Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional
Hopkins Plug-In Simple Custom Wiring Adapter for Trailer Brake Controllers - Chevy/GMC

Part Numbers: HM47297,HM53075


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Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional Up to 4 Axles HM47297
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Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional
part number: HM47297

Get proportional braking with this convenient and innovative brake controller. Mount the brain portion of the system out of sight; put the controller in an easy-to-access area; and affix the digital display to your dash for easy viewing.


  • Brake controller activates trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicle's braking action
    • Automatically adjusts trailer's braking based on deceleration of tow vehicle
    • Activates immediately - no pausing like with time-delayed brake controllers
  • Flex-Mount system includes 3 separate pieces, each of which can be mounted in multiple locations
    • Flex-Display mounts on dash or anywhere in your line of sight
      • Digital display shows braking percentage and diagnostics
    • Flex-Control attaches to any easy-to-reach area
      • Manual override, sensitivity button, and power adjustment buttons
    • Smart-Box goes on kick panel or side of center console
      • Inertia-based control must be pointed in the direction of travel
  • 7 Sensitivity levels let you adjust initial braking power and aggressiveness
  • Integrated short circuit protection
  • Built-in, slide-style manual override
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Universal wiring harness or plug-in, vehicle-specific brake control adapter is required for installation


  • Application: trailers with up to 4 axles (8 brake assemblies)
    • Designed for use with electric or electric-over-hydraulic trailer brakes
  • Smart-Box mounting:
    • 360-Degree vertical plane operating range
    • 10-Degree horizontal range
  • Wire length on Flex-Display and Flex-Control: 4'
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Many proportional brake controllers have restrictions on how and where they can be mounted in your cab. Even if the limitations on mounting a particular controller are relatively few, you still must find an appropriate place in your cab to install it. Typically, brake controllers are mounted beneath the dash. This is done in part to keep the controller relatively out of the way, though still within reach, and in part because this is usually where your vehicle's brake controller wiring harness is located. But this can make it difficult to reach the manual override on the controller, and it makes it nearly impossible to see the display.

Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Brake Controller Mounted

With the InSIGHT Flex-Mount brake controller, you are free to customize your cab as you see fit. Mount the Flex-Display unit (1) anywhere you can easily see it. Attach the Flex-Control (2) somewhere within easy reach so that you can activate the manual override and adjust the sensitivity. Install the Smart-Box (3) in an out-of-the-way location - either on the side of your center console or on your kick panel - and forget about it. Then simply connect the display and the control to the Smart-Box unit with the integrated plug-in wiring harnesses.

No more inability to see the brake controller's display. No more having to reach around blindly searching for the controller beneath your dash. No more hitting your knee on an obtrusive unit. Now your vehicle will look the way you want while being outfitted with a brake controller that works the way you want.

Proportional Braking

With a proportional brake controller, you can get heavy-duty emergency braking, general braking, or slow-to-an-idle braking for your trailer automatically. The intensity with which your trailer brakes are activated and the rate at which they are applied are dependent on the deceleration of your tow vehicle. This means that, unlike time-delay controllers - which send the same amount of preset power to your trailer brakes every time - proportional controllers are able to adapt to every braking situation differently. So, if you slam on the brakes in your truck, your trailer brakes will activate with that same extreme intensity. And if you merely slow down as you approach a red light, your trailer will gradually brake in the same manner.

As long as the InSIGHT Smart-Box is properly mounted according to the included instructions, it will sense - via an internal inertia sensor - how your tow vehicle brakes. This inertia-based sensor responds to the deceleration of your tow vehicle as you brake by signaling the controller to send out enough power to your trailer brakes so that they are activated with an intensity that matches. The result is uniform braking across your towing setup. No push-pull action - just smooth, proportional braking every time.

Power and Sensitivity Adjustment

Getting the braking power you need for your application is simple with the InSIGHT. First, set the overall power so that you can achieve maximum braking without locking up your trailer brakes. This can be done using the plus and minus buttons on the side of the Flex-Control unit.

Hopkins Flex-Control Sensitivity Button

Once you have the overall power set, you can fine-tune the power output by adjusting the sensitivity of the internal sensor. Use the button labeled "S" on the side of the Flex-Control to achieve your desired degree of intensity. There are 7 levels to choose from. The first level offers the least amount of sensitivity, making it ideal for lightweight setups. The heavier your load, the higher you will want to take the sensitivity. At level 7, the sensitivity of the internal sensor is as high as it can go. This level is particularly beneficial if you are towing a heavy load because the intensity required to stop that load may be far greater than that needed to halt your vehicle. Therefore, sending out more initial power to the trailer brakes - and causing them to reach maximum braking faster - allows you to better control the trailer so that it doesn't push your tow vehicle before coming to a complete stop.

Simple, Customizable Installation

Each piece of the InSIGHT can be mounted in multiple locations within your cab so that you can customize installation to suit your needs and preferences. Because all 3 parts connect with the specially designed wiring harnesses, you will have to pay attention to how far apart the pieces are spaced and think about how to run the wiring.

Hopkins Flex-Display Mounts on Dash or Center Console

Affix the Flex-Display to a surface that is within your sight line. This can be your center console, your dash, or somewhere near your instrument panel. Once you've determined the ideal location, attach the display with the included double-sided tape.

Hopkins Flex-Control Mounts on Lower Dash or Center Console

The Flex-Control should be mounted in an easy-to-reach area so that you have fast, simple access to the manual override, as well as to the other controls on the unit. This could be almost anywhere on your dash or center console. The supplied mounting bracket lets you attach the Flex-Control to a curved surface for even more mounting options. The Flex-Control, like the Flex-Display, can be affixed with the included double-sided tape.

The red light on the Flex-Control unit will remain on at all times. This safety feature ensures that you will always be able to find the control, even in the dark.

Hopkins Smart Box Mounts on Kick Panel or Center Console

There are no restrictions on the vertical angle at which the Smart-Box can be mounted, but it does have to be pointed in the direction of travel for the internal accelerometer to properly function. You can mount the Smart-Box on the side of your center console or on your kick panel using either the included double-sided tape or self-tapping screws. If you choose to mount it to your kick panel, make sure that the box does not interfere with your emergency brake pedal.

To connect the Smart-Box to your vehicle, you must either purchase a universal wiring harness to hardwire the box directly into your vehicle or a custom wiring adapter designed to plug into the box and your vehicle. To hardwire the Smart-Box, you must remove the plug at the end of the integrated wiring harness.

Installation Accessories

A vehicle-specific wiring adapter is available for most newer trucks and SUVs. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle, and the other end plugs into the Smart-Box - no hardwiring required.

