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Regarding the 2000 lb portable electric winch #2953AT: Two Questions please: 1 - On page 6 of owners manual under WARNING, it says If the winch cable becomes bound on the winch drum, alternatively power the winch cable in and out a few inches. The remote that came with my unit seems to only power the cable in, not out. Did I get the wrong remote? 2 - Also on page 6, and also under WARNING, it says Winch clutch should be disengaged when the winch motor is off. Never leave winch clutch engaged when winch is not is use. This is contrary to my winches mounted to my trucks. If you disengage the clutch, and leave it in freespoolinch mode, the wire tension on the drum will loosen and the wire will start to unravel causing lots of slack, and no longer have a solid wrap on the drum. Therefore I always leave the drum engaged. Please explain. Thank you for your time.


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The Master Lock Electric Trailer Winch - 2,000 lbs. # 2953AT does not allow powering in and out with the remote. On page 5 of the manual it states "specifically, it allows you to start and stop towards the winch only." This means you will need to unplug the power and manually power the cable in and out to get the drum unbound from the cable.

The instructions warn as you stated to disengage the clutch manually when not in use and to make sure the clutch is engaged all the time during use. You will want to pay attention to number 8 because this is where your question comes from. You will want to re-tighten the clutch knob which will engage the winch and lock the winch drum. This will keep it from coming loose.

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