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Review of A-iPower Generators 289-AP5000

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the A-iPower 5,000-Watt Generator. This generator provides a portable power source. It's going to feature two 120 volt outlets that power household appliances and tools and it's going to feature one 120-240 volt, 30 amp L14-30R twist lock outlet. It's a really nice design, it's going to be known for it's quiet operation. It's designed so that it won't drown out campground conversations. If you notice right here, this is the muffler system on the unit.

This is going to feature a low tone, reinforced steel muffler that helps minimize noise level. The unit also features a gas powered engine that uses standard unleaded gas, so there's no need to mix gas and oil. It's going to feature a cast iron cylinder sleeves that help ensure a long engine life. The unit also has the comfort grip, ergonomically designed recoil pull handle that provides easy manual start up. It's also going to feature a high performance alternator that provides peak wattage, so that way it allows motor driven appliances and tools to operate simultaneously. The unit is going to feature a lot of different safety features to promote accidental free use. Here on the control panel, it's going to feature a red light, or LED light.

This is a warning light that comes on when the oil level is low and so that's a nice safety feature and the engine is designed to automatically shut down if the oil level becomes too low for safe use. It's going to have the push to reset circuit breakers that provide overload protection and it's going to have a spark arrester that prevents release of flammable debris. Right here is the digital hour meter, that allows you to monitor a run time and schedule maintenance intervals. The unit is going to feature a large capacity four gallon stainless steel fuel tank, located right here on top of the center for easy accessibility. It's also got a chain lanyard on there, so you don't have to worry about misplacing or losing the cap. It's going to come with the gas filter, this is going to help prevent contamination of the gasoline. Also, located right here on top is an easy to read fuel gauge.

This is going to let you know when the gas level is low. It's going to have the wheels on the unit, really nice design. That's a solid plastic construction, so they cannot deflate. Very strong and durable. It's got the wheels and it's going to have the fold down handle.

These items are included for easy mobility. You just lift this up, put all the weight on the back wheels and then you can move it around as necessary. When it comes to the framing, this is a strong tubular steel frame with rust resistant matte black powder coat finish. It's going to last a long time, it's going to look good for a long time. It does a great job at resisting rust and corrosion. With this part, you're gong to get your generator. You're also going to get a bottle of oil, this is SAE 10W30 engine oil, 20.3 fluid ounces. You're going to get a high altitude kit, so there are instructions in there that help determine whether or not you need to use this for your application and you're going to get a pouch and inside that pouch is going to be your spark plug wrench. That allows you to easily remove and install your spark plugs. It also comes with a really nice owners manual as well, very detailed and organized. Overall, it's a really nice design. It's got a really good look to it, red and black makes it look really nice. A few specs to go over with you real quick. The starting or surge power output is 5,000 watts. Running or rated power output is 4,000 watts. Running VAC amperage is 16.7 amps. Continuous run time at rated low to six hours at half a load is nine hours. The dry weight of the unit is going to be around 106 pounds, but again, you got the handle and the wheels that makes it very easy to move around and transport. Now I did take some overall measurements of of the unit and when I measured the overall length, I measured from this point right here, outer tube to the same point on the other side. I got a length measurement of 23 1/4 inches long. When I took the width measurement, I measured from edge of frame to edge of frame. It's 18 inches wide and when I did the height measurement, I got a measurement of 21 inches tall. Now the noise level for the unit was measured at 23 feet away and came in at 68 decibels at half a load. To give you an idea of how that compares to other situations, a normal conversation is 60 decibels, so that gives you an idea of the noise level of the unit. When it comes to the engine type, it's a 223 CC single cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke OHV. OHV stands for overhead valve. Engine horsepower is 7.5, fuel tank capacity is four gallons. Oil capacity is 0.6 quarts. Again, the oil type is SAE 10W30 and power line frequency is 60 Hertz. I just want to go over some things real quick about the unit and then I just have a few more things to mention. The unit is certified. It meets the following important certification standards. EPA, which is the US Environmental Protection Agency, so it is certified. Real quick, control panel again you have your outlets right here. You're going to have the push to reset breakers. Right here is going to be a ground terminal. Now proper grounding of the generator will help prevent electrical shock. In the event of ground fault condition in the generator or in connected electrical devices, so proper grounding is also going to help dissipate static electricity, which often builds up in un-grounded devices, so it does have a ground terminal there. You're going to have the engine motor on and off. Down here you're going to have your oil fill. You're going to have pull start, you're going to have your gas on and off valve. This is your air filter, easily replaceable. You're going to have your choke lever right there. Again, you got your muffler with a nice shield around it, heat shield handle. You're going to have your bump stops under there that really help absorb vibration. Overall, really well built unit. Please note that gas generators produce carbon monoxide which is poisonous, so for your safety always be sure to operate the gas powered generator outdoors. Because this generator does not have a built in inverter to control the electrical current, the voltage can fluctuate, so please keep that in mind and be careful not to plug in sensitive electronic devices such as computers or certain TV's and those type of devices to the generator. That's going to do it for today's look at the Ai-Power 5,000-Watt Generator.

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