Note: If a custom brake control wiring adapter is not available for your vehicle, one of the following will be required:

20-Amp circuit breaker (9506P - sold separately) for 2- to 4-brake applications

30-Amp circuit breaker (38630 - sold separately) for 6- to 8-brake applications

See also etrailer.com's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake control installation kit (ETBC7 - sold separately) if you don't already have a 7-way plug at the back of your vehicle.

47297 Hopkins In Sight Flexible Mount 3-Piece Proportional Trailer Brake Control

California residents: click here

Hopkins Plug-In Simple Custom Wiring Adapter for Trailer Brake Controllers - Chevy/GMC
part number: HM53075

Designed for your vehicle with a factory tow package, this wiring harness plugs into the quick-connect harness located under your dashboard and into your Hopkins brake controller for easy installation.


  • Connects your Hopkins brake controller to your vehicle's factory tow package
    • 1 Plug is inserted into the back of your electric brake control
    • 1 Plug is inserted into the factory-installed port under your dashboard
  • Requires no cutting or splicing wires for installation - just plug and play
  • Works with Hopkins Plug-In Simple brake controllers (Agility, Impulse, Reliance, and BrakeForce)
  • 90-Day limited warranty

Installation of Hopkins Plug-In Simple Brake Control Wiring Adapter

To install your Hopkins electric brake controller, you need to connect the wiring of the controller to your vehicle. Certain auto manufacturers offer pre-wired options, typically known as tow packages, wherein wiring is run for you from the dash to the trailer connector on the back of your vehicle. When this is done, a port is installed at your dash so that you can easily plug in a brake controller.

Junction BoxBrake-Control Adapter Port

This adapter plugs into the port on your vehicle's built-in brake control wiring harness. The port is located in the wiring panel underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column, near the emergency brake pedal.

No hardwiring is required to install this adapter. After you plug it into the factory port, you simply plug the other end of the adapter directly into your electric trailer brake controller. Because there are no wires to connect, installation is not permanent. You can unplug and remove your brake controller at any time to transfer it to another vehicle or securely stow it away.

53075 Hopkins Plug-In Simple Brake Controller Wiring Adapter - Chevrolet/GMC

California residents: click here

Video of Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hopkins Brake Controller - Proportional Controller - HM47297 Review

Today were going to review part number HM47297. This is the Hopkins Insight flex mount trailer brake controller. This brake controller will activate your trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicles braking action. It will automatically adjust your trailers braking based on the deceleration of the tow vehicle, and it does activate immediately so theres no pausing like with some of the time delayed brake controllers. The flex mount system here includes three separate pieces each of which can be mounted in different locations; the flex display which is this one right here. This will mount on the dash or anywhere in line of sight, does come with a cord that plugs into the smart box.

Its about a six foot long cord so you still have to make sure you place it to where that cord can plug into the smart box. Has a digital display which will show braking percentage and diagnostics. The flex control which is this one right here, this will also attach to the smart box. It has about a four foot long cord, and you want to have that in an easy to reach area, and it does have this manual override you can see right here. On this side theres an S button.

It stands for sensitivity button, and on the other side there are two buttons that show plus and minus or up and down and those are your power adjustment buttons. Now this smart box, this is actually the brain of the unit. This will mount onto your kick panel or the side of your center console. It is an inertia based control which must be pointed in the direction of travel. So if your vehicles moving this way you want this to be mounted on the kick panel or on your center console either way.

Now when you do mount it it does need to be you can mount it 360 degrees vertical plane. It has a 360 degree vertical plane operating range, but as far as the horizontal range which is side-to-side, you dont want to go really much more than 10 degrees either way. Now it does have, this flex control does have seven sensitivity levels which lets you adjust your initial braking power and the aggressiveness. This whole system has an integrated short circuit protection. As you can see it has the on the flex control is the built in slide-style manual override.

It comes with the mounting hardware, does also come with this pigtail universal wiring harness. Now we also do sell, and I would recommend to check the fit guide on our website for your vehicle, but we do sell vehicle specific brake control adapters that you can just plug this into the smart box and then plug it into the factory brake controller on your vehicle. For this case I'm going to demonstrate the brake controller and we're going to use this universal one that just has the pigtails wires. And I do have a power supply that were going to hook it up to so we can get some power and just show you how the brake controller will work. Once we have those all connected, now well just go ahead and you can see here it just plugs into the smart box. This would be mounted on your kick panel. And then what you want to do is find a place for your flex control, and basically when you plug these in theres two different holes so you cannot plug them into the wrong port. So this one would basically plug into here and the display itself will actually plug into the middle one. So now that weve got that all wired up, when I turn on the power youll be able to see this one will actually, the flex control will have a red light, and youll see on the display itself when it shows a trailer is connected it will just show a single red dot. If there was no single red dot like if I turn this off, that means a trailer is not connected. So once you turn it on or connect it, youll see the number will come up and then it will just go to a single red dot. Now when you move this manual slide, youll be able to see as you push this down you can see the percentage thats applied to your brakes, and you do set that amount. The first thing youll do on the flex control is set your power output. So if you push that down and then you can push plus you can see itll change it a percentage. Thats a percentage so each time you push this up or down itll change it 5%. And then youll go to the other side and then youll see as you push the sensitivity button thats two, three, four, five, six, seven. Theres seven different levels so depending on the load youll be towing, if its a heavier load youll go up to a higher sensitivity level, and then basically this will be in reach so if you have to have a situation where you have to apply the brakes immediately, youll just push this manual and as you can see whatever you had it set at, it will give you the maximum output to your brakes. And again the application for this brake controller is for trailers with up to four axles or eight brake assemblies. It is designed for use with electric or electric over hydraulic trailer brakes, and it does come with a limited lifetime warranty. And that should do it for the review on part number HM47297, the Hopkins Insight flex mount trailer brake controller. .

Customer Reviews

Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - HM47297

Hopkins Plug-In Simple Custom Wiring Adapter for Trailer Brake Controllers - Chevy/GMC - HM53075

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (214 Customer Reviews)

Get proportional braking with this convenient and innovative brake controller. Mount the brain portion of the system out of sight; put the controller in an easy-to-access area; and affix the digital display to your dash for easy viewing. Designed for your vehicle with a factory tow package, this wiring harness plugs into the quick-connect harness located under your dashboard and into your Hopkins brake controller for easy installation.

