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Expert Answers about Suspension Pro

  • A Frame Jack Recommendation for 28 Ft Keystone Springdale
  • The Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack, # JET-2500, has a lift capacity of 2,500 pounds. This jack will be a great addition to your 28 foot Keystone Springdale as long as it's tongue weight does not exceed the 2,500 pound capacity. I spoke with my contact at Stromberg Carlson and confirmed that the mounting bolt holes on the jack are approximately 3 inches apart.
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  • Recommended Electric Trailer Jack for 20 Foot 5,000lb V-Nose Trailer
  • Even though I can't tell you the weight limit on your current jack, for your combined total weight of your trailer's contents I recommend the 3,500lbs Suspension Pro # 81201. We have a coworker with a similar 20 foot v-nose setup as you and the Suspension Pro # 81201 works great for him. I have linked a video of the Suspension Pro jack for your convenience.
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  • Recommended Electric Trailer Jack For 6 Inch Trailer Frame
  • I went to our warehouse and pulled one of the Suspension Pro Electric Trailer Jack, part # 81201. I took a measurement of the distance from the bottom of the mounting flange to the bottom of the outer leg on the jack. It measures 6 inches. You are correct that there may be a little flex when using the jack or the inner leg may rub against the bottom plate. I do have another option for you. I recommend the Stromberg Carlson Electric Trailer Jack, part # JET-3555. I measured the distance...
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  • Dimension From Center of Jack Tube to Outermost End of Light on Front for Tailgate Clearance
  • I was able to go out to the warehouse and measure the Suspension Pro # 81199 for you and got a measurement of 5-1/4 inches from the center of the tube to the outermost end of the front of the light. You may also consider rotating the jacks direction for better tailgate clearance. I have included a diagram for you to better see this dimension.
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