2015 Kia Cadenza Roof Rack by Rhino Rack

Roof Rack Includes:

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 49" Long - Qty 2
Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4
Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof

Part Numbers: RRVA126B-2,RRRLKVA,DK379


Our Price: $446.40

You Save: $24.25

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RRVA126B-2 - Locks Included Rhino Rack Crossbars
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Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 49" Long - Qty 2
part number: RRVA126B-2

Aerodynamic, aluminum crossbars let you build an aftermarket roof rack for your vehicle. Full-length bars provide plenty of space for carriers and accessories. Vortex strips in C-channels reduce wind noise. Theft-deterring plastic locks included.


  • Sleek, low-profile crossbars let you build an aftermarket roof rack for your vehicle
    • Rhino-Rack legs and custom fit kit create a complete roof rack
  • Slim, elliptical crossbar shape helps to create an extremely aerodynamic system
  • Full-length bars extend past roof rack legs to maximize space for carriers and accessories
  • Top channel in each bar lets you add channel-mounted carriers and accessories
    • Clamp-on accessories mount conveniently around bars
  • Rubberized Vortex strips in top channels dramatically reduce drag and wind noise
    • Keep dirt and grime out of crossbars
    • Provide cushioning and slip resistance for your cargo
  • Bottom channels allow easy installation to Rhino-Rack roof rack legs
    • Rulers in channels help to center crossbar on your roof
  • Lightweight, structural-grade anodized aluminum bars are rustproof
    • Internal H-shaped extrusion provides exceptional bar strength
  • Plastic lock cores with universal keys deter theft of channel-mounted accessories
    • Can be upgraded to all-metal locks (RRVA-LEC4 - sold separately) for added security
  • Matte black finish


  • Quantity: 2 crossbars
  • Weight capacity: 165 lbs
  • Dimensions: 49" long x 3-1/8" wide x 1-3/16" tall
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbar

These low-profile, aerodynamic Vortex Aero crossbars let you build a stylish aftermarket roof rack from scratch. The crossbars require 4 Rhino-Rack legs (manufactured in 2014 or later) and a custom fit kit to mount it to your roof. Each bar extends past the roof rack legs to maximize the space for mounting carriers and accessories. Rubberized Vortex strips in each crossbar's top channel disrupt airflow for a quiet ride, and the bars are constructed of aluminum so they won't rust. The crossbars also include Secure Core endcaps with plastic locks to help deter theft of channel-mounted accessories.

Aerodynamic Design

Vortex Aero noise-reducing top channel strips

The rubberized Vortex strips in the top channel of each crossbar disrupt airflow with evenly spaced, wave-shaped grooves. This carefully controlled turbulence minimizes wind noise and whistling, so you won't need to add a fairing to your roof rack. And the slim, elliptical Vortex Aero crossbars cut through the air with minimal drag - even at highway speeds.

Strong, Durable Construction

Vortex Aero crossbar H-shaped extrusion

The Vortex Aero crossbars are made of structural-grade anodized aluminum with H-shaped internal extrusions. These extrusions strengthen the bars without adding a significant amount of weight. And the aluminum bars won't rust so you can leave them on your roof year-round.

No-Hassle Installation

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero bottom channel ruler

Each crossbar has a channel in the bottom for mounting to Rhino-Rack roof rack legs (sold separately). Each end of the channel includes a rubber ruler to help you center the bar on your roof. Simply use the numbers and hash marks on the rulers to ensure the legs are spaced properly in the channel.

Channel-Mounted and Clamp-On Accessories

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbar top-channel strips

Each Vortex Aero crossbar has a built-in C-channel so you can carry channel-mounted accessories such as bike racks, watersport carriers, and ski racks. The Vortex strips in the top channels come in 3 pieces, so they're easier to adjust than a single long, continuous strip. You can remove, trim, and re-insert the Vortex strips around the mounting hardware of your accessories to keep the crossbar channel capped and quiet. Replacement strips (sold separately) are also available if you remove your accessories or switch to clamp-on accessories.

You can also attach most clamp-on accessories to the bars, and the Vortex strips provide a shock-absorbing, no-slip cushion for any accessories that rest on them.

