1989 Dodge Grand Caravan Roof Rack by Yakima

Roof Rack Includes:

Round 58" CrossBars for Yakima Roof Rack System (QTY 2)
Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers (QTY 4)

Part Numbers: Y00409,Y00101


Our Price: $324.00

You Save: $24.04

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Yakima Roof Rack - Y00409
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Round 58" CrossBars for Yakima Roof Rack System (QTY 2)
part number: Y00409

These multipurpose, galvanized steel crossbars supply the backbone for your aftermarket roof-rack system. Bars provide stability to your rack system and carry the accessories that secure your gear. Round design fits all Yakima towers.


  • Serve as backbone of your aftermarket roof-rack system
  • Provide stability to roof-mounted racks
  • Carry the accessories that secure your gear (bike racks, kayak carriers, etc.)
  • Fit all Yakima towers
  • Constructed from vinyl-coated, galvanized steel


  • Quantity: 2
  • Capacity (depending on application):
    • 5 Bikes
    • Yakima SkyBox Pro 12, PowderHound and 1 bike
    • 2 Kayaks
    • 2 Bikes and Yakima BasketCase
    • 2 Kayaks on Yakima Kayak Stacker and 2 bikes
    • Yakima SkyBox Pro and 2 bikes
    • Yakima SkyBox Pro and kayak on HullRaiser
  • Dimensions: 1-1/8" diameter x 58" long
  • Steel wall: .085" thick
  • Lifetime warranty

NOTE: Load bars do not include end caps. The end caps are included with Yakima roof rack or ladder rack towers. Load bar end caps are also sold separately (part number Y8007026).

8000409 Round 58" CrossBars for Yakima Roof Rack System (QTY 2)

Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers (QTY 4)
part number: Y00101

For vehicles with rain gutters, start building your Yakima roof rack system with these 1A Raingutter Towers. Towers provide the base for your system, attaching to traditional rain gutters and holding crossbars (sold separately) in place.


  • Clamp onto vehicle rain gutters
  • Provide base for Yakima roof-rack crossbars
  • Adjust to non-parallel rain gutters
  • Are lockable with Same Key System (SKS) Cores (sold separately)
    • Cores lock crossbars to towers and towers to vehicle roof
    • SKS Cores can be changed out to make all your Yakima locks keyed alike
  • Constructed from tough Zytel nylon


  • Quantity: 4
  • Additional components required for a complete roof-rack system:
    • Crossbars (sold separately) to provide attachment point for accessories
  • SKS Cores required: 4
  • Height: 7-1/4"
    • Can be increased by 3-1/2" by 1A HiRise Spacers (Y01101), sold separately
  • Lifetime warranty

8000101 Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers (QTY 4)

Video of Round 58" CrossBars for Yakima Roof Rack System (QTY 2)

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Yakima Roof Rack Review - 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan

Today on our 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan, we'll be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Yakima roof rack system. This is going to consist of part numbers Y00409, that's the Yakima round bars; part number Y00124, those are going to be our Yakima Q towers; and part number Y00657, those are going to be our Q57 clips for our Q towers. The Yakima round bar kit allows you to carry your vehicle's roof rack accessories on your vehicle's roof and empty up space inside your vehicle's hatch area. This is going to include bike racks, cargo baskets, and ski and snowboard carriers. The Yakima round bars are going to be made out of a vinyl coated galvanized steel with end caps that secure onto the end of our cross bars. The Yakima tower contours to your roof. It also has the option to remove this nock out here and place in a metal lock core. The Yakima fit kit, built with a rubber pad on the bottom and the clamp, are custom fit to your vehicle, and they have padding on any portion that's going to touch your vehicle to help to prevent scratches or abrasions.

The Yakima round bars have a weight capacity of 165 pounds total as this kit, but you do want to check your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure it can withstand that much weight, and use the lesser of the two. All the instructions on how to secure this to your vehicle are included. We'll show you how to install this next. Everything that you see here on our table is included with our kit. We're going to have tower assembly here with our end cap for our cross bar. Then we have our fit kit.

It's going to have that pad and our two clamps. Yakima also provides their own tape measure so you don't have to provide one for yourself. Now, we've gone ahead and measured our center on our crossbar. We did that just because it's easier to measure out and mark the placement for our next Q tower. Our mark is going to be made right at about 20 and 1/8.

Now we can get our Q tower ready to load up onto our round bar. To start, we're going to open our cover. You'll see a thumb screw here. We want to undo that completely until a front portion of our Q tower comes off. We can set that off to the side. Then we'll just open up this cover here by pulling straight down.

