1. Anti-Sway Bars
  2. Roadmaster
  3. Anti-Sway Bar
  4. 1-3/4 Inch Diameter
  5. Front
  6. Steel w Polyurethane Bushing
Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar

Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar

Item # RM-1139-140
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Anti-Sway Bars

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Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bar - RM-1139-140
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Minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your vehicle. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the front axle and to the frame to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll. Call 800-298-8924 to order Roadmaster anti-sway bars part number RM-1139-140 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Roadmaster products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar. Anti-Sway Bars reviews from real customers.
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Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars - RM-1139-140

  • Roadmaster
  • Anti-Sway Bar
  • 1-3/4 Inch Diameter
  • Front
  • Steel w Polyurethane Bushing

Minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your vehicle. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the front axle and to the frame to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll.


  • Minimizes side-to-side movement to improve overall stability of your vehicle
    • Lets you execute turns and quick maneuvers with confidence
    • Allows for a level ride, even on irregular surfaces
    • Reduces driver fatigue - minimizes effort required to keep your vehicle in line
  • Diminishes effects of crosswinds, passing motorists and shifting cargo
  • Designed to fit your vehicle and work in conjunction with its suspension system
    • Attaches to front axle and to chassis - uses weight of axle to brace frame as it shifts in turns
    • Engineered to avoid interference with most popular aftermarket add-ons and accessories
  • Made with polyurethane bushings instead of the standard rubber variety for a longer-lasting system
    • Polyurethane is durable and resistant to damage caused by oil, gasoline and ozone
    • Less wear means less give in the system and better support
  • Constructed of thick 4140 chromoly steel for superior strength
  • Includes heavy-gauge mounting hardware, easy-to-follow instructions and bushing lubricant
  • Works with rear anti-sway bar or bushing kit (sold separately) for absolute stability - available on certain applications only
  • Made in the USA


  • Bar diameter: 1-3/4"
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bar Installed

Benefits of an Anti-Sway System

The Roadmaster anti-sway bar does for side-to-side movement what a good pair of shocks does for up-and-down motion. You will notice a marked improvement in your vehicle's stability as the bar works to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll. The anti-sway bar acts as a link between your vehicle's frame and its front axle, using the axle as a brace to more effectively balance the shifting weight of your vehicle as you maneuver it. Lubricated bushings allow just enough pivot and rotation to compensate for the pressure placed on one side of your vehicle when it goes into sudden maneuvers, hits crosswinds or encounters shifting weights.

Roadmaster Anti-Sway Polyurethane Bushings

Superior Construction

The Roadmaster anti-sway bar is made of 4140 chromoly, a chromium and molybdenum steel alloy. This type of steel is considerably harder and stronger than the standard 1020 steel that is typically used in anti-sway applications. In addition, the larger diameter of the bar increases its torsional roll stiffness. The result is a bar that is not only stronger than the competition, but also nearly 30 percent better at resisting sway. The polyurethane bushings and grommets used at the attachment points are durable yet flexible, ensuring that the system is neither so rigid nor so malleable that it becomes ineffective.

1139-140 Road Master Anti-Sway Bar - Front

RM-1139-140 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details RM-1139-140 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

1999 - 2019 Ford F-53 15,700 GVWR

2012 - 2020 Thor ACE Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2008 - 2019 Holiday Rambler Admiral Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2016 - 2018 Holiday Rambler Admiral XE Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2016 - 2019 Jayco Alante Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2008 - 2010 Holiday Rambler Arista Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2001 - 2016 Winnebago Brave Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2010 - 2010 Fleetwood Encounter Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

1999 - 2019 Ford F-53 16,000 GVWR

2000 - 2018 Fleetwood Flair Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2013 - 2019 Forest River FR3 Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2019 - 2020 Thor Freedom Traveler Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2016 - 2018 Forest River Georgetown GT3 Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2008 - 2010 Four Winds Hurricane Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2011 - 2020 Thor Hurricane Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2018 - 2018 Winnebago Intent Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2000 - 2019 Coachmen Mirada Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2018 - 2019 Coachmen Mirada Select Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2012 - 2012 Thor Outlaw Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2013 - 2019 Coachmen Pursuit Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2018 - 2018 Coachmen Pursuit Precision Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2009 - 2011 Monaco Riptide Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2002 - 2017 Winnebago Sightseer Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2008 - 2016 Itasca Sunova Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2008 - 2016 Itasca Sunstar Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2016 - 2017 Winnebago Sunstar Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2015 - 2015 Itasca Tribute Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2007 - 2017 Winnebago Vista Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2008 - 2010 Four Winds Windsport Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

