Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional
Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - GM

Part Numbers: 39510,3025-P


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39510 - Under Dash Mount Tekonsha Brake Controller
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Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional
part number: 39510

Proportional brake controller can be mounted within a 90-degree vertical range. LED monitor indicates braking action of trailer. Fine-tune power adjustment lets you set braking intensity to suit your towing needs.


  • Brake controller activates trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicle's braking action
    • Automatically adjusts trailer's braking based on deceleration of tow vehicle
    • Activates immediately - no pausing like with time-delayed brake controllers
  • Multiple mounting options
    • Position within 90 degrees in the vertical plane
  • Fine-tune adjustment for braking power and aggressiveness
  • Green LED monitors a secure connection with trailer
  • LED monitor changes color to alert you to braking action of trailer
  • Built-in, slide-bar manual override
  • Plug-in, vehicle-specific brake-control adapter can be used for certain applications to reduce installation time


  • Application: trailers with up to 4 axles (8 brake assemblies)
    • Designed for use with electric brakes only
  • Dimensions: 3" wide x 5" long x 1-1/2" tall
  • Mounting: between -20 degrees and 70 degrees in the vertical plane
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Proportional Braking

With a proportional brake controller, you can get heavy-duty emergency braking, general braking or slow-to-an-idle braking for your trailer automatically. The intensity with which your trailer brakes are activated and the rate at which they are applied are dependent on the deceleration of your tow vehicle. This means that, unlike time-delay controllers - which send the same amount of preset power to your trailer brakes every time - proportional controllers are able to adapt to every braking situation differently. So, if you slam on the brakes in your truck, your trailer brakes will activate with that same extreme intensity. And if you merely slow down as you approach a red light, your trailer will gradually brake in the same manner.

As long as the Voyager controller is mounted properly and is pointed in the direction of travel, it will sense - via an internal inertia sensor - how your tow vehicle brakes. This inertia-based sensor responds to the deceleration of your tow vehicle as you brake by signaling the controller to send out enough power to your trailer brakes so that they are activated with an intensity that matches. The result is uniform braking across your towing setup. No push-pull action - just smooth, proportional braking every time.

Power and Sensitivity Adjustment

Getting the braking power you need for your application is simple with the Voyager. First, set up the controller as indicated in the instructions, making sure that the internal sensor is properly leveled. Then set the overall power by adjusting the power knob while you test out your rig. The power should be just enough to achieve maximum braking without locking up your trailer brakes.

Once you have the overall power set, you can fine-tune the power output by adjusting the sensitivity of the internal sensor. Use the level knob on the side of the Voyager to achieve your desired degree of intensity. Move the knob toward you (clockwise) to delay the power output, creating braking sensitivity that is ideal for lightweight setups. If you are towing a heavy load, you may want the trailer to brake more aggressively to prevent it from pushing your tow vehicle. To get more intense stopping action, turn the level knob away from you (counterclockwise).

LED Indicator

On the front of the Voyager there is an LED indicator that is designed to keep you aware of the braking action of your trailer. Typically, this light burns green to indicate that your trailer and tow vehicle are securely connected. When the light is green, only 5 milliamps are being drawn, thus minimizing drain on your vehicle's battery.

As you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, the LED will change to red. This indicates that power is being sent to the trailer brakes. The light will also burn red whenever you activate the manual override lever.

During installation and setup, this light is used to ensure that the Voyager will be able to function correctly. Proper leveling of the internal sensor is crucial to the operation of this brake controller. When the sensor is level, the LED will change to a shade of orange.

Simple Installation

The Voyager is designed to be mounted in your cab at a vertical angle that is between -20 degrees and 70 degrees.

Correct Voyager mounting90-Degree Voyager mounting

Note: The Voyager must be mounted on a level horizontal (side-to-side) plane and must be lined up with the direction of travel for the internal sensor to function properly.

Once the controller is mounted, you must level the internal sensor. First, set the overall power to maximum using the knob on the side of the controller. Then, while pressing the tow vehicle's brake pedal, adjust the level knob on the other side of the brake controller (this is the same knob that is used to fine-tune the power output) until the LED monitor is a shade of orange.

Installation requires that you either purchase a custom wiring adapter designed to plug into the Voyager or that you hardwire the controller directly into your vehicle. To hardwire the Voyager, you must remove the plug at the end of the integrated wiring harness.

Installation Accessories

For easier installation, a vehicle-specific wiring adapter is available for most newer trucks and SUVs. One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle, and the other end plugs into the controller - no hardwiring required.

Note: If a custom brake-control wiring adapter is not available for your vehicle, one of the following will be required:

20-Amp circuit breaker (9506P - sold separately) for 2- to 4-brake applications

30-Amp circuit breaker (38630 - sold separately) for 6- to 8-brake applications

See also etrailer.com's exclusive 7- and 4-way brake-control installation kit (ETBC7 - sold separately) if you don't already have a 7-way plug at the back of your vehicle.

9030 Tekonsha Voyager Electric Brake Control

California residents: click here

Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - GM
part number: 3025-P

Install your electric brake controller quickly and easily with this custom wiring adapter. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your brake controller and then plug the other end into the built-in harness beneath your vehicle's dash.


