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2012 Ford Escape Roof Rack by Rhino Rack

Roof Rack Includes:

Custom DK Fit Kit for Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof

Part Numbers: DK099


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Product Images

rhino roof rack  custom dk fit kit for rhino-rack 2500 series legs - naked
rhino roof rack fit kits custom dk kit for rhino-rack 2500 series legs - naked
rhino roof rack  dk099

In Use/Installed

2009 ford escape roof rack rhino fit kits custom dk kit for rhino-rack 2500 series legs - naked
2009 ford escape roof rack rhino  dk099


Custom DK Fit Kit for Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof
part number: DK099

This custom fit kit lets you mount Rhino-Rack 2500 legs to your vehicle with a naked roof. Clamps mount to legs with bolts. Includes 4 clamps and 4 pads.


  • Custom fit kit lets you mount 4 Rhino-Rack 2500 series legs on your vehicle with a naked roof
  • Clamps bolt to leg assemblies and tighten for secure fit on your roof
    • Designed to fit the curves of your door jambs
  • Molded-rubber pads are custom designed to fit the contours of your roof
    • Clip onto the bottoms of your roof rack legs
    • Protect your roof from scratches and abrasions
  • Powder coated metal clips are durable and corrosion resistant


  • Quantity: 4 clamps and 4 pads
  • Limited lifetime warranty

DK099 Custom DK Fit Kit for Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof

Video of Custom DK Fit Kit for Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rhino Rack Roof Rack Review - 2009 Ford Escape

Today on our 2009 Ford Escape, we're going to be test fitting the Rhino-Rack roof rack system. This is going to be consisting of part numbers RRVA126B-2, these are the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars in black, 49 inches long. These also come in silver as part number RRVA126S-2. We'll also be using part number RRRLKVA. These are the 2500 Series Legs for the Vortex Aero Crossbars. Then part number DK099 and this is the Custom Fit Kit for this particular vehicle.

This is what's going to be clamping it on to your vehicle. We have our front one already installed. You can see the bar has a nice aerodynamic shape to it and that's going to cut down wind noise and drag while you're driving. The end caps themselves are locked into place with a given tool. Also, your legs are locked into place with this cover here. This is going to keep it secure to your roof once you have it installed.

Combined with the rear crossbar, this has a carrying capacity of 165 pounds, although you want to double check with your vehicle's manual to make sure your roof can withstand that kind of weight. Let's go ahead and show you how the rear one installs. We already have it partially assembled on our table here. What we'll do first, is we'll actually take the bar, kind of flip it upside down and then we'll take our leg, which as you can see here has this metal piece at the top, this bracket. This actually slides into the t-slot in our crossbar. We'll just line it up the right way and slide it on.

Now to keep it in place I'll go ahead and reinstall our end cap and that piece that I spoke about earlier is this and that'll just lock it into place so it can't be removed. Next we'll take rubber pad for our foot and you want to make sure and line it up with the other one that the arrow on this pad is facing forward. Pop that in. All right. Next we'll actually measure for our space on our bar from this point to our leg. You're going to find these measurements in the instructions.

Now normally you would have like a strip that you place in here, cut to length so you don't have to worry about measuring it. However for demonstration purposes, we'll go ahead and just measure it out. Again you'll find this measurement in your instructions. Always double check there before you finally tighten everything down. Then we'll take our included tightening tool and tighten on the bolt on the bottom of our leg right there. Let me double check that measurement, make sure everything is where it's supposed to be. That's looking good. Finally, we'll install our clamp. We'll just go ahead and take out this screw here. Line up our holes and reinstall. All right with that done we can actually set this on our roof. We'll first open up our rear doors. We'll set it in place and then we'll get our measurement for our crossbar spread. That's going to be from center of the bar to center of the bar. You'll find this measurement as well in your instructions. All right. Next we'll make sure they're kind of sitting on the roof even here. Push that a little over that way. That's good. Now we can start tightening things down. Now how we tighten these down is a little different. For example, most vehicles will just have this bare portion here that this will clamp into, but here you can see we have this rubber strip. You just pull that down, just a little bit and kind of push our clamp in between that and the strip. Let's get it loosely tightened for now. We'll repeat this on the other side too. Once we get these loosely tightened, we'll go ahead and go back and forth in tying these down evenly. About 5 or 6 turns each until it's completely tightened down. All right. Now some things you can actually put on this roof rack, quite a few. There's bike racks, ski carriers, snowboard carriers, roof baskets, enclosed cargo boxes and even water sport carriers such as kayaks and canoes. Although you always want to double check your weight to make sure you're not overdoing it for your bars or your roof. One thing I'd like to point out while I'm tightening this down. You'll see that this tool here has this curve on the end of it. Once this is actually fully tightened down, this will straighten out as your tightening it, to let you know that you have reached its torque setting. Like you see right there. All right. Our final step is to put our covers on and then we'll be ready to hit the road. There you have it. For the Rhino-Rack roof rack system on our 2009 Ford Escape. .