- HM47297
by: StephenH11/24/2015

The InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller installed relatively easily. The hardest part was getting my hands and a pair of pliers up under the dash to connect the red wire to the brake wire. The 2016 Ford Escape SE has tight spaces, and no really good place to mount a one-piece unit. This is ideal as I have placed the display where I can see it, the manual control where I can reach it easily, and the controller where it is not in the way of my feet. The hardest part was in installing the ETBC7 Brake Controller Wiring Kit. I will write that up separately. I have not had the opportunity to tow with this unit yet. However, I hope to do so shortly. I expect this unit to work well. I could only wish Ford would have included a connector and wiring so it would have been more "plug and play." 232496


I like this controller very much. It is providing good service. I have not had any issues with it. I especially like the ability to mount the components where I want them. I can easily reach the manual control and see the display. There was a little learning curve to setting up, but it is working well.

StephenH - 11/23/2016


- HM47297
by: Jeff07/13/2018

Easy to install. Defiantly would recommend the wire harness if your vehicle is tow equipped. Made it plug and play 540990

- HM47297
by: Wilfred12/12/2017

As always a very quick delivery. With a litte bit of pre planning only took ten min to install. Works awesome. 459660

- HM47297
by: Tim02/08/2018

The Insight does everything it needed, except the installers would not look at the video on line to use the factory wiring in my GMC. I believe they used the under dash wiring, but ran a separate wire to power the unit to the battery, because they did not want to find the time to do it with factory under the hood. However, they did wire it correctly, and it works great. I had them put the box in the center area of the tunnel, and the other items as pictured, a little differently than recommended, as I like the slider close to my hand and placed it under the shift lever when in manual/tow mode, I can rest my hand on the shifter and tickle it with my finger. Eight months later I had to replace the double stick tape on the small indicator (living in CA, hot on that dash!) 473961


seems fine

Tim - 02/13/2019


- HM47297
by: Mick H.08/05/2015

I ordered this particular unit because I wanted a hidden brake box since my truck was already equipped with a built in brake box from the factory. Installation of this unit was very simple and straightforward. To hide this unit I put the display screen in a vacant cubby hole in the dash, and put the controller in the empty ash tray compartment. I was pleased with the quality of the brake box and I feel it is well engineered considering it is a 3pc design. Once the box was installed everything works like it should. The only issue I'm having with it is getting the sensitivity adjusted, it seems like sometimes it is way too extreme and other times not sensitive at all. I will adjust my mounting location of the "brain" to see if that helps. Otherwise tow thumbs up! 216890

- HM47297
by: Joe T03/09/2017

The Hopkins Insight was so easy to install using the pre made cable for my 2106 RAM 1500. It took me less than 10 minutes once I chose the places to put the display and control and watched the video if the install(that was perfect) . Since I have a 2WD model the space where 4WD control would go made a perfect spot. I was going to have the dealer install the integrated Brake control for 600 bucks until I saw the Hopkins insight. For less than $$$ bucks with the pre made cable and I am happy I went with the Hopkins. 355097

- HM47297
by: Kernsy12/02/2014

Product came in a couple days and everything was inclueded. For my application it worked out well as I intend to keep this installed. Everything looks neat and clean to me as I have it installed, see pics. Very simple from start to finish, I'd call this one idiot proof, as I did not mess it up one bit. This is in a 2014 Tundra One note, if you plan on removing display and remote control when not in use there are probably better options out there. I think it would work better if the plug ins for the remote were on one side of the control box and the wiring to the vehicle was on the other side. That way wires would be hidden when not in use and you can easily hook up remote and display on the other side. 162925

- HM47297
by: Sam N.07/08/2014

This is the first time I've used any brake controller, but when I bought a 8000lb 31 ft travel trailer I knew I needed one, especially with my half ton 2014 Toyota Tundra. I did my research and decided that this Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount controller was the one I wanted. I liked the idea that all the components are separated. I installed the smart box with the included screws next to the parking brake and I don't even notice it's there unless I get out of my truck to look at it. The flex control and flex display I wired up the side of the dash, where the door seals are and when the door is closed I don't even notice its there. The most important feature for me was that I could disconnect the two flex components when not in use and just leave the smart box, since I don't use it very often. The controller was very easy to use, there is power percentage and sensitivity. I drove slowly and braked to test and adjust. Once I got the settings I liked, I just leave it. I always felt in control of my trailer with this system. Etrailer was a great retailer to purchase from. I researched all the places for which I could buy this controller and etrailer had the best prices and the Toyota adapter I needed. I liked that they had all the links necessary to what I need and what accessories that would fit so I would not have to go searching for it. I would definitely buy this controller and from etrailer again! The only con with the controller is that the included double sided tape was not very sticky, but that might have been because I tried to stick in on a dash they had armor all on it and it kept falling off, when I saw my 2 year old had played with the tape and stuck it on my arm rest, they were stuck good and I have to scrub to get the sticky out. If you plan on removing it when not in use I would suggest getting some velcro tape and use that instead so you can easily take the flex devices off. 139952


Its been a year since Ive had this controller. Ive never taken it out. I wish my Tundra had an integrated controller for the looks, but this product works great for those who dont have one! No issues what so ever!

Sam N - 07/08/2015


- HM47297
by: Jim08/08/2014

Took longer to decide where to mount the display and finger control that it did to actually do the work. Unit works as advertised and has plenty of adjustment to accommodate two axles of brakes on my utility trailer. Highly recommended. 145238


I use the controller and accessories regularly and have had no trouble or problems of any kind?..they just work as they should every time. Can?t ask for more than that. Thanks for making 1st class products available at reasonable prices.

Jim - 08/13/2015


- HM47297
by: Alex05/28/2016

Great Idea, no more CB radio type thing rubbing your knee when driving. I'm into making stuff look factory and i think i did a great job installing this product in my 08 Ram 3500 252896

- HM47297
by: hbradshaw07/14/2017

I haven't hooked up the trailer and seen the trailer brake in action yet but I'm going to start by giving it a 5 star review just for the ease of ordering from etrailer and the install. I'll update after using it. etrailer matched the plug-in adapter for the system/my truck so all I had to do was push add to cart. It was also delivered on time. I installed it on my 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Z71. I have no mechanical/electrical abilities whatsoever and I was able to do the install from start to finish by myself. I ordered this particular system because I did not want the traditional trailer brake that is mounted on the kick panel. I was able to mount the system out of sight when it's not needed, as to not change the appearance of my brand new truck, and there is nothing to bang my shin on! I mounted it with 3M double sided sticky tape (other reviews stated the provided tape didn't stick well) and used zip ties for cable management. The Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount was perfect for what I wanted! 405858