Built-In Security

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Secure Core locking endcaps

Each crossbar includes 2 Secure Core locking endcaps made of durable polypropylene. These endcaps lock with a universal tubular key. The polypropylene locks secure the endcaps to the crossbars and help to secure channel-mounted accessories to the crossbars. For maximum security, you can upgrade to endcaps with all-metal lock cores (RRVA-LEC4 - sold separately).

VA126B Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Aluminum Cross Bars - Black - 49" Long - Qty 2

Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4
part number: RRRLKVA

Durable nylon legs with built-in locks help mount Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof or fixed mounting points. Leg bases pivot to level bars on your roof. Pair with 2 crossbars and fit kit to create complete roof rack.


  • 4 Legs help to mount Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof or fixed mounting points
    • Pair with 2 crossbars and a custom fit kit to create a complete roof rack
  • Leg bases pivot to ensure the crossbars are level on your roof
  • Locks secure system to your roof
  • UV-stabilized, glass-reinforced nylon is durable and weather resistant
  • Allen key included to ensure legs are securely mounted to your roof
  • Limited lifetime warranty

RLKVA Rhino Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Cross Bars - Qty 4

Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof
part number: DK379

This custom fit kit lets you mount 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 legs to your vehicle with a naked roof. Clamps mount to legs with bolts. Includes 4 clamps and 4 pads.


  • Custom fit kit lets you mount 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 series legs on your vehicle with a naked roof
  • Padded, metal clamps provide secure grip on your door jambs
    • Bolt onto leg assemblies and tighten for secure fit
    • Protect door jambs from scratches and abrasions
    • Powder coated for durability and rust resistance
  • Molded-rubber pads are custom designed to fit the contours of your roof
    • Clip onto the bottoms of your roof rack legs
    • Protect your roof from scratches and abrasions


  • Quantity: 4 clamps and 4 pads
  • Limited lifetime warranty

DK379 Custom DK Fit Kit for Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof

Video of Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 49" Long - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rhino Rack Roof Rack Review - 2017 Honda Civic

Today in our 2017 Honda Civic, we'll be taking a look at and showing you how to install The Rhino-Rack roof rack system. This is going to consist of part numbers RRVA126B-2. That's going to be our Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbars. These are also available in silver with part number RRVA126S-2. The Rhino-Rack 2500 series legs for the crossbars, part number RRRLKVA and part number DK453. That's going to be our custom-fit kit for our roof rack legs. The Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero crossbar system is going to be an aerodynamic crossbar system that allows you to carry any kind of vehicle accessory on your vehicle's roof, whether those are roof-mounted bike racks, cargo baskets, or ski and snowboard carriers.

If we remove the end cap of our crossbar, you'll see our weather strip on the top. That, along with the aerodynamic shape of our bar, is going to help to reduce wind noise and drag. We can also easily remove our weather strip and cut this down to accommodate channel-mounted accessories. The end caps on our crossbars also have the option to remove our plastic lock core and put in the metal one. You can find that at etrailer.com.

It's part number RRVA-LEC4. The foot pack for our crossbar kit also the option to lock it to help prevent thefts and tampering of your crossbar system as a whole. Lastly, the custom-fit kit that comes with our vehicle is going to have rubber at any portion that's going to make contact with our vehicle. That's going to help to prevent scratches or abrasions from our roof rack system onto our vehicle. This kit total has a 165-pound weight capacity, so you do want to check your vehicle's owners manual to make sure it can withstand that much weight. Everything you see here on this table is what's included with our kit. We have our foot pack here with our locking covers and the key is just above that.

We have our end cap for our crossbar with our included key, our fit kit for our roof rack system. That's going to be our rubber bottom piece. Then we'll have our clamp here and we have our included tool. This is going to be a torque tool to let us know how much torque we have behind our bolt and then we've provided our own flat tape measure. To start our install, we're going to take the bottom portion of our foot pack off. We're going to attach our rubber piece.