Customer Reviews

Custom DK Fit Kit for Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Roof Rack Legs - Naked Roof - DK099

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (470 Customer Reviews)

This custom fit kit lets you mount Rhino-Rack 2500 legs to your vehicle with a naked roof. Clamps mount to legs with bolts. Includes 4 clamps and 4 pads.

- DK099

by: BAT01/27/2015

This Rhino system was fantastic. Held really well and was fairly easy to adjust to fit the car well. Very impressed with the product. 171295


I actually used it once and havent used it since. It did work great though. I really like your company. Ive been happy with everything that I ever purchased there and you have great customer service. Any product that Im looking for that you sell Ill get from you. Your site is so helpful.

BAT - 02/06/2016


- DK099

by: Phil K.06/21/2014

I ordered these racks for my 2011 Mazda Tribute w/ a naked roof. The quality and ease of assembly was remarkable. I use the racks for loading surfboards (longboards 9 ft to 10 ft.) and they are exactly what I needed!!! I would highly recommend this product. The helpful folks at were great. The product arrived on time with no hassles and the price was less than the factory system which was far less robust. Cheers. 136891

- DK099

by: Kimberly08/22/2016

We had ordered roof racks for kayaks and if all worked well the first year. The second year one of the brackets that attached the kayak to rack so the kayak would fall. It was under warranty and I contacted the company and they had us send them the whole rack and they up on new parts and mailed it back. It has worked fine since. They stood behind their product. 286486

- DK099

by: Ken Turner08/14/2016

Mounting was simple and it is still working as advertised 1 year later. 283671

- DK099

by: ANDY S12/25/2014


- DK396

by: Jeff W.05/29/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I bought this roof rack kit for my 2015 Nissan Rogue awd 5-dr. The shipping time was excellent and everything arrived together and undamaged. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and I had it put together and ready to mount in about 30 min. Aligning it on the roof is definitely easier with two people, but can be done alone. The forward rack's rubber feet fit seamlessly on the roof of my car and tightened snugly with no worries of it flying off. Be sure to follow the directions for the included torque wrench and everything will form perfectly. The rear rack's rubber feet form is a little off and they don't sit flush with the car's body, but after torquing to the required tightness the rear rack fit securely with only a tiny gap between the body and feet. On the road, I made it up to 75 mph before any whistling was noticed, but some music at mid volume drowned it out. Be sure to cut the rubber and fit everything as precise as possible. This will prevent drag and whistling. The quality of the metal and plastic isn't as high as other brands, but when those other brands don't fit your car you have to compromise and this would be my top pick. 253160

- DK396

by: James S07/22/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Where do I start? I've been whitewater kayaking for 22 or so years now. I've always used used either Yakima or Thule products... Until I bought a 2015 Nissan Rogue with a naked roof. The curvature of the roof and large door jams mean that Yakima and Thule can't make racks for them. I went to a place that does custom installs and again because of the curvature of the roof, they couldn't give me a rack. This meant no kayaking which is really bad news. Enter the Rhino rack system. I purchased the feet, the fit kit, the cross bars and a Yakima "big stack" stacker. The first issue I had is the reccomended size for the Nissan Rogue is only 48 inches. Way too small too haul 4-5 (very light) whitewater kayaks. I called etrailer and they were SUPER helpful, told me I can buy the 65 in cross bars and they'll work fine. I held my breath and placed my order. I was nervous leaving my trusted name brands. The order arrived super fast (they told me it would arrive by Friday but it actually arrived on Thursday) and everything was packaged rock solid. I was impressed. I read the instructions and put the rack system on my car. It took about a hour (it was hot and I worked slowly) but the rack system is SUPER SOLID. I love it. Rhino might have a "forever" customer out of me. -The rack system is very stable. I can't move it with my hands by pushing or pulling. -The rubber stripping you put on the top and bottom of the bar is an awesome added feature AND it reduces wind noise. -Adding the fairing reduced wind noise even further. With four boats on the roof you couldn't hear any extra noise. The ONE thing I dislike is that you need to use the supplied Allen wrench to take the rack on and off the car. It's a small complaint, but other systems I've used in the past don't have them. I paid much less for this system than I would have if I purchased one of the aforementioned systems, but I'm really really satisfied with the product. We will see how well it holds up over long-term use, but it looks awesome! 411250