- HM47297
by: Bill S.04/03/2015

Purchased this brake controller because none of the traditional brake contollers would mount well for my application. I installed this brake contoller in a 2013 Ford E-450 class C motorhome. It took quite a bit of creatively to find a proper mounting location for the main controller unit which the instructions tell you to mount on the driver side kick panel or the center console. this can't happen in an E-450. Your foot will strike the the box when applying the parking brake and the dog house of the E-450 is curved and this location would have required drilling through metal into the engine compartment and spacers to make the unit parrallel up and down pointing forward. I thought the passenger kick panel was the better option, however neither the plug-in simple brake control connector wiring or the brake contoller display and remote switch cables were long enough to reach the passenger kick panel. Hopkins needs to add at least 2' of wire to the skimpy 3' that is provided which would allow the install to go on the passenger kick panel. Neither Hopkins or e-Trailer could help with any alternative suggestions for mounting the control box, probably because no one has installed this in a 2013 E-450 Van even though the product number is listed for this application. Apparently Hopkins engineering does not verify that their unit will actually mount in the suggested locations indicated in the instructions. Important information missing from the instructions, is that the cotroller box MUST be mounted in a way that the wires coming out of the box are facing forward toward the front of the vehicle and that the box must be mounted as near to perpendicular to the floor and as close to parrallel with the side of the vehichle. After tearing into the dash and seeing that the wiring cables were too short to reach the passenger kick panel I came upon the best location for the controller to be mounted. I mounted the box to the left dash side of the glove box wall. Glove box must be removed by removing 6 screws. Close the glove box door and hold up as close to the original opening a possible, hold contoller box against the left wall and line up with a small level. Use an ice pick to mark mounting holes, drill 4 3/16" holes, buy 4 #8x3/4" machine screws and 4 nylon lock nuts. Mount with screw heads inside of glove box left wall. You will have just enough wire if your manual switch is mounted on the lower right driver side of the dash next to the center opening and the display is located on the upper edge of the dash above the pigeon hole left of center. I used exterior 3M double sided tape to mount these two items, not the tape supplied, I don't drill holes in my dash and I want those items to stick. 4 star because of wiring length, instructions, and Hopkins customer service no service. 182705

- HM47297
by: T Tucker06/22/2016

So far the insight has been great. I ordered this unit because of the install options. No bulky tbc at my knees. Install turned out great and it has functioned well so far. I've only pulled with it one time. Installation instructions recommended mounting the brain box on the side of the center console or on the kick panel. Which was not an option for me. I ordered this so i could keep it out of sight. After lots of head scratching I finally found the perfect spot to keep it turned right and out of sight in my fuse panel. 263748

- HM47297
by: Reimund B.05/13/2016

I love the flexibility this kit provides. Instead of having a knee banger that looks like a distinct add on to the Instrument panel, it was possible to mount the components close together in the center console area, to get excellent functionality and a professional appearance. The smart box fits perfectly to the right side of the shift mechanism underneath the center console. There is a clear line of sight to the display when mounted next to the aux jack and the adjustment control is at your finger tips right underneath the arm rest overhang of the console. Take a look at the pictures. I am very happy how it turned out. 250189


For the last year, I have had a flawless performance of this Hopkins brake controller. The last 8500 mile trip with my pop up camper went to Colorado and Utah. We crossed 12000 ft passes on the continental divide and had no issues whatsoever. I am still very happy with my choice.

Reimund B - 01/30/2018


- HM47297
by: EJ Smith04/21/2017

*Note - the Flex-control will always have a light on, even with the Colorado off. *Note - this kit comes with the Hopkins Universal Brake Control wire adapter. You don't need to order one separately. This Hopkins Insight Flex-mount Brake Controller lived up to my expectations in terms of ease of installation and configurability of the placement of the components. There's no way I wanted a brake controller installed on the bottom of the dash where your knee will bang into it and will act like a weapon if you get into an accident. I've been in a frontal crash - your legs banging into the bottom of the dash can be painful enough without having a brake controller to smack into. First off, you don't need to order the stand-alone harness offered: this kit comes with the same harness. Unfortunately it's not shown in the first picture featured for this product, but you'll see it in other pictures if you scroll through. Toughest part of this job was identifying the wiring for my 2016 Colorado's towing package wiring. The video here on eTrailer (for another EBC) doesn't do a great job of identifying the wires by color, so it took several sources found via Google searches to get it right. Here's the hook up: Colorado's red (12v power) to controller's black wire, Colorado's black (ground - small gauge) to controller's white wire, Colorado's blue (trailer brakes) to controller's blue wire, Colorado's white w/ blue stripe (brake lights - small gauge) to controller's red wire. Next up was figuring out where the components should be. Again, I didn't want the inertia Smart-box mounted on the left kick panel where I might kick it or have to drill into the plastic to mount it. I considered mounting it behind the kick panel, but I couldn't be sure there was enough space for it, so I decided to mount it under the dash, in the correct north/south orientation, on the HVAC blower, using Gorilla double sided tape (based on other reviews I didn't bother using the included double sided tape as people complained it didn't stick well). There's enough wire for the wiring adapter, Flex-display and the Flex-control to reach the Smart-box easily in that location. The wiring adapter comes out from behind the kick panel just by the ODBII outlet, runs tucked up under the dash, and then drops down to plug into the Smart-box. I then ran the wire from the Flex-display through a seam in the plastic panel on the side of the dash where it meets the driver's door (you can push to open the gap), and it hid it very well. The wire running up to the display from the side dash panel I was able to tightly tuck into the panel gaps on the top of the dash. The display is so stable that I haven't put double sided tape on it as planned - it just sits there free. The extra cable I zip tied to the underside of the steering column to keep it out of sight and away from the footwell. For the Flex-controller, I wanted it in easy reach as it has both the setting adjustment buttons on it but in a panic stop situation I wanted to be able to grab it without having to look for it. The best place I came up with was on the face plate of the radio. The only obstacle to over come with that location was the compound curve of the surface you want to tape it to. I overcame that by putting a solid piece of double sided tape on the back of the Flex-control (I didn't use the separate plastic mount that came with it), then cutting smaller pieces of double sided tape, about 1" long each, and putting them on the top and the bottom of the backside of the Flex-control. That effectively filled the gaps of the curved surface, and makes for a very sturdy fitment. I ran the cable in the gap at the bottom of the adjustable portion of the steering column and the fixed portion of the dash. I've tested the components with the 18' car trailer hooked up to the truck, but I haven't had it in motion yet so I can't comment on settings. 370722


I need to request that one of the photos I submitted and potentially some of the text be changed to reflect that the Smart-box component of the setup needs to be installed so that the wires coming out of the Smart-box always face towards the firewall, no matter if it is installed on the kick panel on drivers left or right. I sent an email to Hopkins to ask that question, as it wasnt clear to me from either Hopkins instructions or eTrailers review whether this was the case or not. Hopkins has responded and informed me that the Smart-box needs to be installed so that the wires are coming out of the Smart-box are pointed towards the firewall of the truck.I want to make sure my review doesnt add to that confusion. Id ask that the attached picture be substituted for the original Smart-box install pic I included. Id also like to review my text that I submitted to further make sure that it clarifies the orientation needed for the Smart-box to work properly.Id ask that eTrailer review their documentation for this device in order to make the proper orientation of the Smart-box abundantly clear, as I wasnt able to easily discern that fact, and Ive got to believe others will be similarly confused. Im also going to ask Hopkins to consider putting an arrow on their decal on the Smart-box to indicate the direction of travel the device should be oriented to.