  • Adapter is wired for GM trucks and SUVs from 1999 to 2002
  • Wiring adapter eases installation of your electric brake controller
  • Custom connector end plugs into the electric junction box beneath the dash of your vehicle
  • Other end plugs into the back of your electric brake controller
    • Compatible time-delayed brake controllers: Draw-Tite Activator I (5100), Draw-Tite Activator II (5500), Draw-Tite Activator III (5520) and Tekonsha PowerTrac (39523)
    • Compatible proportional brake controllers: Tekonsha Prodigy (90185), Tekonsha P2 (90885), Tekonsha P3 (90195), Tekonsha Primus IQ (TK90160) and Tekonsha Voyager (39510)
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Installation of Tekonsha Brake Controller Adapter

Junction BoxBrake-Control Adapter Port

This adapter plugs into the port that is built into the electric junction box beneath your vehicle's dash. The black box is located to the left of the steering column, just above the carpet. To plug in the adapter, first remove the cover on the box. The adapter plugs into the second slot from the left, on the top row.

To install your electric brake controller you need to connect the wiring of the controller to your vehicle. Certain manufacturers offer pre-wired options, typically known as tow packages, wherein these wires are run for you from the dash to the trailer connector on the back of your vehicle. Often, a brake controller wiring harness is included with your tow package. This harness plugs into a port beneath your dash and connects to the four wires of the brake controller. If, however, you have a brake controller with a plug in place of the four loose wires, you can use the Tekonsha adapter.

This adapter requires no hardwiring. It is designed to plug directly into your electric brake controller for the simplest installation possible. Because there are no wires to connect, installation is not permanent. You can unplug and remove your brake controller at any time and securely stow it away.

3025-P Tekonsha Brake Control Wiring Adapter with 2 Plugs

California residents: click here

Video of Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tekonsha Brake Controller - Proportional Controller - 39510 Review

Today we are going to review part number 39510. This is the Tekonsha Voyager proportional brake controller. This brake controller will activate your trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicles braking action. It will automatically adjust the trailers braking based on deceleration of the towed vehicle. And it does activate immediately so there is no pausing like with your time delayed brake controllers.

It does have multiple mounting options, basically this would position within 90 degrees in a vertical plane, meaning this way. It will mount between a negative 20 which would be 20 degrees down, or a positive 70 in a vertical plane which would be up. So there is a 90 degree range. A minus 20 up to a positive 70. And horizontally, you do want this to be horizontal to the direction of travel. You do not want it to be turned that way or this way. And you can fine tune the adjustment braking power and aggressiveness right here with this knob. Right here is the LED monitor which will change color to alert you of the braking action of the trailer. The very front here you can see there is a built in slide bar manual override. This is used when you do need to in an emergency braking situation where you would need the brakes applied immediately.

Now on the back of this controller there is a plug that would plug into a harness. For an example here today we are going to use this pigtail harness, which actually has the plug on one end to fit the brake controller. And on the other end it just has the pigtail wires which will wire into your vehicle. This is a part #7894 that we do sell separately. Going to use that today to show you a demonstration. Now we also sell a plug in vehicle specific brake control wiring harness. We sell those separately. What that is, if your vehicle has a factory brake controller port, you can buy a harness for certain applications to reduce the installation time, and that harness would have the plug that would plug into the controller, and the other end instead of being the pigtails would have a plug that would match the factory brake controller port of your vehicle. So if that is available what you can do is check our fit guide online and that will tell you if your vehicle has a vehicle specific adapter available for your application.

Now this brake controller does come with the mounting bracket which mounts to the side right here, and the mounting hardware. It does come with a nice set of detailed instructions, and some pictures that will help you set up the brake controller. And again I mentioned we are going to give you a demonstration. I am going to take these pigtail wires and basically hook them up to a power source so we can show at least the light, how it changes colors. Once I get these all hooked up we will be ready to go. Ok, so we got them all hooked up to a power source. Here is the plug in. So basically we will just plug it in, turn on the power. Once you get power you will see a green light, that means it is connected. Now if the trailer was not connected, I will just unhook it here, you will see the light would not be on. So if the trailer is plugged in and connected you will see it gives a nice green light.

Basically the 1st thing you want to do is level this brake controller. And you will do that by taking this power knob and turning it all the way clockwise which will be full power. And then you would apply the brakes. And with holding the brake pedal you would go to this level adjustment knob over here and turn it. And you will see that it is green right now, and you will just start turning it to the back of the controller until you will see it will start turning to red. you can see how it changes to red, and what you want to do is then turn it back until you get a dim orange. Once you the dim orange that is your typical setting that you will want to start with. Then you can leave off the brakes. That will level the sensor on the inside. And then to adjust the power you have to do a test drive. what you will want to do is to go back to this power knob and put it at the 12 o'clock position, then go out and drive. Get it up to about 25 mph and apply the brakes. And then just adjust it from there. Application for this controller is trailers with up to four axles or eight brake assemblies. Now this is designed for use with electric brakes only. It will not work with electric over hydraulic. It does come with a five year limited warranty. That should do it for review on part number 39510 the Tekonsha Voyager proportional brake controller.

Customer Reviews

Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - 39510

Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers - GM - 3025-P

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (661 Customer Reviews)

Proportional brake controller can be mounted within a 90-degree vertical range. LED monitor indicates braking action of trailer. Fine-tune power adjustment lets you set braking intensity to suit your towing needs. Install your electric brake controller quickly and easily with this custom wiring adapter. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your brake controller and then plug the other end into the built-in harness beneath your vehicle's dash.

