2013 Honda Pilot Roof Rack by Rhino Rack

Roof Rack Includes:

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 54" Long - Qty 2
Rhino-Rack SX Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Raised Factory Side Rails - Qty 4

Part Numbers: RRVA137B-2,RRSX100


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RRVA137B-2 - Locks Included Rhino Rack Crossbars
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Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 54" Long - Qty 2
part number: RRVA137B-2

Aerodynamic, aluminum crossbars let you build an aftermarket roof rack for your vehicle. Full-length bars provide plenty of space for carriers and accessories. Vortex strips in C-channels reduce wind noise. Theft-deterring plastic locks included.


  • Sleek, low-profile crossbars let you build an aftermarket roof rack for your vehicle
    • Rhino-Rack legs and custom fit kit create a complete roof rack
  • Slim, elliptical crossbar shape helps to create an extremely aerodynamic system
  • Full-length bars extend past roof rack legs to maximize space for carriers and accessories
  • Top channel in each bar lets you add channel-mounted carriers and accessories
    • Clamp-on accessories mount conveniently around bars
  • Rubberized Vortex strips in top channels dramatically reduce drag and wind noise
    • Keep dirt and grime out of crossbars
    • Provide cushioning and slip resistance for your cargo
  • Bottom channels allow easy installation to Rhino-Rack roof rack legs
    • Rulers in channels help to center crossbar on your roof
  • Lightweight, structural-grade anodized aluminum bars are rustproof
    • Internal H-shaped extrusion provides exceptional bar strength
  • Plastic lock cores with universal keys deter theft of channel-mounted accessories
    • Can be upgraded to all-metal locks (RRVA-LEC4 - sold separately) for added security
  • Matte black finish


  • Quantity: 2 crossbars
  • Weight capacity: 165 lbs
  • Dimensions: 54" long x 3-1/8" wide x 1-3/16" tall
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbar

These low-profile, aerodynamic Vortex Aero crossbars let you build a stylish aftermarket roof rack from scratch. The crossbars require 4 Rhino-Rack legs (manufactured in 2014 or later) and a custom fit kit to mount it to your roof. Each bar extends past the roof rack legs to maximize the space for mounting carriers and accessories. Rubberized Vortex strips in each crossbar's top channel disrupt airflow for a quiet ride, and the bars are constructed of aluminum so they won't rust. The crossbars also include Secure Core endcaps with plastic locks to help deter theft of channel-mounted accessories.

Aerodynamic Design

Vortex Aero noise-reducing top channel strips

The rubberized Vortex strips in the top channel of each crossbar disrupt airflow with evenly spaced, wave-shaped grooves. This carefully controlled turbulence minimizes wind noise and whistling, so you won't need to add a fairing to your roof rack. And the slim, elliptical Vortex Aero crossbars cut through the air with minimal drag - even at highway speeds.

Strong, Durable Construction

Vortex Aero crossbar H-shaped extrusion

The Vortex Aero crossbars are made of structural-grade anodized aluminum with H-shaped internal extrusions. These extrusions strengthen the bars without adding a significant amount of weight. And the aluminum bars won't rust so you can leave them on your roof year-round.

No-Hassle Installation

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero bottom channel ruler

Each crossbar has a channel in the bottom for mounting to Rhino-Rack roof rack legs (sold separately). Each end of the channel includes a rubber ruler to help you center the bar on your roof. Simply use the numbers and hash marks on the rulers to ensure the legs are spaced properly in the channel.

Channel-Mounted and Clamp-On Accessories

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbar top-channel strips

Each Vortex Aero crossbar has a built-in C-channel so you can carry channel-mounted accessories such as bike racks, watersport carriers, and ski racks. The Vortex strips in the top channels come in 3 pieces, so they're easier to adjust than a single long, continuous strip. You can remove, trim, and re-insert the Vortex strips around the mounting hardware of your accessories to keep the crossbar channel capped and quiet. Replacement strips (sold separately) are also available if you remove your accessories or switch to clamp-on accessories.

You can also attach most clamp-on accessories to the bars, and the Vortex strips provide a shock-absorbing, no-slip cushion for any accessories that rest on them.

Built-In Security

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Secure Core locking endcaps

Each crossbar includes 2 Secure Core locking endcaps made of durable polypropylene. These endcaps lock with a universal tubular key. The polypropylene locks secure the endcaps to the crossbars and help to secure channel-mounted accessories to the crossbars. For maximum security, you can upgrade to endcaps with all-metal lock cores (RRVA-LEC4 - sold separately).

VA137B Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Aluminum Cross Bars - Black - 54" Long - Qty 2

Rhino-Rack SX Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Raised Factory Side Rails - Qty 4
part number: RRSX100

Durable nylon legs let you mount Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's factory elevated side rails. Custom-fit leg clamps tighten with included tool for easy installation on your rails. Pair with 2 crossbars to create a complete roof rack.