-- EJ S - 02/10/2018


I find this this EBC to be very effective and love the modular placement of the components. It works as advertised, and Ive used the Flex-controller when I was towing going down a hill and the car trailer got a sway to it. Just a quick squeeze of the slider and the trailer settled right down - drama done. Quality piece that is standing the test of time.

EJ S - 04/25/2018


- HM47297
by: 98 Durango w Factory Wiring -- LOVE IT03/11/2016

Initially, my only criteria for buying this particular one was the fact that it was designed for modern applications, not a 1970s CB-radio style from the old units. That said, I'm very happy with the easy of use and the performance. So far, I've gone a few hundred miles with an 18 foot car hauler and it has been great! At one point, traffic on the Interstate was completely stopped with little warning. I jammed on my brakes and this little buddy did everything he should. I avoided destroying the BMW in front of me, so that's a few dollars well spent! BRAKING: -------------------------------------------- When I brake normally, I notice the proportional control goes up to about 35 at most. I have mine set to 99, but it feels great and never feels like I'm being pushed or working too hard to brake. INSTALLATION: -------------------------------------------- The toughest part was getting to the factory plug location on my 1998 Durango. I finally found the spot, covered by other wires, and clipped in the provided plug. The main module installed wonderfully behind the kick panel to the left of the driver's feet. I tucked it behind the wire harness in that area and zip-tied the module into place so that it won't come loose or tilt. I'm a big fan of not drilling if possible. I ran the display wire up the trim to the top left of the windshield. It looks great there. I can see it when I need, but it's not in the way when I'm not towing. My remote module is attached where the knee panel meets the column and dashboard. The wire slides between the seams and is covered by a rubber flange. There was an included bracket that appeared you could screw it into the dash, then pop the remote on and off. Again, I wanted to leave no holes so I went with 3M industrial adhesive that I already owned, similar to the stuff that comes with a GPS to mount the black circle to the dash. For a location, it's not the easiest place to grab, but I know where it is. It's completely out of the way when I'm not using it. INCLUDED: -------------------------------------------- I bought the package with the cable made for my truck. For a few extra dollars, it was worth the hassle of trying to crimp wires and deal with another potential point of failure. The cable went straight in both sides and my factory-installed wiring worked without adding a fuse or any other changes. It could not have been much simpler. The box MUST be mounted in a way that the accelerometer (think of how an iPhone knows you're moving it) can sense how hard you're braking. I was lucky that my left kick panel had room for it. I've seen other reviews that were annoyed because they weren't so lucky for location. The box is really very small, not much bigger than a larger iPhone. CAVEATS: -------------------------------------------- Some applications might be wired different, but my factoring trailer wiring on the 1998 Durango gives power to the unit all the time (even when the keys are off). I can see value in this, as you'll have brakes even if the car isn't running. I can't think of too many scenarios where it would matter, but it is what it is. It's possible that other cars are wired with the ignition controlling the power to this. Because of the above wiring caveat, there is a red LED on the insight remote control that never goes off. Car off, parked in driveway, locked, middle-of-the-night... LED still on. It's very dim and never draws enough power to matter. The red dot on the display also stays on always (if there's a trailer connected). I also wasn't aware that pushing the manual brake lever on the insight control would also trigger my Durango's brake lights. I guess that's a good thing. It just surprised me. As I drove down the road, flicking the switch to watch the numbers light up -- the person behind me was watching my brake lights flash constantly hah. ALL IN ALL: -------------------------------------------- I love it. Thanks for taking the time for my wordy review. I will NEVER go back to a CB-radio mount style again after this. It's hidden away and not ugly. Other manufacturers would be wise to use this style. 240604

- HM47297
by: Arjen S03/25/2018

I just finished installing the Hopkins Insight brake controller. The car had a factory trailer hitch and wiring which made my job much easier. The big trick was locating the proper information on the wiring harness for the car. I found the location online by visiting a Mercedes-Benz Forum. This unit has three components: The control box, a display head and a manual override which each need a home. Once I connected the four wires to the cables that were already under the dash, I mounted the head on the dash at the left, mounted the control box behind the right side panel (in the image, I showed the cable on purpose to show where I hid the controller) and I placed the manual override controller on the center console. This location I think works just great since my arm is resting there already. Total install time for me was about 2 hrs. It fired right up and I am pretty happy with my choice of controller. Thank you etrailer for all the info on the website. It made my job easier...and now there is a resource for the Mercedes Cable assy for the ML. 489131

- HM47297
by: Robert06/12/2019

2014 1794 Toyota Tundra, Installation was easy. just installed haven't hooked up to trailer yet. 657114

- HM47297
by: John E.05/24/2019

Great product for my Acura MDX to tow my Winnebago Micro Minnie. I really like the remote display and the remote manual controller. I can place these 2 pieces exactly where I want them for easy read and easy access with having a large all in 1 unit being mounted and taking up so much dash area space. The main unit mount under the dash on the side kick plate out of the way. Excellent for my application. The performance for braking is progressive and not jerky and I can adjust sensitivity and braking power without having to fumble around trying to find the main controller and taking my eyes off the road to do so. I am very pleased with this product. 646441

- HM47297
by: Gary A05/11/2019

First etrailer was a delight to deal with. I was keep up to date on my transaction from start to delivery. I would suggest anyone to buy from them great people to deal with. I have only installed the K Source mirrors they fit perfect over the factory mirrors and look good. I haven't installed the break controller yet. will update review later. 640884

- HM47297
by: Joe M05/09/2019

Works great. No more knocking my knees on a controller when entering/exiting the vehicle. 640200

- HM47297
by: LESchwartz05/02/2019

My original display had a couple of burned out segments, but as usual etrailer's customer support was quick to get me a replacement. The unit was easy to install. The flexibility of mounting the unit, the control, and the display in different locations is great! I mounted the unit to the kick panel, so I don't have to bump my knee on a break controller when entering or existing my truck. The control was mounted to the dash just within arms reach. And the display was mounted out of the way on the dash next to the pillar. Unfortunately the display is the weak point for this product: The LEDs are too small, too dim, and the mounting bracket just isn't versatile enough. In the end, I just let it sit in the corner on the dash rather than try mounting it. A better display and mount would have gotten this product 5 stars! 636603