- 39510
by: Jo06/25/2019

Received all the products we ordered in less time than I thought it would be here. Thank you for such great service. 663198

- 39510
by: Jay10/07/2018

Brake controller ordered tues delivered thurs. Install took ten mins after watching video on E web site. These guys are great!!!!!! 572504

- 39510
by: JCS07/14/2016

I pull a small camper with a VW Touareg. The electronics in the T'reg don't play well with top of the line brake controllers. I spoke with the Tekonsha rep and he recommended the Voyager. The Voyager is a very simple controller, easy to install, and works well. I don't miss the fancy display. ICS 271698


Still works great. Pretty much set and forget.

JCS - 07/14/2017


- 39510
by: Aaron02/15/2014

Installed easy and feels like its made well. I won't get a chance to use it for another week. The etrailer staff was very friendly and the shipping was fast. 116639


The brake controller has worked great over the last year. I have had no problems.

Aaron - 02/15/2015


- 39510
by: Thomas08/30/2018

The controller works fine but it has developed a rattle on rough roads. It was a replacement for one I broke. 559720


The Voyager brake controller is an older design that uses a pendulum-style accelerometer, versus one thats solid state. This is the rattle youre hearing.

-- Mike L - 08/30/2018


- 39510
by: Christopher10/19/2018

Works excellent for my camper 575885

- 39510
by: Eugene H08/14/2018

Got all hooked up,control is working as should,other issues on trailer.Seller told me had just installed new brakes,have to check them out as they are grabbing. Control is setting level,and straight,and checks out per instruction sheet. Very easy to install. 553766

- 39510
by: Dan C.09/10/2014

Awesome controller. We use them often our our equipment. Only problem we had this install, was locating the right wiring to tie into the brake circuit. New 2014 Chevy express van. Chevy only uses a 5 volt switched supply at the brake pedal. Ended up locating and tied into the brake light circuit for the 12 volts needed for controller to see the brakes are applied. 150511

- 39510
by: Walter Calloway/ Donna Calloway07/15/2017

The break controller was what I ordered but the wire harness that was sent with it did not have a wiring diagram so I could wire it to my truck correctly. I had to go to a YouTube video to get the correct information so I could wire the harness to my truck without hurting the controller or the vehicle. Question: Does your company not send a diagram with all of your harness? Customer should not have to go to a YouTube video to install the product. 406364


Hi Walter and Donna, since brake controller wiring harnesses are not universal, manufacturers do not provide wiring diagrams in their packages because they do not know how or if your specific vehicle is prepped for a brake controller. However, we do have a help article on brake controller wiring, and general trailer wiring. I have included links for your reference. If you have any other issues do not hesitate to contact our tech experts.

-- Sarah H - 07/17/2017


- 39510
by: Greg M.07/30/2013

I have had several of these over the years. I currently have 3 controllers on different trucks. I pull 5 different trailers with completely different weights. The controller works really well. I definately recommend this controller. You level it on the left side, which allows for placement in alot of areas of the truck. When I am towing I can adjust the brakes with the dial on the right side. Obviously the brakes need to be lighter when the trailer is empty. Simply turn the dial back until the brakes don't lock up. When I get it loaded I turn the dial forward until I can feel the brakes take hold. The lever on the front lets me manually apply the trailer brakes. I use this in cases where I am going downhill and it is better to let the trailer slow me down. If I ever need another controller, this will be it. Great price also. 92292

- 39510
by: Spencer O.10/17/2018

Everything worked out great! Install was very easy and does exactly what it's supposed to do. My ram didn't come with a brake controller from factory and this makes up for it. No complaints from me! 575045

- 39510
by: Kirk05/20/2018

Thus far it works great. I have a 2008 Toyota Sienna and use it for a tent trailer (pop up trailer). After researching and watching etrailer.com's video on installing a brake controller on a Sienna I found that the price was best here AND the kit to install it was without comparison. Really--I went to an auto parts store and tried to figure out what all I would need to create my own kit and it was exhausting. So great to follow what they have put together here. I took the trailer out after installing this brake controller and it was great. Braking felt like braking normally (with no trailer hooked up). I would recommend this product as well as the other parts and kits suggested by the youtube video. 511079

- 39510
by: John F06/29/2015

Very reasonable price and can be purchased with an adaptor designed specifically for my new Silverado 1500 truck! Very easy install! I recommend this item. 208077


Excellent easy install and works great!

John F - 06/28/2016


- 39510
by: Joshua H01/18/2017

I loved this controller so much I put one in my other vehicle. For the price you can't beat it. Just don't forget you need the wiring harness item 7894 ($$) to go with it. Pros It is really easy to dial in how much brake you need. I dial it down when I get off the highway to prevent the trailer from pulling hard and increase it for higher speeds. Also you can pinch the lever the engage the trailer brakes without braking your vehicle to see just how much braking the trailer (only) is doing. Also there is an led indicator that turns from green to pink to red as more break is applied and serves as a good visual indicator. 333539

- 39510
by: Robert G07/15/2016

Completely plug and play installation and works flawlessly, very happy with this unit. I also ordered the exact harness for my 2005 f150 with tow package. Here are a couple of hints that may be helpful. My installation also required a 30 amp cartridge fuse to be installed in the fuse panel in location #105(electric trailer brakes) under the dash on the passenger side. I also installed a relay in location r05 (trailer tow battery charge) but I don't think this is needed for the controller to function. I still had the original trailer brake kit and it had the additional fuse panel instructions and the relay. The owners manual showed where the 30 amp fuse and relay plugs in. You cannot test this unit until a trailer with brakes is connected, ie the led will not light up until it senses a brake circuit. 272082

- 39510
by: Dale B10/18/2018

Works great easy to install took about 5 minutes to put it in 575598

- 39510
by: Kelly Gustafson09/01/2017

This is the second one that I own. Works great for what I need. Easy to use. 427714

