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Review of ATAK Patio Accessories - Insect Control - Solar Mosquito Lantern - AT24VR

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ATAK Patio Accessories - Insect Control - Solar Mosquito Lantern - AT24VR Review

Jeff: Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at this ATAK Solar Mosquito Killer Outdoor Lantern. Now, this outdoor rainproof lantern uses a 900 volt high-voltage grid to eliminate annoying mosquitoes and most flying pests from interrupting your outdoor gathering. It does have a coverage range of about 300 square feet and bug zappers like this will usually work by emitting a UV light that attracts the bugs to the center of the device, where they're electrocuted between two metal grids. And because of the irresistible lure of the light, the bug zappers are incredibly effective at killing most flying pests.This one uses a 360 to 400 nanometer UV wavelength LED.

What's nice on this, this is a dual-power lantern. It'll work both on solar and a battery. The very top here has a nice solar panel that you can use to draw the sunlight to power it. And it also uses a lithium polymer 3.7 volt battery is also included. They do include this micro USB charging cable to charge that battery, and where you would charge it is right here.

If you flip this open, there will be your plug that you'd plug in your micro USB charger.Now, this does give you three lantern lighting modes, 20%, 50%, and 100% outputs. What I am going to do is show you that. We're going to go ahead and turn off the overhead lights. And with them off, if I push the button once, you can see there's your 20%. Push it again, there's your 50%.

And push it again, there's your 100%. And again, it would be off.It does have a nice self-cleaning brush on the inside, that'll rotate and clean inside of the cage every 72 hours, or if you hold down the on button, it'll operate too. Let me just zoom in so we can show you. You can probably see it if I hold the on button down. You can see that brush rotating around on the inside.

And then if you just hold it down again, it'll stop it. So it will do that every 72 hours, or just by using the on button, it helps clean the inside. What's nice about it when it cleans, is that everything will drop down to the bottom. And at the very bottom, you can just twist off the bottom here, and it's a mosquito catch canister. Then when you remove it, everything will be in there. You can dump it out, rinse it out, put it right back in there. Once it dries and you're all ready to go, just twist it in place.This is a nice eco-friendly, waterproof, lightweight, and portable. It is very easy to hang. You can see it has this nice attached metal hanger on the top that you can hang it with. And last thing, I just want to give you some measurements on it. Overall height on this unit to the very top is about eight-and-a-half-inches. The diameter at the widest point, it's right at the top here, is about six-and-a-half-inches.But that should do it for the review on the ATAK Solar Mosquito Killer Outdoor Lantern..

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