We're just going to squeeze those two pieces together until it's completely sealed and tight. Then we can place it onto our foot pack. Next, we'll remove our bolts here. We'll take our included clamp, place it over where we just removed our bolt, and start to tighten that back down. We want to tighten our bolts up just enough so that our clamp doesn't come loose from our foot pack. We're going to take the square nut on the bottom of our foot pack and slide this into the channel and we can take our measurement before the placement. This is going to be 12.8 centimeters. Once we have that in place, we'll take our included torque tool and we'll tighten down this bolt, here. Double check that measurement. Now we're ready to open up our doors and load this up onto our vehicle. With our doors open we'll take our crossbar and we're going to place it over the top of our vehicle. The crossbar spread's going to be from the middle of our front clamp to the middle of our back clamp, and that's going to be 70 centimeters. Once we have those in the correct spot, we can take our included torque tool and we're going to start to tighten down our bolts. I'm going to tighten it down so that our clamp is sitting just up against our door frame. Now we'll go back and forth tightening these down evenly, making sure that whatever we do to one side we do to the other. Now, we'll know we have enough torque behind our bolt when this skinnier portion of our torque tool is straight, just like you see there. Now we'll close up our doors and we can place on our locking end caps. We've got our crossbar end caps locked into place. We'll take our locking covers for our foot packs and lock those up. Now would be a good time to load up any roof-mounted accessories, and you're ready to hit the road. That's going to be our completed look at the Rhino-Rack roof rack system for our 2017 Honda Civic.

Customer Reviews

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 49" Long - Qty 2 - RRVA126B-2

Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs for Vortex Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs or Fixed Mounting Points - Qty 4 - RRRLKVA

Custom DK Fit Kit for 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof - DK379

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (1940 Customer Reviews)

Aerodynamic, aluminum crossbars let you build an aftermarket roof rack for your vehicle. Full-length bars provide plenty of space for carriers and accessories. Vortex strips in C-channels reduce wind noise. Theft-deterring plastic locks included. Durable nylon legs with built-in locks help mount Vortex Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof or fixed mounting points. Leg bases pivot to level bars on your roof. Pair with 2 crossbars and fit kit to create complete roof rack. This custom fit kit lets you mount 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 legs to your vehicle with a naked roof. Clamps mount to legs with bolts. Includes 4 clamps and 4 pads.

by: Colby P.03/21/2018
2017 Pontiac Trans Sport Van

The racks fit perfectly! They are a great fit to my car. They don’t interfere with the sunroof’s operation. I assembled it on my own with no difficulty. It was easy to assemble. The directions it provides to you are easy to follow. The only down side was getting the plastic pieces to lock on the ends of the bars. Other than that they are great and they look great on my car! I plan to use them to transport kayaks! They are very sturdy and very trust worthy for transporting a couple of kayaks. I recommend these racks to anyone who has a 2016 or 2017 Nissan Altima! 487587


This rack has been great! I have had no problems with it.

Colby P - 06/03/2019


by: Russ04/28/2018
2010 Ford Edge

Great product with easy to install instructions. Only took 45mins to install and is exactly what I was looking for. Definitely recommend this product! 501680

by: Dan03/11/2018

Bought this rack to carry canoe, etc. while towing our camper. Installation is easy with one person so long as you take your time to get the original setup meticulously correct. If you're planning to put it on only occasionally when you're using it, it's 10 to 15 minutes for one person to install once the original setup is done and the clamp points marked with the little unobtrusive stickers they send with the kit. Originally planned to put it on only when using because we only really need it a couple times a year (we just throw the canoe in the back for local trips). Looks good enough we might leave it on all the time. Even thought I didn't know I needed it until I was already at the store, it certainly came in handy bringing home a 10 foot long 2x8 on a rainy day when I needed to keep the bed cover closed. etrailer's service was prompt and flawless as always. 483657


After a year, still works perfectly. No problems with clamp slippage or anything else over time.