On the side you'll notice we have a screw; we're just going to use our included tool and loosen that up. Loosening the screw will allow us to place the round bar through the tower. Place the end of our tower just up against the mark we've made and tighten down our bolt in the back. That tightened up, we can close up our cover until it snaps into place. We'll take the rubber pads from our Q clip kit and place them on the bottom of the towers. Then we can place our cross bar end cap. Once we have that end cap in place, we can take our entire cross bar and place it onto our vehicle. Now, it doesn't need to sit side to side evenly yet. We're going to measure out our cross bar distance first and make sure that is correct. We're going to measure from the center of our front bar to the center of our back bar. That's going to be 32 inches. Be sure that any time you're making measurements or tightening down your bolts, you want to do the same thing to one side that you do to the other. Now we need to set up our clamps and our covers. We're going to open up that cover, take one of our clamps, and slide it behind this piece here. We'll take our lock housing, and we want this notch to go into this opening here. Last, we'll take our clip fastener and push it into place. Now we can do the same thing for our other clamp. Now we've got our clamps attached to our housing, we want to take our bolt and we're going to attach it to this nut here. Once you have that tightened down a few turns, we can rotate our clamp. We want it to sit around our weather strip here. We'll do the same thing to the other side. This inaudible 00:04:56 screw here, we're going to tighten that down. Again, we want to do this evenly on each side. That's going to tighten up our clamp down here. We don't want to tighten these up too much because we will close up our cover, and that's going to secure that down even more. It's going to act as a cam. Now let's go tighten the other side. With both sides tight, we can take our cover . You'll notice we have a little resistance there, so we want to loosen up our bolt. With everything secured down, we've got our doors closed up, and we're ready to hit the road. That's going to be our completed look at the Yakima roof rack system for our 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Customer Reviews

Round 58" CrossBars for Yakima Roof Rack System (QTY 2) - Y00409

Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers (QTY 4) - Y00101

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (199 Customer Reviews)

These multipurpose, galvanized steel crossbars supply the backbone for your aftermarket roof-rack system. Bars provide stability to your rack system and carry the accessories that secure your gear. Round design fits all Yakima towers. For vehicles with rain gutters, start building your Yakima roof rack system with these 1A Raingutter Towers. Towers provide the base for your system, attaching to traditional rain gutters and holding crossbars (sold separately) in place.

- Y00409
by: Stephen F.07/23/2019

Yakima Crossbars were as you would expect - steel bars coated in a soft black coating (be mindful when you are utilizing these with the top mounts as the clamp will eat through the soft coating when you tighten them down). I had issues with my yakima round bar setup as the brackets and tower system were allowing water to leak in. This is in no way reflective of what youll experience but Yakima has superb support. I spoke with them twice on my issue and out of their kindness they shipped me an entire setup to replace my existing one for free. 674326

- Y00101
by: Al07/06/2018
1991 GMC Van

Installed as described on my van. 538703

- Y00409
by: Ramon01/11/2019
2018 Jeep Renegade

The bars were prefect and allowed me to use my old Yakima low rider towers. I just had to cut the bars from 58 inches to 53 inches so I wouldn't have to much over hang. I used a hack saw, tape and a car hose camp. Old trick I learned, you use the hose camp as a guide for straight clean cut. 596799

- Y00101
by: Mike01/21/2019
2014 Ford Van

The customer service is exceptional. Nick went above and beyond getting the package out as well as dedicated follow-up. I will be ordering another roof rack for another vehicle. Even the return process was seamless thanks to Shelia. I ordered a tow hitch wiring harness a few months ago and received the same great service. Will continue to do business with etrailer. 599097

- Y00101
by: Eric Petersen06/27/2015
1993 Volvo 240

Great product. Installed on my 93 Volvo 240 Wagon with ease. Delivery was super fast too. 207751


Still rocks by doing just as it should

Eric P - 06/26/2016


- Y00101
by: steve Z06/16/2012
1994 BMW 5 Series

roof racks showed up in great condition, and showed up as one package.... I should have ordered the J racks from here but I found them cheaper locally so Thule J racks compliment the whole setup and i am just about ready to hit the water :) 44422

- Y00409
by: Pat G08/29/2013

Great first experience dealing with you guys! Shipped fast, and was a faster install. You gave me the right parts and it went together in a flash. Will definitely be doing business with you all again. 97525

- Y00409
by: Paul D.08/19/2012

A great company to do business with, and lots of merchandise in stock. I orderd a roof rack for my truck on Tuesday morning and it was on the porch when I returned from work on Thursday. I will deffinitely order more from etrailer.com 52267

