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  1. Trailer Dolly
  2. Trailer Valet
  3. Manual Dolly
  4. 12000 lbs Capacity
  5. 2 Inch Ball
  6. 2-5/16 Inch Ball
Trailer Valet MV PRO Trailer Dolly w/ Chain Drive - 2" and 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 12,000 lbs
Special Savings on the Trailer Vlaet 2

Trailer Valet MV PRO Trailer Dolly w/ Chain Drive - 2" and 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 12,000 lbs

Our Price: $809.10
Trailer Dolly
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Heavy-duty dolly with integrated drive takes the hassle out of moving your trailer. Simply connect your trailer, turn the crank, and guide the trailer with the steering handle. The drill attachment lets you use your power drill instead of cranking. Great Prices for the best trailer dolly from Trailer Valet. Trailer Valet MV PRO Trailer Dolly w/ Chain Drive - 2" and 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 12,000 lbs part number TV96FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Trailer Valet Trailer Dolly

  • Manual Dolly
  • 12000 lbs Capacity
  • Trailer Valet
  • 2 Inch Ball
  • 2-5/16 Inch Ball
  • 19 Inch Tall
  • 20 Inch Tall
  • Steel
  • Black

Heavy-duty dolly with integrated drive takes the hassle out of moving your trailer. Simply connect your trailer, turn the crank, and guide the trailer with the steering handle. The drill attachment lets you use your power drill instead of cranking.


  • Trailer dolly with integrated drive system lets you easily move your trailer
    • Drive your trailer to your hitch for fast, hassle-free hookup
    • Effortlessly move your trailer into your garage or another tight spot for storage
  • Chain drive system is powered by easy-to-use hand crank
    • Drive and steer your trailer with minimal effort
    • Switch between high and low gears for effortless driving
    • Designed for use on level surfaces
  • Included drill bit lets you power the gears with your drill
    • Power drill itself is not included
  • Solid rubber tires last longer and handle better than inflatable tires
    • Intended for use primarily on pavement and well-packed surfaces
    • Deep treads allow extra grip for more stability when used on gravel, dirt, and grass
  • Dual positraction wheels for easy maneuvering
    • 1 Tire freewheels when you are turning, then reengages when turn is completed
  • Steering handle helps you guide unit
  • Automatic brake keeps trailer from rolling
    • Chocks should still be used during storage
  • Hitch ball base can be adjusted up and down to change ball height
  • Included coupling plate keeps the dolly flush with your coupler to prevent damage
    • Installs between the hitch ball and base
  • Rugged steel construction with black powder coat and zinc-nickel plating resists rust
    • 500-Hour salt spray rating
  • Drill attachment, steering handle, hitch ball with base, ball converter, cotter pin, locking nut, washer, and tightening tool included


  • Hitch ball diameter: 2"
    • Includes 2-5/16" ball converter
  • Adjustable hitch ball height: 19-1/4" - 20-1/4"
  • Steering handle: 11" long
  • Tongue weight: 1,200 lbs
  • Gross trailer weight: 12,000 lbs
  • Gear ratios:
    • High speed: 11-to-1
    • Low speed: 27-to-1
  • 1-Year limited warranty

When the time comes to move or align your unhitched trailer, the Trailer Valet MV PRO is at your service. Instead of driving your vehicle to your trailer, use this heavy-duty dolly to drive your trailer to your hitch. This saves you the time and frustration of having to repeatedly back up your vehicle to align the hitch ball with your trailer's coupler.

The Trailer Valet MV PRO also makes it easy to park or move your trailer into tight spots and to position it in a garage. It allows you to take corners and make slight adjustments in steering while the trailer is moving. No more attempting to back the trailer in with your vehicle.

How to Drive the Trailer Valet MV PRO

The Trailer Valet MV PRO is easy to operate. You can either use the included hand crank to operate the chain drive system, or you can make operation even easier by powering the drive with your 18-volt drill (not included). The drive system activates the dual positraction wheels. Both wheels are engaged while the Trailer Valet is moving straight - in either forward or reverse. When you need to make a turn, one of the wheels disengages and freewheels, allowing the other wheel to move the trailer. All you have to do is power the drive system and direct the Trailer Valet MV PRO with the steering handle. When you straighten the steering handle back up, the other wheel reengages and the Trailer Valet MV PRO drives straight again.

