1999 GMC Yukon Roof Rack by Inno

Roof Rack Includes:

Inno Square Crossbars - Steel - Black - 58" Long - Qty 2
Inno Feet for Square Crossbars - Raised Side Rails - Black - Qty 4

Part Numbers: INB147,INFR


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INB147 - Non-Locking Inno Roof Rack
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Inno Square Crossbars - Steel - Black - 58" Long - Qty 2
part number: INB147

These steel, square crossbars attach to Inno feet to create a sturdy roof rack for your vehicle. Elastomer coating resists corrosion and helps cushion your load. Bars accommodate carriers and accessories that clamp around bars.


  • Square crossbars let you build a roof rack for your vehicle
    • Pair with Inno feet and custom fit kit to create a complete roof rack
  • Standard square bars provide exceptional load support
    • Clamp-on carriers and accessories conveniently wrap around bars
  • Elastomer coating helps to prevent rust and cushion your load
  • Endcaps keep out dirt and water
  • Hardened steel construction is strong and durable
  • Black color


  • Quantity: 2 crossbars
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Dimensions: 58" long x 7/8" tall x 1-1/4" wide
  • Limited lifetime warranty

INB147 Inno Standard Square Steel Load Bars - 58" Long - Black

Inno Feet for Square Crossbars - Raised Side Rails - Black - Qty 4
part number: INFR

Durable feet help mount 2 Inno square bars to your vehicle's raised side rails. Rubber-coated steel straps wrap around rails and tighten with cam-action handles. Locking covers secure feet to side rails.


  • 4 Feet let you mount Inno square crossbars to your vehicle's raised side rails
    • Pair with 2 crossbars (sold separately) to create a complete roof rack
  • Rubber-coated stainless steel straps secure feet to your raised side rails
    • Straps wrap around rails, hook into bottoms of feet, and tighten with cam-action handles
    • Rubber coating on straps protects rails from scuffs and scratches
  • Locking covers secure system to your roof
    • 2 Keys included
  • Durable, weather-resistant AES plastic construction
  • Black color
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pair these feet with 2 Inno square crossbars to create an aftermarket roof rack for your vehicle with factory raised side rails. The feet install with no tools, and include locking covers to secure the system to your roof.

Easy Attachment to Crossbars

Inno Foot and Square Bar

To install a foot, remove the cover on the end of the crossbar and slide foot over the bar. Tighten the foot onto the bar with the cam-action handle.

Tool-Free Installation

Inno FR Strap on Installation

The Inno feet install easily with no tools required. Just wrap the stainless steel straps around your raised side rails and hook them into the bottoms of the feet. Then use the cam-action handles to tighten the straps on your rails. The rubber-coated straps and pads on the bottoms of the feet grip your vehicle's rails while also helping to prevent scuffs and scratches.

Locking Covers

Inno FR Stay Locking Cover Line Up

A locking cover on each foot secures the system to your raised side rails. Simply slide the cover into the guide holes on the foot, then use one of the included keys to lock the cover.

INFR Inno Roof Rack Stays for Raised Side Rails - Black - Qty 4

Video of Inno Square Crossbars - Steel - Black - 58" Long - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Inno Factory Rack Systems Review

Today we will be taking a look at the Inno roof rack system for factory track rails. The stays are available with part number INTR and the bars are available in a variety of lengths. See our website for the length that will work best for you. The Inno roof rack system is going to allow us to carry Inno as well as other accessories on top of our vehicle such as kayak carriers, roof mounted cargo baskets, and bike racks. The square profile crossbars are made of a hardened steel with an elastomeric coating and they come in eight lengths ranging from forty-two to sixty-five inches. The crossbars come in a pair including the end caps to keep grime and debris from getting inside.

The crossbars are held in place by Inno's versatile stay. Now this particular model is designed to fit on the factory track rail systems. The stays also feature a locking mechanism which is designed to cover up our hardware, that way it can't be tampered with. Now this Inno roof rack system has a max weight capacity of a hundred and forty pounds, but keep in mind it's going to be limited to your vehicle's roof capacity which you can find in your owner's manual. Now Inno recommends a crossbar spread between nineteen and five-eighths inches and thirty and three-eighths inches. You can adjust these depending on your load length. Now that we've gone over some of the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to put it together and install it on our vehicle.