  • 4 Legs let you mount Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbars on your vehicle's factory raised side rails
    • Pair with 2 crossbars to create a complete roof rack
  • Easy installation - simply tighten leg clamps on rails with included tool
  • Rubber pads on clamps securely grip your side rails
  • UV-stabilized, glass-reinforced nylon is durable and weather resistant
  • Limited lifetime warranty

SX100 Rhino Rack SX Series Leg Kit for Vortex Aero Cross Bars - Elevated Rails - Qty 4

Replaces: Rhino-Rack RRSX001, RRSX005, RRSX012, RRSX015, RRSX016, RRSX017, and RRSX019

Video of Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 54" Long - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rhino Rack Roof Rack Review - 2018 Honda CR-V

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Honda CRV we're going to be test fitting the rhino rack vortex aero roof rack system. This is going to consist of part number RRVA137B-2. These are the vortex aero crossbars that you see here. These also come in silver as part number RRVA137S-2. We'll also be installing part number RRRLKVA. These are the 2500 series legs for the vortex aero crossbars, excuse me, for naked roofs.

And finally part number DK284, and this is the fit kit specifically for the Honda CRV.We already have our front bar installed. And the vortex aero roof rack system is great for carrying a wide variety of accessories on your roof while freeing up space inside your CRV. This can carry anything from bike racks, to cargo baskets, to cargo boxes, and it has plenty of space to install multiples of certain accessories too. They have an elliptical shape to them, and that coupled with the vortex aero strip at the top is going to help cut down the wind noise and drag while you drive. And we also have these end caps here that those plastic locks can be removed and changed to regular locks to secure it to your vehicle.We also can see that you can utilize T track accessories with this as well.

You would remove the vortex arrow strip, insert your accessory, and then cut the strip the length around it, and then you'd be good to go. Another thing to note is if you we're to purchase the lock for the end here, you could also secure your T track accessories in place as well. The end caps do come with locks already installed, so it's going to be secured to your roof once it's installed. And it simply just clamps around your existing doorframe, and that's how it sits in place. We have the front bar installed, and we have our rear bar partially assembled on our table over here.

So let's go ahead and show you how the rest of it goes together, and then place it on the rear.On this table you have everything that comes with the kit once you get it. We have the bar itself, 2500 series legs, the fit kit, and the strip and tightening tools, and locks necessary to install everything. We'll start first by taking our leg here, excuse me, and placing that on the other end. To make things a little bit easier, we'll flip our bar upside down, and we'll come to this side. This bracket here at the top is going to slide in to our channel at the bottom here like so.

And looking at the instructions, they'll give you the measurement of how far to come back here. Now normally you would utilize the strip that comes in with it, cut that to length, and then tighten everything down that way. But for demonstration purposes, We'll just go ahead and use our flat tape here, make it a little bit easier on us.And then we'll take our included tool, and we'll tighten down the screw in the center here. It's good. Next, we'll take our fit kit and start installing it, making sure that the arrow and the number corresponds properly with which foot you'll be installing like so. And then finally, we'll take our clamp here, and to install that you first must remove the bolt in the center here all the way. And reinstall it loosely right now. There we go. And then we'll take our end cap, put that in place. Take our included key here, and lock it down. Now we can open up our rear doors and start installing our bar into position.Make sure our car is unlocked. When we set this in place, we want to be as gentle as possible because we don't want to scratch up the roof. I hope not anyway. And then we'll get that straightened out on both sides. Our next step is we're going to measure from center to center on the bars and get the crossbar spread even on both sides as well. And again, you'll find this in your instructions. The proper measurement that is. With that done, then we can take our tightening tool, and we'll first push it up against our doorframe here, and just tighten it down to where it's snug up against that. And once you do that, we'll give it about five or six turns on each side until it's completely tightened down.And one of the neat things about this tool, you see that it has a curved end here. As you tighten it down that'll straighten out, and once it's straightened out you know it's torqued, or tightened, to its proper specification. Kind of a neat way so you don't over tighten or overdo it. Like that. Our final step, take our end caps here, lock those in, and then we're ready to load up our gear and hit the road. One thing I'd like to give you real quick before we're finished, is I'd like to give you a couple measurements focusing on the front bars from the center of the roof, to the bottom of the bar to be about three and a quarter inches. And from the center to the top, to be about four and a half inches. So that's more than enough space for your accessories that wrap around the bars where it won't come in contact with the roof or damage it.Also, that's plenty of space for you to still utilize your sun roof here. Both bars have a combined carrying capacity of 165 pounds, but you always want to double check with your vehicle's manual before you use those weights, and go by the smaller of the two measurements. And there you have it for the rhino rack vortex aero roof rack system on our 2018 Honda CRV.

Customer Reviews

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 54" Long - Qty 2 - RRVA137B-2

Rhino-Rack SX Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Raised Factory Side Rails - Qty 4 - RRSX100

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (572 Customer Reviews)

Aerodynamic, aluminum crossbars let you build an aftermarket roof rack for your vehicle. Full-length bars provide plenty of space for carriers and accessories. Vortex strips in C-channels reduce wind noise. Theft-deterring plastic locks included. Durable nylon legs let you mount Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's factory elevated side rails. Custom-fit leg clamps tighten with included tool for easy installation on your rails. Pair with 2 crossbars to create a complete roof rack.