The Trailer Valet MV PRO also includes an auto-brake function that acts as a wheel chock to keep your trailer in place. When the steering handle is raised up, the drive system is engaged. The handle automatically falls down when it is released, bringing the wheels to an immediate halt. This safety feature prevents your trailer from running away from you. The handle also locks when down, keeping your trailer level and secure for storage, though wheel chocks should still be used.

Never-Flat Tires

The solid rubber, never-flat tires on this dolly outperform inflatable tires, and hold up better under the weight of your trailer. Deep treads in the tire surface give you better traction on gravel, dirt, and grass. But you will get the best results when using this dolly on well-packed surfaces or pavement.

TVMVPRO Trailer Valet MV PRO Trailer Dolly with 2" Hitch Ball - 12,000 lbs

Replaces TVXL2

Item # TV96FR

Video of Trailer Valet MV PRO Trailer Dolly w/ Chain Drive - 2" and 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 12,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Valet MV PRO Trailer Dolly Review

Hi Matt with etrailer and today we're talking about the Trailer Valet, MV Pro. So what this is gonna do is making parking your trailer in tight spots a lot easier. Maybe at home you have a spot next to your driveway where you park your trailer and that spot can be kind of tight to get it in or at an awkward angle. This is gonna make that a lot easier. Or if you're in a similar case that we have today at etrailer, we got a lot of construction going on so we've had to condense where we put all our trailers at the moment. As you can see, it's kind of tight.

So getting this in and out, it's gonna be a lot easier with this MV Pro. But enough talking about it, let's show it off. The way this is gonna work is this Trailer Valet is gonna take up a lot less space than your vehicle. So making those sharp returns are gonna be much simpler to do. All we have to do is come over to the front of it after when everything's coupled up, I'm just gonna pull this handle.

This handle acts as two things for us. It acts as a brake, but also allows us to steer. Now one thing you are gonna need with this, if you want to use a drill, is you're gonna have to have that drill and it's gonna have an included bit that comes with it. You just push that in place and I just have to power my drill on and using it. It's honestly pretty easy.

(operating drill) But we can also go in reverse too, but let me show you off the show off the brakes first. Like I said, if you put that handle down, it'll put on the brakes. I'm not drilling it right now and it's still holding in place because we're on pretty level ground. But in some cases if the, there's a slight incline because this is recommended for level surfaces, that will start to roll back. But every now and then, you probably will encounter a slight incline and they'll be able to handle that.