- Y00409
by: Lawrence B08/17/2017
Toyota Prius

I ordered a Yakima Roof Rack for my Toyota Prius from eTrailer.com. Part of the reason for purchasing from eTrailer.com was the promise that the racks were made specifically for the car and would not dent the roof. I received the rack on July 31, and installed the racks on my Prius according to instructions included with the racks. Our tandem kayak is 65 lbs . The towers were placed on the outer most part of the roof as indicated by the instructions. Yakima saddles were attached to the crossbars to hold the kayak. Nothing was close or touching the top of the roof. We transported the kayak to a nearby lake, 6 miles, and back. The next day we removed the racks from the roof and noticed 4 dents on the top of the roof. It was obvious that transporting the kayak on the rack caused the dents. We had to pay $100 to have the dents removed from the Prius roof. I cannot continue to use this rack that puts dents in the car's roof. I was extremely disappointed in the racks. In reading the Toyota manual and contacting them by phone, there is no mention of using or not using roof racks. I was shocked to learn from Rachel at eTrailer.com that your company takes absolutely no responsibility for this Yakima product they sell. The best they can do is to pass the buck and refer us to Yakima. Very disappointed, and out a lot of money for a product that damages your car. Will not recommend or buy here again. eTrailer.com does not even deserve one star in this review. 426066

- Y00409
by: John K08/17/2012
Honda Element

Free delivery that showed up in 3 days!!! Can't beat it. The crossbars with the Control Towers and LandingPad 9 fit perfectly on my Honda Element. Had them installed in about 30 mins. Don't have my cargo box yet and wanted to test strength, so I had my 110lb wife standing on them with no issues (yes, the car was parked). Plan to take a long camping trip next week with a cargo box on top...wife will be in the vehicle:-) 52048


Do you have a video to see how it looks while you install that rail track roof device.

-- comment by: Teodoro G - 08/25/2013


We have quite a few videos of Yakima roof rack installations. Is there a vehicle in particular you are looking for?

-- Patrick B - 8/26/2013

- Y00409
by: Gary08/11/2019

I just finished installing the Yakima Roof rack - easy to follow instruction and great support via etrailer web site ! I did have one small issue with a missing piece BUT the tech/support staff at etrailer.com took care of the problem immediately and were very helpful - the missing piece arrived in about 2 days ! Super job to your great customer service ! Thank you ! 688569

- Y00409
by: Joshua06/21/2019

website was extremely user friendly and customer service was even friendlier. Carol went out of her way to help me size my roof rack and make sure the specs were correct before shipping. Shipping was also very timely. 662191

- Y00101
by: Outrider04/14/2019
2015 Ram 1500

As usual, excellent Yakima quality. But PRICEY. 628444

- Y00409
by: John04/13/2019

Typical Yakima cross bars. Coating is a little too easy to cut or gouge, but probably needs to be that way to get the grip it provides. Good enough solution for me, and allows me to continue to use all the attachments I've accumulated over the years that require a round bar 628039

- Y00409
by: Brendan03/01/2019

Item was shipped and delivered promptly. As described. 609303

- Y00409
by: Carlos M.12/26/2018
2016 Ford F-150

Bought the Yakima 58" round cross bars to use on a Leer Camper shell on my 2016 F150. The bars are a perfect width for my shell and work great with my existing Control towers. Great quality as to be expected with Yakima. 593278

- Y00101
by: Fran11/17/2018

Have owned this set of rack towers on the past 3 pickup trucks I've owned..!! Work very well...!!! I am a contractor and occasionally load them up pretty heavily....! 583486

- Y00409
by: Lynn10/28/2018

just right 578480

- Y00409
by: Pat10/19/2018
Dodge Grand Caravan

Great buy for a great price. Really helped out from being in a bind. Easy to install and worked all the way from wyoming to wahington state in my dodge grand caravan. 575886

- Y00409
by: J.L.Bills10/11/2018
2002 Toyota Tundra

Assembly was easy fit my 02 tundra very well 573500

- Y00409
by: Clinton09/09/2018
2007 Dodge Ram Pickup

nice bars 563246

- Y00409
by: Eric07/16/2018

Easy install and they work great. 542294

- Y00409
by: Chad07/07/2018

We went from George Iowa to Yellowstone and had no problems so far with the product seems to withstand Interstate driving and high winds 539601

- Y00409
by: Gerald07/02/2018
Ford F-250 Super Duty

This was my second large order from Etrailer.com and my wife I are VERY pleased! Our first order was a Curt 5th wheel hitch which performed as advertised - so easy to use. Now we haul our 5th wheel camper and that takes up my entire full sized F250 truck bed which in turn messed up hauling the kayaks back there. I was leaning toward rigging something up on the back of the camper, saw lots of posts on how to many looked very sketchy. Rather than risk dumping our two $$$ fishing kayaks onto the highway.... somewhere..... we bought this GREAT Yakima roof rack system for the TOP of my truck cab. You see, it made me uneasy that I wouldn't be able to keep an eye on our boats if strapped to the back AND we read about many horror stories not limited to the rear bumper falling off from fatigue. Yakima Install; I'm a General Contractor and fancy myself a pretty handy guy so mounting the towers, the rack bars, and all of the accessories onto those took a total three hours. [on-line] videos very useful and follow the easy to read instructions that come with each part and you'll have NO trouble. I have to add, etrailer said it would take one week but I received the complete order within four days. Thank you etrailer for making the ordering through delivery experience so very streamlined! 529287