2011 - 2020 Thor Windsport Motorhome 16,000 GVWR

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Video of Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar Installation - 2018 Ford F-53

Today on our 2018 Ford F-53 Chassis Motorhome, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar, part number RM-1139-140. Having a motorhome can be great, but one thing that nobody really seems to talk about is how difficult it can be to drive sometimes. Because let's face it, we have a large area for wind to catch that can start pushing us around when we're driving down the road, which can be a little spooky for some people, and not that enjoyable.What our Roadmaster Anti Sway for side to side movement, what a good set of shocks would do for the up and down. It's going to take a lot of that pressure off, and we're not going to have so much wind, feeling like it's pushing us around, which means we can relax more and not fight that steering wheel. So here, you can see the difference between our factory sway bar and our new Roadmaster. Our factory one is going to be an inch and a half in diameter, whereas our Roadmaster is going to be an inch and three quarters in diameter.

The bigger diameter of the bar means it's going to be able to take a lot more stress, and it's not going to flex as much.So if we're taking a corner, an evasive maneuver, or a big crosswind comes by, it's not going to have as much body roll because the bar's going to be absorbing a lot of that. And our Roadmaster sway bar should be using polyurethane bushings, as opposed to the traditional rubber bushings that are found on the factory ones. Now these are going to hold up a lot better over time, they're going to resist a lot of automotive chemicals like oil, gasoline, and even road salt. So we know that they're going to be durable, but they're also going to resist that kind of stretching and ovalling out, and making the hole larger, like the rubber ones tend to do.Which over time, the ball will move in there, and not provide us the support we need. To begin our installation, we're going to want to come underneath the front of our motorhome.

And in front of the front axle here, we'll find our sway bar. And on each side, we're going to have this end length that's dropping down where it's attached to. We're going to need to remove the bolt on the end link so we can get the sway bar out. On the inside, we're going to have an 18 millimeter nut. And then on the outside, there'll be a bolt with a 15 millimeter head.

And we can just tap the bolt out, just want to tap it through a little bit. That way, we won't have to worry about the sway bar rolling down, because we're going to take out the other side as well.So if we move in, we're going to be right in front of the axle now, underneath the leash springs, we'll find these U-shaped brackets that are holding our sway bar in place. We're going to add two bolts, and on the back side of these bolts, there'll be nuts holding them in place. So we're going to use an 18 millimeter wrench to hold a nut on the backside, and a 15 millimeter socket to pull the bolt out. Now I do want to mention that once we took those end links loose, if you didn't leave the bolt in and you took them all the way out, your sway bar may want to roll down, so you want to watch out for that, whenever you loosen these bolts up.Once you have all the bolts removed, we'll let our sway bar come down.

Then we're going to take out that last bolt on the end of the end link. Then, when we just pull our sway bar out from underneath our motorhome. So we can get ready to put our bushings in place. Now I like to have our two sway bars close together so we can get our bushings and brackets in as close to position as possible, compared to the factory ones. So we can take our bushing, and they are going to provide us with some lubricant, which you want to make sure you put it on the inside of that bushing. Because if water ends up getting inside the bushing, in between the sway bar and the bushing itself, they tend to make a lot of squeaking noise.So you just want to make sure you have a nice thin coat of lubricant on the inside of the bushing. And it is a split bushing, so we're just going to kind of open it up a little bit. With our sway bar up, we can slide the bushing in place. And we'll put the other one on as well. Once we have our bushings in place, we can take our u-shaped clamp, just going to slide it over the bushing. And that's what the bolts are going to go through, bolting it directly to the axle. Now, with an extra set of hands, we're going to lift our sway bar up. And you're going to want to slide the bushing and bracket until they line up with that plate.We'll take a bolt and a washer, and we're going to go through one of the holes in our bracket, and through the hole that's on the axle. And then on the backside, we'll follow it up with another washer, then we'll put a lock nut in place just to hold everything together, till we can get the rest of the hardware in. All done I'm going to come back with a 19 millimeter socket and wrench. I'm just going to snug these up, just enough to where they're going to be snug but I can still slide my bar up and down. Once you have one side kind of snug, you want to make sure that the bracket is going to be pretty well centered. So again, you just kind of snug it up enough to where you have a little bit of tension, then we can tighten it up once those bolts are about halfway in that slot. So if the bolt's snug to where our sway bar isn't going to have any movement up or down, we'll rotate the arm on each side up, to where it's going to line up with our end link.I'll take one of the new bolts, we're going to pass it through our sway bar. But on the inside, in between the inside and the end link, you want to put one of those flat washers back in place, so it'll be against the end link bushing. We'll pass our bolt all the way through, we'll add another washer to the inside, right by the bushing again, and then we'll put a lock nut on. We'll do that for both sides. We'll come back with that same 19 millimeter socket and wrench, and we're going to tighten this up.And we just want to tighten it up to where the washers and everything kind of snug up. We don't want to crush the bushings inside the end link. Just enough to where those washers aren't going to have any movement, and the bolt's not going to be moving around. I want to come back and make sure that all of our bolts are nice and tight. That'll finish up your look at the Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar, part number RM-1139-140 on our 2018 Ford F-53 Chassis Motorhome.

