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Tuson RV Brakes

Tuson RV Brakes Reviews and Installation Videos

Expert Answers about Tuson RV Brakes

  • Difference Between the Tuson DirecLink Base and Tuson DirecLink Lite
  • The main difference between the Tuson DirecLink Base Model Trailer Brake Controller part # 335DL-100 and the Tuson DirecLink Lite Trailer Brake Controller part # 335DL-50 is that the Base has low-speed brake adjustments and transmission temperature monitoring on Ford and GM vehicles. The low speed brake adjustments allows you to adjust the amount of braking that the DirecLink applies at low vehicle velocities such as in town driving. The Tuson DirecLink is one of the most innovative...
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  • Installation Location of Tuson Electronic Sway Control for Electric Trailer Brakes
  • The Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000 has installation instructions that give a placement location on the center of your trailer and 5-10 feet behind the hitch ball. The unit comes with a wiring harness so you can customize the fit within the parameters given. The placement you show in the photo will not work as it uses a sensor to monitor trailer movement and an algorithm based on that specified mounting location.
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  • Difference Between Tuson DirecLink Lite and Enhanced Brake Controller
  • The Tuson DirecLink brake controllers are incredibly nice brake controllers, but the biggest difference between the Lite version part # 335DL-50 and the Enhanced part # 335DL-200NE is that the Enhanced can turn your trailer into an anti-lock brake system and has a more in-depth diagnostic setup. Here's full list of features from Tuson: For 1-6 Axle Trailer Proportional Brake Control, Trailer Size Adjustable The Most Extensive Towing Diagnostics Ever Optimized when paired with the...
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  • Recommended Electronic Sway Control for 2001 Chevy 2500 Towing a 2016 Forest River Wildwood
  • The Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes - 1 to 4 Axles # 335TSC-1000 will apply your trailer brakes side to side as needed to help combat sway. It mounts along the center of your trailer between 5 and 10 feet from the coupler hitch ball and splits the braking circuit into two separate circuits. It does require wire like # 12-1-1 sold by the foot to complete the system. This system will absolutely help your weight distribution system to control the sway....
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  • Trailer Still Sways with Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System on a 2018 Ford F-150
  • Installing an anti-sway bar on your 2018 Ford F-150 is not going to do much of anything for trailer sway as trailer sway starts on the trailer, not the truck. In order to hammer down what is causing the trailer to sway I first need to know which Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System you have. You should be using part # EQ37100ET which is rated for 600 lbs - 1,000 lbs. If you are not then that could very well be part of the problem as there won't be enough tension on the spring bars to...
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  • How to Reduce Trailer Sway When Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • I believe you are referring to your 5th wheel trailer swaying by the "axle whip" term you were using. If you have electric brakes then we do have the electric sway control unit # 335TSC-1000 from Tuson which is compatible with trailer that have up to 4 axles. Aside from this there isn't really anything you can add to your 5th wheel trailer to reduce the sway but I do have some pointers that you can follow. Start off by making sure your 5th wheel trailer is evenly loaded side-to-side...
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  • Can Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System Pair with Another TPMS?
  • The Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System - 6 Sensors - 0.625" Diameter Valve Stems # 335TPMS6W6V is an independent complete system. You will not be able to pair this with any other tire pressure monitoring system. The receiver on the monitor and the transmitters on the valve stems are not able to work apart from each other.
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  • Will the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System Fit a Commercial Trailer
  • The electronic sway control devices we carry like the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System part # 335TSC-1000 are excellent options to both help maintain and prevent trailer sway issues but they only work on trailers that have electric brakes. If you are referring to a commercial trailer like that on the back of a lorry/semi then odds are you have air or hydraulic brakes which means we would not have an electronic sway control device for you. However, if by some chance you do have electric...
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  • Availability of Tire Monitor System for a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • We do have a variety of tire monitor systems! If you can let me know how many axles your trailer has and what size wheels you have I can make a recommendation from the linked product list page. For example, the Tuson # 335TPMS4W4V comes with 4 transmitters that fit valve stems with a 0.453" diameter (typically found on wheels with a diameter of less than 16").
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  • Using Electric Trailer Brake Controller and Tuson Electronic Sway Control Simultaneously
  • If you have a trailer that requires brakes and sway control it is wise to additionally use a brake controller as the electronic sway controller is not a brake controller so it won't apply brakes unless there is sway. When using the Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000 the use of an aftermarket brake controller like the Prodigy P3 # 90195 is not only possible but necessary. If you are looking for a brake controller that does not require a separate...
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  • Electronic Sway Control on 25 Foot Airstream Trailer with Propane Cover Near Coupler
  • The Tuson Electronic Sway Control System for Electric Trailer Brakes # 335TSC-1000 will work great with your 25 foor Airstream trailer. The unit will mount to the center portion of your trailer 5-10 feet back from the hitch ball location, so it will be behind the propane area by at least a couple feet.
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  • Installing a Tuson DirectLink Lite Trailer Brake Controller in a 2004 Dodge Ram
  • To install the Tuson DirectLink Lite brake controller, part # 335DL-50, in your 2004 Dodge Ram use the # 3020-S harness. On one end of the harness there are loose wires to connect to the brake controller but the other end has the connector that plugs into the factory plug in the cab of your truck.
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  • Battery Life and Accuracy for the Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System # 335TPMS4W4V
  • I spoke with Tuson and they answered all of the questions you had for the Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System # 335TPMS4W4V. 1) The display needs to be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket for power. 2) The sensor batteries are rated to last 5 years with normal RV trailering use – the batteries are not replaceable 3) If a sensor fails, the monitor display will show “----“ for that sensor 4) The pressure sensors are accurate to +/- 1 psi
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  • Can Tuson TPMS part # 335TPMS4W4V be Used on only Two Tires
  • There is a way to set the amount of axles that will be displayed on the Tuson TPMS part # 335TPMS4W4V that you referernced. I attached a picture that I took from the install instructions that covers selecting the amount of axles for you to check out as well.
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  • Recommended Sway Control for a Trailer With a Small tongue Pulled by a 2010 Ford E-350 Super Duty
  • The best way to keep your towing setup level and to prevent sway would be to use a weight distribution system, but if your trailer tongue space is limited then a weight distribution system might not be the best option for you. You might be able to use a weight distribution system that uses the chains, like the Reese Strait-Line # RP66088, along with some chain hangers, part # RP58305, which will allow you to install this system on the side of your trailer tongue. Please keep in mind...
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  • