Tekonsha PowerTrac Electronic Brake Controller - 1 to 2 Axles - Time Delayed
Replacement Brake Control Plug-In Harness for Tekonsha and Draw-Tite Brake Controller 12" Long

Part Numbers: 39523,20127


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39523 - Up to 2 Axles Tekonsha Brake Controller
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Tekonsha PowerTrac Electronic Brake Controller - 1 to 2 Axles - Time Delayed
part number: 39523

Easy-to-use brake controller activates your trailer brakes electronically when you engage the brakes in your tow vehicle. Set braking intensity to your preference and towing application.


  • Brake controller activates electric trailer brakes (sold separately)
    • Signal is sent to trailer brakes when tow-vehicle brakes are activated
  • Adjustable output control lets you determine the amount of braking force
    • Set to maximum when you travel through hilly terrain with your fully loaded trailer
    • Back off the power output when you tow a lightweight trailer
  • LED indicator on front of unit
    • Green light indicates that brakes are connected
    • Color changes to orange and then to red as the power output increases
  • Built-in manual override
  • PowerTrac can be used with trailers that have up to 2 axles (4 brake assemblies total)
  • Mounting bracket and hardware included
    • No need to mount level
  • Additional pigtail harness (sold separately) is required for complete installation
    • For some vehicle-specific applications a plug-in, vehicle-specific brake-control adapter (sold separately) can be used to further reduce installation time


  • Dimensions: 3" wide x 5" long x 1-1/4" tall
  • Limited 5-year warranty

Unlike pendulum-style controllers, which react to the inertia that is created by your tow vehicle slowing down, the PowerTrac applies your trailer's brakes when the brake pedal in your tow vehicle is engaged. The trailer brakes will be activated with an intensity set by you. This output (amount of braking power) is adjustable to suit your preference, as well as road conditions, type of trailer and load. You can also apply the brakes manually with the integrated override.

Because inertia plays no role in the functioning of this controller, you do not have to mount the unit at any particular angle. As a result, mounting options are nearly limitless. After mounting the unit, hardwire the end of the pigtail harness (sold separately) directly into your vehicle. For even easier installation, a vehicle-specific wiring adapter (sold separately) is available for certain vehicles. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle, and the other end plugs into your controller - no hardwiring required. To transfer the PowerTrac to another vehicle or to remove it for storage, just unplug the unit and remove it from the mount.

Installation Accessories

For even easier installation, a vehicle-specific wiring adapter (sold separately) is available for most newer trucks and SUVs. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle, and the other end plugs into the controller - no hardwiring required

Note: For vehicles without brake-control wiring adapters, a 20-amp circuit breaker (9506P - sold separately) is required.

See also etrailer.com's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake-control installation kit (ETBC7 - sold separately) that includes all the parts necessary to install the PowerTrac brake controller.

80500 Tekonsha PowerTrac Electric Brake Control

California residents: click here

Replacement Brake Control Plug-In Harness for Tekonsha and Draw-Tite Brake Controller 12" Long
part number: 20127

Tow Ready Replacement Plugin Harness for the Tekonsha P3, Voyager, Prodigy, and Primus Brake Controllers. Also works with Draw-Tite Intella-stop Xtreme, Intella-stop Ultra, Intella-stop Digital, and Activator III (5520) brake controllers.

  • Wire lead length: 12"
  • Wire functions:
    • Blue: trailer brakes
    • White: vehicle battery negative terminal
    • Black: vehicle battery positive terminal
    • Red: cold side of stoplight switch

20127 Replacement Brake Control Plug-In Harness for Tekonsha and Draw-Tite Brake Controller 12" Long

California residents: click here

Video of Tekonsha PowerTrac Electronic Brake Controller - 1 to 2 Axles - Time Delayed

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tekonsha Brake Controller - Time Delayed Controller - 39523 Review

Today we're going to be reviewing part number 39523. This is the Pro Series PowerTrac Electronic Brake Controller for trailers with one to two axles. This is a time-delayed brake controller. It's going to activate the electric trailer brakes. A signal is going to be sent to the trailer brakes when the tow vehicle brakes are activated or when the manual override is activated. It's also going to feature the adjustable output control that's going to let you determine the amount of braking force. All you've got to do is use that thumbwheel there to decrease it or to increase it.