Dan - 03/11/2019


by: Ian R.03/22/2017

I used this rack to mount two 65lbs kayaks to my vehicle and travel. One of many trips was over a thousand miles (round trip) and they moved maybe half a centimeter a piece during. I was extremely pleased with how easily I could adjust them. The original shipment had everything that was supposed to be in it and the directions were realitively clear. I had them together and on in roughly an hour. When they are off the roof the only issue I have arises. The rubber feet that sit directly on the roof tend to fall off easily. Not a big deal. 357136

by: James08/24/2018
2013 Honda CR-V

Excellent price and quick shipping. Excellent support for missing bar end cap. Rack was easy to put together and install and video was helpful. My only complaint is when trying to tie down kayak to cradle it is not easy to keep the loop over the top of the upright "U" shaped bar, it keeps siding down. We wrapped two pieces of foam around the bar to create a channel to hold the strap now it is easy. 557571

by: Dale E.05/19/2016

The instructions were clear and the rack installed perfectly. I am impressed with the custom foot mouldings that match my car's contours exactly, and the rack is still as tight as when I installed it 4 weeks ago. I have been using it frequently to pick up 8' lumber for a large shelving project I have underway, and I hope to soon use it to carry my kayaks. The rubber strips on the top hold the lumber so securely I have no worry of having the load slip off the car. The two negatives I have are: (1) the crossbar end-caps consist of 2 locking and 2 slip-ons. I have come out to my car to see 1 of the slip-ons half slipped-off and I expect I will lose one or both of them in short order; and (2) the instructions should put the forward bar at least 1 inch further forward. As you will see in the photo, Rhino's guidelines result in the front bar being higher than the back bar, which results in additional wind pressure on the goods being carried. Finally, I would like to thank etrailer for shipping the product exactly as promised and also for packaging the entire order in an additional box as I requested. I found your service to be outstanding! You are welcome to post my comments and or photo if you should wish to. 250786

by: JoshG07/16/2017

I've used roof rack systems from Thule and Yakima in the past and this system is far better than anything I've seen from either of those companies. The instructions are great (the kit came with detailed instructions that are specific to my vehicle), the parts all have a very high level of quality, and the whole system works really well together. I like that I can take the racks off my roof to have a clean look and then put them on only when I need them. Once I got the initial setup done (which was about an hour), it's a matter of less than 15 minutes to put them on or take them off again (I could probably do it faster if I was in a hurry). 407151

by: Robert03/10/2018

Thank you. I wanted you to know the Web site is great. I had a hard time finding that type of rack for my truck. Your Web site made it easy to find what I needed and the videos made my purchase confidence complete. I will be back for more product for sure..Product quality of my rhino rack is great. 483226

by: Justin09/27/2018

Good sturdy product. Installation instructions were a little confusing in some parts, but nothing too complicated that I couldn't figure out. Order came fast, impressed with the quality and price, and looks awesome on my truck. 569452

by: Forrest08/13/2018
2017 Chevrolet Spark

Rhino Rack 2500 series with Euro Bars for 2017 Chevrolet Spark - naked roof I purchased the Rhino Rack from etrailer and received it very quickly. The rack appears to be well made and very sturdy. It was the only roof rack I could find that would fit my Chevrolet Spark, it is probably not a car that people usually put roof racks on. I did run into a problem fitting them to my car. The instructions tell how long to cut plastic strips that fit into the bars and locate the towers at the right width on the bars to fit the roof. Having cut the strips and installed the towers I found that the towers were several inches too close together to fit the roof (the strips are actually marked in millimeters). I called Rhino Rack and the person there told me there was an error in the instructions and told me what lengths to use. He also agreed to mail me new strips. I then proceeded to locate the towers to the measurements that I was told to use, adding pieces of strip to achieve the new lengths, to check if that would fit. I found that to get the front rack to fit at the specified location, front to back, I had to shorten the strip on each side two millimeters and to get the back bar to fit at it's specified location I had to shorten the strips by six millimeters. With the towers now fitting I attached the clamps and found the rack to be solidly attached and should serve well for transporting my new kayak. I plan to replace the strips when I receive the new ones. One less star for the fitment issues. 553429

by: Noelle D06/21/2016

These were a little confusing to figure out. It took me awhile to realize there was a bold that needed to be removed before I began assembling things. Once I figured this out it was smooth sailing. 263210

by: Jeff09/07/2018
2018 Nissan Titan

Easy to assemble. You can tell they thought through this with exact measurements for my truck and for locks not sold seperately. Fits very snug to truck roof. Had 3 sets of Yakima in the past and prefer this over them. 562673