- DK301

by: Jordan09/05/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Excellent product! Fits like a glove on my 2016 Hyundai Elantra. Install was fairly quick and painless. My dad and I installed it in about 20 minutes with no problems. I would definitely recommend installing this with two people to make sure the bars are evenly spaced on the vehicle. I love the way it looks and you can tell it is great quality. I plan to leave the rack on permanently and just change out the various gear attachments. I also bought the Rhino Rack Bike Mount and they fit perfectly together. There is very little wind noise and you can't even hear it when the sunroof is closed. I got up to 60ish mph and only noticed some noise when the radio was off and I was actively listening for any extra noises. I am very impressed with this roof rack already. Great price and great quality product. Can't wait to get more use out of it! 291409

- DK046

by: John T08/09/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

2013 Tacoma Double Cab I have sold and installed my fair share of T&Y racks, but this was my first Rhino product. Overall, the instructions and install process was very straightforward. Some of the small parts were installed at the factory, but the instructions walked you through installing them. No big deal, it just meant I had to back-out a part or two in order to install a prerequisite & related part that was not factory installed. I did have to refer to the Rhino Rack website and download the fitkit documentation to find the on-vehicle install measurements. This was because the included fitkit documentation only covered the regular & access cabs. No big deal, just a heads-up. Once installed, the fit was tight and looked just as advertised. Some folks have commented on the flimsy tower locks. No, they are not robust (as compared to say Shakima's Q-towers). But it is my opinion that thieves don't steal racks, they steal what's on the racks (bikes, skis, etc). Yes, someone could get past the locks (true on any car rack) and take the whole enchilada. But that would be very obvious and take some time... thieves want to spend the least time possible. Overall I am very impressed with this set-up when compared to the like solutions from T&Y. Again, I have installed and used MANY racks and I can see no compelling reason to spend more on the other solutions. The aluminum bars (with internally reinforced cross-section) will stand up to weather much better than the coated steel round & rectangular bars (I have never seen one of those bars NOT develop rust even with the ends internally sprayed with Rustoleum and end-capped. No pics yet as I just installed the rack and it's dark outside. 422218

- DK357

by: Michael G.01/30/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Fits my 2013 Ford C-Max Energi perfectly and seems quite sturdy and durable. Installation was a bit confusing because some of the markings on the parts were extremely faint and difficult to see. But once I figured out what each part was, the process was pretty straightforward. All in all this is an exceptional deal for a product that more than adequately replaces what the big name brands (T***e or Y****a) have to offer and and a much more affordable price. Also, was a great company to do business with. The price was right, the shipping was extremely fast, and the customer service was absolutely the best. 115264


I have had the rack for a year now and to be perfectly honest, my original review is still dead on. I have absolutely zero complaint about this rack. I dont leave the rack on all the time, so Im attaching and removing it on a regular basis. Its easy to use and rock solid for carrying bikes. Ive used it with no issues with 3 bikes, even fairly heavy mountain bikes.

Michael G - 01/30/2015


- DK358

by: Dale E.05/19/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The instructions were clear and the rack installed perfectly. I am impressed with the custom foot mouldings that match my car's contours exactly, and the rack is still as tight as when I installed it 4 weeks ago. I have been using it frequently to pick up 8' lumber for a large shelving project I have underway, and I hope to soon use it to carry my kayaks. The rubber strips on the top hold the lumber so securely I have no worry of having the load slip off the car. The two negatives I have are: (1) the crossbar end-caps consist of 2 locking and 2 slip-ons. I have come out to my car to see 1 of the slip-ons half slipped-off and I expect I will lose one or both of them in short order; and (2) the instructions should put the forward bar at least 1 inch further forward. As you will see in the photo, Rhino's guidelines result in the front bar being higher than the back bar, which results in additional wind pressure on the goods being carried. Finally, I would like to thank etrailer for shipping the product exactly as promised and also for packaging the entire order in an additional box as I requested. I found your service to be outstanding! You are welcome to post my comments and or photo if you should wish to. 250785