We've already got the rear in place so we can go ahead and finish this one. We've got our crossbar, we've got our two stays designed to fit with our factory track rail, and then we've got our fit hooks that are specifically designed for our vehicle. You can find your specific vehicle on our website at etrailer dot com. So first thing we'll do is we'll grab one of the stays. We'll take our keys and we're going to need to remove the cover. That's going to reveal where our hardware goes.

Then we'll take this portion of our fit hook and put it underneath and then we're going to take two screws. We will want to line it up with the holes there of course. We'll take two screws, put those through the top just to keep it in place. So it'll look like that. Then we'll take one of the hooks, we'll put it underneath and go ahead and screw that on a little bit.

Now when it fits into our track rail, on top of our vehicle, it's going to be in this position and I'll show you how this works when we get it up there. So let's go ahead and put this other hook in place. All right, then we can put the other one together. So now we'll take our stay with the fit hooks installed and then we're going want to set that on our track rail and it's going to sit on the inside and the outside portion of it. Then once we got it in there, we'll take our included Allen key and we'll tighten that down a little bit. We don't want to tighten it all the way down just yet but just enough so it's not going to come back out. Then we can repeat that same step on the other side. Now with those two stays in place, we'll grab our crossbar and we'll just feed it through meeting with the other side. We'll come over here and we'll finish receiving the crossbar. Now that we've got that slid in here, we'll need to make sure we have even bar overhang on both sides. So you can use a tape measure or your finger just to line up, just to make sure that it's even. I think that looks pretty good. Yeah. But before we tighten our stay down, we'll want to make sure we have equal crossbar spread on both sides. I've already had the rear in place, like I said before, and I've slid my stay all the way up to this panel here as far as it'll go which is making it twenty-eight inches which is what we're going with today. So then we'll take our included Allen key and tighten that down. Let's go ahead and put on our crossbar end caps then finally, let's install our cover. So we'll just slide that on, making sure that your key is in the unlocked position. Once it's in place, lock that up and then it's covering up our hardware. Now with our last cover on, our Inno roof rack system is installed and we're ready to start loading up some accessories. That's going to complete our look at Inno roof rack system for factory track rails.

Customer Reviews

Inno Square Crossbars - Steel - Black - 58" Long - Qty 2 - INB147

Inno Feet for Square Crossbars - Raised Side Rails - Black - Qty 4 - INFR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (29 Customer Reviews)

These steel, square crossbars attach to Inno feet to create a sturdy roof rack for your vehicle. Elastomer coating resists corrosion and helps cushion your load. Bars accommodate carriers and accessories that clamp around bars. Durable feet help mount 2 Inno square bars to your vehicle's raised side rails. Rubber-coated steel straps wrap around rails and tighten with cam-action handles. Locking covers secure feet to side rails.

- INB147
by: Brad D.05/05/2017
Land Rover Discovery II

Perfect fit for a Land Rover Discovery when used with the INMD stays. 376813

by: Josh B09/28/2019

Love it! 710741

- INB147
by: B.W.05/10/2019

Roof rack is easy to install, tough, and durable. It has been good for us because it goes on and comes off frequently but has not damaged the cars paint. My only issue is that one bar bows a little as the rack tightens down. I would definitely recommend it though. 640479

by: Walter04/11/2019

Hi, awesome roof rack, I took me a while to find it. Like the design and so far so good, still looks like new 621547

by: Lonnie02/18/2019

I’ve had this roof rack system for about a year now and it has worked consistently well for the entire 12 months and I believe will continue to work well for me for the for seeable future. I gave it four stars initially and four stars now because I do think the fit and finish of the system could be better. That’s not a dealbreaker for its function because it’s excellent in doing the work it’s designed to do but it just isn’t the prettiest. Great rack, buy it... it will work hard for you. Picture provided features Curt basket with Rino Bedliner treatment. 605957

by: Martin01/14/2019

The roof rack was exactly as advertised, was easy to install and looks good. 597373

by: George07/18/2018

I found this product to be sturdy and has help up well. It performed its function well. 543078