- Y00409
by: Alan06/17/2018
Chevrolet Malibu

I bought several 'universal' roof racks for my Malibu Maxx. None of them worked like they said they would; big waste of money. This Yakima roof rack is very expensive, but at least it actually fits onto my car, like I wanted! 523326

- Y00409
by: John04/28/2018

Fast, efficient and received everything needed in one location. Well Done! 501638

- Y00409
by: James04/24/2018
2008 GMC Yukon

Bars work perfect, but make a bit of noise without the use of the fairing. 500215

- Y00409
by: Luis03/04/2018
Ford Ranger

Bars are scratch free and look good. Perfect size for a Ford Ranger with a flare side bed. 480996

- Y00409
by: Zachary12/23/2017
2007 Honda Civic

Bars are great. etrailer had a great price. Shipping was free and efficient. 462298


Still on my car going strong. I use them to haul my kayak and rods.

Zachary - 12/23/2018


- Y00409
by: George10/31/2017
2013 Ford Escape

Purchased the bars, clips & end caps for installation on my 2013 Ford Escape - shipping was very prompt and all items items were easily installed thanks to the helpful videos. Will definitely return to etrailer for any additional parts I need in the future 447624

- Y00409
by: Daniel L09/09/2017
2013 Honda CR-V

I bought these bars to replace originals purchased years ago for old Q towers. I needed wider bars for a new car. I was not sure whether the bar found online would fit my car so I called customer service and they assured me these would fit. They were right. I had earlier purchased from etrailer.com new Q clips for this car. I had a great deal of difficulty determining which clips were right for this car. The age of the Q towers and this particular clip made it difficult to find clips at all but etrailer.com had them. Prices here are also very competitive. 430472

- Y00409
by: David K.07/23/2017

The roof mounts were fairly easy to install with the help of the well written installation instructions. I am looking forward to using my new Yakima roof rack for hauling my ladders or a rooftop clamshell cargo bin that I have. 413168

- Y00409
by: Erin S.06/16/2017

I love my new rack system, it looks good, works great and is super solid. Instructions were super easy to read and only took about 30 min to install. Definitely worth the money. Extremely satisfied. 397048

- Y00409
by: David P.06/14/2017

Part of the roof rack. Functions as expected without problems. 392986

- Y00409
by: Louis L04/27/2017

Works great 373388

- Y00409
by: Wayne L02/22/2017
2014 Toyota Land Cruiser

Very nice solid rack ! Highly recommend. 347201

- Y00409
by: chad b12/31/2016

great 329097

- Y00409
by: Dick T11/30/2016

Great fit, very nice installation. Understanding the spot to start your mesurments from was not that easy. But looks great. 321638

- Y00409
by: Half09/17/2016

Awesome product. But better yet, thanks for shipping so fast. 295886

- Y00409
by: Mike S.09/03/2016
2009 Nissan Cube

Yakima roof rack on a 2009 Nissan Cube. It was very easy to assemble and install. Although I haven't carried anything on it as of yet I'm pleased with the fit. It makes a little wind noise but not terrible. Can't wait to try it out with my kayak mounted on it. 290862

- Y00409
by: Scott09/01/2016
Kia Forte

Got the Yakima roof rack system for my KIA forte koup. Got it installed in about an hour, no help needed. The back bar didn't quite hold on as good as I thought it would. Good thing I had the q stretch kit! The stretch kit used the clips from the towers and easily clipped to a more secure spot on the car. Time for the endless surfing trips and transporting my bike to school! 290450

- Y00409
by: Rick L.08/05/2016
2008 Toyota Highlander

Just received the CrossBars and they fit perfectly. I was disappointed that they didn't come with end caps, but after checking, I found them on the etrailer.com site. I would highly recommend these bars, but don't forget to order the caps! 280096

- Y00409
by: Eric O.07/28/2016

Holding up great after a year! 277040

- Y00409
by: Victoria07/13/2016
2009 Volkswagen Jetta

These bars made my car look awesome and was really easy to instal 271649

- Y00101
by: Marc L07/11/2016

I'm loving the Yakima rack! 270666

- Y00409
by: brandon07/10/2015

Solid product from Yakima with the friendly staff of etrailer. extra length for more toys 210741

- Y00409
by: Gwyn04/22/2015

Yakima roof rack was very easy to install and looks great! etrailer.com was fast, efficient and very helpful! 187355