This just gives us a little bit more insurance that it's able to chalk down into place when we're not using it. The other advantage of having that handbrake down is it is gonna allow you the opportunity to look around your trailer to make sure you're not gonna make contact with either your house or in our case, this trailer we have here. Now, if the situation ever comes that you don't have a drill on hand, that's okay. This is gonna have an included handle that comes with it. You can put this in two positions. You're gonna have a low and high gear. The way that works is you're gonna make sure you line up these holes with that ball right there, push it into place. With it in place. I'm gonna start cranking. Now you won't be able to crank it in this position because like I said earlier, we've got the handbrake down. So I'm gonna lift up on that. As you can see, it kind of slid back a little bit because that's released now, but I can start cranking on this and it still moves pretty easy. But if you want something for maybe a little bit, something a little bit easier to crank, that's okay. We'll just take it right out of here and move it up. You might have to wiggle a little bit sometimes. Pull that off, I'll just put it on the top one, push down, lift up, and I can start pulling it towards me again. And they're gonna have different ratios. The high gear is gonna have an 11 to one ratio. So what that means is for every 11 cranks we put on this, we're gonna have our tire make one full rotation. We marked it with our foot earlier, to kinda show you how it's gonna look, 71, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and 11. We give you an idea what we're talking about. And for your low gear, you're gonna have two different spots. That's gonna be 27 to one ratio, so that's gonna be 27 cranks to get one full rotation, you're gonna have that hand knob on one side and on the top, earlier where we used our drill. That's also gonna be a low gear location. Now since you've seen it in action, let's talk about some specs. So this is gonna have a total weight capacity for a towing of 12,000 pounds and it's gonna have a tongue weight of 1200 pounds. So what the real difference there is your towing weight is gonna be the amount that it can pull. So however much weight you're hauling in this trailer and your tongue weight is gonna be the force that's being applied downwards. And a lot of that is gonna be due to this really sturdy construction from the Trailer Valet. But it's not only gonna be due to that, we're also gonna have really sturdy construction from the tires themselves. They're gonna be made out of solid rubber, so that's gonna make it a lot better to drive on top of any gravel or you don't have to worry about puncturing these tires like you would have to with some air filled tires. On top of the Trailer Valet, we're gonna have this grease point and it is recommended to grease this every 90 days, which is for maintenance. So this runs smoothly. There's gonna be two points you want to grease, so this is gonna help grease those gears inside. And the second point you want to grease is this chain bushing we have at the bottom. You wanna make sure you grease that as well. If this is a little bit difficult for you to reach, you can just come up here and remove this panel we have on the front of it just with a Phillips screwdriver removing all those screws. We've talked a lot about how it's gonna function and work and we've talked about the specs, but let's talk about how we're gonna hook it up. So the first place we're gonna start is with the ball mount itself. So this is gonna be constructed from steel and it's gonna have this zinc nickel plating on it. So it's gonna be very weather resistant. And really the the main beating this is gonna take is on the plate itself because that's where your coupler is gonna be applying pressure to. Now in our case, since we have a larger coupler, we're gonna need our adapter and this is gonna adapt our two inch ball mount to a two and five 16ths ball mount. Once you have that adapter on there, we're just gonna take it over here, put it under here and lock this into place. With that locked into place, when you come to the bottom and start tightening this down, just twisting it and the way this plate is arranged is gonna depend on your coupler because our goal is to get this as flush as possible. I've tried it facing the opposite direction and it's not a great fit. We still got a bit of a gap. So what I'm gonna do is face it forward. I'm just gonna be twisting it until it's about tightened all the way with my hand. Once it's tightened the rest of the way, I can grab or include a tool. It's gonna look like this hook. And what we're gonna do is there's gonna be a couple divots on this. I'm gonna stick this hooked in to that divot and just apply some pressure. Try to get this on here pretty tight. So what this plate is doing overall is when your coupler is sitting on top of here and you have to make this turn or turn it a little bit, it's gonna prevent it from turning on its side. We can move over to the Trailer Valet itself. And the first thing I'm gonna talk about is it's pretty heavy. It's gonna take both hands and lift this up, but it's nice of them to include a handle on the other side. because if I try to push this forward, it's at a weird angle and with that gear ratio, it's gonna be very resistant to me doing this. So honestly your best case is just gonna be lifting it up and carrying it over there. Now that heft is gonna be due to its sturdy construction. It's gonna be made out of a, out of steel with this black powder coat finish to it. That finish is gonna help it be more rust resistant. And what our goal at this point is just line everything up. So with that hole lined up, we also want to line up a second set of holes. We're gonna actually turn this base until this hole on the side lines up with that hole. And the reason we wanna do that is because we're gonna have this pinning clip that comes with this and it needs to go through there. So with that lined up and I feel pretty good about this, I can start lowering down my trailer. (lowering trailer) You might have to move it a little bit to make sure this is the best fit for you. And really my main goal is just trying to get that hole lined up. Give it an attempt, make sure everything's working well. And if it is, just make sure you make that connection on the backside. With our valet connected to our trailer, we can start lifting the jack up. (lifting jack) And once we are looking pretty good, we can take out that block from underneath it and test it out. And now you can take it wherever you need it to be. Overall, I think this is really a great option for you if you are in those tight spaces or if you're just trying to park your trailer next to your house. You want everything to look pretty clean and nice. You want, you don't want the hassle of trying to park into those really tight spots. Now if you're not the a big fan of how you have to manually crank it up or use a drill to move it, then I'd recommend a much more premium option also by the same people who make this. And it's gonna be a robotic version of this, but if you like this just for having that ability to manually move it at a much more affordable rate, then I think it's also gonna be a great deal for you, too. But that's just a look at the Trailer Valet MV Pro. Thanks for watching.