- INB147
by: Elizabeth07/09/2018

I was so nervous purchasing this product since I would have to do the installation myself but the. instructions were clear and the equipment sam simple to assemble. We love our rack system. We have had kayaks and travel bags on them for summer and ski racks for winter each additional piece fit onto the bars well and we have had no issues. 540320

- INB147
by: Dale06/29/2018

The customer service I have received on this order was top notch. If you're interested in a product offered from etrailer.com I strongly recommend you consider buying here. 528362

by: Jeff04/26/2018

Arrived quicker than i expected. Product is easy and simple to assemble and use. Great quality for lower price range. 500760

by: A.M.04/24/2018

I have only had these on for a few days but all seems well. Very little extra noise although I can hear a bit when I'm going over 100 km/h but nothing too bad at all. Installation was extremely simple and straight forward. Took me all of 20 minutes and most of that was just making sure the cross bars were exactly parallel. These shipped to my house (just outside of Toronto) in around 4 days with no extra border fees which was fantastic. I only wanted these to strap a canoe onto the roof of my Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk so I didnt need anything too heavy duty or bulky and this fits the bill perfectly. 500219

by: Carolyn04/22/2018

Never had a problem. They fit perfectly. 499458

- INB147
by: Raymond G.02/13/2018

The ordering procedure was painless. I emailed a technical question to the company and received a prompt, exact response. I just received the product and it appears to be of excellent quality. I have not placed it on my truck as of this date. 475356

- INB147
by: Matt02/12/2018
1996 Volvo 850 Series

I've used these for my 96 Volvo 850 sedan for about a year now, they have held up well to all of my bike attachments, roof box, roof basket, misc things I strap up there like mattresses and ladders and stuff. Super strong! Fantastic alternative to over priced Thule cross bars, I use them on Thule towers and they fit perfectly! It turned a Swedish sedan into a weekend workhorse! 475120

by: Kristin02/12/2018

We previously had an INNO roof rack system for our GMC but since we got a new car we needed a different system. Went to the etrailer website and found what we needed. No hassles with ordering and it was delivered in 2 Days. Very happy with the product and with etrailer.com. 474993

by: John T.10/07/2017

Worked great. Like the locking cover. Easy install. Easy to remove and put back on. 440475

by: Tom09/01/2017

Arrived quickly. Works well. 427631

by: H. B.08/21/2017

First and foremost… YES! I would recommend this product to anyone, so def. read further. Price wise… well below what the more known name brands wanted for a similar setup. Product is well made , but if I had to point out one defect… the rubber shoe the rests between the factory roof bar and the inno feet detaches easily during install (see photo). I will figure out how to securely attatch it when I remove it, because (IMO) it's not one of those units that remains on perminantly. 423515

by: Greg B08/20/2017

The crossbars were delivered as promised. I installed them on my car and it didn't take very long at all. Ready to tote my boards! 425096

by: Pete S08/14/2017

Great price-great product. Easy installation-mounts solidly and securely. Highly recommend product and etrailer. Almost forgot-free shipping and arrived in a couple days! 420448

by: Nick s.07/25/2017

Very easy to install! These racks are very strong! I needed racks to carry fishing kayaks these will work perfectly! 410370

by: Billy B06/03/2017

Received the product fast. installed it right away on my 2012 gmc terrain. amazing how simple and fast (20 mins) it is to install. fit perfectly. there is a sturdiness to this product that i feel will last a long time. i especially like the lock and key cover on the caps. GREAT PRODUCT!!! 388237


The product is just as sturdy as the first day I had it. I would recommend to anyone

Billy B - 06/03/2018


by: Glen05/14/2017

Just what I ordered, arrived before the expected delivery date. Looks pretty good on the 2016 Jeep Trailhawk. 380205

by: Rob J04/06/2017

Quick delivery on what appears to be good quality product. Very easy to install 363905

by: James M.03/22/2017

I occasionally carry building materials that are too large for the inside of the vehicle and this roof rack is sturdy and attractive. The square bars are strong, and the connectors are easy to attach and remove on the factory roof rails. Etrailer.com is the best! 357231


One year later, I still like my roof racks. However, I finally figured out that they cause wind noise inside the vehicle Toyota 2017 RAV4 at highway cruising speeds, even though the windows are closed. Therefore, I remove them on longer trips and install them only when needed.