by: Frank03/09/2018

Ordered the vortex roof rack and road warrior bike carrier, they delivered it sooner than than expected which was great. Easy to install but they only concern I had was the spec measurements need to be adjust to fit my car because following their specs left my hatch back hitting the carrier when up and even after the adjustment it still hits the rear tire of the bike but all in all I am very satisfied and am going to buy more products (wheel mount, weather tech wind deflectors). So happy saved tons than buying from bike shop or another online retailer. 483016

by: Kathryn M.08/21/2018
2015 Chevrolet Equinox

I ordered the entire set up, as well as carriers for our kayaks. At first, it seemed I had ordered the wrong parts, as the feet were rather wobbly. I sent a photo to customer service, and got a response from Julia almost immediately (and it was a Saturday!). She included a video with her email, and my question about proper installation was solved. The ordering process was simple, shipping was fast, and Rhino Rack has an excellent brand reputation. Installation was fairly straight forward. E- trailer made everything so simple from beginning to end, and I will be buying all of my accessories from them. 556306

by: Joseph M.08/28/2018
2015 Nissan Altima

I purchased this rack for our 2015 Nissan Altima. We ordered the system with the square "Euro" bars. Package arrived quickly and in good condition. Instructions were generally good and easy to follow although the information on where to set the supports on the "Euro" bars was incorrect. I looked at pictures of installed systems to see where the supports needed to be on the roof and then manually moved them in place. It took a little adjusting back and forth with trial and error, but it ended up working fine. Since then the rack works well and seems quite solid. We are pleased with the quality and value for the cost. 559047

by: joelo05/22/2017
2003 Toyota Corolla

This is a quality product. From the web site to the rack parts to the assembly instructions, it was easy to assemble and the quality was impressive. I own 3 Thule racks, 2 Yakima and now this set of Rhino racks with Aero bars and I couldn't be more pleased. When my Mom gifted me her 2003 Toyota Corolla with only 42,000 miles on it, I decided to make it my daily driver. My Friday includes dawn patrol surfing, so I needed a way to carry surfboards and I wasn't sure I could get roof racks that worked. Joelo 383644

by: Dan C04/24/2018
2017 Ram 1500

Everything came super quick! Ordered Thursday before a weekend vacation, had it when I got home Tuesday! Outstanding customer service. Only gripe is the packaging was a little squished and there were a few scratches on the bars. No worries though, it's gonna have way more from the kayak on top. Kit installed in about an hour. Barely any wind noise I can notice in the cab. Additionally the rod holders are MINT! Great service and product. 500276

by: Robert10/08/2018
2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Great service from etrailer on my cab rhino rack system!!! 572665

by: Jonathan04/29/2018
2012 Chevrolet Impala

Excellent customer service, fast shipping and an amazing product. Well done etrailer!!! 502148

by: Alan06/02/2018
Dodge Journey

Like how the product "fits" the roof line - it sits in the line between the roof seam and the door jam frame. We thought we followed the directions but did notice we had 2 of the foot pads backwards. It worked well with 2 "man" operation. Take your time and follow the directions. I like the small marker stickers to help if you take the racks off - which I will do during the winter time. I think a "second" wrench would be beneficial to allow for one person to be on each side to tighten down evenly. I will have more this coming week when we mount hem up and head out on our first journey. 515929

by: Joseph02/22/2018
2017 Honda Civic

Very Fast Shipping. Packaging was a bit overkill (a million metal staples), but package arrived 100% in tact Instructions were easy to read. After setting up cross bars in my house, I installed this rack on my 2017 Honda Civic Sport in about 20 minutes. Overall, not much wind noise added, feels pretty sturdy, and aesthetically nice. I will definitely recommend this product. 477954

by: Dennis08/09/2018
2018 GMC Sierra 1500

Being a former dealer for Thule Racks and owning Yakima Racks, I can say that the Rhino Rack surpasses both brands in function and looks! Also the folks at etrailer provided service in the highest quality! Dennis Pistole, Eureka Springs Arkansas. 551767

