a removable hood.

So on those really chilly nights, your kiddo can get pretty snuggled in here.There's a draw string to bring that closer around their head. So you can just loosen that up and then pull the cord. Sometimes it's kind of easier to pull from this side and draw that around to really get in there cozily. Or you can also pull the cable going around the top of the bag as well. So that's both the hood and the top of the bag are cinchable.

Definitely makes it really warm. If you don't want to use that hood, or you maybe want to use this just as a blanket, you can unzip it and remove it and then unfold this. It does zip all the way down and around the bottom. So you can open that up to make it into a comforter. So definitely very versatile.

Since this is a polyester or synthetic material, it's going to work well even in humid environments. It's still going to stay nice and warm, even up to 80% wet.So it definitely keeps you nice and dry and warm inside. We can take a closer look at the material that this is made out of. I'm going to try to show you the glow of the dark. It's kind of hard to see on camera just without having to do anything to it. So if you open it up, again take a look at that material on the inside. It's nice and soft. So it doesn't feel too bad against your skin. It feels pretty soft there. So it's definitely going to be comfortable. There's also a little pocket for smaller accessories, maybe a phone or an MP3 player, or just a favorite small accessory. That glow in the dark material. Camera adjusting, you can kind of see how it's glowing. Really the dots are what's going to be glow in the dark. The patterns of the animals and butterflies and stuff like that, they don't glow in the dark. You can kind of see them just from the way my camera's picking up the light here.This will work for a child up to five foot one, between four foot eight and five foot one. That'll probably be about the size that will work with this or that this will work for. The total length of the bag is about 55 inches if we go just the top of the bag. If you include the hood in that, it's 67 inches long. So whenever you want to use this as a blanket, you can unzip it. Then it's going to be a 55 inch by 54 inch blanket. The width here of just the bag when it's doubled up is about 27 inches. Nice and durable. Should keep you nice and warm. The temperature rating again is going to be 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It is made out of a one 190 embossed polyester and should be a nice addition to your camping pack.Well, that's pretty much all I have to it for our look at the AceCamp sleeping bag. One last thing I forgot. It does come with a carrying bag and it does have this cinchable cord. So you can really pack it in there tight and make sure that everything is stowed away so it's not so bulky in your camping gear. So I hope that's covered everything for you. If you need any other additional accessories for the sleeping bag, like a liner or a pad, we do have you covered there. We've got a lot of other accessories available here at as well. So check them out. Thanks for watching.

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