James M - 03/22/2018


by: Amanda F09/12/2016

I'm giving it a 5 star bc they FIT my flex. I had to send 2 other sets back that claimed they would fit the yr of my Flex... They went on easy and they FIT!!!!!! THANK YOU! 294446


Still holding up!

Amanda F - 09/12/2017


by: Goldie t07/01/2016

Easy to install 267100

by: Cody05/12/2016

Great Product! Shipping was very fast for free shipping, and product was packaged well. Installation was a breeze, and only took about 30 min. I am very pleased with my purchase! 526717

by: David09/23/2015

Just received my rack today. Very easy installation, and added style. 227248


Ask the Experts about this Roof Rack
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  • Will the Thule Stacker Work with the Inno Square Crossbars
  • Yes, the Inno Square Crossbar System part # INB147, part # INSUT, and part # INK263 which is a fit for your 2011 Ford Flex will work with the Thule Stacker part # TH830. This option will allow you to carry multiple kayaks on the roof of your vehicle. The roof racks comes with locks for security and the carrier comes with tie-downs. I have attached a review video on each of these items for you. Please note that the weight of the roof rack, stacker, and water sport accessories will need
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  • Roof Rack for 2017 MDX with Naked Roof for Carrying 2 Kayaks
  • I would go with an aftermarket roof rack for your 2017 Acura MDX as it's going to cost considerably less and be just as good if not better. For the money and the quality the Rhino Rack # RREB137B, # RRRLKVA, # RREB-FK1 and # DK400 is the best option. It gives you a square bar roof rack that's very high quality at a price that beats the higher end rack manufacturers. The INNO kayak carrier part # INA450 then would be a great choice as it can carry up to 2 kayaks like what you need.
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for 2002 Land Rover Range Rover
  • For your 2002 Land Rover Range Rover with factory raised rails we have the Inno Roof Rack part numbers # INB147 and # INFR which is a confirmed fit. It clamps and wraps around the rail and does not require a mounting hole at all.
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  • Roof Racks for 2011 Acura MDX with Naked Roof
  • All aftermarket roof racks for your 2011 Acura MDX that has a naked roof are shown on the linked page. These include racks from Yakima, Rhino-Rack and Inno. All of these rack systems will use door jamb clamp-style attachments to mount onto your vehicle's naked roof. The main differences between these racks are their bar shapes (square, round or elliptical), their bar spacing and their weight ratings. These features are noted for each rack system shown. The widest bar spread and highest
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  • Can 58" Square Inno Crossbars be Purchased Individually
  • All of the Inno crossbars, including the 58" Inno Square Crossbars # INB147 that you referenced, are sold in pairs. I confirmed this with my contact at Inno. You will need to purchase 2 sets of crossbars and keep 1 as a backup in case something were to happen to one of them. If you need any parts to mount these to your vehicle just let me know the year/make/model and I can see what other parts will be needed.
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  • Roof Rack Fits for 2009 Kia Borrego with Raised Factory Roof Siderails
  • The roof rack systems we offer for your 2009 Kia Borrego are intended to attach to factory-installed side rails that run front-to-back on the roof. I reviewed many photos of your vehicle and the side rails appear to be quite similar in size to those commonly found on other vehicles. Please refer to the linked photo of a 2009 Borrego. All of the roof rack systems made for your car are shown on the linked page. These include racks from Inno that use one of three different attachment components
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  • Inno Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2011 GMC Acadia with Factory Side Rails
  • That is a good looking vehicle! I checked with Inno and I am happy to report that foot pack # INFR will fit the raised side rails on your 2011 GMC Acadia. There is also a silver set if you prefer, # INFR-6. For the crossbars that will fit the feet and your Acadia use # INB117.
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  • Inno Square Bar Roof Rack for a 2016 Chevy Trax with Factory Side Rails
  • The Inno feet # INFR are a fit for the 2016 Chevy Trax if it has factory side rails that run front to back on the roof. If you have a different roof configuration let me know. The bars that are recommend for the Trax that also work with these feet are the 42 inch bars # INB107.
    view full answer...

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