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Expert Answers about Bright Ideas

  • Recommended Replacement LED Puck Light for 2014 Solitude 5th Wheel Trailer
  • The Bright Ideas Surface Mount LED Puck Light # 277-000119 referenced in your question will be a great option for replacing the puck light in your 2014 Solitude 5th Wheel Trailer. This assembly measures 3-5/8 inches in diameter and features a dark frost acrylic lens. It has 6, bright LEDs that will last much longer and burn brighter than standard incandescent lights. This is a surface mount installation and has a simple 2-wire design for ground and power. For a similar puck light that...
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  • Interior LED Trailer Lights That Won't Get Hot
  • LED lights such as # 277-000119 draw very little power so they do not get all that hot. They may be warm to the touch but not hot like a regular incandescent bulb. The LEDs in these lights have an aluminum structure around them to dissipate heat. This is shown in the video I have linked for you. For a similar light we have # CPL33C which also has a metal flange on the back which will help dissipate heat. I have linked a video of this light as well.
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  • Light Output for Bright Ideas Surface Mount LED Puck Light 277-000119
  • Wattage is not a good indicator of brightness when it comes to LED lights because wattage is a reference to power consumption and LED lights use such little power that they have low wattage ratings. Light output is usually measured in lumen or candle power. That information is not provided for light # 277-000119 nor is it on the light anywhere. But based on what I found the lumen output for the LED light is around 225 lumen total. It would take about 6 to 8 of them to equal the lumen...
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  • Lumen Output and Color Temperature of Bright Ideas Surface Mount Puck Light
  • The Bright Ideas 6-Light Surface Mount LED Puck Lights # 277-000119 has a lumen output of approximately 400 and a color temperature of 3,500 degrees Kelvin. It does not have a switch of any kind. For the same light with a power switch use part # 277-000120. For a trim ring you can use # 277-000121 in black or # 277-000122 in white. It is able to be connected to a 12 volt dimmer switch that is designed for LED lights.
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  • How to Determine Which Wire of Bright Ideas Surface Mount LED # 277-000119 is Power and Ground
  • It is very odd that the Bright Ideas Surface Mount LED Puck Light # 277-000119 has no way of indicating which of the wires is ground and which is positive. What you'll have to do is use trial and error like what our demo guy does in the video I attached at the 2:00 minute mark to find the orientation that allows the light to work. The good news is you can't damage the light by wiring it backwards. It simply just wouldn't light up.
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  • Warranty On Bright Ideas Lighting 6-Light LED Puck Light
  • I reached out to my contact at Bright Ideas and the Bright Ideas 6-Light Surface Mount LED Puck Lights with Switch 3-5/8" - 12V # 277-000120 has a one year manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase.
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  • LED Light Strip for Use on a Boat Trailer
  • LED light strip # 277-000169 is not really meant to go under water. It has bare wires on one end and a connector on the other end to plug in another strip so the potential for a short is high. I recommend something different such as # CM93296 which is waterproof and will hold up nicely being temporarily submerged on a boat trailer.
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  • Mounting Hole Diameter on the Bright Ideas 18" Surface Mount LED Strip Light # 277-000166
  • I went out in our warehouse and grabbed a Bright Ideas 18" Surface Mount LED Strip Light # 277-000166 to measure the holes and found they are 3/16 of an inch and are 1 inch apart measured on center. The mounting holes do have metal sleeves ran through them, but I still wouldn't recommend using rivets as a way to secure the strip. Bolts and nut would be ideal.
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