- Y00409
by: Tom B07/04/2014

Metal is too soft. The u-bolts from the cargo carrier cut into the rods 139209

- Y00101
by: Jay F.12/21/2013

Did an excellent job guys. The Yakima towers arrived on time and in good shape. Mounted right up to the canopy clips, installed the existing bars, kayak racks, and lock cores without any issues. All is ship-shape now. Will definitely come back to you guys again. Thanks! 110825

- Y00409
by: Kyle Z07/31/2013
2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have included a picture of my 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse, with the Yakima Q System and Even-Keel Kayak saddles. I also used a stretch Kit, which I picked up locally due to time constraints. I'll be sure to keep you guys in mind when I am ready to get additional parts for the system. 92525

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Ask the Experts about this Roof Rack
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for 2019 Dodge Caravan
  • I recommend the Yakima Q Tower Round Bar roof rack for your 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan because it offers a combination of functionality and durability. The rack consists of Yakima Crossbars # Y00409, Yakima Q Towers # Y00124 and TWO of the Yakima Q Clips # Y00657. These 58 inch Yakima crossbars are constructed from a strong galvanized steel so you can be confident the bars will last and measure 1-1/8" diameter to fit any variety of accessories such as the Yakima SkyBox 12 # Y07334 cargo
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  • Will Yakima Roof Rack Fit Thule Roof Rack Top Channels
  • The landing pad you would need is part # Y00221 which will fit Thule roof rack channels. For towers you need two of the part # Y00152 and a round bar adapter part # Y03536. For 58 inch crossbars you would want part # Y00409.
    view full answer...

  • What Are The Roof Racks That Come With The Nucamp Boondock Tab 320s Travel Trailer Called?
  • I reached out to my contacts at Yakima and they advised that the roof racks that come with the 2018 Nucamp Boondock tab 320s travel trailer are Round Cross Bars for Yakima Roof Rack System # Y00409. The Nucamp Boondock trailer model has 58" bars, but they are also available in 48", 66", 78" and 86" long. To attach the Round cross bars you will need the RoundBar SL Adapter for Yakima BaseLine, SkyLine, TimberLine, and RidgeLine Towers Qty 4 # Y03536. You will also need the Landing Pad 1
    view full answer...

  • Roof & Roof Rack Requirements for Installing Yakima Skyrise Roof Tent Y07406
  • Thank you for the photo of your NuCamp [email protected] 320 Boondock trailer that appears to be fitted with a Yakima track-type roof rack on its rear surface. If this is how your trailer is set up you are all ready to mount the tent for transport. The Yakima SkyRise HD Tent # Y07437 does indeed weigh 115-lbs as you stated. The SkyRise fits on all crossbar shapes, including the round bars like # Y00409 used by Yakima, the square bars used by Thule as well as elliptical and aero-style bars. The
    view full answer...

  • Roof Rack Recommendation for 2008 Honda Odyssey with Naked Roof
  • We have the Yakima roof rack that consists of part numbers # Y00409, # Y00124, and # Y00733 which is a confirmed fit for your 2008 Honda Odyssey which would be a great option.
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  • Recommended Yakima Foot Pack To Fit Factory Rails And Crossbars
  • The Yakima Q Rack is a fit for 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan's without factory rails. You can use the Round 58" CrossBars for Yakima Roof Rack System (QTY 2), # Y00409, but to use those bars, I recommend using the TimberLine Towers for Yakima Crossbars - Raised, Factory Side Rails - Qty 4, # Y00147. For that application you will also want the RoundBar SL Adapter for Yakima BaseLine, SkyLine, TimberLine, and RidgeLine Towers - Qty 4, # Y03536. For added security, I recommend the Yakima Same
    view full answer...

  • Yakima Roof Rack for a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with Panoramic Sunroof and Flush Side Rails
  • First, regarding the Saris Cycle-On Pro, that particular bike carrier has been discontinued. The only place it is mentioned on the Saris site even is in the archives of the manuals section. There are many other similar carriers though and I have included a link to them for you. The Yakima RailGrab towers do actually fit the flush rails on your 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Since you already have RailGrab towers you will only need the pin adapter, # Y8880201. The 2015 Santa Fe requires
    view full answer...