Customer Reviews

Trailer Valet MV PRO Trailer Dolly w/ Chain Drive - 2" and 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 12,000 lbs - TV96FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.2 out of 5 stars   (429 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty dolly with integrated drive takes the hassle out of moving your trailer. Simply connect your trailer, turn the crank, and guide the trailer with the steering handle. The drill attachment lets you use your power drill instead of cranking.


Order process was easy, item came in two days, and was exactly as described. Worked perfectly for my travel trailer. I used the hand crank instead of the drill attachment, but once I purchase a slightly more powerful battery operated drill, I intend to use that. Hand crank worked well in the mean time. Had one email exchange with etrailer customer service to verify the 2 5/16th ball cap was included, and they were quick and responsive to my question.


Best thing ever. I can move my trailer in and out of tight spaces and even store it with the hitch just feet from the fence. As a disabled vet I needed something to help me move my trailer easily without needing help from anyone else. The trailer valet allowed me to disconnect and move the trailer for storage next to my house in minutes. No other product at this price point could have done this.


This has worked out perfectly for us!
do have to follow the directions tightening the lock plate up against the hitch to get a solid attachement. I did read some other reviews where users didn't understand how to properly attach. When attached properly the hitch easily holds our 5000 pound trailer with ~400 pound tongue weight.
We have a small sport court that we pull the trailer up onto and then unhook and sneak the truck out around and back the way we came in, then use the Dolly to spin the trailer around to allow us to get the truck out and avoid an impossible backing up challenge. The back yard is NOT big enough to turn around while hooked up to the Truck!
We first bought a lightweight electric dolly from different supplier and although rated for the job it totally failed. The XL Chain Drive manual dolly has done the job.


I have a boat that weighs just shy of 4K lbs including trailer, motor and fuel. The tongue weight is between 400-500 lbs. I bought this dolly to move it into my storage, as the approach area to the storage is too narrow to back the boat in with my truck. The area is all flat asphalt and concrete.

This dolly is solidly built and will move the rig straight forward and backward with no problem. As soon as I try to pivot the trailer to turn it to get it lined up with the storage space the dual axle trailer tires start to dig in creating resistance. It takes just a slight angle of turn till this resistance makes the hard solid rubber dolly tires spin on the asphalt. This requires a lot of front/back movement with a slight turn to line up the trailer with the space.

There is an approx 1” step up where the asphalt transitions to concrete. Even with a straight on approach, the tires on the dolly spin on the asphalt and cannot push the trailer up the lip. I built small ramps to get up this lip and the dolly was able to get the trailer up the ramps with my friend helping by pushing the trailer.

The tires do not provide a lot of traction. It’s hard to imagine the dolly being able to move a trailer, especially one with dual axles, on “well packed” or “gravel, dirt and grass” surfaces as claimed.

The collar that you tighten to secure the dolly to the bottom of the hitch comes loose with minimal amount of tuning back and forth requiring you to re-tighten it.

I would recommend this dolly for relatively light and/or single axle trailers on flat asphalt or concrete surfaces.


As stated in other reviews unless you are on a pool table flat surface it does not work. The grade on my driveway is .75% (3/8" in 48" level) and the wheels just spin. My trailer weight is 3,500 lbs. It is a very heavy product to use as well. Not good for anyone who has a weak back. It actually seemed unsafe while using it. I am not happy with this purchase. I did my homework, watched lots of videos and thought this would do the trick. A waste of hard earned $700 for me. Keep an eye on Ebay mine will be going up for sale at about half price.