by: Jay05/30/2018
GMC Yukon

Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Though the items I ordered were on back order, an Etrailer rep contacted me within 48 hours to advise me of the delay and offered a full refund if I chose not to wait for them. I was not pressed for time, so I opted to wait until the order could be filled. The delivery came ahead of the projected delivery date to my surprise. The items were packaged very well and the specific directions that came with them made it a breeze to install on my wife’s car. A+ customer service and A+ products. I will be a return shopper and highly recommend Etrailer to my family and friends. Now my wife can easily load and unload her kayak vs when we had to haul them on our Yukon. 514100

by: Jesse09/17/2018

I was very please with the quality and strength of this roof rack. It took me about 90 minutes to install and took it for test run with my kayak going 70 mph and no issues. 565917

by: Doug M.08/04/2017
Toyota Tundra

Service from ETrailer was excellent. Personal and very helpful service (kudos to Michele S.) . Prompt shipping and items exactly as described. The installation videos on their website were helpful but I still needed to follow the written instructions. Without hurrying it took me about an hour and a half to assemble and install the rack on my Tundra. It fit very well and feels very secure. Still need to take it out onto the road. If anything bad shows up I'll post an updated review but I really don't expect any problems. I've used racks like these before (not from Rhino) and this looks like a pretty solid piece of equipment. 419026

by: Jason03/19/2018

Rhino’s directions were so-so, but e-trailer has great installation videos. Took me about 30 minutes to install, once I figured out the difference between centimeters and millimeters. The rack system came quickly and in great condition. 486765

by: Robert07/30/2018
2016 Ford Escape

The Rhino Rack is very well made. I installed it my self on our 2016 Ford Escape, but had an assist from my wife to fine tune it at the end. There was no whistling or any other distracting wind noise on our 3,500 mile drive to visit family out West. A Sear's Cargo Box was easily mounted to the Rhino Rack and it remained centered and secured at western highway speed limits plus. The included locks on the roof mounts were the selling point for me. The Rhino Rack remained securely mounted to the roof with no additional adjustments or tightening being needed. Great Product. Donna P. @ etrailer was super with the order. 547818

- RRVA126B-2
by: Corey05/06/2016
2014 Subaru Forester

These crossbars were easy to install, are sturdy when installed and look great on my factory side rails when installed with the SX Series legs. The standard end caps are an all-plastic affair and use a little key to engage a cam lock. That plus the distance from the end of the crossbar to the nut that tightens the foot onto the rail keeps things relatively secure. Most people probably want to opt for proper locking end caps, though. The rubber vortex strips look nice and give items something grippy to rest on. I haven't tried a load test yet but did drive around in moderate wind on the highway in multiple directions. Other than a slight whistle at 70 mph, you'd never know they were there. Overall, real happy with the product and looking forward to hauling some stuff around with them. 248807

- RRVA126B-2
by: Greg07/27/2018

A little more complicated to install than I thought, but a careful reading of the instructions and a little patience got the job done. I like the result. It looks good. 546777

- RRVA126B-2
by: StuWithAU05/03/2017

I love my Rhino Vortex roof racks. They look great, are sturdy, and there is no wind noise up to 70 mph (haven't been on the freeway yet). eTrailer was great and made the proper component selection easy. Now, the -1 star... The instructions provided by Rhino were horrible or non-existent. The cross bar literally had no instructions and I couldn't even find them for my model online. Between being a handy guy and watching other Rhino videos on YouTube, I figure it out. Maybe most people have professional installers put them on. 375802


Love the Rhino rack! Sometimes I think I could stand the truck Grand Cherokee upside down on it! It was a little tricky to install, but once I found YouTube vids I was good to go.

