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A-iPower Tools - Shop Tools - 289-AWP80 Review

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Review of A-iPower Tools 289-AWP80

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the A-iPower Trash Water Pump, with the three inch inlet, and the three inch outlet ports. This trash water pump features a powerful seven horsepower gas engine. It starts easily, provides ample power to the pump to ensure smooth, trouble free operation. The pump itself is self priming, for quick and easy operations. And it is designed to pump large amounts of water, which can contain hard and soft solids, such as mud, leaves, small twigs, sand and sludge. As we mentioned, the inlet port and outlet port are both three inches in diameter.

The engine is a 208cc, seven horsepower, four stroke single cylinder, air cool gas engine. It does use an overhead valve design for cooler and cleaner operation, and it does offer the easy to pull recoil start. It does use a cast iron cylinder sleeve to provide extended life.The fuel tank right above the engine, it's a heavy duty all steel fuel tank. Fuel capacity is just under one gallon. It uses a dual element air filter, protects your engine while allowing extended service intervals, and it does offer a low oil shutdown, which will automatically protect your engine from potential damage.

Right back here they use a low tone muffler, with a USDA approved spark arrestor, to provide quiet operation. And the oil they recommend in this is an SAE-10W-30. Does include everything shown here. We'll go through the items.Offers a 12 foot long clear inlet hose, with the inlet strainer on the end. A 20 foot discharge hose, all the hose clamps, joint coupler, couple of gasket that you need.

Also comes with a nice tool kit, with a spark plug socket tool and a wrench. It comes with a container of engine oil, and the oil funnel to install it. And a nice large owners manual that will describe how to put this all together and how it operates. A few specs on this, the suction port diameter is three inches. Discharge port diameter is three diameters.

A pump type is a self priming pump. The pump housing is aluminum. The impeller on the inside is a five vein cast iron impeller. The flow on this pump is 255 gallons per minute. The engine, we already mentioned, is a seven horsepower engine, starting system is manual start. The run time at half-load is about four hours. And the noise level on the engine, just to give you an idea a normal conversation is about 60 decimals, this one measured at 23 feet away at 68 decibels.Maximum working temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Minimum working temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Total weight on this pump, is about 77 pounds. Has nice black powder coated frame around it, and a few dimensions on this. It's about 22 inches, by about 17 and a half inches, by about 18 and a half inches tall. That should do it for the review on the A-iPower Trash Water Pump with the three inch inlet and outlet ports.

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