- HM47297
by: David04/25/2019

Love this thing, works great and it's a quarter of what the dealership wanted to install a module and flash the computer on my Ram. I've attached a few pics to show how nice it looks. And, it took longer to decide where I wanted it than it did to actually install it. One more note, I used industrial Gorilla tape to stick the brains of the operation to the e brake bracket. 635033

- HM47297
by: Awesome product from eTrailer!!!04/21/2019

One year later and this product is still GREAT! Tied it into a 2018 4Runner and this thing work seamlessly. Highly recommend from eTrailer! 633872

- HM47297
by: Martin04/15/2019

My brakes still don't work. However I don't know if it is the brakes or the control that does not work. The manual switch does not stay on it's base well 628741


The easiest way to determine if the problem is the trailer brakes or the brake controller is to try the trailer with a different vehicle or the vehicle with a different trailer. That will make it immediately evident where the problem lies. In addition, heres a link to a help article about troubleshooting trailer braking systems. Please work through the troubleshooting strategies mentioned above, and let us know what you find. The manual switch can be reattached to where you have mounted with some double-sided tape.

-- Mike L - 04/17/2019


- HM47297
by: Bryan04/12/2019

Wonderful brake controller! Super fast plug and play install under the steering column. Installed in 2 minutes. I like the digital readout and easy adjustability! Overall, I will have this controller in everything I use to tow with. (Given they make one specific to my vehicles) 625389

- HM47297
by: Richie04/11/2019

Been installed on my 2015 Ram 1500 for a year now with no issues. Works flawlessly. 621519

- HM47297
by: Erv03/01/2019

Great product. Easy installation. Has performed flawlessly for over a year. etrailer.com staff is great, and their website is easy to navigate. Great place to shop. Keep up the good work! 609523

- HM47297
by: Joselito02/21/2019

Thank you, you guys are amazing and Shawn was outstanding 606922

- HM47297
by: Marvin02/17/2019

Best trailer brake system I have ever used. Wanted to upgrade to a proportional unit before an extended trip and choose this one for its small size and flexibility of installation. Very easy to install and set up. Pulled our dual axle trailer to Alaska last summer.(14,000+miles). Brakes worked perfectly and truck/trailer seems to stop as one. No push/lag or anything. Highly recommend. I wish I had gotten this many years ago. 605756

- HM47297
by: Michael02/09/2019

I just received my order. I have not installed it yet however it looks to be just what i need. My experiences with your company has always been good. the staff is very helpful and my orders arrive very quickly 603602

- HM47297
by: John01/27/2019

Excellent product very easy to install. 600651

- HM47297
by: Eric12/17/2018

You’ll need stronger two sided tape(bought mine at local hardware store). But the assembly is very easy. 591358

- HM47297
by: David12/05/2018

Purchased this brake controller about a year ago. The install was pretty simple and the instructions were well written. I installed it on a 2006 Ford F150 and everything just plugged in and the running of the wires was petty easy too. After having several different kinds of brake controllers I find this one to be the best. The fact that it senses the amount of brake you are applying to the tow vehicle to determine the amount of brake to apply to the trailer makes for smooth stops. Great product!! I would recommend this controller to anyone who wants a quality product that works as it should and is easy to install. 588464

- HM47297
by: Eric11/15/2018

I love this brake controller, and honestly can't wait to write a review for it! After a lot of research, I chose the Insight because I like that it gets the display up into my line of sight and the control up where I can reach it without leaning down where I can no longer see the mirrors. The three-part installation makes this possible. The momentum sensor provides just the right amount of braking for each stop. (I found that for my trailer, I have to have the Insight turned up almost all the way for it to provide noticeable braking. It still only registers a 30 (out of 95, I think) on the meter on my hardest stops, and I've detected no hint of lockup on the trailer brakes. Actually, the mechanic who I hired to install it was very skeptical. He said, "You're going to have to get yourself a *real* brake controller!" I told him to make this work. One thing I don't like is that, while I'm braking, if I feel like I need a little stronger braking from the trailer, e.g. going downhill through curves on the highway, if I try to manually override the controller using the slider, it starts over again at 0 as soon as I touch it, effectively releasing the brakes until I've squeezed hard enough to apply them back where they were. It's uncommon, and I've learned just not to bother unless it's an emergency. I have since replaced my tow vehicle and ended up with one that has a Draw-Tite 5535 brake controller and I absolutely hate it. It somehow manages to be both grabby and not very effective. Has so few and such coarse settings that I always have either too much braking or not enough. And since it's just based on the brake lights coming on, it's effectively binary. It's also in my way and bangs my leg every time I get in and out of the truck. Hate. It! Miss my Insight and looking to go back to this. Don't listen to my mechanic! Get the Insight! (There may be other good brake controllers out there, but this is at least one of them.) 583063

- HM47297
by: Tommy11/07/2018

The unit keeps falling off the dash even change tapes needs something different to mount it with, I guess the weather has something to do with it. But all I all the unit works fine for stopping the trailer 580704

- HM53075
by: John10/26/2018
2007 Chevrolet Silverado New Body

I usually receive good products from this store. This part, however, does not work. I plugged in the adapter according to the directions but when I tried to start the truck it would not start. I unplugged it and the truck started. It was causing the gushes not to work and the truck not to start unless I unplugged it. I would like to return the adapter plug. I matched up the year make and model and this plug was recommended. I would change it. Hopefully it did t damage anything on my truck. It was almost like it shorted the system out. 577612


I see that you ordered part # HM53075 for a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado New body. There is not a plug under the dash to plug in a brake controller adapter on a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado New body. The manufacturer did run wires from the back of the truck to the front under the dash. The wires from the back of the brake controller will need to be wired into the bundle of wires under the drivers side dash using butt connectors. The towing package wires may be labeled but it is a good idea to test them using a circuit tester part # 40376 before making any connections. I have attached a help article for installing a brake controller on a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado New body.

-- Heather A - 10/26/2018


- HM47297
by: Darrell10/21/2018

The controller works ok but the display starting messing up about a month later. Also, the adhesive for the manual control doesn’t last through the summer heat. Honestly if I was doing it again I wouldn’t buy this one. I’d get the P3 instead. 576312


In many cases, powering down the controller by unplugging it from the vehicle for a few minutes, then plugging it back in will solve the display issue. If it isnt, the controller is faulty and would need to be replaced.

