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A-iPower Generators - Inverter - 289-SUA2000I-2 Review

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Review of A-iPower Generators 289-SUA2000I-2

Today we're going to be taking a look at the A-iPower inverter generators. Two inverter generators with built-in parallel ability provide a portable power source. Each generator offers one 120-volt outlet to power household appliances, tools, and electronic devices. It's also going to have the one 120-volt 30-amp L5-30R Twist-Lock receptacle, and it's going to feature one 12-volt DC adapter outlet. The units feature parallel ability. It's built in.

It's also going to come with the included connection cables that let you easily pair the generator. That way it produces up to 4,000 watts of power when used together. You can use each one individually. This is great for times when you don't need the full 4,000 watts of power. These generators are smaller and much easier to move around and transport than a single larger generator. These inverters let you safely charge and run electronic devices.

Each one is going to feature a Senci 00:01:03 4-stroke engine that uses standard, unleaded gas so that way there's no need to mix gas and oil. It's also going to feature cast iron cylinder sleeves that help ensure long engine life. It's going to have the easy-start engine that offers hassle free startup. The generator runs for about two to three seconds after it's shut off and that's designed to burn excess gas in the carburetor. This is going to help prevent failed startups due to stagnant fuel. It's also going to feature a really neat design which is the multi-switch.

This integrates the fuel on and off, choke on and off, and engine on and off functions for a simple operation. You're going to have off, run, and start, a really nice design, all built in to one switch which is why it's called a multi-switch design. It's also going to feature the comfort grip. Ergonomically designed recoil pull handle provides easy manual startup. It's also going to feature what's called an Eco-Throttle that provides two engine modes.

Your Eco-Throttle switch is located right here on each generator. The Eco Mode keeps the engine RPM just high enough to power plugged-in devices. It's going to save fuel and reduce noise. Then you're going to have high mode which maintains high engine RPM. That's best for power demands of high draw or rapid cycling devices. These are know for quiet operation. They won't drown out campground conversations. It's going to feature built-in safety features that promote accident-free use. You're going to have some warning lights here on the front. These are your LED lights. A warning light comes on when the oil is low and the engine is also designed to automatically shut down if the oil level becomes too low for safe use. You're also going to have a warning indicator that lights up if a circuit is overloaded. You're going to have automatic voltage regulator that's AVR which helps minimize voltage fluctuations and it's going to be equipped with the spark arrester which prevents release of flammable debris. Here on top next to the fuel cap, it's going to have a fuel gauge. This is an easy to read fuel gauge that lets you know when the gas level is low. It's going to feature a clean running engine that meets CARB and UPA standards and these are very portable. Each generator weighs about 46 pounds and it's going to have the included built-in carrying handles which makes them easy to move around and transport and relocate if needed. When it comes to the starting or surge power output for the entire unit, so with them connected we're looking at 4,000 watts running or rated. Power output is 3,200 watts. Power line frequency is 60 htz. Some additional specs for a single generator, starting surge power output is 2,000 watts. Running or rated power output is 1,600 watts. The running VAC amperage is 13.3 amps. DC output at 12 volts is 8.3 amps. Continuous run time at rated load is 4 hours. A 1/2 load is 7 hours and then each one is a compact design. They're only going to measure about 20 inches long by about 11 inches wide by about 19 inches tall. The noise level was measured at 23 feet away and came in at 65 decibels at 1/2 load. Just to give you an idea of how that compares, normal conversation was rated at 60 decibels. The engine type, it's a Sinci 79 cc single cylinder, air cooled, 4-stroke OHV engine. Engine horsepower is 2.5. Fuel tank capacity is 1.1 gallon. Oil capacity is 0.4 quarts and oil type is SAE 10W30. To gain access to the fuel tank, it's got the cap right here on top. It's also going to come with a fuel filter to keep unwanted items out of the gasoline. Each cap is also vented so you can open the vent or you can close the vent, a really nice design of the unit. Each generator has a ground terminal located here at the bottom corner. That can be used to properly ground the generator to prevent electrical shock. A really nice design of the control panel, very easy to use, very easy to navigate. Please keep in mind that gas generators produce carbon monoxide which is poisonous so for your safety you always want to be sure to operate the gas-powered generators outdoors. A couple more things. Located right here you're going to have a sticker on each generator that tells you the type of spark plug that it uses. You're also going to have this rubber cap and when removed, gives you access to use a spark plug wrench which is included. You're actually going to get two of these. That way you can easily remove and install the spark plug. To gain access to the oil fill and the spark plug cover, you'll need to remove this panel. They also include two screwdrivers, one per generator. You can use these to remove the screws, remove the panel, gain access to the oil fill and to the spark plug cover so that way you can remove it. Use the wrench, drop down here on top, to remove and install the spark plug. A couple more accessories that it's going to come with; you're going to get two of these cables. These are going to be the 12-volt adapter cable. It's got the cigarette-style adapter or plug on it. It goes in there and then you've got your alligator clips. That way you can run it to a battery and you can actually use the generator to charge your battery. You're going to get two of those. You're also going to get two 30-amp RV adapters. Nice design there and you're going to get another set of parallel cables so you're going to get two sets of parallel cables to connect the generators together. You're going to get two oil funnels as well. Of course it's going to come with your owners manual, operating instructions and all of that stuff also. That's going to do it for today's look at the A-iPower inverter generators.

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