You want to set it to a maximum when you travel through hilly terrain with your fully-loaded trailer and then you can back off the power output when you tow a light-weight trailer. The little circle down here is going to be the LED indicator on the front of the unit. It's going to show green, which is going to indicate the brakes are connected. Then the color is going to change to orange and then to red as the power output increases which we'll show you that here in a few moments. Its got the built-in manual override. The PowerTrac can be used with trailers that have up to two axles which would be 4-brake assemblies total. The mounting bracket and the hardware are all included.

There's no need to mount this level. You can actually swivel it a little bit inside of the bracket. Additional pigtail harnesses are going to be sold separately or plug-in vehicle-specific brake controller adapters. Those are going to be sold separately as well that can be used for certain applications to further reduce installation time. Well go over the dimensions of the actual brake controller. It's going to give us a width of right at 3 inches and then an overall length of 5 inches and it's going to stand about 1-1/4 inch in height. The PowerTrac is going to apply your trailer's brakes when the brake pedal in your tow vehicle is engaged. Those brakes will be activated with intensity which would be set by you using that thumb dial.

The output again, is adjustable to suit your preference as well as road conditions, type of trailer and whatever kind of load that you're carrying. You could also apply the brakes manually, again with that integrated overrride system. Please note that for vehicles without brake control wiring adapters, a 20-amp circuit breaker is going to be required. You can find that here at etrailer.com with part number 9506P. That is going to be sold separately. You can also check out etrailer.com's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake control installation kit, part number ETBC7. That's going to include all the parts that are necessary to install the PowerTrac brake controller. We are going to go and hook it up to our power source.

That way you can get an idea of the indicators and the LED that I was telling you about. Once we have that connected, go ahead and turn it on. The LED indicator is going to lighten up and that's going to show a green indicator signifying that we are connected correctly to our application which would be to our trailer and in this case, it's our external power source. Then you can see here that we have the output level to control the intensity in which our brakes are applied and then it's also going to feature the manual override. As I slide that over, the light is going to change color. It's going to go from a green to an orange to a red and then backing off and letting go, it's going to go back to that green indicator that is going to signify that everything is connected correctly. More than likely you're going to have it installed under your dash in this position here. It's got a nice flat surface so that way it can be angled to accommodate a lot of different situations or applications. The mounting bracket's going to go over this portion here and the mounting bracket has this little slot here that's kind of a little C-channel shape. That's going to allow it to pivot, so you are going to be able to change the angle to best suit your application. It's got the bracket. It's got all the screws needed. All you've got to do is screw it in to the surface that you want and then attach it to the brake controller and it's going to be fully set and ready for use. That's going to do it for today's review of part number 39523. This is the Pro Series PowerTrac Electronic Brake Controller. .

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha PowerTrac Electronic Brake Controller - 1 to 2 Axles - Time Delayed - 39523

Replacement Brake Control Plug-In Harness for Tekonsha and Draw-Tite Brake Controller 12" Long - 20127

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (1067 Customer Reviews)

Easy-to-use brake controller activates your trailer brakes electronically when you engage the brakes in your tow vehicle. Set braking intensity to your preference and towing application.

- 20127
by: Tom Q05/06/2019

This harness and the Draw-Tite Activator Brake Controller worked fine. I would recommend. 639018

- 39523
by: M. Stuart08/09/2019

Excellent product. Easy install was truly plug and play. Clean look. Highly recommended. 682864

- 20127
by: David08/31/2019

I did not get any instructions on how to use this device. 696357


We do not have any instructions for this item either, but I do a help article that explains the details of how to install this item. This is a hard wire application for Draw-Tite or Tekonsha branded brake controllers, this is where the black plug end will install. The loose wires will then be connected to the corresponding functions on the vehicle: Blue: trailer brakes White: vehicle battery negative terminal Black: vehicle battery positive terminal Red: cold side of stoplight switch