  • Yakima Q Tower Kit for a 2012 Toyota Tundra Crewmax
  • For your 2012 Toyota Tundra Crewmax to equip your Q Towers, you'll need two of the Q99 pack, part # Y00699. Be sure to order two of these, as each individual unit only includes one pair of foot packs. Your round bar will need to be at least 58 inches long in order to properly fit your Crewmax cab. The bars are available as part # Y00409 if yours aren't long enough. If you need replacement towers, two packs are available as part # Y00135
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  • Roof Rack For Kia Sorento With Panoramic Sunroof & Factory Installed Side Rails
  • If your 2014 Kia Sorento has the SX Limited trim package with Vista Roof with a factory roof rack the Round 58" CrossBars for Yakima Roof Rack System # Y00409 will work perfect for you. This roof rack requires Yakima Q Towers Roof Rack Feet for Naked Roof # Y00124 and Q99 Q Clips for Yakima Q Towers (QTY 2) Qty 2 # Y00699 to safely mount the rack above you panoramic roof. The sunroof should not be opened while the rack is installed. Remove rack when not in use If your Sorento has
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Roof Rack With Locks And Fairing For 2016 Hyundai Veloster.
  • For your 2016 Hyundai Veloster, the Roof Rack by Yakima features the Round 58" CrossBars # Y00409, The Q towers # Y00124, the Q99 clips # Y00699, and the Q116 clips # Y00716. The Q towers are lockable using the Yakima Same Key System (SKS) Lock Cores (QTY 4) # Y07204. For a fairing, I recommend the Yakima WindShield Fairing for Roof Racks - 52" Long # Y05019 or the Yakima WindShield Fairing for Roof Racks - 46" Long # Y05018.
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for Roof Rack 2014 Honda Odyssey with Naked Roof
  • A 2014 Honda Odyssey with a naked roof is a rarity. The vast majority of those vans came with factory installed rails. Although there isn't a custom fit rack available, we can still get a roof rack on your Odyssey. I recommend going with the Yakima 54 Inch Tracks, # Y01127, or the 60 Inch Tracks, # Y01135 for your Odyssey. You will want to measure the roof of your Odyssey to see which size will work best for you. This track permanently mounts to your vehicle with PlusNut hardware. There
    view full answer...

  • Can Yakima Roof Rack Crossbars be Trimmed Shorter on a 2015 Ford Fusion
  • The 48 inch long Yakima crossbars would be just slightly too short to fit properly on a 2015 Ford Fusion. But what you can do is use the 58 inch bars, # Y00409, and shorten them using a saw with a blade that can cut steel. What I would do is go ahead and install the roof rack and then mark the bars where I would cut them. You will need some of the bar sticking out each end to fit the end caps on. The cuts will need to be straight otherwise the end caps will not fit and water could
    view full answer...

  • Yakima Roof Rack With 58 Inch Crossbars For 2010 Acura MDX
  • For your 2010 Acura MDX, there is a Thule 58 inch cross-bar option. If you have the factory installed tracks, you can use the Round 58" CrossBars # Y00409, SkyLine Towers # Y00148 RoundBar SL Adapter # Y03536 and Landing Pad 9 for Yakima Control Towers # Y00229. If you have a naked roof (no existing rails) there is a Yakima Roof Rack with 58 Inch bars # Y00409, BaseLine Towers # Y00146, Fit Kit # Y06150 and # Y06151 Either roof rack will give you a very nice and clean roof rack
    view full answer...