- DK341

by: Art S.03/07/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I have every Yakima roof rack and accessory for all my past and present cars. I have been using them since 1991. We recently bought a Lincoln MKT and to my surprise, Yakima nor Thule make a roof rack solution. The only one I found online is this one. Etrailer had it for less than the manufacturer website. At first, I was apprehensive since there were no reviews about this rack on my car and etrailer called me to tell me that they needed to wait for the clamps, since it was not in stock (must be because of the rarity of this car). The installation instructions was initially daunting, but after watching some videos online from the manufacturer website and figuring out the assembly, everything went smooth. After installation, I was amazed at the quality of this rack. Fit was ok, but for some reason the rear door feet are not split level like the front door feet, since the rear pad sits across a gap on the roof (hopefully this does not impact carrying capacity). Regardless, the rack appears solid and does not scratch or dent the car in anyway, nor impede the function of the large panoramic roof. I'll report back if I have any issues after I load it up with some standup paddleboards. Overall, pretty happy with purchase. 119866

- DK301

by: Chuckmet08/14/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Bought this Rhino-Rack to install on my 2013 Hyundai Elantra. This product was a great value. Installation was very easy. Processing and shipping was incredibly fast. I had one little minor issue with a screw head that was stripped, and although it did not delay installation, customer service was all over it, and had a new one out to me in no time. I have purchased from before, and always had great product and customer service. 219211


I am still digging my Rhino Rack! In fact, this Spring I bought two sets of kayak carriers, from etrailer, of course, that attach to the Rhino-Rack. The kayak carriers are super easy to attach and use. Ive use Rhino-Rack to carry my canoe, my kayaks, building materials and even small furniture pieces.

Chuckmet - 08/17/2016


- dk190

by: Robert U.08/01/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Installation Pictures on my Ford F-350 truck. 413365

- DK043

by: Heavysledz02/05/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The Rhino-Rack was shipped the next day and was received in under 4 days to my door. The E-trailer packaging was sufficient but the OEM packaging on the rails were all beat up and actually one of them appears to have been opened and possibly returned. It was missing the key for the end caps and 2 of the upper rail strips as well as had some nicks and gouges in the rail itself (appeared used).....I would have tried to return for a new one but I needed it the next day so I had to go ahead and use it against my better judgment. The install was pretty straight forward. The first assembly took me about 30-45 minutes to assemble and mount to the vehicle. The second went much quicker after learning on the first and only took about 15 minutes. The parts quality is very good. I would say it is on par with Thule and Yakima without question. The rack is very secure when mounted. I have this mounted on a 2015 Ram 2500 (8,300lbs) and was able to rock the entire truck side to side by the rails wit zero movement in the rails or legs. I have not been able to use the rack yet but purchased it primarily for hauling 2 kayaks when we go RVing. I will give a follow up review after I have used them. 237048

- DK062

by: Mary C.03/24/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I am so happy with the Rhino Rack 2500 I bought. I had returned a rack system from another vendor that did not work on my 2004 Matrix, even though they said it would on the phone. My hatchback did not come with a factory installed way to attach a rack. This one simply clamps on and locks very securely. I just took a couple hundred mile drive with it and it makes no wind noise I can hear. It was easy to install and I'm sure ads resale value to my car. Good value! 180635


Im amazed that Rino Rack is still securely attached. About twice Ive checked the torque on the fasteners and its solid. Fellow SUPers have asked where to get one. Very happy with it.

Mary C - 03/23/2016


- DK427

by: Kenneth08/02/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The racks look great and are solidly anchored. I have yet to use them under load but I am pleased with the final product so far. My only complaint was that the assembly process is difficult to understand unless you Google the help videos. The assembly process is confusing and tedious until you gain an understanding of the overall setup. 417226

- DK079

by: Kevin S.12/17/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Planned to get the Thule racks, but they were back ordered and could not be delivered before a planned trip that I needed the racks for. I called eTrailer to see if they had another recommendation and Cole could not have been more helpful. She walked me through the options and ultimately I bought the Rhino-Rack and could not be happier with the simplicity, the sturdiness and the overall quality. I've no doubt that the Thule's would have also been a great choice, but I saved around $100 and am completely satisfied. 165890


It has been a year since I bought the Rhino-Racks. They are still performing as promised and look great.