Customer Reviews

Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar - RM-1139-140

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (402 Customer Reviews)

Minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your vehicle. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the front axle and to the frame to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll.

- RM-1139-140
2015 Fleetwood Roadmaster

I purchased this kit and the Roadmaster rear anti-sway bar kit for installation on my 2015 Fleetwood Flair, 26-foot. Before purchasing, I called Roadmaster to make sure this kit could be installed on my small RV, as they make smaller kits for smaller RVs. They indicated it could be installed, and I'm glad I went with the heavier kit. The install took maybe an hour, with the only glitch being some difficulty getting the poly bushings and brackets over the new bar. I called Roadmaster, and the tech noted that the brackets DID look to small, but with some jiggling and finesse, the bolts should fit, and they did. My only irritation with this, and the rear anti-sway bar kit, is that the Roadmaster instructions do not provide ANY torque specifications for bolts to be replaced, either Ford F53, or kit specific, so be prepared to make some calls or go on an Internet search to find the right torque specs. 224319

- RM-1139-140
2017 Ford F-53

Have not installed this yet but etrailer service is excellent! I have probably placed 6 orders in the last couple of years and they have always exceeded my expectations. Send 'em you business! Great product selection, competitive prices, quick delivery and good tech backup. 469201

- RM-1139-140

This product did what it advertised it would do. For my motorhome it made the front end suspestabilizer that came with it.nsion work a lot better than the 428410

- RM-1139-140

Good anti-sway bar. Installation was made difficult by being unable to easily remove the OEM anti-sway bar. Although this item was intended to go on a near-new 2015 motorhome, the original retaining bolts were very difficult to remove. However, installation of the RM 1139-140 was relatively easy and completed in about an hour by one person. If two people did the task, it could be done in half that time. The only disappointment, and it was significant, is that there was no mention of torque values for the mounting bolts. 223089

After a year of use over about 8,000 miles, I have to say the improvement they made are moderate at best even considering I put them on the front and back.
Vince L - 08/30/2016


- RM-1139-140

Winnebago vista 08. I believe this improvement was the least productive in improving my ford F53 chassis. My existing bar was already or close to the new bar diameter. The install was quick. Delivery was quick. Pricing was ok but they exceeded in having all three items for my rig. 406453

- RM-1139-140

I thank Cathy T great help she gave me. I installed the front and back anti sway bars on my 2016 George Town Motorhome. It has the ford f-53 chassis and a Dana 150 rear end. I use road master RM-1139-145 on the rear and RM-1139-140 on the front. Thanks to Cathy T she set me up with the right parts. I don't have any more body roll and the 18 wheelers bearly push me over now. If not at all. The front bar also cut down on wheel pounding. I have a much smother ride. I also have the road master reflex steering stabilizer Rm-BK9-RSSA. 293767