-- Rachael H - 09/06/2019


- 39523
by: Randy08/27/2017

I purchased two trailer brakes and I received them several days ahead of the projected delivery date. I was made aware of shipping dates and delivery via email. I also was able to buy two brakes and adaptors for my vehicles for slightly less than a single unit (no adapter) price at a local retailer. All in all a very good transaction. This retailer is highly recommended and I will shop here again. 425742

- 39523
by: Gary07/12/2019

I installed it on my 2018 Nissan Frontier and it works perfectly. 669409

- 39523
by: Jon W.05/15/2017

I ordered the powertrac with the 22292, 2011 ford F150 wiring adapter, It works great. 15 mins, and I had everything ready to go. It is a little sensitive to adjust but ones you get the feel for it, it takes no time to adjust. very happy with this unit, I would recommend this unit to everyone. 380737

- 39523
by: Steve03/14/2018

As usual, etrailer came thru with glowing colors. Delivery was fast and cheap. These guys are totally involved. When I thought I'd messed up, they were quick in answering my questions. I will add this advice. Whenever dropping a wire inside of your dash (like a controller adapter) do not hook it up to your vehicle's wiring loom first, or tape up the exposed plug on the dropped end. Not doing so can result in popping noises within your dashboard, burned fuses or even a fire. Again, for trailer stuff, these are the guys. You get way more than you pay for here. Steve, a returning customer. 484743

- 39523
by: J Perkins09/22/2017

I needed an electric brake controller for towing a 9500 GVWR utility trailer. Read other reviews and have to agree that this is a very good product. Simple to install, just read and follow the instructions, connect Pos to a circuit breaker and battery positive, connect Neg to battery negative. Connecting to the battery reduces voltage ripple and noise from the alternator and other electric components. Connect other wires to the brake light switch and to your trailer plug. I also recommend buying the 4 wire pigtail cable assembly for this and similar controllers. A local retailer has a similar controller for twice the price of etrailer. 435278


My 85 Ford wasnt pre-wired for a brake controller. Over 1 year later and I havent had any problems. Will be buying another one for my brothers truck.

J P - 03/05/2019


- 39523
by: Clay Cash10/31/2011

Very easy to install and looks great in the truck, only wish i would have ordered the pigtail that goes to the truck. 26397


I ordered this brake controller for a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder with Universal Installation Kit. Not an easy job since theres no factory harness to plug the controller into. As others have said in the reviews the hardest wire to connect it the red one since it connects to the cold side of the brake pedal switch.There is literally an inch of space and little to no slack on the brake wire plugWhich is the black one on the right with 3 green wires with stripes and a red wire. . The brown plug is the shifter release switch. This was the hardest part of the whole install. The wire and plug was nearly impossible to get to or see. I had to lay on my back and twist sideways with a utility light next to my head shining under the dash. I cut my hand up pretty good getting the white plug disconnected from the black brake switch before I tapped it. The lock on the plug is above the steering wheel shaft so you cant see it or get pliers on it. I had to do it by feel and press with all my might with my right hand and pull the plug out with my left. The wires are covered by black rubber sheath which you have to slit back to the harness before you can tap it.The wire you want to tap on a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder is the GREEN wire with a YELLOW stripe. Once I tapped into that wire I double checked by unplugging the harness from the brake controller and using the LED tester. I clipped it to the metal surrounding the brake pedal, pushed the probe end into the red wire connector on the harness and pumped the brake pedal and the LED lit up!! So I knew I was successful.The rest was easy running wires to the battery and the connector on the back. The other small problem was the 10 gauge duplex wire included with the universal installation kit was literally a few feet short to reach the battery so I had to buy a roll of black 10 gauge at the auto parts store to complete the installation.Ill let you know how it works with the Pontoon Trailer!