I bought this device to help me place my dual axle travel trailer (600 lbs. hitch, 6000 lbs. GVWR, although we are far from max weight) into storage. The area is relatively flat concrete, with only a small step bump at the concrete seam. It would be a normal easy back in, but the location of adjacent storage units, getting the trailer straight in is very much a chore with a tow vehicle.
That said...
The unit is fairly well built. The tire is decent, and hitch assemblies are straight forward. The hand crank position is bad, especially holding the brake. It is even worse an ergo nightmare if you try to use a drill. I used a 90 degree offset and that helped, but there has to be a better way. You will strain your back, as you have to stoop over WHLE trying to walk it AND steering AND holding up the brake. It is a very awkward position, and god forbid you have to move this more than 20 feet.
The unit is fine to move a very LIGHT trailer straight back and straight forward on perfectly LEVEL ground. If some maneuvering is required, especially on a dual axle, forget it. You will be busting your hump, even with the hand crank in the LOW gear. I can see it would be ok for single axle boat trailers with very light tongue weights.
I have had this unit bind more than once, and it WILL NOT go over the bump unless you have a ton of momentum. It doesn't have the torque to overcome anything.
Now, it has been suggested to use dollies on one of the axles to help maneuver, but that is just more and more cost for really little reward.
Overall, the device is a quality piece, but I cannot recommend it. If there was a better ergo design to prevent stooping-while-walking and a better setup-up for hand drills (lower gear with a clutch, maybe?) I could possibly revisit. But with the immense struggles on flat concrete and a trailer half the dolly's design weight, it looks more like a boat anchor than anything helpful.


I live in the last house on a dead-end street with no room to back my 21 foot travel trailer onto the street because the street ends at my driveway. I have had to back the trailer about 125 yards when I return from a trip so that I can have the trailer situated correctly in the driveway. Backing down the street between parked cars is not fun and highly stressful. I saw the Trailer Valet XL online and it looked like just the solution for my problem. Now I can pull into the driveway normally when pulling the trailer, unhitch and move my truck out of the way, and use the Trailer Valet to easily maneuver the trailer, turning it 180 degrees, backing it into its space, ready for the next trip.The automatic brake when you release the handle is fantastic, because I operate the valet by myself and I have to stop several times while using it to get my bearings of where the trailer is in reference to the fence and the driveway edge. I use a RYOBI 18v drill that I already had. I don't think it would be as easy just using the crank handle because the gear reduction is so great that it would take a lot of cranking by hand to move it and would be more likely to strain my back. I'm 62 and have no problem moving the 3200 pound trailer around. Thanks!


I’m 72 and this item is a winner. Tested on 6’ utility trailer. Easy rolling. Wheels only spun trying to turn sharp. Went to the 16’ enclosed trailer. Left the trailer jack wheel close to the ground, just in case? Easier than I had expected.


I purchased the Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly.  I have used it once to get a 22 foot 9,800 lbs. rated  GVWR utility trailer into the cover storage slot and it did accomplish the goal. There was operator error, one problem on the black top had a slight angle up to the concrete storage area. Once on the flat concrete, the dolly was not needed it was so smooth and flat it was easy to move the 2,500 lb empty trailer but up that slope was harder than it should have been. What is needed is videos on YouTube on best practices on how best to push a trailer around with a slight incline. That incline is trying to force the trailer back down the slope the dolly brake stopped that downhill motion. Holding the handle up to release the brake and what height the dolly needs to be set at is all trial and error for the first time. How to adjust the tow Dolly height to ensure that enough tongue in on the dolly but not too much. I have a bigger trailer when empty weighs 11,000 lbs. empty but has a tongue weight of 2,000 lbs. so this device is rated too small for moving the other Toyhauler trailer. With a YouTube video online I’m sure the first-time problems I experienced would have been minimized.


This trailer dolly needs to be designed with bigger tires so there is more tire friction surface area with the ground. The tires just spin with no grip if you are on any surface other than dry concrete.


When I purchased this product, it had mixed reviews, some liked and some not. After owning it, I can say that both sides of the reviews are accurate, and it just depends on the situation you have. You really need to know what you are getting into with this product.