- RM-1139-140
Winnebago Vista

I received my front anti sway bar (RM-1139-140) around noon on the day it was promised. The package was undamaged and all parts were contained within. After lunch I installed the bar in less than 30 minutes, which included the removal of the factory bar. I installed it by myself from the ground. Simple install although I did deviate some from the instructions to make it easier for me as the bar is heavy. Instructions say to attach the bar to the axle with the bushings and saddle clamps first, then bolt the endlinks. Instead I bolted the endlinks first then simply swung/rotated the bar to the axle and attached with the saddle clamps. I did not have to lift the heavy bar to the axle as the weight was already supported by the endlinks. Easier if doing the install alone in my opinion. About a week prior I had installed a Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer ( RSSA-RBK9). These 2 items greatly improved the steering and sway problems which were extremely bad in my 2013 Winnebago Vista 26HE. So bad that I considered the drive extremely stressful and dangerous. With these 2 parts added the drive is now 80 to 90 per cent improved. Very happy. 263320

- RM-1139-140
2013 Ford F-53

I received my order, but all the parts wasn't with it. All I got was the bar and the two bushing and brackets that mounts the bushing to the frame. All this came in one long box. According to the picture there are suppose to be more parts. I thought this is an expensive part for no more than I got with it. $ 600.00 for a bar really!! 211264

- RM-1139-140
2007 Fleetwood Bounder

I love this sway bar! It has made driving my 33' Bounder much more enjoyable. It has helped with body roll and it even turns better. Now I'm thinking of getting the rear sway control. Thank You! 408360

- RM-1139-140

Great customer service from purchase to delivery. Kept informed all the way by George with fast shipping. Sway bar was quick and easy to install on my 2018 Windsport, about 1 1/2 hours by myself. Considerably heavier than original, helps reduce sway as advertised. Great experience with company would purchase other items in future. 483047

Sway bars are still working great. Would not have another RV without them.
Thomas - 03/09/2019


- RM-1139-140

Installed easily in about 30 minutes. I took it for a test drive in a 35mph crosswind and it seemed to handle great but I am anxious to take it on the freeway. My only suggestion is that Etrailer list measurements with the product description because the front sway bar that my motorhome called for didn't fit and I had to return it and get a different one. 359473

- RM-1139-140
Dodge Ram Pickup

Fit and finish are excellent, good work. This should minimize sway far better than the factory bar. I am hoping that it will handle more like a sports car or the 3500 RAM LONG HORN that it is replacing. 398607

- RM-1139-140

Combined with rear sway bar drives just as I had hoped 312489

- RM-1139-140

I ordered suspension upgrades for our motorhome. The price was the best I found. The ordering was fast and simple. The delivery was in two days. You can’t ask for better service than that. 740054

- RM-1139-140

Improved the ride on my Winnebago 36’ class A gasser 732318

- RM-1139-140

I ordered the SumoSprings and Roadmaster Anti-sway bars front and rear. Install was straight forward and results were better that expected. 730748

- RM-1139-140

Great product easy to install. Has helped my ride. 728770

- RM-1139-140

Was ready to improve handling of my Class A. I was pleasantly surprised with the improved handling with front and rear sway bars, sumo springs and a steering stabilizer. 725084

- RM-1139-140
2015 Tiffin Allegro Motorhome

I have a 2015 Tiffin 31 SA. I added Both front and rear Roadmaster sway bars. The difference was day and night the way the coach handled! I will ad that I also added Sumo springs front and back and also Steersafe. I ordered the sway bars on Sunday and they arrived Thur as promised undamaged. etrailer videos were a big timesaver as well as money. I installed the sway bars with the help of my 2 sons in less than 2 hours! I would not hesitate using etrailer in the future. 720499

- RM-1139-140

Quick delivery and straightforward installation except I had a question regarding the mounting to the frame. There are 2 mounting holes, front & back. I was told by Etrailer to use the front hole, although several YouTube videos indicated the back hole provided better anti-sway. I still do not know which is correct and better for my needs. 719919

- RM-1139-140

Roadmaster product bushing brackets are thin, flimsy, narrow and have large slots instead of round holes so the cheap brackets can slide under torsion. The bar was cheap and not nearly as well manufactured as the stock one. I didnt notice any difference in ride. E trailer service was great but this is not a quality product. Go for a steering stabilizer from [name brand] instead. 710906

Anti-sway bars and steering stabilizers are similar but are designed to correct different issues. Ive attached help articles that dive into these types of suspension enhancement.
-- Victoria B - 10/09/2019


- RM-1139-140

Fits as advertised and received packages before the original date. Have not driven yet to see what difference they make but this product makes sense. I also ordered and installed the rear anti-sway bar. No problem doing both. 710846

