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Expert Answers about Arcon

  • LED Replacement for 921 Bulbs Used for Trailer Interior Lighting
  • We offer a range of high-efficiency LED-type replacement bulbs for the popular 921 size and all can be seen by entering 921 in our search box, clicking GO and then by clicking on the category Lights at the top of the page. You have many options, including bright and soft white lights, as well as different radiation patterns and even color options. A good option in a general-purpose 360-degree bright white bulb is # AR50567 from Arcon.
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  • Which 1141 LED Bulbs are Closest to Producing the Same Light as Incandescent Bulbs
  • An LED soft light would be closer to an incandescent bulb in appearance. You would likely want the higher wattage bulb in the location where you need more or brighter light. The soft light bulbs # AR50367 for 3.6 watt and # AR50369 for 2.7 watt would be closest to the incandescent. The 2.7 probably being the best match there but I would go with the 3.6 as a personal preference for more visibility. The bright white lights, # AR50368 at 3.6, may seem overpowering compared to soft white...
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  • LED Taillights To Replace Existing 8-1/2 X 4-1/2 Incandescent Taillights
  • I have a solution for you, but unfortunately our trailer light manufacturers don't make an LED light that measures 8-1/2 by 4-1/2 inches. The best solution I have for you would be do buy the incandescent lights and swap the bulbs out with an LED bulb. To do this, you would want to use part # 30-92-003 for the left taillight, part # 30-92-001 for the right taillight, and part # AR50509 for the LED bulb to replace the incandescent.
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  • Recommended Single Lens White Arcon Euro LED Dome Light
  • We do have a Euro Style LED Dome Light that has a single lens as you mentioned. I recommend part # AR51265. This is a 24-diode dimmable light and it has a white lens.
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  • Adapter to Go From 110 Volt to 30 Amp Female for RV to Generator
  • We have just what you are looking for. The part # AR14245 will plug in to the 110 receptacle of your generator and would give you a 30 amp female connector for the RV to plug into.
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  • Does Dimmer Turn On and Off Arcon Euro Style LED Dome Light # AR51265
  • Yes, the dimmer, when turned all the way down, will switch off the Arcon Euro Style LED Dome Light # AR51265. I have linked a video featuring this light for you.
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  • Dimensions of Arcon Euro Style LED Dome Light
  • The depth of the Arcon Euro Style LED Dome Light # AR51265 is 1-3/4 inches. The light is also 8 inches long and 4-3/4 inches wide.
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  • Recommended 110 Volt Power Adapter for 30 Amp Plug on Travel Trailer
  • For your trailer that uses a 30 amp plug, I recommend using the Arcon RV Power Cord Adapter # AR14365. This is a 110V adapter that has a 30-Amp female end to connect with your RV's 30-amp power plug and a 15-Amp male end to plug into a 15-amp receptacle. This also features a nice, built-in folding handle on the female connector for easy unplugging. I have attached a demonstration video on this product for you to check out.
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  • Color Temperature of the Arcon Interior Soft White LED Light
  • We don't have a specific Kelvin rating for the soft white light part # AR50492 but I believe I can give you a better solution. If you check out the picture I attached you will see exactly the color of the Arcon soft white lights.
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  • RV Pancake LED Light with Dimmer Switch
  • They're aren't named as pancake lights but Arcon has several LED lights they call Euro Style that are the same basic design as a pancake light and have dimmer switches. If you're looking for a single light they have # AR51266 or for a double light # AR51267. Both are LED and have dimmer switches.
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  • Is an Adapter Needed to Connect a 30 Amp RV to a 50 amp Shore Power Service
  • The Triangle Temporary Adapter, # 13995, is designed to plug in items that require the hole pattern on the adapter to a regular grounded wall outlet. Certain appliances use this type of connection. You can plug in a 30 amp cable to a 50 amp service. The 30 amps is just how much the RV is rated for. Pulling more than that would trip the breaker(s) on the RV. So you do not have to worry about connecting to a 50 amp service shore power.