StuWithAU - 05/05/2018


- RRVA126B-2
by: Jason07/25/2018
2017 Jeep Cherokee

I love the product. The only thing that I was unclear about at the time of purchase was that the additional adjustable bars weren’t included as a set. I have yet to purchase those and would like to get a quote on the best price possible for those. Thanks for all your help with this. 545782

by: Mike08/19/2018
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Easy instructions to follow and looks g reat. 555355

by: Noal07/10/2018
2017 Mazda 3

Install was made dificult due to the fact i ordered for the fixed mounting points and the instructions were for the clamp on style. Dispite that i am so far happy with the look and feel of these racks. Have not needed them yet but do plan on using the for travel and when we kayak. 540054

- RRVA126B-2
by: ELSA08/30/2018
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Easy to read instructions, easy to install. Watched the install video a few times just to be sure! They do whistle a bit at highway speeds, but certainly not unbearable. In fact, I was surprised as to how quiet they are. It's to be expected, especially when paired with kayak j-racks. So happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend them! 559818

by: Stephen06/19/2018
2015 Honda Civic

The product was well packaged and well buffered. The package came a day earlier than the scheduled arrival period. I used the instructions on the website and it took me only 15 Minutes to assemble it and another 20 to set it in my car. Im in love with how it looks on my Civic 2015 and would Highly recommend it to others. The company had a wonderful follow up, from the time I bought the product to its arrival and even after its arrival. Thumbs up to this wonderful team. Here are some pictures of the product on my Civic. 524020

by: Craig L07/17/2017
2013 Chevrolet Impala

I am very happy with my Rhino Vortex Aero roof rack and the cross bar load stops and fit kit. it installed fairly easily, but I did find the measurement not exactly to fit my car, but it was easily corrected. However, it did appear that the roof rack had been a return or something similar. it was not factory sealed and some of the rubber strips for the top of the rack and the measurement strips for the under side were missing. but that was easily handled, unfortunately I don't remember if this company took care of it or if I called Rhino Rack directly. I am now needing a kayak carrier possibly two to fit on my rack. 407676

by: Domingo10/06/2018
Pontiac Trans Sport Van

Had a little trouble installing the rack but i finally got it and placed it on my car. Looks great and more importantly i can comfortably transport my fishing rods lol. Only issue i had was one of the crossbar rubber strips was missing but they sent it to me asap with absolutely no issues. This is a really good company . Thanks 572207

by: Stuart09/13/2018
2018 Ford F-150

I installed the rack on a 2018 F150 SuperCab. These racks are really nice medium load racks, well built and easy to install. If I followed the instructions the pads on the front cross bar would not sit down in the drip channels. I narrowed the front leg locations by 5mm per side or a total of 10mm or approximately .4". I sent the pics to Rhino Racks Engineering Department but have not heard back to see if they liked my fix. I like it! I recommend getting Rhino Racks approval before making these mods but that's what it took for mine to fit. 564568

by: Joe A12/05/2016
2010 Pontiac Trans Sport Van

Received the roof rack on the date promised, it was well packaged and all parts required were included. Everything fit together very well and the instructions were easy to follow. The rack looks good on the car. Once the rack is installed and the included decals in place it only takes a few minutes to remove it and reinstall. This is important for me because we will only use the racks to transport our kayaks the rest of the time they will be removed and stored. There are two small items that can be improved. First the legs are different lengths yet nowhere in the instructions does it tell you where each size goes. Second I own 10 tape measure and not one of them is in meters and I do not care how good your eyesight is you are not going to be able to measure to 53/64". If the measurements are critical you should ensure customers in the US have measurements they can use or include a MM tape measure. Overall this is a very good product that I would purchase again and recommend to friends. 323686


The product work GREAT. We went on a 3,000 mile trip to FL last winter and transported two Kayaks on the roof racks. They held up fine just required tightening of hard wear every so often. I would purchase this roof rack again.

Joe A - 12/09/2017


- RRVA126B-2
by: Scott Sleckman08/23/2017

Delivery was a little slower then I would have liked, but otherwise it was perfect. Great customer service when I called to ask about them. Make sure you read the instructions when you install (I didn't and wasted an hour fooling around with the wrong parts) other then that, the install was smooth as silk. 424344

- RRVA126B-2
by: Stephen06/19/2018
2015 Honda Civic

The product was well packaged and well buffered. The package came a day earlier than the scheduled arrival period. I used the instructions on the website and it took me only 15 Minutes to assemble it and another 20 to set it in my car. Im in love with how it looks on my Civic 2015 and would Highly recommend it to others. The company had a wonderful follow up, from the time I bought the product to its arrival and even after its arrival. Thumbs up to this wonderful team. Here are some pictures of the product on my Civic. 524507