- RM-1139-140

I ordered front and rear roadmaster sway bars, front and rear sumo springs and a Roadmaster steering stabilizer for my 2019 Winnebago Vista 29VE after I picked it up several weeks ago. The drive home was a nightmare trying to keep it on the road. I received all the parts in good shape except the rear sway bar came in with the package all beat up and only had the sway bar not any of the other needed brackets and bolts. I called etrailer and explained the situation, sent pictures of the box and they mailed ma a whole new set immediately not even waiting for UPS to pick up the original one. My son and I installed all of them in my driveway and what a difference! The RV is now sound going down the road even in cross winds and large trucks passing by. Thank you etrailer. 707190

- RM-1139-140

Great product! greatly reduced driving fatigue on long road trips. 706906

- RM-1139-140
1999 Ford F-53

Easy to install and seems to work well although i still have too much sway and will put on the recommended additional rear sway bar as well. 704524

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  • Sway Bar and Steering Stabilizer Recommendation for 2016 Ford F-53 to Improve Ride Quality
    The biggest ride improvement you'll make on the Ford F-53 is a rear sway bar. Next you'd want to do a front sway bar and then finally a steering stabilizer. Doing all three of those will make a night and day difference. For a rear sway bar you would want the part # RM-1139-149. For a front sway bar you then would want the part # RM-1139-140 and then steering stabilizer # RM-RBK4-RSSA. If you still want more at this point then Sumosprings would be the way to go. For that you would want...
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    You are certainly not alone in looking for a way to reduce the amount of sway and body roll when driving a motor home but there are great solutions to remedy those white-knuckle moments when going side-by-side with a semi or meeting crosswinds. The best way to reduce the sway and enhance the ride of your 2019 Winnebago Intent 29L built on a Ford F-53 chassis is to add a rear anti-sway bar, followed by a front anti-sway bar, and after that a steering stabilizer. For your motor home the...
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  • Recommended Anti-Sway for 2018 Forest River FR3 on Ford F-53 Chassis
    For your 2018 Forest River FR3 Motorhome on Ford F-53 Chassis, I recommend using the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-146 if your model has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 18,000 lbs or under. For the front, I recommend using the Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-140 if your chassis is up to 16,000 lbs, but if it is 18,000 then use the Roadmaster TruTrac Front-Axle Trac Rod # RM-TRAC-F550. These will give you the best stabilization from sway....
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  • Torque Specs for Roadmaster Sway Bars # RM-1139-149 and # RM-1139-140
    If you check out the install instructions for both the Roadmaster Sway Bars part # RM-1139-149 and # RM-1139-140 all of the torque specs are listed for each step of the install. There are enough of them at various steps of the install that it would be easiest if you just view the install links to see each figure.
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  • Sway Bars and SumoSprings for 2018 Winnebago 26 Intent Ford F-53 Chassis
    The general consensus with the Airtabs is that they are more of a gimmick than anything else. I would not recommend them for you. If you've already installed the Roadmaster sway bars part # RM-1139-146 and # RM-1139-140 as well as a steering stabilizer the next thing I'd recommend is SumoSprings # SSF-170-40-2 for the front and # SSR-184-40-1 for the rear and you'll have your motorhome handling very nicely.
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  • Recommended Handling Enhancement Kits for F-53 Based Four winds Hurricane 34B Class A Motorhome
    In general it is best to start anti-sway efforts at the front of the motorhome, to prevent such handling issues from then rolling through the entire vehicle. For a front anti-sway bar I suggest Roadmaster's # RM-1139-140 which works on both V8 and V10 models. This no-drill install replaces the OEM sway bar with a beefy 1-3/4-inch-diameter 4140 chromoly steel bar that includes polyurethane bushings that last a long time. This will usefully stiffen the front end response. Next up in...
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  • Comparing the Air Lift LoadLifter Air Bags and the SumoSprings for a 2015 A.C.E. With a Ford F-53
    Adding the steering stabilizer and the front sway bar is definitely the first couple of steps that you want to take to help stabilize your motorhome. If you haven't already picked one out I recommend going with the Roadmaster # RM-1139-140 which is confirmed to fit a 2015 Ford F-53. Although air bags like the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs # AL57240 would help to support the suspension and ultimately your ride, I recommend going with the SumoSprings as they require no maintenance....