- 39510
by: Byron10/04/2018

Easy to install. I have no complaints at all. It gets the trailer stopped without any issues. That’s all that matters. 571593

- 39510
by: Dave B.07/14/2013

Appears to work so far but too early to tell for a long term assessment. Liked that my vehicle had a ready plug under the dash so no wiring hassles were experienced. 89499


Thanks Patrick and I like it just fine although have used it only once. Is actuated by the use of the brake pedal and can be utilized manually by moving the lever horizontally to the right. Much of the credit should be given to the gal that took my call with the order. Originally was going the cheap route with no proportioning on the TBC and she indicated that I would be very disappointed if more money wasnt tendered for a proportioning TBC. It always helps when your sales staff has technical knowledge on the products.

Dave B - 07/16/2014


- 39510
by: Steven09/30/2018

The product works great, no problems at all. I would recommend this product. Thanks, Steve 570354

- 39510
by: Patrick Magers05/06/2013

I installed this controller on a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Installation was easy (as I had also purchased the adapter cable for my Jeep), adjustment instructions were clear and the controller worked perfectly. 79126


Hi...am also looking at installing on my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Am in Australia....not sure what the adjuster cable is and whether it is something I should mention to my Auto Electrician. Are you able to clarify?

-- comment by: Terry B - 08/07/2013


The adapter cable referenced is for plugging the brake controller into a port under the dash that Jeep provides on models with the factory towing package, in this case, it is part 3045-P. Please note this port will only be present and active on models equipped with a factory 7-Way trailer connector at the rear. These harnesses are also developed and designed for North American Market vehicles and if your Grand Cherokee was built for sale in Australia, it may not be compatible and could potentially damage the vehicle electrical system. In that case, it may be best to have the installer hard-wire in the brake controller and use an ETBC7 kit to complete the install. It would give the installer all the parts needed to add a 7-Way and wire the Voyager in.

-- Patrick B - 8/7/2013

- 39510
by: Richard P.03/01/2011

This installation is in a 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat The installation was very easy. It helps to have a 90 degree screwdriver to install the screws on the right side. The screws will install easier if you install them first, remove them and re-install after the bracket is installed on the vehicle. 8161

- 39510
by: Jeremiah09/15/2018

This is a good product it does the job very well but if you have different trailers I would recommend getting one that will remember a couple different settings. 565456


If you tow multiple trailers, I recommend a Tekonsha P3 part # 90195. The p3 lets you customize 5 storable settings for multiple trailers, varying loads or different drivers.

-- Heather A - 09/15/2018


- 39510
by: Walter09/30/2018

Wonderful, haven't had any trouble. 570380

- 39510
by: Donald12/15/2017

I ordered the Tekonsha Voyager brake controller and harness for my truck from etrailer, received shipping confirmation within hours and the controller arrived in three days. I googled installation brake controller for my particular truck and etrailer had an excellent video which made it very easy to install. Setting the level and power were also easy as per Tekonsha’s instructions. All in all it was a good experience and the controller will be a good match for my trailer. A good product from a good company at an excellent price. 460310

- 39510
by: Steve E.08/26/2015

Seems perfect. I'll put 5000 miles on it over the next month. The three controls are easy to adjust without looking, though I'd prefer the side mounted knobs to stick out a little more, so you can grab them easier. 221933


They work great. I actually had the controller stolen out of the truck in Albuquerque this summer and replaced it with the same unit. \Unfortunately, I had to buy it quickly traveling so I paid more at a trailer supply store.At least the thieves didnt get the truck! A friend in the same parking lot wasnt as fortunate.

Steve E - 08/31/2016


- 3025-P
by: Sherry R12/31/2012

Thank you so much Cristy for the exceptional guidance and friendly help while choosing the correct brake controller for my boyfriend's truck.....thanks for all the correct and helpful information everything went smoothly.....seamless....unusual this day and age.....Delivery was very prompt and product certainly lived up to all the reviews I had read before calling e Trailer......I would, without hesitation recommend this company for any mechanical needs......appreciate the follow up too...... 62269


Fantastic track record....absolutely no problems with the brake controller.....extremely happy with its performance and I stand by my original comments....thank you for contacting me once again and checking our satisfaction with the purchase.....refreshing to have someone contact us one year from date of purchase.....my appreciation for your concern and I will definitely call if we have further needs...Happy July 4Th

Sherry R - 07/01/2014


- 3025-P
by: Guy M.06/14/2015
2010 Chevrolet Suburban

Bought a new Primus IQ brake controller but it only came with a pigtail wiring that had to be spliced into my '01 Suburban. Ordered the direct fit wiring pigtail from etrailer.com and couldn't be more pleased! It literally took me less than 10 minutes to plug in the wiring and mount the brake controller. Excellent customer service and very fast shipping! The kind of shopping experience that causes repeat business. Thank you etrailer.com and customer rep Lexus for making everything so simple! 203301


Excellent. No problems at all!

Guy M - 06/13/2016


- 3025-P
by: Sean L01/07/2014
1999 Chevrolet Suburban

etrailer's instructions and videos are awesome. installation was a breeze UNTIL I needed to locate the brake signal wire (cold side of brake switch) on my 1999 suburban. What a pain. the switch is not very accessible let alone there are a ton of white wires under the dash --along with an alarm. Long story short, I found this in a GMC forum and it saved me big time: "Under the dash, next to the emergency brake is a black convenience box. At the bottom of the box is the letters GRN, next to that is the letters NAT with a small recessed box with two male spade connectors. The spade on the right goes to the brake switch. The wire from the brake controller is terminated there." Using the supplied probe tester I was able to verify this and finished up my installation. The Tekonsha Prodigy P3 controller works great. 112192


The Tekonsha Prodigy P3 controller is still working great. I cant believe i didnt get one sooner. Easy to adjust on the fly and no issues at all.