- RRSX100
by: Kimberli S.07/16/2019

I spent a week reading reviews and forums to find the right one for my 2019 Jeep Cherokee that I just bought a few weeks ago. I just have to overthink everything but it paid off. I just received them this morning and installed them myself! First time for everything! It was really easy. The only part that was frustrating was the very first part... sliding the rubber pieces into the crossbars. They would not slide very well so I ended up using a bit of oil to make them slide better. Other than that, installation was easy and quick. I LOVE the looks of them. Very gorgeous!!! Thank you so much!! Very happy with the end result!! 671162

- RRSX100
by: Patricia05/03/2019

Product was exactly as described. Installation was easy. 637699

- RRSX100
by: Richard M07/24/2018

The Rhino Rack black aero crossbars looks look great on our 2014 Acura TSX. There were 2 components involved, the bars themselves and the mounting legs. There was evidently a holdup with the latter (the legs) becoming available, and etrailer kept me updated on the status via both telephone voice messages and emails. Really topnotch customer service. 545585

- RRSX100
by: Ray08/14/2018

The Rhino Rack locking end caps fit perfectly and give us the security we were looking for. Excellent product! 553487

- RRVA137B-2
by: Jarrod P.01/04/2017

eTrailer customer service was awesome! They helped me find the correct parts and get them to me in time. I was in a real predicament until I got on the phone with them! They have my loyalty! 329761

- RRVA137B-2
by: Robert07/30/2018
2016 Ford Escape

The Rhino Rack is very well made. I installed it my self on our 2016 Ford Escape, but had an assist from my wife to fine tune it at the end. There was no whistling or any other distracting wind noise on our 3,500 mile drive to visit family out West. A Sear's Cargo Box was easily mounted to the Rhino Rack and it remained centered and secured at western highway speed limits plus. The included locks on the roof mounts were the selling point for me. The Rhino Rack remained securely mounted to the roof with no additional adjustments or tightening being needed. Great Product. Donna P. @ etrailer was super with the order. 548034

- RRVA137B-2
by: Neil08/20/2018

I love my Rhino roof rack from Etrailer! On time delivery, great quality. Very happy with our purchase Neil S 556621

- RRVA137B-2
by: James08/24/2018

Excellent price and quick shipping. Excellent support for missing bar end cap. Rack was easy to put together and install and video was helpful. My only complaint is when trying to tie down kayak to cradle it is not easy to keep the loop over the top of the upright "U" shaped bar, it keeps siding down. We wrapped two pieces of foam around the bar to create a channel to hold the strap now it is easy. 557941

- RRVA137B-2
by: Gino T.11/30/2018

Excellent Product. Very satisfied with fitment and looks. Thanks to etrailer for being knowledgeable in their product line and great customer service. 586448

- RRSX100
by: Kate, OR02/09/2019

I am very pleased with the etrailer.com. Easy to navigate website and expedited shipping for no extra cost. I ordered and received my product in about a week, which is very reasonable for being across the country. The product arrived in tact and with no damage. Easy to put the rack bars on my jeep. I've included pictures of the completed result. We plan on buying the attachments that will mount our bikes and when we do we will be doing so from etrailer. 603778

- RRSX100
by: Michael08/26/2018

So far I'm liking these Rhino Racks. My first set of racks, so installation took some more time than it would otherwise. Not bad though. The longest part was popping all the rubber insert pieces into place (why did they give me so many 8" long pieces instead of just giving me one long piece, or better yet, having that already assembled!) I got the who system installed in about 40 min though and it's working great. At first, there was a whistling noise, then I realized there were more rubber inserts I needed to put in on the bottom of the rack bars, which fixed the problem. I like these. They look good. Haven't tested them yet with any heavy loads. 558522

- RRSX100
by: Marcin10/05/2018

Excellent products.Super fast shipping! 571790

- RRVA137B-2
by: Matthew12/15/2018
2017 Honda CR-V

Fairly easy to install onto my 2017 Honda CR-V. The crossbars feel very sturdy and are securely attached to the vehicle. Took me about 30 minutes to get it installed and could be done even quicker if you get help from another person. The bars themselves are a little fat so my Thule ski rack has a super tight fit. There is very minimal wind noise, so I'll probably be getting a fairing for that. The instructions felt a bit jumbled but with just the measurements alone, you can install it with a bit of common sense. 590932

- RRVA137B-2
by: Dan A07/22/2014
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

I would not recommend this product to anyone, in fact as soon as i get to my destination i will be returning this product. The issue is this, as soon as you go at or above 40 MPH, the rack whistles like a flute at different pitches! It is very, very loud and annoying. I have tried positioning the rack in different positions, removed parts, and covering certain holes, but it still whistles! Huge defect. Also, the wind caused by driving on the highway, caused one of the covers for the end of the rack to come off! 142542


I have the same issue. How do you stop it ?

-- comment by: mike - 07/29/2014


One way to alleviate wind noise is to use a fairing. Depending on the length of your cross bars you will need to choose the corresponding length faring. Rhino Rack offers the following fairing lengths: 32 inches long # RRRH1, 38 inches long # RRRF2, 44 inch long # RRRF3, and 50 inches long # RRRF4.

-- Rachael H - 7/29/2014


In my experience any whistling is caused by gaps in either the rubber on top of the crossbars or the underslot on the bottom of the crossbars, where you slid the legs in. All holes both top AND bottom must be totally plugged up, and all end-caps must be firmly on too.Ive reached out to Rhino directly for the parts to do this and theyve always helped me out without issue. You should try the same I bet they would help you too. Especially with the blown out end-cap they sent new ones to me straight up.

-- comment by: Jeff - 09/26/2014


I completely agree. I just installed mine today and theyre whistling at different tones depending on your speed. Loudest cross bars Ive had in my life =

-- comment by: Jesse A - 06/25/2015


You need to plug all channels both top and bottom to stop the flute like whistle sound. Use the 3 rubber strips to plug the top channel and the plastic ruler that helps you figure out your positioning can be cut and used to fill the underside gap on either side of the leg. This fixed the whistle completely for me.

-- comment by: Rob D - 01/25/2016


- RRVA137B-2
by: Matthew06/19/2018
2012 GMC Yukon XL

Extremely sturdy and well made. I also like the locking endcap design. Only thing I dodnt like is the rubber channel strip is 4 separate pieces instead of one long strip. Maybe they do that so you can remove a section for installing accessories, but id prefer to simply cut it where needed. 524226

- rrva137b-2
by: Michael J.04/10/2016
2013 Honda CR-V

I own a 2013 Honda CRV I purchased a couple months ago. It has a naked roof and no rack or side bars, and I wanted to be able to carry up to three kayaks. I didn't really want to buy and install the side bars, and then the cross bars also. I also needed the cross bars to be a little wider than the vehicle itself, as I own two Ocean Kayak Scupper Pros, and a Venus. This Rhino Rack package looked like a great option for my needs. Weight wise, the three boats come right to the limit. Other racks had lower weight limits, and wouldn't work. I had a couple issues with the initial package, but etrailer took care of the problem right away, and sent out what I needed. Installation was pretty smooth. I recommend reading and rereading the instructions, before you cut anything. The videos on the etrailer website or directly on YouTube are very helpful to see all the steps. I'd like to see more personalized instructions added in the future, just to to make everything even smoother. Make sure you identify your vehicle and the bar you received on the kit instructions before you start. These bars are so wonderful. The aero bars make no noise when driving and no whistling that I can tell. They don't seem to effect my gas mileage. I made sure the top rubber strips and bottom measurement strips were cut perfectly with no gaps, as this is important to prevent whistling. They look so stylish. I get complements on them, and people can't believe they are after market, and that I installed them myself. They really complement the vehicle. Once installed the first time, I can take them off or put then back on in about 12 minutes. I don't really plan to take them off though. I don't use car washes, and I like the look of them on my vehicle. I made sure to not overtighten them, and then tightened them a few times over the next week and with a couple kayaking trips. These babies are strong and I can't make them move when I test them. I still check them regularly to make sure they are secure, for safety purposes. I highly recommend this Rhino Rack package. They know how to make the perfect roof rack and you can tell the quality and thought that went into them. Look at my photos I have included. Thank you to etrailer for such great service. You made the whole process so pleasant and easy. 243603


It is working very well. I have had others ask me about it, as well as sharing info myself and referring them to you. Im still loving it. Will use even more this summer. Three kayaks Ive loaded max. Also building materials not at the same time. And it looks so stylish, I leave it on year round. Also, people are jealous of the non slip grip.Thanks for following up.

Michael J - 02/11/2018


Thanks for the follow up Michael. I see that you do have your sea kayaks secured to your roof rack with a rope system, but if you were interested I did want to let you know that we do have the Rhino Rack Bonnet Tie_down Strap # RRRBAS1
Rhino-Rack Bonnet Tie-Down Strap with Anchor - Qty 1
that you might be interested in. I have provided a link below for your reference.

-- Rachael H - 2/12/2018

- RRSX100
by: Matthew06/19/2018

These stanchions are very easy to install and have a nice low profile to them. Very happy I went with them. 524222

- RRVA137B-2
by: James09/23/2019

Excellent rack, very pleased! 713631

- RRVA137B-2
by: Justin09/20/2019
2016 Hyundai Santa Fe

Awesome roof rack! I got it to haul my kayak around. The rack is super solid and so easy to install. I was planning on taking it off when not using it but once I realized there is zero wind noise from it I am just going to leave it on, looks good on vehicle too! 711555

- RRVA137B-2
by: Chris08/29/2019
2018 Toyota Tacoma

Product looks great and was fairly easy to install. 696990

- RRSX100
by: Michael08/03/2019

They fit perfectly and as described, had no issues whatsoever. Whole rack system installed easily in an hour with all needed tools being supplied. They also work well with the kayak racks I had purchased prior to these. 680232

- RRSX100
by: Bryan08/01/2019

Great quality. Easy to install. Would definitely recommend this product. 679140

- RRVA137B-2
by: Greg07/24/2019

This was a perfect fit, excellent quality thanks Molly 674728

- RRVA137B-2
by: dean07/13/2019

would recommend. well constructed 669884

- RRVA137B-2
by: Glenn-jon07/09/2019

Works great! 668909

- RRVA137B-2
by: Rob W07/01/2019
Acura MDX

Got a MDX A-Spec and didn't want to put on the factory side rails and cross bars because it diminishes the sporty look. This rhino rack is a great solution for me because i can put these cross bars on for the top box and bike rack but can easily take it off to get back to the original sleek look. I'm happy with the product. Solid construction. I'm confident this will hold the load well without harming the car. I'm looking forward to using my original box top and my new bike racks. Also, thrilled that i can use this rack on my volvo too just by getting the volvo clamps. Great service from Michelle S. She answered all my questions and got me in the right products. Delivery was FAST. My only suggestion/improvement: the installation instructions. Had to read them a few time to 'get it'. It seemed overwhelming initially but the installation was pretty straight forward. 666049