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  • Recommended Anti-Sway Bars & Steering Stabilizer for 2016 Forest River FR3 28DS on Ford F53 Chassis
    Your Forest River FR3 28DS has a V10 and has a GVWR of 18,000 lbs. Because of the weight being in-between our fit guide weights, I reached out to my tech contact at Roadmaster to confirm that the Rear Anti-Sway Bar you need is # RM-1139-146. For your Front Anti-Sway, you will want # RM-1139-140. These anti-sway bars will work well with your motorhome to balance the weight transfer and reduce body roll. It also diminishes the effects of crosswinds, shifting cargo, and passing vehicles. Finally,...
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  • Is Steering Stabilizer Helpful to 2018 Forest River FR3 32DS Motorhome Built on Ford F-53 Chassis
    The Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer # RM-RBK22-RSSA will be helpful to your 2018 Forest River FR3 32DS built on a Ford F-53 chassis because it helps tighten the connection between the steering and the chassis, pulling the steering wheel towards the center to make it easier to drive straight ahead and in control. Having said that, the best way to enhance the ride of your Forest River FR3 32DS is to add an aftermarket rear anti-sway bar because they are a vast improvement over the...
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  • Best Way to Reduce Sway in 2011 Forest River Georgetown 280DS on Ford F-53 Chassis
    While you can certainly add the SumoSprings Maxim Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle # SSR-187-54-1 and SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs - 2 Piece - Front Axle # SSF-170-40-2 to your 2011 Forest River Georgetown 280DS built on a Ford F-53 chassis, by far the best way to enhance the ride of your motorhome is to add an aftermarket rear anti-sway bar, followed by a front anti-sway bar and steering stabilizer, in that order. The reason these are the best options is because they are...
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  • Suspension Enhancement That Fits the 2018 Thor ACE 27.2 GVWR 16000 on Ford F-53 Chassis
    I think I can help make some confirmations for you and we'll go one-by-one on fits for your 2018 Thor ACE 27.2 with a 16,000 lb GVWR built on a Ford F-53 chassis. - Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-149 is NOT a fit as it is designed for vehicles with a chassis GVWR of 22,000, 24,000, or 26,000 lbs. Instead you would need the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-146 (assuming your Thor is less than 34 feet long). - Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes...
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  • Sway Bar Recommendation for 2018 Winnebago 26 Intent to Improve Ride Quality
    Your 2018 Winnebago 26 Intent is built on a Ford F-53 chassis that is somewhat notorious for being hard to handle on the highway. The biggest improvement you'll make is with a new rear sway bar. Which for that you'd want the Roadmaster bar part # RM-1139-146 which is a confirmed fit. Next biggest improvement is with a front sway bar which the part # RM-1139-140 you referenced is the correct fit. With these two bars and your current stabilizer you'll have a much better ride quality.
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  • Recommended Front and Rear Anti-Sway Bar for 2018 Thor Hurricane 29M RV
    Your 2018 Thor Hurricane 29M RV is built on the Ford F-53 Chassis. For the front of your motorhome, I recommend the Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-140 and for the rear you can use the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-146. When installed and used together, these will do a fantastic job of minimizing sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your RV. There is not a sway bar from Blue Ox currently available that will fit your RV chassis. I...
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  • Recommended Suspension Upgrade for 2018 Fleetwood Bounder 36D on Ford F-53 Chassis
    I strongly recommend both front and rear anti-sway bars, and for your 2018 Fleetwood Bounder 36D on a Ford F-53 chassis with a GVWR of 22,000 lbs and a V10 engine the correct rear anti-sway bar is the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-149 while the front anti-sway bar is # RM-1139-140. For the rear bar you may need to use Extended U-Bolt Kit # RM-590050-00 if you find the square OEM U-bolts on your Bounder are too short. The Extended Kit gives you U-Botls which are 15-3/4". These...
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  • Recommendations for 2017 Mirada Select Motorhome on Ford F53 Chassis with Sway Issues
    The 2017 Coachman Mirada Select 37TB is built on the Ford F53 chassis. To reduce the sway, you are absolutely on the right track with the parts you are requesting. I recommend the following parts: Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motor Homes # RM-1139-149 along with the Extended U-Bolt Kit # RM-590050-00 if the factory bolts are not long enough to accommodate the factory nut, washer, and a new 1/2 inch plate. The extended u-bolts may not be needed if you have enough room on your...
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  • Front and Rear Sway Bars Needed for a 2012 Winnebago 37F on a 2011 Ford F-53 Chassis