Sean L - 01/07/2015


- 39510
by: Al W.09/02/2016

I chose the Tekonsha Voyager inertia activated brake controller because i wanted the inertia system rather than the time delay system but needed it at a reasonable price. I have not tried it yet but it checked out electrically. I have two minor issues: it did not come with a wiring adapter. Maybe none of them do but one is needed to make wiring easy. Fortunately, I ordered one at the same time. The other issue is that it requires the metal bracket for mounting but on my vehicle it sticks out too far and I bang my knee on it when I slide behind the wheel. I think I can use double backed tape for mounting and still have it positioned so the inertia part will work okay. 290689

- 39510
by: jk09/09/2019

had this for a year now on my 2019 ram 1500 and it works perfectly We are pulling a 28 ft travel trailer with electric brakes .you can adjust the brake tension that works best for the trailer you are pulling. good product 699473

- 3025-P
by: Greg09/05/2019
2000 Chevrolet Silverado

Made installation quick and easy on 2000 Silverado. 697916

- 39510
by: Bryan08/31/2019

Not only did I purchase this connector, but the entire bundle as listed below. This is a great setup, works perfectly and looks great on the vehicle. Only seeing the hitch receiver, light harness, and break control hookup is clean and keeps near all the original ground clearance. Review the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - 76227 Review the Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller - 1 to 4 Axles - Proportional - 39510 Review the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - C56040 698345

- 39510
by: Tom08/30/2019

easy hook up with adapter plug and worked great with my motorcycle trailer 695629

- 39510
by: Donald08/16/2019

This is a great little controller. Second one I've purchased plus recommended to a friend who's truck I occasionally borrow! Simple to install, set and adjust and it's reliable. I have a 6000lb trailer with brakes on all 4 wheels. You adjust this easily to the load you have on and your rig drives as if the trailer was not even there. You don't save money with a timed style brake unit, you just buy grief. etrailer has a great price for this unit and their delivery and service is outstanding. 690050

- 39510
by: Paul08/12/2019

Paid the extra $5.00 in freight and it was worth it. Received on the date expected in great packaging and installation was fairly straight forward. 688669

- 39510
by: Levi08/10/2019

For the price it’ll does the job fine but it protrudes a from under the dash more than I wish it did but can be modified in time. 683171

- 39510
by: Lewis08/07/2019

Product was just as advertised, a plug and play inertia brake controller and adapter for my 2010 Ford F150. Had it installed in just minutes and it works great. Thank you. 682785

- 39510
by: Michael08/01/2019

Easy install and works great. 679273

- 39510
by: Tony07/31/2019

Installed well and works like it should. 678746

- 39510
by: Susan07/25/2019

I'm a 65 year old woman, but was able to easily install the wiring harness, and Tekonsha Voyager trailer break controller on my 2013 GMC Acadia in an hour. Very satisfied with the harness and controller so far. Haven't leveled or set the breaking power yet. Ran out of daylight. Will do this tomorrow. But I don't foresee any problems. 675540

- 3025-P
by: James07/24/2019

fast shipping and great prices. have purchased other things from etrailer in the past, and have always gotten great service, and excellent prices. 674808

- 3025-P
by: Michael07/19/2019

installation as simple as it gets 672434

- 39510
by: Hugh07/13/2019

worked perfectly 671018

- 39510
by: John07/12/2019

Have not installed as of yet it’s a simple installation and it’s what I was looking for have done business with etrailer since 2010 and will continue to do so. They are a great company to work with. Thank you Ian and etrailer 670585

- 39510
by: John07/10/2019

. 668460

- 39510
by: Jim07/08/2019

Having used this model brake controller b4, I thought it prudent to simply re-purchase one again. And this time, with the controller cable specific to my newer tow vehicle. 20 or 30 minutes later, wallah - installed and operational! 667737

- 39510
by: Nathan07/03/2019

Great product. Easy to use and hook up 666106

- 39510
by: Robert07/01/2019

Bought a number of Items to add a trailer hook up to my 2017 Nissan quest. Jason was very helpful with all the different Items I purchased. i recommend buying from etrailer. 665325

- 39510
by: Jason07/01/2019

Arrived on time and took 10 minutes to install with vehicle specific adapter. 666068

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Ask the Experts about this Brake Controller
Do you have a question about this Brake Controller?