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  • 360 Degree 1141 LED and 904 LED
  • For a soft white 1141 LED we have the part # AR50367 which would work well. And then for a 906 compatible light we have the LED part # 277-000102. This would be considered a cool white. We do not have a G4 style LED though.
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  • Can the Arcon RV Power Cord Adapter - 110V - 30 Amp Female to 15 Amp Male Be Used At Home
  • The Arcon power cord adapter # AR14245 is designed to be plugged into 110 volt shore power on a 15 amp circuit. It that fits the outlet you want to plug into then yes, it will work. We do not current have any rated for 220 volt service.
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  • How to Get Warmer Light Out of the Arcon Euro Style LED Dome Light
  • The coloring of the light that the # AR51267 emits is very white. I have a solution for you, but if your wife is sensitive to bright white lights the LEDs in this light would be too much for her. What you would need to do is replace the LEDs of this light with the Soft White 1141 LED part # AR50367 as this has a much warmer output. I attached a review video that shows the color that this light emits.
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  • 12-Volt Rectangular Interior Trailer Light with Switch # 14655
  • The Rectangular Interior Trailer Light with Switch # 14655 is a 12 volt light.
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  • Can the Arcon 1157 LED Bulb be Used on Boat Trailer
  • The Arcon 1157 LED Bulb - Candelabra Bayonet - 360 Degree # AR50509 referenced in your question can absolutely be used as a replacement for a double-filament incandescent bulb on your boat trailer, for brake, tail or turn signal lights. This can be used in a marine application so you do not need to worry about waterproof issues with your boat trailer. In fact, one of the mentioned applications on the product page is for use on a boat itself. LEDs are energy efficient and long-lasting,...
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  • RV Power Adapter to Mate 30-Amp RV to 15-Amp Household and Generator Power
  • If you need an adapter with a 30-amp female socket on one end and a 15-amp male plug on the other end you can use Arcon part # AR14245. This adapter is 9-inches in length and features durable black PVC connectors and solid brass internal contacts. Please refer to the video link at right.
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  • Recommended Quiet Space Heater For Office Use
  • My recommendation for a quiet space heater is the Arcon Compact Ceramic Heater with Tip-Over Safety Switch - 1,500 Watts, # AR64409. This is a Compact electric heater that is ceramic versus coil. It is corrosion resistant and has a variable thermostat. It has two heat settings, a fan setting, and an off switch. It has a tip-over protection built in. It is 7" long x 7" wide x 7-1/2" tall and has a 75 inch cord. I have attached a link to our returns policy for you.
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  • Is Generator Needed to Feed AC Input Power to Trailer Power Converter to Produce DC Output
  • I was not able to find any information on the Intellisource 45-amp power center but there is a product from Progressive Dynamics called the Intelli-Power 9200. This is a 45-amp power converter and battery charger for RV use. We carry similar items but not this particular brand. A device like this will require AC input power to operate. This AC input power is processed and filtered and leaves the converter as stable 13.6 VDC which can charge your trailer batteries and operate it's DC...
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  • Replacement Light Bulbs To Convert To LED Light
  • To replace your 921 bulbs with LEDs, I recommend the Arcon 921 LED Bulb - Miniature Wedge - 360 Degree - 1.6 Watt - Soft White # AR50564 for a more traditional color interior light or the bright white # AR50567. These replacement bulbs are vibration resistant with no filament or tube to break and have a 360 degree coverage. They consist of 9 LEDs that give you 105 lumens of light. They are brighter than incandescent factory bulbs and are compatible with dimable fixtures.
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  • What is the Hole Spacing Bolt Pattern for the Arcon Rectangular Interior RV Light
  • I went out into our warehouse and measured the bolt pattern of the Rectangular Interior Trailer Light with Switch # 14655 and found that the width is 4-5/16 inches and the height is 4-11/16 inches. Check out the picture I attached that shows these measurements.