First off, the unit is very solidly constructed. Nothing is flimsy, and it's a heavy thing to lug around.

The key thing to understand is how it attaches to the trailer. It has a ball, and has wheels mounted below the ball on a fairly narrow base. This is significant, because this means the unit is *NOT* stable by just locking the hitch onto the ball. To think about this, imagine you have just a plain hitch ball not attached to a drawbar. If you put that into your hitch, the hitch grabs the ball and the threaded shaft sticks out. You can grab that shaft and move it a joystick. The same thing happens when you attach this product, except you have the entire tongue weight of the trailer trying to push the dolly to the side. To stop that, there is a locking collar that pushes a plate up against the bottom of the trailer hitch, preventing this joystick behavior. You must keep that locking collar tight during the entire time when using this product (it tends to loosen if you are changing directions a lot). If it gets loose, the dolly slips to the side, and the hitch can be easily damaged.

My specific use is pushing a 2,500lb tent trailer up a 3% sloped paved driveway, avoiding some poles, into a very exact spot (within inches). It does this job well as long as the collar stays tight.

Know that the crank arm is low to the ground, so after a few minutes your back will not be happy. The tires are firm rubber, so they need to be on a paved surface.....I doubt this would work on dirt. The unit is heavy, so it can be carried but it's not easy. Each turn of the crank does not move the trailer much, so you need time if you are having to go far, like around a house.

The product works great for my use.


I have an awkward parking situation. The narrow alleyway behind my home is a dead end. Barely room to maneuver my 14’ cargo trailer and even more of a challenge with our new 26’ travel trailer. Last year I removed all of the broken concrete and put down crushed rock and compacted really tight so it’s almost like concrete. I read just about every review out there on this unit and was worried with my surface. It’s pretty flat but not perfect so I went ahead and purchased the Trailer Dolly XL. In order for me to fit my trailer it has to be parallel to the alley and fence. I was pretty surprised at just how well this unit worked. I was able to maneuver the trailer into place, not without a challenge but what is a little challenge in life right?! The unit works amazingly well for my situation and yes it can dig holes, it is a challenge but thinking through the process and using wood and maybe even a little helpful push and it will do the job. Definitely a challenge but it works exactly as it is designed and I am happy I purchased this unit. If your on the fence I can recommend this unit and if you have a challenging area like mine it will take some brain power to make it work but it does what it is supposed to do and fairly easy to use with a drill motor which is the only way I have used it so far. Also the coupler needs to be tight as possible with this kind of weight. Others that have listed negatives I can see the complaints and it takes some brain power to overcome the challenges so if your that person I believe it can work for you!


Still working great moving a 9,000 lb camper down a winding, wooded drive.


I didn't have high hopes for this (maybe that's more because I've been burned by too many products in the past), but WOW! It works!

About my trailer: it's 20' long, ~3100# but is heavy on the tongue (600#)

My trailer is stored at a storage facility between two much larger RVs and a post that's attracted to trailers. Without a lot of room to maneuver, I've always dreaded the return trip when it's time to tuck the trailer back into its home.

Yesterday I returned and one of the RVs was gone, but rather than celebrate - I decided to try the Trailer Valet to see how it works. I thought if something went haywire, at least i would only damage one other RV.

My concern with the Trailer Valet XL vs the other systems I looked at was its braking ability. I have to climb a small hill (1 - 2 degrees) into my slot, and my worst fear was a run-away trailer - so I placed my wife on 'Full Chock Alert' and hooked it up.

I turned the crank, it moved. I turned the crank and moved the handle and it shifted directions. Over the course of about 10 minutes I moved it about 40 feet; up a hill and between the lines. My wife was so impressed that I rolled the trailer into it's spot using just my arms she brought me some water and offered to take me to lunch. I'm not going to tell her she could probably do it too. :)

The secret is making sure it is TIGHT to the coupler. Use the wrench to tighten it, tighten it some more, and then one more time. When you hit your knuckles you're getting there.

Highly recommended and I'm just sorry I didn't know about this years ago.