  • Brake Controller Recommendation for 1999 Chevy Silverado
  • The correct brake controller harness for your 1999 Chevy Silverado is the part # 3025-P. Which for an economically priced brake controller that will still work great the best option is the Tekonsha Voyager part # 39510 as it is a proportional controller. Proportional means that it can sense the amount of braking your truck will be doing and will apply the same intensity to the trailer's brakes.
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  • Installation of Brake Controller on 2017 Chevy 3500 to Replace Factory Integrated Brake Controller
  • On your 2017 Chevy 3500 Duramax ltz, you can absolutely connect your Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller # 39510 using the Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers # 3016. This adapter plugs into the 4-pin connector in your vehicle's junction box. The box is located underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column, just above the carpeting. Because you have the integrated controller you will need to bypass it by cutting the blue wire on the # 3016
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  • Brake Controller Install Harness Location and Recommendation for 2017 Nissan Armada
  • If your 2017 Nissan Armada came with a factory 7-way at the rear of the vehicle you can use an install harness like part # 3050-P to install a Tekonsha controller like the P2 part # 90885. I attached a picture that shows where you'll find the port above the accelerator. If you do not have a 7-way you'll need the part # N40975 to install one.
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  • Installing Trailer Brake Controller on 2018 GMC Canyon
  • On the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller # 90195 (great choice) the black wire is for 12V power, the blue wire is for brake output to the 7-Way connector, the red wire is for brake switch on the vehicle, and the white wire is for ground. Based on my research the following connections will be made with the wires you found behind the kick panel of your GMC Canyon: Black wire on brake controller to red wire in vehicle Blue wire on brake controller to light blue wire on vehicle Red
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  • Wiring and Brake Controller Installation on a 2016 Chevy Express Van
  • You are definitely on the right track with parts # 118392, # ETBC7, # 39510, and # 20127 in your cart. I really only have one extra part that I believe you will need to add - part # ETBCXW which is extra wire for the # ETBC7. It gives you 10 extra feet of the wiring that you will need for the brake controller and 12V power for your 7-Way. Although the Prodigy P2 # 90885 is a great brake controller, the Voyager, part # 39510 is not a bad controller itself. The main great thing about it
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  • Installation of Brake Controller on 2015 Ford Transit T250 With Factory Tow Package
  • Since you already have the factory tow package in your 2015 Ford Transit T250, I recommend the Tekonsha Voyager # 39510 along with the harness # 20127 to give you your basic controller. This will need to be hardwired as your vehicle doesn't have the dash adapter. I recommend using a circuit tester like # PTW2993 to test wires for function before splicing. If there are no brake controller output wires and 12V power lined under your dash, then to hardwire your controller you will need
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  • What Gauge Wire is Used on Tekonsha Brake Controllers?
  • Tekonsha uses 10 & 12 gauge wire on their brake controllers. They use 10-gauge for the 12V and output and-12 gauge for the red and white.. We do not have replacement female-end connectors. We do offer the replacement male connectors for Tekonsha controllers, part # 20127, If you decide to install all new 7-way and brake controller wiring, I recommend our Universal Brake Controller Installation Kit, part # ETBC7. If you decide to go with a new controller, I've provided links to 2
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  • Troubleshooting Tekonsha Voyager # 39510 Showing Constant 12V Power on Blue wire
  • If you are getting 12V of constant power on your brake controller output wire then you need to cut the blue wire from your Voyager about 6" away from the controller and see if it still has constant 12V power. If it does then there is an issue with the wiring to the controller or your Adapter # 3050-P (if you have the factory tow package). If there isn't constant 12V power then there is an issue with the wire from your brake controller to your 7-Way. The only time that your brake controller
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  • Are Trailer Brake Controllers Vehicle-Specific
  • Trailer brake controllers such as the Tekonsha Voyager # 39510 are not vehicle-specific but the parts required to install one can be specific to a year/make/model vehicle. For instance, many pickups have a port under the dash to allow quick plug-in installation of the Voyager, such as wiring adapter # 22292 which works for Fords. To find the correct harness you can enter your vehicle info into our Fit Guide. You can also always hardwire a controller using our all-inclusive kit # ETBC7.
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  • Parts Needed to Install Brake Controller in 2017 Nissan Armada
  • You should be able to install the Tekonsha Voyager brake controller part # 39510 in your 2017 Nissan Armada with the install harness part # 3050-P and the 7-way install kit part # N40975 as our understanding is that every Armada in 2017 came wired for this setup. Other option is to hardwire the brake controller with first wiring in a 4-way like part # C59236 and then using the kit part # ETBC7 to adapt this 4-way to a 7-way and allow you to hardwire in the controller. Check out the
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  • Is There a Plug and Play Proportional Brake Controller for a 2004 Ford F-150?
  • If your 2004 Ford F-150 has a factory 7-way then there is one option for a Tekonsha proportional brake controller in the range you wanted, the Voyager # 39510, which you would plug into your truck with Wiring Adapter # 3035-P, as you can see in the attached video link. Should your F-150 have the factory 4-way instead you would need the same parts along with Vehicle Wiring Harness with 7-Way Trailer Connector # 118247; you can see how this installs in the other video link I added for you.
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  • Parts Needed to Install Brake Controller in 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 with Aftermarket 7-Way
  • You'll need the wiring kit part # 5506 to complete the wiring of your brake controller to your 2001 Dodge Ram 1500. This will provide the power source and ground for the wiring for the brake controller. You will need to test the wires from the brake pedal switch of your vehicle to find a circuit that has voltage when the brakes are applied and none when not applied. This will be the circuit you will run the red wire to. Finally you will need to run a length of 10 gauge wire (part
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  • Where to Install Brake Controller on a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500
  • The best place to mount a brake controller like the Tekonsha Voyager # 39510 is under the driver's side dash in a place so that it is within easy reach in the even that you need to activate the manual override. Technically it could be mounted to the floor but since that will be a little out of reach I recommend to the right of your dash under the steering wheel as you can see from the attached photo. This helps to keep it out of the way especially when getting in and out of your vehicle.
