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Review of AceCamp Sleeping Bags - Adult Hybrid - 3773971

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AceCamp Sleeping Bags - Adult Hybrid - 3773971 Review

Hey everyone. I'm Melanie here at, and we're going to be taking a quick look at the AceCamp Mesa sleeping bag. This is an adult sized sleeping bag. It's kind of a hybrid between a rectangle and a mummy style. So, it gives you that roominess that you expect from a rectangle, but still keeps it relatively close so that you get more heat or more insulation out of it than you would from just a straight rectangle design.A couple of features that I like about this particular bag. It does have a pad here up at the top, so it goes underneath your head.

You can kind of use this as extra padding for your pillow. Or if you really don't like having a very bulky pillow underneath you, you cab use this kind of as a pillow in itself. But either way, it does help to keep the ground from getting to you. And it just gives you another layer to be more comfortable while you're sleeping.Also, up at the top here, we'll have this draw string opening. So, you can really cinch that up around your shoulders and your neck while you're sleeping to keep it a little bit more cozy, especially on those cooler nights.

So, you can see that inside there, we'll have a draw string over on one side, so you can draw that close. Turn that so you can see. So, definitely going to keep you nice and warm.This material is a polyester, so it's pretty soft and it feels pretty comfortable on your skin. We open it up, we'll have a little hook and loop enclosure there. And then the zipper is two-sided, so you can operate it from either the inside or the outside.

Open that up, you can see that there's a little pocket. So, if you have a small accessory like a cell phone or a flashlight or something that you want to keep really close at hand, you can stash that in that little pocket. And it does, again, have that hook and loop closure to keep it from falling out or whacking you in your sleep.Inside is that nice green, gray, and white checked pattern. This is rated for 30 degrees. You want to make sure that wherever you're going to be camping is a little bit warmer than that for the lows.

You always want to have a bag that's rated for cooler weather than what you really need it to be. That way if you get too hot, you can always open it up and vent out a little bit of that heat. But if you get too cold, there's not really much you can do.At the bottom of our bag, there are some straps so you can roll it up pretty easily and keep it pretty tight. This is designed for somebody who's about six foot six or smaller. The total length of the bag if we go from the end to the opening is about 72 inches long. If you include the pillow pad, that end part there, it's about 86 inches long. So, it should be pretty comfortable for somebody over six foot. Even if you're not, if you just want to have some extra room at the bottom, it's up to you.So, I'm going to zip this up and try to fold this up for you so you can see how that works. You can also get a liner for these. They are available here at It does not come with it. They are sold separately. and we have a couple of different materials, including cotton, poly cotton, pongee which is kind of like a synthetic loose weave silk or raw silk, and also straight polyester. Personally, I prefer the cotton or the poly cotton blend. I think that's the most comfortable and it's definitely going to be the warmest, most likely, but polyester is the most compact.So, here we have our straps at the end. We can wrap these around and buckle them into place. Find the right strap to go each spot. And you can also loosen these up to make it easier, clip them in, and then you can always cinch them down once you get both straps in, which is what I'm going to do here. Let's get our other strap to go around, loosen up, clip it in. Okay. And I can cinch that down. Yeah. But more, really get that tight around the bag to keep it as compressed as you can. And then there's a little handle in the middle so you can transport it by this. Or you can put it back in the little sack that it came with. If you do that, there is a handle on the bottom that makes it pretty easy to transport.That's about all there is to it for our look at the AceCamp Mesa sleeping bag. I hope this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right bag for you. As I mentioned, we do have liners and we also have sleeping pads available here at, along with a lot of other accessories, so check them out. Thanks for watching.

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