Ball Mount and Ball Needed To Tow Utility Trailer with 2011 Toyota RAV4


Need a recommendation for a Ball mount and Ball for a 2011 toyota rav4 with hidden hitch and full size spare tire mounted on back door. One with rise enought to be even with trailer with 13inch tires. Back of vehicle sits kinda low. Want to pull a 5x8 ultility trailer. Thanks

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In order to determine which ball mount you need you will need to take some measurements. Measure the distance from the top of your receiver opening down to the ground. Then with the utility trailer sitting on the jack so that it is perfectly level, measure the distance from the bottom of the coupler to the ground. The difference between these measurements is the amount of rise or drop you will need. If the receiver height is taller than the trailer coupler height, you will need a ball mount with a drop. If the coupler height is greater than the receiver height, you will need a ball mount with a rise.

You might not be able to find a ball mount that matches perfectly with the rise or drop needed, but if you can come within an inch to an inch and a half high or low, you will be close enough. Make sure to choose a ball mount whose capacity exceeds the fully loaded weight of your trailer, and that the diameter of the ball hole in the ball mount you choose matches the diameter of the shank of ball you are using.

The coupler on your trailer should have the necessary ball size stamped on it.

Unless the tongue on your trailer is very short (like one or two feet), or there are accessories mounted on your trailer tongue that would interfere with the spare tire on your RAV4, you should not need an extra long ball mount.

I will link you to our Ball Mount FAQ page that will show exactly how to measure for the correct ball mount.

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