- RRVA137B-2
by: Dar06/23/2019

assembled and installed on truck took about an hour. quick and easy. 662584

- RRSX100
by: Louis06/18/2019

The product was easy to install and seems to be sturdy. 659482

- RRSX100
by: Fayett06/17/2019

Easy install , looks good. 659082

- RRSX100
by: Fayett06/17/2019

Easy install ! 659079

- RRSX100
by: Chet Brewer06/07/2019

I’ve had the roof rack installed for about a year now. They have remained rock solid in their mount with no issues. The noise dampening on the leading edges work well. Certainly a good purchase 654832

- RRSX100
by: Gerald06/02/2019

Product arrived on time and was very easy to install. The feet fit the factory racks very well. They are very secure. I am very happy with them! 652040

- RRSX100
by: Rad05/23/2019

It was easy to install. The whistles are loud when I go around 30-50 mph eventhough i put the rubber and measuring strips up and down; fortunately, I still have the measuring strips left so i put it on the holes and the whistling was gone. Great product! 645220

- RRSX100
by: Richard05/22/2019

worked well 644642

- RRSX100
by: Jeff p05/20/2019

To be honest, haven't really used the locking feature. But they attached easily and they are still in great condition despite the harsh mountain west winter. No problems with rhino rack either - that gets used! 644093

- RRVA137B-2
by: Andrew05/11/2019

Carol, I bought this for my son for a College graduation gift, that he picked out. He got it pretty quickly in the mail and said it was fairly easy to put together. He's very Happy with the racks. Its to put his kayak on. 640928

- RRSX100
by: Michael05/07/2019

I gave this a 4 star not because the product was bad but because it did not work as I needed for my 2017 Equinox. I will be a carrying an 18' canoe and because of the molding on the factory roof rails and the way the foot mounts clamp to the rails, you lose about 6-7 inches on the front and about 4-5 inches on the back. The minimum distance required between centers was 27 7/16" and you can only get 23 with this set-up, so I had to return them and find cross bars the mount internally to the roof rails. If you were carrying something really short, it might be okay for you. 639423

- RRVA137B-2
by: Carl05/01/2019

Fast shipping 636182

- RRVA137B-2
by: Stephen04/15/2019

great service 628779

- RRSX100
by: Kevin02/21/2019

Terrible packaging. Everything was falling out of the box. 606996

- RRVA137B-2
by: Douglas02/11/2019
Land Rover Discovery II

These things are strong and quiet! I have them mounted on my Land Rover Discovery Sport using the SRB legs by Rhino Rack. I've had furniture, lumber, ladders, tools, canoe, and a roof rack piled up there at some point or another and I don't have to worry about them slipping at all!!!! I've done this so much that the rubber strips are showing some wear and have frayed a bit where they've pinched the aluminum, but it's still rock solid. That's my only grip. Hopefully the replacement strips are affordable when I replace them in a year or two. I'd buy another Rhino Rack product in a heartbeat. They look great on my car and are strong and quiet on the road. I feel I made the right choice. 604273

- RRSX100
by: Ian01/29/2019

Picked up the set for my mk7 gsw. Fit great, looks great, built great. I am using them for hauling a canoe, and with the addition of RR load holders for my votex bars i never had a problem. 601063

- RRVA137B-2
by: Patrick01/12/2019

Great roof rack and etrailer does it again! Fantastic service, unbeatable prices, and the absolute best guides for installing their products. Thanks to you all for making the roof rack decision easy. 597484

- RRVA137B-2
by: Lee12/21/2018
2019 Nissan Armada

Great product! 592548

- RRSX100
by: Lee12/21/2018

Great product, fits my 2019 Nissan Armada perfect! 592547

- RRVA137B-2
by: Brent11/21/2018

Arrived as expected great product, etrailer has great customer service. 584528

- RRVA137B-2
by: Duane e11/17/2018

Works very well. No worries about the weight being carried and very little wind noise. 583641

- RRSX100
by: Jake11/17/2018

Great product. Fits my subaru forester rails. 583640

- RRVA137B-2
by: Ihor10/28/2018
2017 Toyota Tacoma

Cool stuff and strong. I would recommend 578248

- RRVA137B-2
by: Robert10/25/2018
2018 Ford Explorer

Solid product. The bars themselves are well made, sturdy, and the added rubber strip on top of each helps to reduce slide. The installation wasn't terrible, but definitely plan to put some time into this in order to do it properly. Of special note, and while obnoxious, get the measurement and cuts spot on for the underside plastic/measuring pieces that go on either side of the mounting legs. I have had zero whistle with my installation and think that it may have to do with spending time, at least trying to get those pieces cut as close to the correct sizes as possible. I did seem to be missing the hex screws for the legs that allow easy removal, so I had to use the temp. bolts used when the rails/feet are not installed and one would use the cover plates. 577416