  • Roof Rack Spacing On Roof Of 2006 Dodge Caravan With Sliding Doors
  • When installing the Yakima roof rack on your 2006 Dodge Caravan with the sliding doors, the crossbars are placed 30 inches apart center-to-center. This will typically give you enough spacing to accommodate a lot of different accessories on the rack. Due to the design of the roof of your Caravan, the foot pack clips are placed 24 inches from the seam at the top of the windshield. To order this roof rack you will need part # Y00408, part # Y00657, and part # Y00124. I have attached
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  • Why Do Aftermarket Roof Racks for a 2015 Dodge Durango Have Bars that are More Forward than Factory
  • The aftermarket roof racks for the 2015 Dodge Durango with a naked roof do have the crossbars somewhat forward on the roof of the vehicle. This is because the bars attach to the door frames and the rear doors of the vehicle are right around the middle of the vehicle. I attached a picture of a Yakima rack installed on a Durango to show you. With that being said, an aftermarket rack would still work great to carry a cargo box or paddleboard. Having the boards or the box loaded somewhat
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  • Will Roof Rack on 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Void the Warranty?
  • Aftermarket products such as a roof rack will not void the warranty for your 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan as you are protected by what is called the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, which says if something breaks on your vehicle and you take it in for warranty repair, the dealer must honor your warranty unless whatever modifications you have added to your vehicle actually caused the problem in question. As for a roof rack for your '17 Grand Caravan I recommend the Yakima Roof Rack, which
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for 2013 Wrangler 2 Door with Hard Top
  • The easiest solution would be to assemble a roof rack using the following parts from Yakima: 58 Inch Long Round Crossbars, part # Y00409 Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers, part # Y00101 Once the crossbars are in place, the Thule Flat Top Ski and Snowboard Carrier you already have will attach directly to the crossbars. When used on a Wrangler Hard Top, the drip rails that the roof rack towers attach to have a limited carrying capacity. Yakima recommends carrying skis or snowboards only,
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  • Compatibility of Yakima Q Tower Roof Rack and Factory Sunroof on 2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx
  • For your 2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx, the Yakima Q tower roof rack consisting of Round 58" CrossBars # Y00409, Q Towers Roof Rack Feet # Y00124, and Q Clips (x2) # Y00702 are confirmed to fit with your factory sunroof. Although the system itself will work without issue, some accessories that can be mounted to the bars will possibly interfere with the sun roof so you will want to check compatibility of accessories once you have the correct measurement for your fit to avoid interference. You
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  • Can a Roof Rack be Installed on a 2015 Hyundai Tucson with a Panoramic Sun Roof
  • It depends on which system you're referring to. I basically comes down to how the roof rack installs and what the manufacturer of the roof rack recommendations are. For example, the Thule roof rack that that fits the 2015 Hyundai Tucson is not recommended to be installed on the vehicle at all if it has a panoramic sunroof. However, the Yakima that's for the Tucson that has a naked roof consisting of the Round CrossBars # Y00409, Q Towers # Y00124, and Q Clips # Y00699 and # Y00716
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  • Why Aren't Rubber Boots Included for the Outside Raingutters with Yakima Raingutter Towers
  • I assume you are talking about the hook part of the gutter feet. A rubber boot would cause fit issues with the Yakima Raingutter towers # Y00101. Rubber or plastic can flex and move which could lead to the clamp part of the tower to come off. The hooks are coated so as to avoid metal on metal contact. If you want you could place protective clear film, # 853-5481, in the desired locations. This is a set of 4 film sections so that works out well since there are 4 towers. But you may need
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  • Can Yakima Raingutter Roof Rack Work With 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • The Yakima roof rack that uses the 1A Raingutter Towers is confirmed as a fit for your 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. There is no drilling required for installation. The weight capacity of this roof rack is 100 lbs. To order this roof rack you will need part # Y00409, and part # Y00101. The Thule Roof Rack does not require drilling for installation either. This roof rack features steel square crossbars and has a weight capacity of 165 lbs. To order this roof rack you will need part
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  • Alternating Sides When Installing Yakima Raingutter Towers On 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon
  • One problem that many folks have when installing a roof rack is that they will work on one side of the vehicle to tighten it down and then move to the other side only to find that they cannot get it to tighten up as they need. When installing the roof rack it is recommended to tighten each side evenly which means you will need to tighten one side a little and then move to the other side and tighten that side the same amount, alternating until the roof rack is secure, much like tightening
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  • Parts Needed to Install 3-Crossbar Yakima Roof Rack on 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Yes, you can use 2 of Yakima Replacement 1A Raingutter Tower # Y8810137 to add a third round crossbar # Y8810025 to the roof of your 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser. You will want to order the following items and quantities to get your 3-bar rack system. # Y00410 = 1 # Y00101 = 1 # Y8810137 = 2 # Y8810025 = 1 # Y8810136 = 1 These items will give you a total of three bars and six towers.
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  • Artificial Rain Gutter Recommendation for a Trailer to Allow a Yakima Rain Gutter Roof Rack to Fit
  • Since you have Yakima Rain Gutters towers like part # Y00101 all you would need is their set of artificial rain gutters part # Y08001 to install the roof rack you have on your trailer. We do not offer a way to attach your Yakima components directly to a square bar setup that you may have.
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  • Yakima Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2011 Jeep Wrangler