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  • LED 1076 Bulb to Replace a 1076 Bayonet Base Incandescent Bulb in RV Trailer
  • Yes, we sure do! The Arcon 1076 LED Bulb, # AR50492, can replace a 1076 single-filament incandescent bulb in your RV, trailer, boat or car. The brightness of this 3.6-watt LED bulb is comparable to a 23-watt incandescent bulb. It is compatible with dimmable fixtures and gives a soft white light, which is warm with a yellowish hue. It has a candelabra bayonet base that you just push in and twist to lock in place.
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  • Dimensions of Snap-In Porch Light Lens Item # 3478021 - # APL1CB
  • I went out to the warehouse and measured both the Bargman Replacement Snap-In Porch Light Lens - Clear, item # 3478021, and the Replacement Lens for RVPL1C Lights, item # APL1CB and found that the dimensions are 5-5/16 inches long by 2-1/4 inches wide at the ends by 5/8 inch thick for both of these lenses. With the measurements that you provided I believe the width on these lenses is about 5/8 inch short.
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  • Is Arcon LED Dome Light # AR51267 Bright Enough to Light Up Kitchen Table
  • The Arcon LED dome light # AR51267 is decently bright as far as dome lights go but may leave a lot to be desired as a light above a kitchen table. I have linked a video and near the end we show the light turned on. It is hard to tell from a video but it will at least give you an idea of the brightness. The light output is rated at 570 lumens which is pretty good but if it were me I would go with 2 of them especially since you can dim these lights. We do have other ceiling light options...
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  • What 921 Light Bulb Puts Out The Least Amount Of Light
  • I have three 921 light bulb options for you to choose from. You can go with either the Arcon 921 LED Bulb part # AR50564, the Replacement Bulb for Optronics Aero-Style RV Ceiling Lights part # A921B, or the Replacement Bulb for Bargman Interior and Bunk Lights part # 30-90-021. The brightness of a light bulb is measured in one of two way, candlelight and lumens. 1 candlelight equals approximately 12.57 lumens. The lumen rating of each bulb is as follows: part # AR50564 -105 lumens...
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  • LED Replacement Bulb For Incandescent c921 Bulb For Interior Of Travel Trailer
  • For an interior travel trailer light, I recommend the Arcon 921 LED Bulb - Miniature Wedge - 360 Degree - 1.6 Watt - Soft White # AR50564. It will give you a warm, soft white light with 105 lumens of light from 9 LEDs. For a Bright White light with 105 lumens, I recommend # AR50567. These lights don't state if they are 5000 kelvin or 6000 kelvin, but they will work well for you with the soft white light being less kelvin and the brighter being more kelvin, yet not knowing their range....
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  • Is Soft White Bulb Available With Arcon Euro Style LED Dimmable Dome Light
  • The Arcon Euro Style LED Dome Light, part # AR51267, comes from the manufacturer with the bright white Arcon 1141 LED Bulb, part # AR50368 installed. We do offer the soft white replacement bulb, part # AR50367, but that is sold as a separate item.
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  • How Bright Is Arcon Euro Style LED Dome Light
  • In my research I found that for a comparison between incandescent and LED lighting, a 100 watt light bulb will emit approximately 1,700 lumens, or about 17 lumens per watt. The Arcon Euro Style LED Dome Light, part # AR51267 has a 570 lumen output adjustable down to 57 lumens. This would be similar to a 40 to 45 watt incandescent bulb. The great thing about LED lights is the cost to operate is about 1/10 of the cost of incandescent bulbs and they have a much longer lifespan. for...
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  • Recommended Replacement LED Light Bulb To Replace 921 Bulb
  • The replacement LED bulb we offer for a 921 bulb is part # AR50567. This is designed for a miniature wedge base and has 9-LEDs.
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  • What is the Length of the Arcon Replacement RV Power Cord Plug # AR19186
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled Arcon Replacement RV Power Cord Plug # AR19186 to measure it for you. With the handle in the upright position it measures 4-7/8 inches tall overall. With the handle down it is 4-1/4 inches tall. When plugged in it measures 2-5/8 inches from the face of the outlet to the end of the handle if the handle was sticking straight out, perpendicular to the wall. It is 1-1/2 inches with the handle in the upright position.
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