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  • For your 2019 Honda CR-V with a naked roof I recommend the Rhino Rack roof rack part numbers # RRVA137B-2, # RRRLKVA, and # DK284. This rack fits directly to the factory fixed mounting points on the roof of your vehicle and gives you a high quality roof rack at a better price than the more expensive rack brands. The bars are also aero shaped too which helps prevent wind noise.
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  • Recommended Roof Rack And Rooftop Cargo Carrier For 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe
  • For your 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe, you can get a factory roof rack and carry a rooftop cargo carrier without issue. The aftermarket roof racks can give you more diversity for other uses. If you go this route, I recommend the Rhino-Rack roof rack consisting of the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 54" Long - Qty 2 # RRVA137B-2 and the Rhino-Rack SRB Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Flush Factory Side Rails - Qty 4 # RRSX032. This system gives you aero crossbars that are
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for 2019 Dodge Durango
  • For your 2019 Dodge Durango I highly recommend the Rhino-Rack Vortex Roof Rack System. This roof rack consists of the two 54 inch Vortex Aero Aluminum Crossbars in Black # RRVA137B-2 or Silver # RRVA137S-2, the 2500 Series Legs # RRRLKVA, and the Custom DK Fit Kit # DK299. The reason I really like the Rhino-Rack systems is because they really match up well in quality to the higher-end brand systems but do it at a much friendlier level in terms of cost. These Vortex bars will provide
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  • Can a Roof Rack Be Installed on a 2015 Honda CR-V with Sunroof
  • You can certainly install a roof rack on your 2015 Honda CR-V however, it is not advised to open the sunroof due to both wind noise and the potential for interference. The correct roof rack for you would depend on the roof configuration of your vehicle. If you have a bare roof then I recommend the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbar System which is composed of the crossbars part # RRVA137B-2, mounting feet part # RRRLKVA, and fit kit part # DK284.
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for 2017 Kia Sedona
  • You can absolutely install an aftermarket roof rack on your 2017 Kia Sedona. In fact, an aftermarket roof rack is typically stronger and more durable than factory installed systems. As long as your vehicle's roof has flush mounted rails that run front to back, I recommend looking at the Rhino Rack Aero Bar Roof Rack. This system, which is confirmed to fit your Sedona, consists of parts # RRVA137B-2 and # RRSX023. This will provide an extremely quiet roof rack with two 54 inch, aerodynamic
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for 2019 Honda CR-V to Carry a Canoe
  • The roof rack I strongly recommend for your 2019 Honda CR-V is the Rhino-Rack Roof Rack because it gives your CR-V a rack that is highly functional with a refined look. The Rhino-Rack Roof Rack is made up of: - Crossbars # RRVA137B-2 (Black) OR # RRVA137S-2 (Silver) - Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs # RRRLKVA - Fit Kit # DK284. This roof rack uses aerodynamic bars that have rubber vortex strips in its top channels which greatly minimize the amount of wind noise and drag you might
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  • Ski Rack and Roof Rack Recommendation for 2016 Mazda CX-5 with Naked Roof
  • The most economical roof rack option we have for your 2016 Mazda CX-5 with a naked roof is the Rola roof rack part number # 59767 which is a confirmed fit and would work well to carry a ski rack. Then for a ski rack we have the Thule SnowPack # TH7326 which is a confirmed fit for these crossbars can hold up to 6 skis and is priced great.
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for 2018 Ford C-Max
  • For your 2017 Ford C-Max with a naked roof the roof rack I recommend is the Rhino Rack roof rack part numbers # RRVA137B-2, # RRRLKVA, and # DK357 because it installs easily, gives you aero shaped bars which minimizes wind noise, and would work great for the pop up tent application you mentioned. It also would be just fine to get through a car wash.
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  • Are Raised Side Rails Required for a Roof Rack on a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude
  • I have exactly what you will want to add a set of crossbars to your 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude and you will not need to purchase the raised side rails in order to do so. For this, I recommend using the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbar System which consists of part # RRVA137B-2, part # RRRLKVA, and part # DK234. The reason I recommend this system for you is because it has all of the features (aero crossbars, channel mounts) that the higher end options like Thule and Yakima have but
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  • Will Yakima J-Style Kayak Carrier Fit Rhino-Rack Vortex Crossbars on 2017 Ford C-Max
  • The Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Roof Rack System, which consists of # RRVA137B-2 for the two 54 Inch Vortex Crossbars, # RRRLKVA for the 2500 Series Legs, and # DK357 for the Custom DK Fit Kit, is confirmed to fit your 2017 Ford C-Max and is a great choice. With these bars installed, you can indeed use your existing Yakima J-Style Carrier like the JayLow # Y04073 or JayHook # Y04084. These are compatible with crossbars that are up to 3-1/2 inches wide. The Rhino-Rack Aero Crossbars measure
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
  • The roof rack that I recommend for your 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland is the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbar System part # RRVA137B-2, part # RRRLKVA, and part # DK234. The Vortex Aero Crossbar System is my favorite roof rack on the market because it has all of the same great basic features as top tier options such as Thule and Yakima like aero crossbars, integrated channels, custom molded door clips etc. but at a fraction of the price. There are also locks included for you whereas
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  • Roof Rack and Canoe Carrier Recommendation for 2016 Ram Promaster City