Kevin S - 12/17/2015


- DK028

by: Gerry12/26/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Delivery was fast - racks seem solid. Happy with product. Like the one tool (plus a knife and tape measure) installation. Could use a little more emphasis on the interplay of the two instruction sheets - the general one and the specific measurements for the car model. Maybe big bold capital letters would help in the instructions (when you need to go to the other sheet). The arrows on the black pads are kind of hard to see, so it took a few times to get the configuration correct (pad type, pad direction, foot direction). But that was the only snag, all else is good. The online installation video was helpful. The total cost was almost half what the local outdoor store wanted to charge for Yakima racks (that were only rated 100 lbs.) Since I am carrying a canoe a lot, I went for the 165 lbs rated Rhino rack. I also widened the separation of the racks on the roof about two inches as well. This was for the canoe - and also to get it level, it was a bit down in the nose with the measurements in the instructions.. By moving the rear rack more astern, the spread was wider and level. 234297

- DK284

by: Bob H06/02/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

E-trailer takes the guesswork out of ordering a roof rack especially for a naked roof. All the parts arrived in one box. You must follow the instructions very close and confirm the spec sheet for your vehicle. By doing this the process was pretty easy but took a little time. This is a project you want to take your time with and you can still do it in 90 min to two hours. E-trailer is always my go to store for vehicle related items. Their products and support are excellent. 199965


Great, I took the rack off for the winter and the roof looks excellent, no scratches or marks of anykind.

Bob H - 06/03/2016


- DK289

by: SheriM.03/12/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I received THREE different sets of instructions for the 2500, plus the PDF I was prompted to download...REALLY confusing. I have put together all kinds of furniture, including a 3' x 6' armoire (I am a 5' tall woman), installed paneling and flooring, including carpet in my van, installed bathroom tiles, built closet storage 'out of my head' and from plans, pulled and installed a car radiator/brake and clutch pedals assembly/starter assembly during the course of my 56 years on this earth...but I have never, never, never had such a difficult time making sense of 'too much information'...please go over the instructions and combine what needs to be combined and separate the info for the different vehicles!!! I am pleased with the outcome as far as the overall sturdiness of the product and I look forward to making use of this system. Besides the assembly instruction difficulties, I am disappointed in the fact that I bought the lock sets for each crossbar, only to see that the insides of each of the legs is exposed... ??? Please consider that in future design 'tweaks'. 120419

- DK004

by: Bill S07/23/2013

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The pads have held very well.. I was somewhat skeptical at first, simply due to the amount of fishing poles I was going to be mounting on top of the entire system.(up to 7 poles, ranging from 7 up to 13 foot surf rods, with reels) However, I was very impressed and still am. Great holding power with no damage to paint at all!! 91146


The whole system, after a year has held up great . I have never needed to retighten or readjust the cross pieces or the rack which attaches on top.. All my poles have done fantastic, plus a recently added 9 foot Chritmas Tree.Great Product! Thank you

Bill S - 01/21/2015


- DK151

by: Matt08/05/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I have a 2012 Honda Accord V6 and I recently ordered and insed the DK151 fit kit on my Rhino Rack Vortec Aero set up. So far I am more than pleased with this product. Even more so, I am extremely pleased with Etrailer's customer service. My kit was on back order from the manufacturer and George (one of the Etrailer associates) kept me up to date the entire time I was waiting for my kit. Which by the way was not too long! Great products and great service. I'm a lifetime customer. 217053


After one year everything is as good as it was when I submitted my original review.

Matt - 08/04/2016


- DK250

by: Geza S.02/09/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The package was delivered in time and contained all the components needed. However, the assembly instruction was not up to date. It was claimed that it could be installed on Hyundai Sonata 4dr sedan “2010 on”. But when I followed the instructions precisely I ended up with assembled racks, which could not be fitted to the roof of my 2014 Hyundai Sonata. First, I wanted to send it back, but because I was moving and the racks were badly needed within short time, I decided to fit it to my car myself. It took 4 disassembling & reassembling, modifying the bar lengths and their positions on the roof each time, while finally they were OK. It took about 4 hours total time, although I am a technical guy. They are only OK because they do not fit perfectly to the roof. It is because the rubber pads have only 1-dimensional rotation, while a perfect fit would need at least 2-dimensional rotation. It holds strong now, nevertheless, I would not recommend it to my friends because of all this hassle. 173004

- DK146

by: Joe T.07/12/2012

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I want to let you know that I really appreciate the help, speed and quality of service you provided to me. Actually you saved the day for me, I was struggling with other web suppliers to order the roof rack, they were either not knowledgeable to know the correct configuration for my car or they did not have the part in stock and needed a long lead time. My time was very short as I am moving in a few days, I called Rhino roof rack manufacturer and asked them who is their top dealer and they referred me to you. I am very grateful for your help and the shipping the roof rack the same day I called! 47676