-- comment by: Dan N - 03/17/2013


- 39523
by: Simple!10/18/2017

Easy install with included GM wire harness. Took 20 minutes. 443734


awesome,simple controller to operate and install

John - 10/18/2018


- 20127
by: Rob Rod05/13/2014

Exactly what I needed! 130328



Rob R - 05/13/2015


- 39523
by: Rolando Torres07/11/2013

Easy to install in my Toyota-Tacoma 2012. I pull my Travel Trailer and this break controller worked very well and with just a little bit adjustment. Also this item was shipped very fast. 89077


I just installed this on my 2010 Tacoma, which was very easy. I hooked up a new trailer and I noticed right a way the brakes seem to pulse. You can see the LED flicker between red and green that appears to be synced with the brake pulsing. Does yours behave similarly? This is my first trailer and brake controller so Im not sure if its normal or not.

-- comment by: Quincy - 04/02/2014


That is not normal operation. There are two likely culprits: First, a weak or loose connection to the brake switch wire. Double check that first so the controller can positively know when you are applying brakes in the Tacoma. Second, Toyotas are known for finnicky electrical grounds. If you didn't when you installed it, run the ground wire for the controller to the negative terminal on the battery. If it is grounded to the body, the controller may not be getting sufficient ground so the brakes start to engage and the ground cuts out, and it does this over and over resulting in the pulse.

-- Patrick B - 4/3/2014


Now after one year Im using the same brake controler in my new Tundra and still working very well.

Rolando T - 01/09/2015


- 39523
by: Titus T.03/05/2017

Didn't take long to get once I ordered it. Very easy to install. I used the video to help with the install. Can't wait to start camping. Would definitely use etrailer.com again and will recommend it to friends and family. 348854

- 39523
by: Steve J.09/29/2017

First of all I want to thank everyone involved with me for being so helpful and patient, especially Wayne in Tech. As it turned out after getting the 3rd unit from them the problem was in the trailer & installer [ me ] I found a pinched wire this afternoon and repaired it, problem solved. Thanks again to everyone involved. Will get a chance to try it out this weekend before it snows !!!!! 437721



Steve J - 09/29/2018


- 39523
by: Steven K.06/05/2018

Thanks to etrailer’s video “Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee”, the installation of a Tekonsha PowerTrac controller on my 2003 Jeep was very straight forward (and I’m not a car guy!). Like in the video, I used the wiring kit (#5506). I forgot to order a pigtail wiring harness but was able to pick one up locally. Took the trailer out last weekend and the brakes worked great. 517695

- 39523
by: Mike06/26/2013

I have a Toyota Tacoma (06). I had the controller installed in less than five minutes. One minute to gather the tools: drill/bits, screw driver, and tape. I thought tape would be helpful to hold the ground screw to the driver given the tight are under the dash. One minute to drill the ground hole. One minute to install the ground screw. One minute to plug in the cables and fish the wire under the stirring wheel to allow for the controller to be mounted in the storage area found on Tacoma trucks dash. I guess I was wrong. It only took four minutes. I did not need to put the tools away I was off to do other projects. I rate the product as good because I have not tried it on the trailer yet. 86205


Today I used the controller out on the road, it worked great. Now I give the product a SIX star rating. Its better than a five star rating because of the reasonable price and installation of the product. Good job etrailer. Mike from Santa Fe.

-- comment by: Mike L - 06/29/2013


We can't take that much credit, you performed the install. Glad it proved to be a quick, easy and worthwhile project, and thanks for coming back to give us an update after you tested it out. Happy towing!

-- Patrick B - 7/1/2013

- 39523
by: Rick R01/01/2017

Great price. I used this unit, made by Tekonsha, to replace a Tekonsha Prodigy unit that was (3.) times as expensive. (It lasted (4.) years. The green LED lighting was no longer visible. Therefore, making the unit inoperable.) I installed this unit in a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck. The truck had the wires for a trailer brake controller under the dash. All I had to do was pulled them down. This is how I connected the wires: Small blue & white wire on the truck to the blue wire on the trailer brake controller. Small white wire on the truck to the white wire on the trailer brake controller. Large blue wire on the truck to the red wire on the trailer brake controller. Red/black wire on the truck to the black wire on the trailer brake controller. I mounted the trailer brake controller to the right, and at the very top of the pullout ash tray with the screws that came with the trailer brake controller. I am right handed, so this location allows me to see and operate the trailer brake controller with my right hand while resting my arm on the fold down storage area/beverage holder in my work truck. E Trailer is a good company. Their prices are fair and they have an excellent customer support system. If you have a question or a problem they are there to take care of you. So I don't shop anywhere else when I need something that they sell. Why would I? 329265