  • For your 2016 Ram ProMaster City with a naked roof we have the Rhino Rack roof rack part numbers # RRVA137B-2, # RRRLT600, # RRQMFK18, and # RRQMFK19 as the rack I recommend. Reason is this rack installs easily, gives you aero shaped bars which minimize wind noise and can easily have canoe carriers installed on it like the Thule Portage # TH819 which holds the canoes upside down.
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  • Recommended Roof Rack and Kayak Carriers for 2018 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab
  • For your 2018 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab, I recommend the Rhino-Rack roof rack consisting of: Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars -54" Long # RRVA137B-2 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs # RRRLKVA Custom DK Fit Kit # DK108 Locking Endcaps for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Metal Cores # RRVA-LEC4 Then I recommend the Rhino-Rack J-Style Kayak Carrier # S510 and # RRS512X for your two kayaks. Finally you may want to consider the Rhino-Rack Universal Load Assist # RR-RUSL to help you safely load
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  • Roof Rack and Assisted Kayak Carrier Recommendation for 2017 Ford Edge with Glass Roof
  • We have roof racks that are a confirmed fit for your 2017 Ford Edge that has the panoramic glass roof. The Rhino Rack part numbers # RRVA137B-2, # RRRLKVA, and # DK432 is a fit for if you have a totally naked roof without side rails. If instead you do have side rails you'd want the Rhino Rack part numbers # RRVA126B-2 and # RRSX024 and you'd be set. Then for a load assiste kayak carrier the Thule Hullavator part # TH898 is the best option. It allows you to easily load and carry a
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  • Carrying an 18-1/2 Foot Canoe and Tandem Bike on a 2018 Toyota Highlander with Factory Roof Rack
  • There are canoe carriers that work with the bar spread of 27-1/2 inches on your 2018 Toyota Highlander. The Swagman Exo Aero # S65145 requires a minimum of 24 inches of bar spread. But I understand what you are saying. The canoe is so long you will need extra support. If your Highlander has a 2 inch trailer hitch or if you added one such as # e98844 you could then use a load extender such as the Yakima LongArm # Y01149 or MaxxTow extender # MT70231. These will essentially add a third
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  • Roof Rack and Canoe Carrier Recommendation for 2016 Ram ProMaster City
  • I checked with Thule and they do have a fit for their roof racks to your 2016 Ram ProMaster City with raised rails. For that they recommend the feet kit part # TH710401 with their 53 inch bars part # TH711420. We can't recommend the 65 inch long bars at this time but you shouldn't have a problem fitting two canoes next to each other with the Thule Portage part # TH819.
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  • Install Instruction Video for Roof Rack on 2017 Ford Escape with Naked Roof
  • For your 2017 Ford Escape with a naked roof we have an install video that shows the Rhino Rack roof rack part numbers # RRVA137B-2, # RRRLKVA, and # DK375 install that I attached a link to on this page. I recommend this rack highly for your Escape as you get a easy to install roof rack that has aero shaped crossbars which allow for minimal wind noise at a better price than the other higher end roof racks.
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  • Roof Rack for 2018 Ford Edge with Panoramic Glass Roof and No Roof Rails
  • For your 2018 Ford Edge with panoramic glass roof and no roof fixtures the roof rack I recommend is one of the quieter aerodynamic types, the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero rack system made of parts # RRVA137B-2, # RRRLKVA and # DK432. This rack offers the same performance as costlier racks from other makers. You can see an Edge installation in the linked video which features a 2016 model year. I recommend adding metal lock core kit # RRVA-LEC4 for the rack's security.
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  • Can Roof Rack Bars be Spaced Farther Apart on 2018 Honda CR-V With Naked Roof
  • The Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars # RRVA137B-2 you referenced having are a fit for a 2018 Honda CR-V using Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs # RRRLKVA and Custom DK Fit Kit # DK284 so long as you have a naked roof. Since this is a clamp-on rack, you may be able to technically move the bars to a larger spread to use the Yakima MegaWarrior Extra Large Roof Rack Cargo Basket # Y07080-82 (which requires a crossbar spread of between 36" and 60") but I cannot recommend it. The spread of the bars
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  • Recommended Roof Rack and Carrier for Kayak and Paddleboard on 2018 Subaru Crosstrek
  • I took a look at the owner's manual of your 2018 Subaru Crosstrek and it stated that your roof's weight capacity was 150 lbs, so as long as the combined weight of the rack, carriers, your kayak and paddleboard are less than that you will be able to transport them. To start you will need a roof rack, and if it has raised side rails I recommend the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero which consists of crossbars # RRVA118B-2 and legs # RRSX100. This roof rack can accommodate the 150 lb roof capacity
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  • Replacement Part for Rhino Rack Foot Kit # RRSX005 that Was Discontinued
  • The feet kit part # RRSX005 component is discontinued and is now the part # RRSX100.
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  • Recommended Replacement Feet for Old Square Crossbars with 2019 Jeep Cherokee
  • While updating your Thule roof rack to make it compatible with your 2019 Jeep Cherokee, if you want to stay with your square bar style I recommend the Inno Feet for Square Crossbars - Raised Side Rails - Black - Qty 4 # INFR . These are designed for the square bars and will be compatible with the old discontinued Thule square load bars. My recommendation if you want to upgrade is to go with an aero bar instead of the old square bar. For that I suggest the Rhino-Rack which is our most
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  • Will Installing Rhino Rack Cross Bars On 2012 VW Jetta SportWagen Interfere with Sunroof