  • The difference between the two mounting brackets is that the # Y08001 moves the attachment point for the Raingutter tower part # Y00101 out further to clear a roof that is tall or has steep or square sides. The # Y08002 is the regular one used for roofs that are shorter and have less steep sides. It really depends on the profile of your roof and how high/low you want to install the gutter tower. If you are installing the rack high on the roof you would want the # Y08002. If you
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  • Recommended Spacing Between Yakima Rain Gutter Towers on 1998 Jeep Cherokee
  • When mounting rain gutter towers, # Y00101, there is no specific distance apart they must be placed. What you will want to look at is where you can mount them (the strongest points on the roof would be ideal) and how far apart you need them to mount various items like bike racks, canoes, kayaks, cargo boxes, baskets or any other accessory. Just remember that if you place the bars too far back then items on the roof may hang over the back end too much. Same for the front. In addition
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  • Yakima Roof Rack and Kayak Carrier Recommendation for a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Hardtop
  • Yes you can. I checked with Yakima and the Yakima Raingutter 1A Towers part # Y00101 are confirmed to fit the factory hardtop of your 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The recommended crossbars would be the part # Y00409. Yakima says this rack setup has a weight capacity of 100 lbs. You will need to consult your owners manual to determine what Jeep says is your roof capacity and be sure to go with the lower of the two as the overall capacity. For a carrier that can carry up to 2 kayaks
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  • Non-Roof Rack Towers for a 2016 Jeep Wrangler
  • For your possible application, I recommend a set of Yakima A1 Raingutters, part # Y00101. These are a confirmed fit for your 2016 Jeep Wrangler, and have individual loops on the top that can be tightened to fit your application. Unfortunately, these only come in a four pack, but depending on what you plan on using them for, this can be useful as additional contact points. I recommend a kit of SKS locks, part # Y07204, as these use a simple screw-on assembly and the locks will secure
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  • Recommendation on a Roof Rack and a Kayak Carrier to Fit a 2016 Ford F-150 Super Cab
  • I have a solution for a roof rack and kayak carrier for your 2016 Ford F-150 Super Cab. I recommend the Yakima JetStream Roof Rack System, # Y00429 JetStream Crossbars, # Y00146 BaseLine Towers, and # Y06122 BaseClip Fit Kit. The JetStream bars are an aerodynamic aero design that will cut down on wind drag and noise when in transit. The crossbars are constructed of lightweight and sturdy aluminum and full length design allows for maximum space for carrying roof mounted accessories. For
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  • Yakima Roof Rack Parts Needed for a 1999 Ford Econoline Van
  • The components needed to install a Yakima roof rack on your 1999 Ford Van that has rain gutters are the part # Y00410 for the crossbars and then the part # Y00101 for the raingutter towers. Feel free to send me pictures of your van if you like and I will check them out if you like.
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  • Roof Rack System for 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with Factory Hardtop
  • According to Yakima, the drip rails on that factory hard top are not structural. When used in this installation, the crossbars are intended for use with skis or snowboards only. The maximum allowable load would be 6 skis or 4 snowboards. When used within this limited scope, the drip rail mounts will not damage the rain gutter or drip rail. If used for any other purpose, they would most likely be damaged. If you decide to install the Y00101 Raingutter Towers and 58 inch load bars, keep
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  • Kayak Rack and Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • Yakima also offers a roof rack solution. Crossbars can be installed using the Yakima 58 inch crossbars, part # Y00409 and Rain Gutter Towers, part # Y00101. However, this rack can only be used when the soft top is removed. With the soft top on there are no solutions we can provide. I would recommend the Yakima BigStack 2 Kayak Carrier, part # Y04041 for use with this rack.
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  • Which Roof Racks Will Fit a 2004 Ford E-150 Van
  • We do have roof rack options for a 2004 Ford Van. I have included a link to the available options for you to view. The most popular and most economic option is the Yakima system. For it you will need the following parts: Crossbars, # Y00410 Yakima Raingutter Towers, # Y00101 I have included a link to the installation details for the Raingutter Towers for you. If this is a work van and you need a ladder rack option, we have those as well. I have included another link to them for you.
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  • Rain Gutter Roof Rack Availability for a 1959 Rover P4
  • The Yakima Tower Kit we have for Rain Gutters is part # Y00101. This has never been tested on your 1959 Rover P4 but it is designed to fit rain gutters like what you have. You would need two crossbars part # Y8810023 as well. The height of the gutter feet is 7-1/4 inches. I looked at pictures of the roof of your vehicle and it has a pretty rounded roof. If you needed a taller setup you would also need the spacer to increase the height part # Y01101 which will ad 3-1/2 inches.
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  • What Prevents the Knobs on the Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers From Coming Loose
  • Essentially, the tension that the towers # Y00101 are under are what prevents them from loosening. To prevent the knob from turning you can install lock cores, # Y07204. When locked the knob the system cannot be loosened.
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  • Roof Rack for a 2000 Jeep Wrangler with Aftermarket Hard Top
  • In order to install a roof rack on the aftermarket hard top on your 2000 Jeep Wrangler you will have to do some drilling. You would need to use the Yakima side loader brackets # Y08002, to create artificial raingutters. Then you will need Raingutter Towers, # Y00101, and CrossBars # Y00409. At this time there are no non-drilling options for the 2000 Jeep Wrangler with an aftermarket hard top that does not have raingutters.
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  • Will Yakima Round 48 Inch Crossbars # Y00408 Fit My 1997 Toyota Corolla
  • Yes, the Yakima Round 48 Inch Crossbars, part # Y00408, will fit your 1997 Toyota Corolla. To mount the # Y00408 Crossbars, you will need to use Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers, part # Y00101. You will want to check the roof load carrying capacity of your Corolla as stated in the vehicle owners manual as you will not want to exceed it. I have linked an FAQ roof racks that you may find as a good reference. Also linked are all the roof racks we have available for the 1997 Toyota Corolla.
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