Thanks for your review and your business, Rick! Often, the color of the wires are determined what wires the factory uses on a particular run, so we always recommend testing for function by using a wiring tester, such as # 3808.

-- Laura E - 01/09/2017


- 39523
by: David E04/12/2017

Overall this is a great product for the money for small/medium rigs or if you don't tow on a regular basis. Installation was quick and easy. It does not fine tune real easy and is easily affected by weight change. It's perfect for my use, which is a 17' toy hauler. Anything bigger and I would go with a unit which had a gross adjustment and then a fine adjustment, which I have had in the past, when I regularly pulled heavy loads. 366149

- 20127
by: Gilbert S05/31/2018
1984 Ford F-150, F-250, F-350

The right adapter for the brake control unit. Made it simpler to install. 514342

- 39523
by: Jack10/17/2018

Perfect for my needs. Easy to install. The adapter that came with it made the install so easy. 3015-P. 575052

- 39523
by: Larry S04/01/2017

I had ordered a wiring harness for a electric brake controller, Pod brake controller and a Pollack Trailer connection socket with a 7 and 4 connection plugs. Items came quickly and had all items installed in less than an 1/2 hr. on my 2016 Silverado truck LT. it took only a screw driver to complete the job. Well Done etrailer for your parts and shipment. I will be a returning customer. 363801

- 39523
by: Jim10/11/2018

The only thing I wish I had done was put the screws in the unit first for a test fit, I was working in a tight space and it was hard to start the screws. 573616

- 39523
by: Jeff D.08/16/2013

Install was easy just as etrailer said. Product works great for a 2 axle trailer. I mounted it to the coin holder door left of steering column so that the screw holes would be in the plastic door, which I could replace if needed. Routed wires under hood release. Great company! 95444


Works great no problems. Thanks for the follow up.

Jeff D - 08/18/2014


- 39523
by: Rick08/25/2018

Installed on 2003 Toyota Tundra with the factory tow package. Installation was a breeze with the included vehicle specific wiring adapter. It took me about 45 minutes total. Looks professionally installed. Easy to use. Set the adjustment for your specific trailer and go! 558057

- 39523
by: Jim H07/29/2017

Received my controller today and it mounted easily in my Nissan Frontier with the adapter that plugged right into my wiring harness. When I got it mounted I found that the light did not come on. I went on line to the question and answer section of etrailer.com and found that it had to be hooked to the trailer for the lights to come on. I drove to the storage facility where my RV toy hauler is parked and when I hooked the light cord up the light on the controller lit right up. When I bought the trailer I had to quotes of more than $250 to install a controller and then I looked further on line and found etrailer.com and saved myself about $200 in the hour it took me to install it and hook it up to the trailer. My experience with etrailer.com was great and I will continue to check them for further needs. 412452

- 39523
by: Mark E Barnes10/03/2016

I purchased the wiring kit, brake controller and extra bracket for my 2016 Promaster 118. The install went great. I used another stainless steel bracket to attach the 7 way to the bumper cover. It looks good and totally professional. The brake controller sits just below the fuse box and is out of the way but accessible. I did route my power wires going to the front beneath the van. I drilled a 1/2 inch hole through the rear plastic of the battery box to bring those wires in. 302828