  • I spoke with my contacts at Rhino Rack regarding your question about the crossbar system interfering with your sunroof. I was told that because the side rails on your SportWagen extend the full length of the vehicle roof, that the crossbars can be moved around so that they will not interfere. They tell me it would be safe to assume that the bars would interfere if they are placed directly over the sun roof. The bottom of the cross bars will sit about 3/4 of an inch above the top of your
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  • Roof Rack Options for 2012 Honda Pilot
  • If your Honda Pilot has the roof ride rails that run from the front to the rear of the vehicle, you can add crossbars by using the Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars, # RRVA137S-2 and the SX Series Leg Kit, # RRSX100, that you mentioned. The crossbars themselves are constructed of aluminum, and the legs that attach the crossbar to the roof rails on the vehicle are constructed of glass-reinforced nylon. If your Pilot does NOT have the roof side rails, Rhino Rack does not offer a roof rack.
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  • Will the Rhino-Rack Aero Roof Rack Carry Ladders on a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country
  • Yes, the Rhino-Rack Roof Rack with the Vortex Aero Crossbars, # RRVA126B-2 and the SX Series Leg Kit, # RRSX100, will carry ladders on your 2008 Chrysler Town and Country assuming they do not exceed the weight capacity of your roof. This roof rack has a weight capacity of 165 lbs, but you should check your owners manual to verify the weight capacity of your roof before you load any cargo. You should not exceed the lowest rated weight capacity between your vehicles roof and the roof rack. Another
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  • Recommended Rhino Rack Roof Rack for 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
  • Rhino Rack offers a reasonably priced Aero-style bar system for the roof of your Crosstrek. Assuming your Crosstrek has the rails that run from front to back along the edge of the roof, you'd need the # RRSX100 roof rack feet and either # RRVA118B-2 for black crossbars or # RRVA118S-2 for silver. Anytime a roof accessory is added to a vehicle, there will be a certain amount of noise caused by the wind hitting the crossbars. This is typically worse with the square crossbars, but with
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  • Is There a Roof Rack for 2013 Chrysler Town and Country with Stow 'N Place Factory Rack
  • I checked for fits for 2013 Town and Country vans but could not find anything in regards to these having raised side rails. What I think you are probably referring to is that you have the Stow 'N Place factory roof rack on your vehicle, where the crossbars are stowed lengthwise when they aren't being used. The Rhino-Rack # RRSX100 will not work with this rack, and there are no fits for traditional racks that can be used with this vehicle if it has the factory rack. If you need an additional
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  • Roof Rack and Kayak Carrier Recommendations for a 2013 Lexus RX350
  • If your 2013 Lexus RX350 has the side rails that run front to back then the Rhino-Rack system is a great choice. They're aero bars to keep wind noise down which is always a plus. You can get the bars in black, # RRVA118B-2, or silver, # RRVA118S-2. The legs you need are # RRSX100. For a compatible kayak carrier you can use the JayLow, # Y04073. I have linked a video review of this carrier for you.
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  • Availability of Roof Rack and Roof Rack Rails for a 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander
  • The Rhino-Rack Roof Rack for Raised, Factory Side Rails, part # RRVA118S-2 and # RRSX100 that you have referenced is for a 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander that already has raised, factory side rails on the vehicle that run from front to back. If the roof on your vehicle does not have the raised, factory side rails you will need to use the Rhino-Rack roof rack # RRRS072. This will give you the clamps that attach to the door jambs on your vehicle and the roof rack with crossbars that will attach
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  • Roof Rack and Cargo Basket Recommendation for a 2010 Volvo XC90
  • The best bang for your buck would be the Rhino-Rack roof rack with the Vortex Aero Crossbars, # RRVA118B-2 for black or # RRVA118S-2 for silver and the SX series leg kit, # RRSX100. This roof rack will attach to the side rails on your roof and the elliptical crossbars cut down on wind noise and drag. This roof rack is very easy to install. I have attached an installation video for you to check out. The weight capacity for these roof racks is 165 lbs, however, you should verify the weight
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  • Will the Rhino Rack Roof Rack for Raised Side Rails Fit on a 2007 Dodge Durango
  • Yes, as long as your 2007 Dodge Durango has factory installed roof rails that run front to back the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars, # RRVA126B-2 with the SX Series Leg Kit, # RRSX100, will work on the rails. We have a video of this rack being installed that I attached for you to check out. Your Thule ski rack will most likely work on the Rhino rack system as long as it is one that is designed to fit on most cross bar designs, like the Thule SnowPack Ski and Snowboard Carrier, # TH7326.
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  • Roof Rack Crossbars Compatible with Side Rails on 2003 Mistubishi Outlander
  • I am not certain which crossbars you were speaking of, but I have confirmed with Thule, Yakima and Rhino Rack that their crossbars shown in the link I provided will all fit the OEM side rails of your 2003 Outlander. Rhino Rack offers a strong and attractive yet reasonably priced option, which consists of the following parts: -44 inch Vortex Aero crossbar in silver as part # RRVA118S-2 or in black as part # RRVA118B-2 -SX Series Leg Kit, part # RRSX100
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  • Rhino Rack SX Series Legs to Fit 2018 Jeep Cherokee With Raised Rails
  • The Rhino-Rack SX Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars that you need for the 2018 Jeep Cherokee are part # RRSX100 as confirmed by Rhino Rack. The RRSX100 legs are designed to fit the factory raised side rails of your Jeep. I have attached a video for your reference.
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