We tried to use it on our trailer and although it worked fine on a flat dry surface, we couldn't use it for the purpose we bought it - to get the trailer into our storage unit which had an incline. Also, the traction wasn't good where the pavement was wet. We ended up renting a different storage unit that we could back up into with our truck, so we haven't had a chance to use the Dolly again.


Within 5 minutes of unboxing my new Trailer Valet XL, I moved my Aliner Camper from out of a very narrow carport, 30 feet down a slight sloped driveway and then back in the carport. There was no installation and the instructions were very easy to follow. I had no problems moving and maneuvering the trailer with the hand crank, much easier than I had thought it would be. We will be camping this week end and would hope to update this review after our trip. The XL is a great product and very well made.


This trailer dolly is great! We use it at the end of every trip. It allows me to position our 3000lb camper in a tight space beside the external garage. The maneuverability and brakes are amazing and safe.


Works well, easy to use, but follow the recommendations! Don’t try to use it on rough surfaces or on any slope.


If your parking surface is not extremely flat do not buy. It would not move my 3,000 lb trailer on asphalt parking area due to uneven surface.


I have a tight space to put my Airstream Bambi Sport into. After much research I settled on the TVXL25 trailer dolly to help me out. After receiving the unit, I immediately gave it a try and it was amazing! It performed above my expectations. I had absolute control pulling my Airstream out and pushing it back into the storage area. The unit is designed and built well. I highly recommend this product.


When using on a ball hitch it is terrible. I have a 18’ fiberglass boat that is heavy and the unit does not move it well, tire slips on one side, even with the unit properly tightened to the hitch it will have a tendency to bend the lip of the trailer receiver. I’ve gone through 2 receivers now and each one eventually bends due to the inadequate design of the mounting plate. The unit is a waste of $$ for a ball hitch. I wish I had ordered the design that mounts to the tongue frame of the trailer, it appears to be more stable.


The trailer valet worked great to help me make a sharp turn and put my 27 foot travel trailer into my shop for the winter. But last spring when I brought it out there is a slight downhill and I needed to turn it and it wouldn't turn so I put the handle down to stop it and it wouldn't stop. I could hear some gears inside grinding. Fortunately my wife was there and threw a block of wood in front of the tire and that stopped it. It was headed for about a 5 foot bank and my neighbors fence. I was then able to maneuver it and make the turn I needed to. The hill it was on was very slight so I wouldn't recommend this for going down any kind of hill unless you have someone to help you, especially if you need to make a turn. I think the tires are to small to grip the asphalt it was on to help it turn. In a couple of weeks we will be putting it back in the shop for the winter so you may want to check back with me then.


Not sure what I would have done without this. It has been key to parking my RV safely and quickly into the tight RV Garage so I cannot recommend it enough!!I use it to park my RV into the building in the picture.


etrailer had a great price and fast shipping

I had high hopes for this product and honestly this is the biggest waste of money I have ever encountered. I find it difficult to use and even with help and videos it took me too long to figure out how to use it. The hardest part is how unstable it is while you have to hold it up at the right angle while you lower the trailer onto it. Its far to heavy to lift into the ball and latch, tried and failed at that. I bought this to try and prevent back injuries instead of just using a dolly with the ball. Using it you are hunched over cranking 100,000,000 times to move it, or if you use a drill, be careful you dont lower the brake handle just slightly so it locks up and the drill nearly breaks your wrist with all the torque suddenly stopping. Honestly it moved my 3,000lb boat easier than a 900lb trailer, unless you need to turn at all, good luck with that. I have rarely seen a product that seemed so well engineered be so cumbersome to use and disappoint. Im not sure if I should sell it and have someone else mad they spent money on this or give it away so it sits gathering dust in the corner of shame.


I was really concerned that I was going to drop a little coin and not be impressed but after doing a lot of research this was seemingly the best approach for me to be able to maneuver my 24’ Starcraft hybrid trailer into a a side pad with very tight angles. Let me tell you, this may be one of the better purchases I have made. Relatively easy to use and store, this trailer valet has solved my problem. Thank you etrailer!

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