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Review of AceCamp Sleeping Bags - Adult Microlite Hybrid - 3773970

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AceCamp Sleeping Bags - Adult Microlite Hybrid - 3773970 Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at, and we're going to be taking a look at the AceCamp Microlite Mesa sleeping bag. This is going to be a great bag for warmer weather, maybe camping in the summer, anytime where the temperature is not going to fall below 45 degrees. That's what this is rated for. It's always a good idea to make sure that your bag is warmer than you need it to be. So even if the lows are in the fifties, that should be a good temperature range for this particular bag.You might notice up at the top of our bag there is going to be an integrated pillow pad, so it's going to help to keep your head off the ground.

There's no gap there to be annoying while you're sleeping during the night, but it also extends the top of your sleeping bag to give you a little bit more room and a little bit more padding for your pillow. Or you could even use it as a pillow if you don't like anything really bulky underneath your head.The inside will have a dual zipper. This can be used inside or outside the bag. So you don't have to worry about sticking your hand out and getting cold to open it up. So it just flips from one side to the other pretty simply there.

The material is going to be made out of a polyester, which is still going to hold heat even if it does get wet. So it works well for humid conditions. The pattern on the inside, you can see it's going to be this deeper royal blue, dark blue, teal, and then gray, darker gray, and black. So kind of a checked or plaid pattern. One more thing on the inside there.

We do have a little pocket. So if you want to stash your cell phone or a small device, maybe a small notebook, something like that if you like to write down your dreams or journal. You can stash that in the pocket there and keep it close to you while you sleep.At the end, we'll have some straps to help compress our bag down and make it easy to store. This is rated for somebody who's about six feet, six inches tall, so somebody pretty tall can fit in here. The length going to the top of the bag is about 72 inches.

If you add on that integrated pillow pad, it's about 86 inches long. It does have a hybrid design. So it's a bit wider at the mouth or at the head of the bag than it is at the back. The opening here is about 32 inches wide. The feet it's about 22, so that helps to keep you warmer, but still give you some room to move around. So if you're somebody who likes to toss and turn in the night, you'll still have the freedom to do that, but still be pretty warm and snugly.To wrap this up it's pretty simple. Just fold it in half and then those straps at the end make it pretty easy to compress this down. I really liked this blue color. I think it's pretty nice. If you want, you can also get liners here at, make it pretty easy to maintain the life of your bag. Rather than having to wash this every time you can just wash that liner and keep this rolling for many years to come. We have several different materials, so you just select which one you want. They will also increase the insulation of this. So it'll give you a little bit more warmth. So you can maybe extend using this bag into some cooler temperatures as well.Can we get our other Side clipped in place. Makes it pretty compact. And if it's tripping you up, you can always loosen it. Snap it down, and then stash it inside the included bag that comes with it to keep everything clean and protected.That's pretty much all there is to it for our look at the Microlite Mesa sleeping bag from AceCamp. I hope this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right bag for you. We do have some other options available here at Along with those liners that I mentioned, we also have sleeping pads, as well and a whole bunch of other stuff. So check it out. Thanks for watching.

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