    You are correct in that you will want to be looking at fits for the 2011 Ford F-53 chassis as opposed to the 2012 year. For your Class A motorhome with a V10 you will want to use the Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-140 which is 1-3/4" in diameter, and the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-149 which is 1-5/8" in diameter. Since your motorhome is rated for 24,000 lbs the bar with the 1-5/8" diameter will work great. Please note that you will want to check to ensure there...
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  • Recommended Sway Bar Upgrade for 2017 Jayco Precept on Ford F-53 Chassis
    The Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-140, which is confirmed to fit the F-53 chassis that your Jayco Precept is built on, features the same 1-3/4 inch diameter as the existing Hellwig Sway Bar that you have installed. The Roadmaster model is a great sway bar, but it is unlikely to provide much improvement over the already upgraded Hellwig unit on your Jayco RV. For this reason, I do recommend looking at adding a rear anti-sway bar. A rear sway bar will actually make the most...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement Kits for Winnebago Vista 35B Built on 2014 Ford F-53 Chassis
    Aftermarket anti-sway and stabilizer products usually deliver substantial handling improvements over the OEM components on Class A motorhome like yours that is built on a Ford F-53 V10 chassis. Generally the priority is rear anti-sway first, then a front sway bar if still needed, then the steering stabilizer. There certainly could be cases where this priority may not apply but it is more often than not the best way to proceed. All such items for your 2014 F-53 are shown on the linked page. For...
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  • Sway Bars and Steering Stabilizer for 2017 Thor Ace 30.3 on Ford F-53 Chassis
    We have both front and rear anti-sway bars as well as a steering stabilizer for your 2017 Thor Ace 30.3, which was built on a Ford F-53 chassis and has a GVWR of 18,000 lbs. - Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-146 - Front Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-140 - Reflex Steering Stabilizer # RM-RBK22-RSSA
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  • Anti- Sway Bar Recommendations for 2017 Forest River FR3 30DS
    I did some checking and it looks like your 2017 Forrest River FR3 30DS is built on an 18k Ford chassis so for sway bars you'd want the # RM-1139-145 for the rear and then for the front # RM-1139-140.
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  • Recommended Anti-Sway Bars for Ford F53 Chassis on 2018 Thor Hurrican 29m Motorhome
    Your 2018 Thor Hurricane 29M is built on a Ford F53 Chassis and has a GVWR of 18,000 lbs. For this motorhome I recommend starting with the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-146 because the rear sway bar has the most impact on the overall driving of the vehicle. You do not need to use a hoist to install the bar, but you will be removing a shock, so it will be much easier if you have a free moving axle, but it is not an absolute requirement. It is not a difficult installation,...
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  • Rear Sway Bar Fit for 2004 Winnebago Sightseer Built on Ford F-53 Chassis
    The correct fit for a rear anti-sway bar for your 2004 Winnebago Sightseer built on a Ford F-53 chassis is going to depend on its length, because based on my research there are a number of models with different total lengths. Models 27C, 30B and 33L are less than 34 feet long, and the correct sway bar for that length is the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-143. Model 35N is longer than 34 feet, so the correct sway bar is the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar # 1139-144. You will...
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  • Recommended SuperSprings Front Suspension Enhancement for 2016 Forest River FR3 28DS
    For your 2016 Forest River FR3 28DS, I recommend the SumoSprings Rebel Custom Helper Springs # SSF-170-40-2 for your front axle. These springs are made for models ranging from 16,000 to 22,000 lbs. These springs will mount both on top and bottom but are not connected. They will absorb the road shock, but will also allow full axle movement so you will have the best steering ability and traction. For the rear, I recommend the SumoSprings Maxim Custom Helper Springs # SSR-187-40-1....
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  • 2016 Forest River FR3 Motorhome Anti-Sway and Steering Stabilization Recommendations
    For your 2016 Forest River FR3 Motorhome, the Rear Anti-Sway Bar # RM-1139-146 is the best fit for your 18K motorhome. The # RM-1139-149 is the correct fit for vehicles between 22K and 26K. The Rear Anti-Sway is the first step I recommend to give you a better ride and reduce sway. The Roadmaster Front Anti-Sway Bar for Motorhomes # RM-1139-140 is the correct fit and will further assist with the effects of crosswinds, passing motorists and shifting cargo. The front anti-sway is the...
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