- DK307

by: Joe A12/05/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Received the roof rack on the date promised, it was well packaged and all parts required were included. Everything fit together very well and the instructions were easy to follow. The rack looks good on the car. Once the rack is installed and the included decals in place it only takes a few minutes to remove it and reinstall. This is important for me because we will only use the racks to transport our kayaks the rest of the time they will be removed and stored. There are two small items that can be improved. First the legs are different lengths yet nowhere in the instructions does it tell you where each size goes. Second I own 10 tape measure and not one of them is in meters and I do not care how good your eyesight is you are not going to be able to measure to 53/64". If the measurements are critical you should ensure customers in the US have measurements they can use or include a MM tape measure. Overall this is a very good product that I would purchase again and recommend to friends. 323685

- DK381

by: Ruth06/19/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I purchased the Rhino Rack Series for my 2014 Nissan Altima. I needed it rather quickly for a bike trip I was taking so I ordered expedited shipping. Almost immediately the staff advised me via phone call and email that the product could not be expedited due to it not being readily available in the distribution center. Although I was disappointed, I appreciated the emails and phone calls and began to think up options for transporting my bike. The staff indicated they would keep me updated as they looked for a solution. And then, the next day, I got an email to say my product shipped and would be here on time! I was so excited! The team at etrailer was amazing from start to finish. They figured out how to make it happen! They were excellent at communicating and the product arrived in good shape and had everything I needed, including the Spec Sheet for my car. I would definitely order from them again. Now we'll see how the rack does on the trip! 204582

- DK279

by: Jeff03/10/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Bought this rack for my 2013 Spark. Was pretty easy to install. The directions lacked some details, but nothing you can't figure out. About 45 minutes to install and feels really solid. I bought it to carry a 13.5 foot kayak. Great price--beat [site]. Included a couple of pictures. One is a close up of how the feet fit securely in the groves of the Spark. Will post another picture when I get the kayak on the rack. Don't laugh--it is 3 feet longer than the Spark. Etrailer is great. I have bought several things from them--great customer service. 355239

- DK043

by: Mike08/01/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Great product everything fit perfectly. With the heavy duty bars almost all the hardware for anything you put on the rack is too short 415020

- DK152

by: Bryan G07/09/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The rack was of good quality, solid and anchored well to the car. Putting it on was moderately difficult. The instructions were generalized for different types of cars and that is where the difficulty arose. There were certain quirks about my Corolla that required me to stop and think for several minutes about how something was supposed to be done. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures supplied were helpful but not complete. The thing that I really abhorred about the rack were the security screws. They were like a hex bolt with a strip of metal running down the middle (you will know what I mean if you buy the rack). One of the screws was not quite right and I stripped it trying to tighten it. Not sure why they made it that way but that is the one thing I would change about the kit, ditch that security screw. Overall I would recommend the rack and would buy another if the need arose. 269975

- DK226

by: Robert Dames07/26/2013

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

When I first opened the box there were two screws and bolts that are critical to the fastnening of the feet assembly that were simply rolling around in the box. Had these components rolled out of the box, I would have been pretty well stuck. Also the "DK" measuring chart was NOT included with the directions. I would have been unable to properly place the rack on the roof without it. However, I called E-Trailer and explained my circumstance. Nicki quickly resolved this dillemma by e-mailing me the needed info. I then completed the assembly and mounted the Rhino rack on the car roof. I am pleased with the rack; it assembled relatively easily and fits the car well. However, E=Trailer should contact the vendor and make Rhino Rack aware of the faults I noted. Thanks E-trailer for the superior customer support. I will return for future purchases as needed. Sincerely, Bob Dames 7-26-13 91669

- DK047

by: RO02/05/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

This rack works perfectly on my Nissan Versa for carrying my two Perception Sound 9'6" kayaks. The Rhino-Racks look good to me. The kayaks can rest directly on the rubber pads on the rails, unlike the Yakama racks I had in the past that had bare pipe rails. Also, I expect I can buy parts to adapt this product to a different car without having to buy new towers. I am sorry there are not hooks or loops to attach bungees when carrying lumber. They are noisy in the wind, but less so when carrying the kayaks. 340842

- DK195

by: Caren C.09/04/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

We love the racks! The only complaint is about the instructions. They were so confusing!!! I had to go onto youtube to see how to put everything together, which was a bit different than the written directions - but BETTER. It took much longer than I had expected. However, the end product is great. 291165

- DK226

by: Renae B09/11/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

It was pretty easy to install. We were a little worried at first glance because it had the metric system but it ended up not needing any conversions. Instructions were spot on and it fit like a glove. Took less than an hour to install. Would highly recommend. 150697


I still love it! Its been on my car ever since and its sturdy as ever. It held up great even through a hard Michigan winter!