-- Mike L - 10/23/2018


- HM47297
by: Denny10/17/2018

Works great for towing my 32 foot travel trailer, and super fast shipping! 575125

- HM47297
by: Wesley09/23/2018

Just like Holiday Inn, "The best surprise is NO surprise". Everything was plug and play. I did order the wiring cable for my 2014 Toyota Tundra which does have the "tow package" option, from Hopkins InSight as well as the controller. I'd highly recommend this product. 567997

- HM47297
by: James09/12/2018

I really like the Hopkins InSight Brake Controller. I have owned several other Brake Controllers and bar none this one is the smoothest operating of them all. I want own anything else. 564121

- HM47297
by: George08/22/2018

Works as advertised. 556601

- HM47297
by: Andy Anderson08/15/2018

I found this brake controller (HM47297) to be an very good value. It works well and seeing that my F 150 has a towing package, it was easy to install. I would recommend this product to a friend. 553890

- HM47297
by: Douglas07/29/2018

Put this in my 2006 Ram 2500 to tow my camper. Works great. shipping was fast. installation was easy.took about half an hour. 547521

- HM53075
by: Russell07/17/2018

Great product, works well. 542788

- HM47297
by: Marc07/10/2018

Delivered ahead of schedule. The packing was as it should be, No missing parts and the unit is sturdy and well made. I Spent a day reviewing the install process and watching the video a couple of times.I prepped the wires in the truck and located all the connectors. I am ready to install and will follow up with pictures when it is accomplished 540078

- HM47297
by: Big-Foot07/03/2018

I installed this in my 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon. It works perfectly with my trailer and is easily adjusted to fine-tune the sensitivity and percentage of braking action. I will say that the instructions leave a you a little bit short though. There are a number of places both here and elsewhere on the web that tell you that the Smart Box can be mounted in numerous positions. I found this to be false. The only “correct” way is to have the SmartBox mounted on its side with the wires coming out of it faced forward and forward “only”... To mount it in any other position will cause the Intertial System to malfunction. This system is required for automatic and proportionate braking of the trailer. The only other thing I would put on my wish list would be for a longer wiring harness for the remote activation switch. I mounted mine on the console by the parking brake lever and barely had enough cable to get to the smart box mounted up under my dash to the left of the steering column. If I had mounted the Smart Box to the kick panel as the instructions suggest, I would have had to mount the remote activation switch in a far more inconvenient location. etrailer - Please review and modify the instructions / videos for this unit.. 529660


According to Hopkins, who manufactures the brake controller, the smart box needs to be mounted so that its pointed in the direction of travel. Other than that caveat, the angle at which the box is mounted doesnt matter. We dont manufacture the controller, but I will pass along your concerns to Hopkins.

-- Mike L - 07/03/2018


- HM47297
by: Keith06/30/2018

Quick response service was fast Helped to have YouTube videos of exact year install 4 overall the case of the control unit is cheesy and popped apart while install but unit performs as advertised 528659

- HM47297
by: Joseph06/28/2018

Very good product and very good customer service, I would highly recommend this product and company 528106

- HM47297
by: Matt06/23/2018

Controller works good and having the remote display which I mounted on my steering column is awesome being able to see it while driving . Will buy again if I need another!! 526000

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  • Troubleshooting Installation of Hopkins InSight Trailer Brake Controller HM47297
  • I could not find any order history based on your email address but for the Hopkins InSight trailer brake controller # HM47297 if you see power levels indicated when you press the manual override lever there should be output on the blue wire that gets routed to your 7-way trailer connector. If your Durango has a factory 7-way, installation will use wiring adapter # HM53035 to connect to the under-dash port. If it does not have a factory 7-way then the InSIGHT would have been hardwired.
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  • Wiring Harness for Installing Hopkins InSIGHT Trailer Brake Controller HM47297 in 1999 Ford F-350
  • If you are looking for a brake controller installation harness for the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 that you referenced, you can use their harness # HM47715 which is a direct fit for the 1999 F-350 that has a factory 7-way. The included video shows installation in a 2001 Super Duty. The photo shows the gray under-dash connector it plugs into. We also offer many types of trailer wiring harness for your 1999 Ford F-350. I included all of them on the linked
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Wiring Harness for 2017 Toyota Tacoma to Install Hopkins InSIGHT Brake Controller
  • For your 2017 Toyota Tacoma, the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 is a great option. There is a wiring harness made specifically for this fit. It is part # HM47816. I've attached a video of this installation on a Tundra to give you an idea of the fit. The Tekonsha wiring harness is only a fit for Tekonsha and Draw-Tite brake controllers.
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  • Correct Orientation of Smart Box Controller Unit for Hopkins InSIGHT Brake Controller HM47297
  • Thank you for your recent purchase of a Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297. It sounds like perhaps your chosen mounting point for the inertia-based controller unit (the largest of the three parts that has the four wires and a flat connector) does not allow for it to face exactly perpendicular to the direction of travel or to be perfectly level. The controller unit is shown in the linked photo. This correct orientation is critical for an inertial type controller
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  • Routing Power Wire for Hopkins Insight Brake Controller on 2015 Subaru Outback
  • Thank you for the compliment; it was our pleasure! Our goal at etrailer.com is to provide exceptional service to our customers. I see from your order that you purchased the Hopkins Insight Proportional Brake Controller, # HM47297 for your 2015 Subaru Outback. I've attached a link to our video of this brake controller being installed on a 2016 Outback, which should be very similar to your 2015. In this video you will see how Randy (one of our installers) routes the power wire to keep
    view full answer...

  • Wiring Adapter Needed to Install Hopkins InSIGHT Brake Controller HM47297 in 2006 Silverado
  • Proportional brake controllers do not automatically activate trailer brakes on downhill grades. The same applies for time-delay types. A proportional brake controller like the excellent Prodigy units, P2 # 90885 and P3 # 90195, will still require you to apply the Silverado's brake pedal to activate it but at that point the controller's internal accelerometer will sense the rate of deceleration in the tow vehicle and send an equivalent signal to the trailer brakes so that the trailer
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  • Alternative Style Brake Controller Recommendation That Does Not Mount Near Knee Area
  • The Hopkins Insight # HM47297 may be just what you are looking for. This controller mainly installs out of sight and would not have the standard bulky appearance you are trying to avoid. Basically the "brain" of the controller mounts out of plain sight and you are allowed to mount the display and override lever wherever you like to give you the flexibility of not having to drill into the dash or have anything near the knee area of your vehicle. I attached a review video plus an install
    view full answer...