- 39523
by: Mike Kremer07/08/2015

This review is for the Tekonsha PowerTrac Electronic Brake Controller - 1 to 2 Axles - Time Delayed. I installed this brake controller on a 2014 Jeep Unlimited and at the same time installed a 7 way trailer connector. I bought a Jeep factory harness for the 7 way connector so that was just a simple swap out of the factory 4 flat connector. This ensured that I had working lights while I worked on the install of the Controller. The Jeep harness included the wiring for the trailer brakes so I just had to install the Controller and the wiring for the controller at the engine end. This took about 4 hours. I didn't own a trailer yet at that time so I took the Jeep to a local trailer rental place and they tested the install for me. It worked. They also explained to me how to use the controller. I later bought a small travel trailer and the dealer for the trailer tested the install of the Controller and explained how to use it. By this they meant how I adjust the sensitivity of the controller. This they explained was best done by setting the sensitivity to zero (thumb wheel on controller) and then while pulling the trailer adjust the sensitivity up until some 'drag' is felt and then backing the sensitivity back down just until no 'drag' is felt, and that's it. I don't know if the manufacturer would agree with that. Their documentation did not explain exactly how to use the controller. Now that I've used the trailer a few times and I go through this I am comfortable with it and I feel the Tekonsha is providing the the control needed for safe towing. 210105

- 39523
by: Michael B.03/08/2019

Very happy with this product. It fit nicely in my truck and plugged right into the factory wiring harness. Total installation time was under an hour. Easy to adjust, and works perfectly with my 5th wheel trailer. I simply pulled out the little storage cubby from the dash, cut the back off, slid the controller in, bolted it together, and stuck it all back in the dash. Looks and works great. 610737

- 39523
by: Mark01/11/2019

Not happy that the harnes doesn’t plug into the brake controller, would think someone would have made sure they matched before shipping!! 596682


It appears what was ordered was a curt brake controller adapter and a tekonsha brand Powertrac brake controller part # 39523. The adapter you will need to plug the powertrac into the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with towing package is part # 3016
Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers

-- Heather A - 01/14/2019


- 39523
by: Gary H02/23/2013

Just got done installing this brake controller on my 2011 Tucson. It was a whole lot more difficult than everyone says. It was not the product; very nice unit which installed nicely under the dash. The unit only has 4 leads, 3 of which were no issue. All 4 wires had to be extended (understandably). 3 out of the 4 snaked nicely into the engine compartment. I just widened the existing wiring thru grommet going thru and these 3 slid right thru. Black (Hot), White (Ground) and Blue (Output to trailer brakes). What was the bear was the Red lead which connects to the output side of the brake light switch. When I crawled under dash I could not even see this switch. I could only feel it let allone conect a wire to it. The only alternitive I had was to slice the main harness open (still very hard to get at) and then 1 by 1 find out which of the 40 wires had feed when the pedal was depressed. Once I found this, it was still incredibally hard to get a splice on this 1 lone wire. This is not the products fault; it is just the way they engineer cars these days. All in all the product is great! Gary H. 67561

- 39523
by: Glenn09/24/2018

Both products were fantastic! After watching video, provided by eTrailer, easily found factory pigtail, knew to verify trailer brakes had fuse from factory and made installation in about 10 mins. easily. Fast shipping. 568295

- 39523
by: Rick08/05/2016

This is the same controller that I have in my motor home. Installed this in my 2008 LWB Nissan Titan 4X4. After reading a review about taking the lower dash cover off, I removed 2 screws at either side of the bottom of the panel and gently worked out the other clips took about 2 minutes to remove and found the electric brake harness tagged - added the new vehicle specific harness adapter (sold separately) put the panel back and mounted the controller. Took about 15 minutes. e-trailer folks rock! 280133


Thanks for the email. All is good with the hitch, it is holding up well and the brake controller works like a champ. Towed my 8X12 dual axle cargo trailer from FL to Nevada with 2 Harleys and gear, then from FL to Cape Cod and return. Never had a problem with the hitch or controller. Great products.

Rick - 12/15/2017


- 39523
by: Bill G.06/04/2017

I received my purchase very quickly. I just installed the control and wire harness today. Installation was easy, all you need are basic hand tools and a drill with a small bit. Haven't had chance to test it out yet but, when I do I'll update. 388664


The controller works fine. It takes a second or so for them to activate and release which can take some getting use to. I am going to look into a different controller that reacts instantly with my vehicle brakes.