Renae B - 09/15/2015


- DK377

by: Anna W.08/21/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The Rhino Rack rocks! Was going to buy the other "competitor's" rack, but glad I didn't. This rack is a little less pricey, but I think it is better. It still holds 165 pounds, is aerodynamic and looks great. So happy with our purchase. I will definitely buy from etrailer again. Customer service was impeccable and they delivered as promised. 220913


One year later, still loving the rack!

Anna W - 08/20/2016


- DK232

by: Leisabel S.01/03/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Excellent product, easy to install and looks great on my Nissan Versa! 167607


After a year its absolutely on perfect condition! I have no complaints about this rack. Its a great buy!

Leisabel S - 01/03/2016


- DK284

by: Richard F.09/15/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I purchased this rack for a "new to me" Honda CRV. I chose it for three reasons: the design is supposed to minimize wind noise, it is rated for a significantly higher load weight than many others, and the price was very reasonable. It also happens to be very nice looking. Assembly was pretty straight forward. I assembled the two units on the dining room table in about 45 minutes. It could be done much more quickly but I think it's good to take your time and read the instructions carefully. Mounting on the car roof was quick - about 15 minutes. Some reviewers complained that only two crossbar end caps locked. That was not the case with mine. All four locked into place I haven't driven the car on the highway yet, but there was no added noise driving around town. Etrailer shipped promptly, and all the required components were included. 294978

- DK154

by: Frank K08/20/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The Rhino Rack fits my 2009 Honda Fit perfectly and I am impressed with the construction and apparent durability. I am able to attach my L-shaped kayak brackets and travel safely to my destination. I recommend this product to others looking for a reliable rack but scared off by the high prices at Thule and Yakima. The only problem I had was with the crossbar endcaps. A key is required to lock them safely in place. The plastic key was delivered in the runner space in the crossbar and no mention was made of this in the instructions. Subsequently I did not identify them as the required keys and had to contact the manufacturer for clarification.The pictures of the crossbars on the product packaging and in the installation instructions were different than the endcaps I received. Once this was resolved all proceeded smoothly. I recommend this rack to all. 147704

- DK111

by: Sue R.06/20/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I was needing a rack for my 2003 VW New Beetle and did a lot of looking around online. I don't know much about racks in general but reading the descriptions and looking at the measurements I saw what was available to me. The rack and the bike mount attachments have been great. I use them all year long with my road bike. I attached a Thule box on top as well and was able to mount my bike along with it! The kit was easy to put together and took maybe 2 hours, but I was being extra careful because there are Right-side components and Left-side components that you need to keep track of. The only issue I have had is some occasional whistling at high speeds, but I know that it is most likely due to the fact that I didn't mount the bike mounts completely straight- so it is fixable. Great product and easy to use. I would recommend this. 262690

- DK165

by: Scott M.07/27/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

The Rhino Rack system on my Taurus is working great! The kayak carriers are awesome too. My daughter and I have taken many trips with our kayaks and absolutely love the Rhino system. I will definitely be using in the future. 411405

- DK358

by: Ron V.07/27/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Just installed these on my car yesterday. Super easy, but took my time to assure nice fit. Love the black on black look. Waiting for my carriers to come this week for completed look... stay tune. Love these better then my old system 411240

- DK284

by: Owen04/29/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

I bought the rhino rack for my 2013 CRV to haul my kayak. Installation was pretty simple and easy to understand. It is super sturdy and strong. Spent significantly less going with the Rhino Rack name over Thule or Yakima and I'm very happy with how strong this rack is. It's rated up 165lbs witch is plenty for me. The staff at etrailer was very helpful with upgrading my order to 2 day shipping once I realized I needed to get my rack asap to get some striped bass in the bay with my kayak. I just called and in 5mins had my order from regular to 2 day shipping. I will use these guys for whatever else I might need rack wise. 247612