  • Hopkins InSight Brake Controller Shows 3 Volts All the Time
  • Brake controllers do send back a minimum amount of voltage to check for a connected trailer but it should not be enough to activate the brakes. Three volts is more voltage than what the brake controller should be sending back to check for a trailer so there seems to be some sort of error. The first thing I would check is how you have the main box mounted. It has to be mounted flat against a surface, in the direction of travel as shown in the instructions linked to the right. It can't
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  • Does Hopkins InSIGHT Brake Controller have Manual Override and Light Vehicle Brake Lights
  • If you disconnect power to the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 it will cause the brake controller to loose its memory and will require resetting. I spoke to my contact at Hopkins about current draw in idle/standby mode if the brake controller is wired so that it has constant battery power. His response was there is very little, if any, current draw, a few milliamps. He said he has used this brake controller in his van and has never had an issue with the
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Voltage Loss on Trailer Brake Circuit Between Truck 7-Way & Trailer Brakes
  • If your 7-way's brake controller circuit shows 13.9 volts when you apply your controller manual override, but the voltage reading at the brakes is only 9.9 volts then you do have some issue with your wiring. A minor voltage drop is normal but losing 4 volts tends to suggest you have one or more wiring issues. You can check the condition of the contacts in your trailer's male 7-way plug to see if there is corrosion or a bent pin. Trace the wiring all the way to the brake assemblies, looking
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  • Recommended Brake Controller for Motorcycle Trailer with Brakes
  • For your trailer, you can add brakes since there is the flange already mounted to your axle. You will need to pull one of the hubs off your trailer spindle to see if you can get the bearing numbers off the face of the inner and outer bearing of that hub. If the numbers are not legible, then you will need to use a digital caliper like # to measure the spindle where the bearings rest on the spindle. I have attached a photo to assist. That will help me get you the brake assemblies
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  • Will Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller Fit a 2014 Toyota Tundra
  • Yes, you can use the Hopkins InSIGHT brake controller, # HM47297, with your 2014 Toyota Tundra. If your Tundra came with a factory installed 7-Way trailer connector you will also need wiring harness # HM47815 which plugs into the factory brake controller connector on your Tundra. The factory brake controller plug on your Tundra is normally located underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column, taped to another harness near the emergency brake pedal. But it could also be behind
    view full answer...

  • Adding a 7-Way Trailer Connector and Brake Controller to a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica
  • To add a 7-Way trailer connector and brake controller to your 2007 Chrysler Pacifica you will start by installing a 4-Way harness # 118303. Then to add the 7-Way and the wiring for the brake controller you will need # ETBC7. I have included some links that show and explain the ETBC7 installation for you. There isn't a brake controller harness specifically for your Pacifica so the controller, # HM47297, will need to be hardwired in. The ETBC7 comes with the parts needed to do this.
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  • Can the Hopkins Insight Brake Controller Install in a 2016 Toyota Tacoma Under Seat
  • There are no restrictions on the vertical angle at which the Smart-Box of the Hopkins Insight # HM47297 can be mounted, but it does have to be pointed in the direction of travel for the internal accelerometer to properly function. So yes you could mount it flat under your seat as long as it's facing forward. The correct install harness for the controller to install it in your 2016 Toyota Tacoma is the part # HM47815.
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  • Troubleshooting Display Readings on Hopkins InSIGHT Trailer Brake Controller
  • I spoke with my contact at Hopkins regarding the InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 referenced in your question. The red light you mentioned first coming on when the trailer is connected is simply an indication from the controller that it is detecting the trailer. The numbers that display on the controller both when using the manual switch and pressing down on the brake pedal will show the power that is being sent to the trailer brakes. Since you are testing the
    view full answer...

  • Brake Light Switch Wire Color to Install a Brake Controller on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • On the 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited the brake switch wire should be a white wire with a brown stripe. Use a circuit tester such as # 40376 to test the wire to make sure it is the one that only has power when the brake pedal is pressed.
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  • Should the InSIGHT Trailer Brake Controller Light Up with No Trailer Connected
  • It depends on the brake controller. If you have the Hopkins InSIGHT # HM47297 the manual override portion will be lit up with or without a trailer connected. But the numbers display that shows how much power is going back to the trailer brakes should only light up when a trailer is connected. I bench tested one to confirm. If the display is showing power output with no trailer connected that is an indication of a short. The likely cause is a dirty or corroded trailer connector. Clean
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Brake Controller for 2013 Ford F-150
  • There are no aftermarket brake controllers designed to mount in the OEM slot. However, I recommend going with the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller, # HM47297. It can be mounted anywhere on the lower part of your dash, so while it won't fit into the OEM location, it can be positioned near it or over it. This particular controller uses two small components that are especially unobtrusive. I also recommend using the Hopkins Plug-In Simple Brake-Control Wiring Adapter
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  • Why Would Hopkins Insight Brake Controller Not Apply Brakes with Pedal at a Stop
  • The Hopkins Insight is a proportional controller. It has to sense deceleration before it really starts to apply braking power. What you described is totally normal. Try taking the trailer around the block and it should work like normal.
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  • Should a Light Always be on the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller
  • Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297 should always display a red light on the Flex-Control piece of the system. This is the part that has the manual lever for the trailer's brakes. The Flex-Display should show a red dot when a trailer is connected but the brakes are not applied, and then a number when applying the brakes.
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  • Will the Plug-In Adapter # HM53075 Fit the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Brake Controller # HM47297
  • A Plug-In adapter like the Hopkins part # HM53075 that you referenced is compatible with the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller # HM47297. However, if the vehicle that installed it in is a 2001 Ford F-250/F-350 like what you have in the vehicle year/make/model section then you will want to go with the Plug-In Adapter # HM47715 instead. The part # HM53075 that you referenced is a fit for certain year/make/models of Chevy/GMC vehicles. If you do not have a 2001 Ford
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  • How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2009 Chevy Silverado
  • On the 2009 Chevy Silverado there is no port to plug in a brake controller. Instead GM put a tow package wire bundle under the dash. You would use the harness with the blunt cut wires that comes with the brake controller and splice into the tow package wires. The wire bundle is located under the dash, to the left of the steering column, held together with a white tag. The wire functions as as follows: Truck red/black to brake controller black for 12 volt power Truck white to controller
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  • Hopkins Brake Controller Wiring Harness for a 2015 GMC Yukon with Factory Tow Package
  • If you have a Hopkins brake controller then wiring harness # HM53075 is indeed the correct harness for your 2015 GMC Yukon with the factory tow package. If you have a different brand brake controller let me know and I can determine which wiring harness will work.
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  • Brake Controller and Installation Recommendation for a 2011 GMC Sierra
  • As of right now, the brake controller install harness part # HM53075 that you referenced is only confirmed to fit the 2014 GMC 1500 Sierras and 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500s. For your 2011 GMC Sierra there actually isn't a plug in harness available as your vehicle has four blunt cut wires under the dash that brake controllers are supposed to be hardwired too. For more info check out the install video and FAQ I attached to the right. For a brake controller I would recommend the Prodigy
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