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  • How to Install a Brake Controller on a 2016 Jeep Cherokee
  • In order to install the Tekonsha Voyager Trailer Brake Controller part # 39510 on your 2016 Jeep Cherokee you will want to use the Brake Control Plug-In Harness part # 20127 if your Jeep did not come equipped with a factory trailer connector or the Tekonsha Custom Wiring Adapter part # 3014-P if your Jeep did come equipped with a factory trailer connector. If you do have the factory trailer connector then the harness plugs into a pre-wired connector under your dash near the emergency
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  • Brake Controller Connector Location on a 2004 Ford F-250
  • To connect your Tekonsha Voyager # 39510 to your 2004 Ford F-250 you will need the Adapter # 3035-P which connects to a plug under your driver side dash. Typically the OEM connector can be seen pretty easily but for your vehicle you actually have to take that panel off that is under your steering wheel. The connector will be on the right side after you take the panel off. I have attached a picture of this as well as a video of our team installing the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 # 90195 with
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  • Brake Controller Recommendation and Install for 2004 Chevy Avalanche 1500
  • Your 2004 Chevy Avalanche that has a factory 7-way at the rear of the vehicle is factory pre-wired for a brake controller but you will need a quick-install connector part # 3015-P to connect to the port of the junction box under the dash of your truck. For a brake controller I would recommend the Prodigy P3 Brake Controller part # 90195. This is our best selling brake controller because of how well it works and how easy it is to setup. This is a proportional brake controller that senses
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  • Troubleshooting Weak Trailer Brake Magnets with a Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller
  • I can help you figure out what voltage should be coming down the brake output circuit on your trailer. If you have 10-12 inch brakes you should be getting 7.5-8.2 amps at 12 volts on the brake output circuit. If you have 7 inch brakes you should be getting 6.3-6.8 amps at 12 volts on the brake output circuit. If you are getting that voltage and the magnet is still not working, I would check for a worn magnet, a loose connection, or a bad ground. All of these could be causing the
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  • Troubleshooting No Power to Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller 39510 in 2001 Dodge Ram 2500
  • It sounds like your 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 has a factory-installed 7-way and that your Voyager brake controller # 39510 is installed using wiring adapter # 3020-P, which connects under the dash. This 4-wire harness carries the +12V power to opeate the controller (black wire), the brake light switch signal that triggers it when you press the brake pedal (red wire), the output for the brakes that goes to the 7-way (blue wire) and the ground (white wire). You can use a circuit tester like
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  • Do Tekonsha Voyager and Prodigy Brake Controller Use the Same Wiring Adapter for Installation
  • Yes, you can easily replace the Tekonsha Voyager brake controller # 39510 in your 2007 Toyota Tacoma with the outstanding Prodigy P3 # 90195 simply by unplugging the old controller and plugging in the P3 using the same wiring adapter # 3040-P.
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  • Where Is Brake Controller Install Harness for 2001 Chevy Silverado 3500
  • While it looks like you are pretty close to finding the correct port for installing a brake controller in your 2001 Chevy Silverado I attached a picture of where the install harness does plug in using a harness like the part # 3025-P. For a brake controller I would recommend the Prodigy P3 Brake Controller part # 90195. This is our best selling brake controller because of how well it works and how easy it is to setup. This is a proportional brake controller that senses the amount of
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  • Can Factory Brake Controller of 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD be Bypassed without Dash Codes
  • If you bypass the factory brake controller in your 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD properly you would not have any error codes appear on the dash display. You also would not have to have the computer of the truck reprogrammed in any way which means you don't have to make a special trip to a dealer. To see exactly how to do this check out the help article I linked on this page. It will walk you through the entire process. It's basically a few wiring connections that need to be made under the dash
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  • Will a Brake Controller Work with a Factory Installed 6-Way Trailer Connector on a Chevy Silverado
  • A factory 6-Way is certainly not all that common but it will have a brake output circuit and plugging in a brake controller will work. But there may be some connections that you will need to make under the hood to make everything fully functional. I have included a link to our FAQ article that covers the under hood connections that you will need to perform if they are not completed already. Please note that on a 6-Way trailer connector there are 2 ways that it could be wired. The center
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  • Brake Controller and Wiring Adapter for a 2002 Chevy Suburban
  • Although your friends Suburban might be equipped with the factory tow package, the package did not include a brake controller like it sometimes does in later models. A controller will need to be installed. Not to worry, though. Installing a controller will be simple. If he does not already have a controller, I would recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy P2, part # 90885. The wiring adapter, part # 3025-P will also be needed. One end of the adapter would plug into the rear of the P2, the other
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  • Brake Controller Installation on a 1999 Chevy C3500 Pickup Truck
  • On a 1999 Chevy C3500 there will NOT be a brake controller port to plug in a brake controller. The brake controller has to be hardwired into the truck. Chevy did not start putting in a port until they switched the trucks from C or K to Silverado. Prior to that Silverado was just a trim option. I have included a link to a video that will help. It shows installation on a 1996 C/K series truck. Installation will be basically identical on your 1999 model. If your truck already has a 7-Way
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  • Installing a Brake Controller on a 2000 Chevy Silverado
  • There are some connections under the hood that will need to be made to complete the installation of the Tekonsha P2 Brake Controller # 90885 with Wiring Harness, # 3025-P. Once you have plugged in the # 3025-P harness into the port to the left of the brake pedal, you can make the connections under the hood. Locate the power distribution box. There will be a bracket on the driver side near the windshield that will need to be removed. Remove the bracket and power distribution box cover.
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  • Installing an Electric Trailer Brake Controller on a 2001 Chevy Silverado