Bill G - 06/04/2018


Thanks for your follow up on your PowerTrac Brake controller the delay that you are describing is common with a time delay style of brake controller. A proportional brake controller will be more responsive than a time delay, and will brake in "proportion" to your vehicle braking. My recommendation would be for the Tekonsha P3 # 90195
Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional
, since it does indeed offer top of the linke diagnostics, as well as the option to program different trailer settings. I have also linked our current offerings of proportional brake controllers for your reference.

-- Rachael H - 6/5/2018

- 39523
by: jim a06/09/2015

We have a Honda Ridgeline and needed this for our camper trailer. It was nice ordering the specific plug in wire for the Ridgeline and therefore eliminating hard wiring, just plugged it in. It was rough getting to the factory plug under the dash by the emergency brake petal switch. My hands are not small enough, ha ha. But success was had. Plugged into the controller and mounted it and u-wall-a. It works the way it is suppose to, I like that. A good quality unit that does what it is suppose to. thanks. 202036


After a year, I dont even think about it being there. I love that. It works the way it should. When traveling with our trailer, I might adjust the controller slightly but that is it. . . .thanks etrailer and Tekonsha for such great products and service. . .you rock. . . .jim

jim a - 06/08/2016


- 39523
by: Doug10/18/2018

Installs in a snap, works great! 575288

- 39523
by: Tim B.05/10/2013

The control works great. Nice incremental application of wheel from nothing to hard on! Led light goes from green to red also in incremental degrees. Installation was a snap in my 2008 F150 with tow package. Just Plug in the control clip and the other end in the terminal above and to the right of the computer check terminal. Rather than have it below my dash I opted for the cove below the lighter. Etrailer did a nice job of getting out to me right away and kept me informed where this was at all the way to my door. Good Job! 79780

- 20127
by: Dean E.10/08/2017
2005 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

This was automatically added when I ordered the instal kit for my brakes! Great addition but just add it to the install kit to begin with! 440649


Works great! I have a small SVU & small TT.

Dean E - 10/08/2018


- 20127
by: Mike11/13/2019

i have purchased close to 50 hitches and harnesses from you folks all good 725406

- 20127
by: David11/05/2019
2007 Ford Ranger

Purchased a Teckonsha Voyager brake controller and the ETBC7 install kit. The instruction an video were very clear and easy to follow. Installed on a 2007 Ford Ranger Sport. Tech support was also very helpful on the one question I did have. 722791

- 39523
by: Hugh11/05/2019

Worked great, easy setup, good instructions. Shipping was only compliant. Paid for 3 day . came in 5 ground. 722695

- 20127
by: Vincent11/01/2019

Worked well provided enough length to hook up brake controller 721968

- 20127
by: Douglas11/01/2019

Great customer service, helped on making sure I got what I needed. Parts came on time and they fit the application 721735

- 20127
by: Gordon10/27/2019

I’ll start to put it in this week. Ashley was a great help,she should get an “ At a girl” forsure. Ty all,it been a pleasure doing business with you! 720593

- 20127
by: Dan10/25/2019

Came sooner than expected Every thing ordered was new in original packing Super Webb site Thanks “I’ll be back” 720415

- 39523
by: Noah10/20/2019

Simple easy to use and install. 719102

- 20127
by: Walter10/19/2019
2012 Chevrolet Silverado

Easy installation, worked as it is meant too 718756

- 39523
by: Wayne10/18/2019

I received all that I ordered. How ever the box was destroyed and had been taped up several times. Everything was the taped up box. SO good enough.. 718699

- 20127
by: Jason10/18/2019

So far so good. Easy install 718565

- 39523
by: Don10/16/2019

very nice unit and good price. Thanks for fast service. Don 717697

- 39523
by: William10/12/2019

Just installed this product from trailer pretty straight forward installation seem to work great for the price. A trailer dealership wanted $250 dollars to in stall did it myself in about 15 minutes great saving . I do have a back ground in electrical and mechanical tho.. over all awesome products would recommend 717157

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