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Engine Showing Error Code After Installing Cold Air Intake


Hi, I install the cold intake from Chrome intake, in my truck and after the installation the check engine soon come on, the guy from auto zone told me the the truck is running too rich, according whit the code, so he saing that I need to replace the spark plugs but I dont know if is that, I need youre help please.

Expert Reply:

According to my research, the most common cause of having that code would be a dirty or improperly installed MAF sensor. Make sure the MAF sensor is fully inserted into the intake tube. Since your system uses an oil-based filter, there might have been too much oil on the filter, which in turn contaminated the sensor. You can pull the sensor from the intake tube, and use an aerosol based electrical contact cleaner on the sensor.

A vacuum leak can cause the error code, as well. Make sure that all the vacuum hoses are installed correctly.

Once you clean the MAF sensor, you can disconnect the battery for a few moments to reset the computer, which should reset the code.

I would check these easy fixes before replacing the spark plugs.

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Michael L

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