- DK292

by: dan01/30/2016

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Install onto factory fix points was relatively easy, being very careful to not cross thread anything. The numbered instructions had good pictures and were easy to follow. Cut the bar bottom inserts to the right size and the assembled racks fit the car well. Seems sturdy. Attached swagman fork down racks and put bikes on and drove around some to test it out. Time will tell but this seems like a good rack for the money. 236586

- DK061

by: AAK10/01/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Quick shipping and great product! Have only been using it for a week or so, but it fits well on my car, is very quiet and has worked well to haul our 2 kayaks (when paired with our kayak attachment sold separately). The instructions were helpful, however, it skipped explaining the step where you need to measure your car width and cut the plastic guides on the bottom of the cross bars to the correct length in order for the feet to attach properly to the car. That was an easy and obvious quick fix, but would have been a nice to have it in the instructions before we got it together and realized it didnt fit on the car. 154010

- DK289

by: Mark03/21/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Very nice produce give props to the designer well build nice costume fit to my car easy too install even make the vehicle looks good and thank you to Melissa A at really helpful and awesome ty ten stars. 359760

- DK323

by: Chris B.05/28/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Products were a perfect fit for my 2014 Passat! The instructions were easy to follow. I used the racks to transport a nine foot longboard over to the beach for a week. They worked great! 133207


The racks are great. I used them this past weekend to haul my longboard over to the beach.Thanks for the follow up!

Chris B - 05/28/2015


- DK187

by: Harry Frank11/11/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Once product was put together works great. Had a problem fitting the Foot Plate into the Rubber Base Pad and had to use two screw drivers to help wedge the two pieces together. 160358


Product works great! Also own Rhino fishing poles bought over 30 years ago your products stand the test of time!

Harry F - 11/13/2015


- DK190H

by: D Rah03/24/2017

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

We had the challenge of how to carry 2 kayaks this summer in addition to hauling a 30 foot gooseneck horse trailer. We have F450 crew cab with custom truck bed. We hoped to use the "head ache" bar on the truck bed to support the rear sets of Swagman Rincon supports and purchased a single Rhino Vortex bar for the forward sets on top of the cab. We have 10.5 and 12 foot kayaks and this looks to be an excellent solution. The kayaks are clear of the gooseneck trailer even in a "jackknife" position. Please note the truck bed is extra long therefore there is plenty of room forward the nose of the trailer. We have not hauled yet but will convey any issues if there are any. eTrailer tech support was excellent. Product shipped as projected. Installation took approximatly 3 hours. 360921

- DK340

by: Alex07/21/2015

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

This item works very well with my car. Nice rubber padding on the metal parts and the rubber pads fit the roof contour. 213435


Still works great! I took them off for the winter as PA uses lots of salt for the snow and ice. Easy to put back on and rubber has no cracks.

Alex - 08/22/2016


- DK301

by: Paul06/19/2014

Review from a similar Roof Rack DK in Roof Rack

Love it. Better than I could have ever hoped. 136684


Youre welcome! I actually just sold the car WITH the roof rack after a year. I used it about once a week for the previous few months leading up to selling. I have no complaints and it did its just admirably.

Paul - 06/19/2015

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  • Rhino Rack Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2008 Ford Escape
  • What you have on the roof of your 2008 Ford Escape is similar to a rain gutter in that it will direct water as it flows on the roof of your vehicle, but it is not the kind of rain gutter that would prevent you from installing a Rhino Rack roof rack. To see a picture of a traditional rain gutter with a Rhino Rack rain gutter mount # RL110S2 attached to it check out the picture I attached. To complete the install of a Rhino Rack roof rack for your vehicle you can use complete roof rack
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  • Roof Rack to Carry Ladders on a 2001 Ford Escape
  • Your 2001 Ford Escape could have 1 of 3 possible roof configurations. I will provide recommendations for each type. Since you are using the rack to carry ladders it doesn't have to be a fancy rack so I will provide good economical options. First, if your Escape does not have any rails or bars at all on the roof the most economical option is going to be a Rhino-Rack roof rack with Euro-style bars using # DS126B and fit kit # DK099. If your Escape has factory tracks, but not rails,
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  • Is a Fairing Required for a Rhino-Rack Roof Rack on a 2008 Ford Escape
  • Fairings actually are mostly for looks. They are not required and on many applications do not cut down on drag or noise. Aero bars like those on Rhino-Rack Vortex Series Roof Rack # RRVA118B-2 are aerodynamic enough to cut down on the noise and drag. Rhino-Rack does not offer a fairing except on their cargo basket, # RMCB.
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