- RRVA126B-2
by: Leonard Gale06/17/2017
2007 Honda Civic

My Rhino-Rack Aero 2500 roof racks fit solidly on my 2007 Honda Civic EX. I was really impressed with the construction and strength of the rack system. Also the versatility of the 'legs' with a swivel pad allow them to fit any roof pitch perfectly. The clamps are so solid, nothing could knock these racks off. I added a paddleboard attachment and went surfing today. The black racks also look great with the black trim on my silver Honda. Great product at a much better price than Yakima or Thule. 395557

- RRVA126B-2
by: Richard R06/25/2017

As usual etrailer had the parts in stock with an excellent price point. My wife loves her roof rack for her SUP. Also shipping was extremely fast. I always check etrailer first. 400689

by: Stephen07/23/2018
2012 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty

Installation was a breeze, about 2 hours from time of delivery to completion. Fits like a glove. looks great. Can't wait to order a pair of J style kayak carrier and a couple of bike racks for it. 545131

by: Jason09/20/2018

Awesome product, customer service was a pleasure helping me. 566932

- RRVA126B-2
by: Andrew08/11/2018

This product is great! Rhino Rack makes it easy to to put together and onto your vehicle. It is easy to install by yourself and does not take a long time at all. 552705

by: Joe04/17/2018
2011 Ram 3500

Although it a product review, I have to give it to the customer service department... YOU GUYS ROCK! As far as the product, it is very simple to install as long as you take the time to read and fully understand the steps provided. My kayaks are the pelican tandem 13' long by 3' wide and weighs about 70 pounds each. Since I received the roof racks last Friday, I've only been able to test with one kayak; however, just by the way the rack behaved, I can say that it will comfortably hold the weigh with both on. 497490

by: James S07/22/2017
2015 Nissan Rogue

Where do I start? I've been whitewater kayaking for 22 or so years now. I've always used used either Yakima or Thule products... Until I bought a 2015 Nissan Rogue with a naked roof. The curvature of the roof and large door jams mean that Yakima and Thule can't make racks for them. I went to a place that does custom installs and again because of the curvature of the roof, they couldn't give me a rack. This meant no kayaking which is really bad news. Enter the Rhino rack system. I purchased the feet, the fit kit, the cross bars and a Yakima "big stack" stacker. The first issue I had is the reccomended size for the Nissan Rogue is only 48 inches. Way too small too haul 4-5 (very light) whitewater kayaks. I called etrailer and they were SUPER helpful, told me I can buy the 65 in cross bars and they'll work fine. I held my breath and placed my order. I was nervous leaving my trusted name brands. The order arrived super fast (they told me it would arrive by Friday but it actually arrived on Thursday) and everything was packaged rock solid. I was impressed. I read the instructions and put the rack system on my car. It took about a hour (it was hot and I worked slowly) but the rack system is SUPER SOLID. I love it. Rhino might have a "forever" customer out of me. -The rack system is very stable. I can't move it with my hands by pushing or pulling. -The rubber stripping you put on the top and bottom of the bar is an awesome added feature AND it reduces wind noise. -Adding the fairing reduced wind noise even further. With four boats on the roof you couldn't hear any extra noise. The ONE thing I dislike is that you need to use the supplied Allen wrench to take the rack on and off the car. It's a small complaint, but other systems I've used in the past don't have them. I paid much less for this system than I would have if I purchased one of the aforementioned systems, but I'm really really satisfied with the product. We will see how well it holds up over long-term use, but it looks awesome! 409340

by: Michael07/16/2018
2015 Subaru Legacy

The rack was shipped within a day of order and delivered on the expected date. I got email updates with the order confirmation and shipping information. Etrailers provided excellent customer service. The web site allowed me to select the product with confidence that I was getting the right rack for my 2015 Subaru Legacy. Assembly and installation were easy using the provided instructions. It probably took about 45-60 minutes to complete. I especially liked the measuring strips that Rhino provides. It makes setting the foot width on the bars painless. I have not used the rack yet, but it's a solid mount and I do not expect any difficulties. It also looks good on the car. I purposely left the cover plates off in the pictures so the clamp mechanism was visible. 542354

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