  • On the 2001 Chevy Silverado, there should be a port, located in the electrical junction box on the driver side to the left of the brake pedal. Inside, you will need the port second from the left on the top row. You would use brake controller wiring harness # 3025-P. One end plugs into the Tekonsha Prodigy P2, # 90885, and the other end plugs into that port. There may also be some connections that will need to be made to make the brake controller and 7-Way trailer connector fully functional.
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  • Installing a Brake Controller on a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 with Factory 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • Since your 2001 GMC Sierra came with a factory installed 7-way trailer connector, GM should have already completed the connections under the hood at the fuse box. However, we have found that GM did not complete the wiring on all trucks, even if they came with the factory trailer wiring. If you plug in your brake controller using a plug-in style wiring harness, like part # 3025-P for Tekonsha brake controllers, and the brake controller does not power on, then the wiring under the hood
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  • Recommended Brake Controller and Wiring Adapter for a 2001 Chevy Tahoe
  • If the trailer has electric brakes, you will need a brake controller to actuate them. GM didn't start offering a factory brake controller until a few years later. I would recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy P2, part # 90885. The Prodigy P2 is one of our best selling brake controllers, because it is very easy to operate. You will also need the Brake Controller Wiring Adapter, part # 3025-P that would allow the controller to plug into the port located in the junction box under the dash. We
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  • Brake Controller Port Location for a 2000 GMC Sierra Pickup
  • If your 2000 GMC Sierra is a Classic model, then it will not have a brake controller port. You will need to hardwire in the brake controller and run the wires back to the 7-Way. You would need a part # ETBC7 and some sort of a 4-Way connector. Then you would wire the brake controller to the 7-Way. If your truck is not a Classic model the port should be located underneath a black cover behind and to the left of the brake pedal. I have included a link to a video of a brake controller
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  • Availability of Brake Controller Adapter for 1997 Chevy Silverado
  • GM did not start equipping their trucks with the under-dash brake controller connector until the 1999 model year. That being said, you can still wire your pickup for a brake controller. If your pickup has no trailer connector at the rear bumper, you can get a T-one wiring harness, part 118315. That will give you the 4-pole plug. You will also need the ETBC7, which is a kit that gives you 7-pole plug and has wiring which is run to the front of your vehicle for the brake controller. We
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  • How to Disable OEM Brake Controller When Installing Aftermarket Controller
  • You can easily install an aftermarket controller in your 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 that is compatible with your trailer's electric-over-hydraulic (EOH) brakes. The linked article illustrates the process of wiring in a EOH-compatible controller like the Prodigy P3 # 90195. If you follow these instructions you will disable the OEM controller and this change will not generate any trailer brake display messages on the driver information center. The article includes photos and a wiring guide. You
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  • Plug-In Adaptor for Installing Draw-Tite Activator II Brake Controller in 2001 Chevrolet Suburban
  • As long as your 2001 Chevy Suburban has the factory 7-Way connector installed, the Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter # 3025-P is the correct harness for installing your Draw-Tite Activator II Trailer Brake Controller. This is a simple plug and play harness for easy installation. One end of the adapter will plug into the Activator II unit and the other end will connect to the built-in port beneath the vehicle's dash. I have attached the written installation details that you can also check out.
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  • How to Determine if a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD has Factory Installed 7-Way Wiring
  • On your 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, you will need to look above the spare tire for a round plug with a cap on it. I have included a picture below that shows what the plug looks like. If your truck has this plug, then it has the wiring for a 7-Way. To add a 7-Way trailer connector at the rear of the truck, you can use Pollak Replacement 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector Socket - Vehicle End, # PK11893. The factory harness from under the spare tire will plug into the back of this connector.
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  • Brake Controller Not Working with Brake Pedal on a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500
  • On your 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 you will need to make sure that the red wire in the connector, # 3015-P, is in the correct place. If you are not using harness # 3015-P then that could be the problem. Make sure the end of your harness that plugs into the truck matches the picture I have included. You can also check the stop light and CHMSL fuses. A blown fuse can cause this issue. I have also included a link to a help article that could help because there are some under hood connections
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  • Wiring a Brake Controller on a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban
  • Your 1999 Chevrolet Suburban does not have a port under the dash to connect a brake controller harness. You will need to hardwire the Prodigy controller with brake controller 7 and 4-way installation kit, item # ETBC7, or a 6 and 4-way installation kit, item # ETBC6, depending on the connector you need for your trailer. These kits come with everything needed to install the brake controller and wiring from scratch as long as you have a 4-way connector installed on your Suburban. If you
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  • Tekonsha Trailer Brake Wire Harness, # 3025-P, Recommendation for 2000 Chevy Truck
  • The difference between the 3025-P and the 3015-P is the pin locations of the wires on the orange connector. The reason for this is because the orange connector on 3025-P is wired to work on most GM vehicles from 1999-2002, such as your 2000 Chevy Pickup. The 3015-P is wired to work on most GM vehicles from 2003-2006. The orange connector on both harnesses are the same, but the pin locations for the different wires are different. It sounds like you have 3015-P and the wires are not making
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  • What Connections are Needed Under the Hood of a 2000 Chevy Silverado to Power a Brake Controller
  • There are a couple of connections that need to be made under the hood of your 2000 Chevy Silverado in order to make the brake controller and 7-Way trailer connector functional. I have included a link to our FAQ article that explains how to make the connections and I will also outline them here. Under the hood, you will need to remove the rearward bracket in the corner closest to the driver. You will then remove the upper and lower covers of the accessory fuse block. Next to the fuse
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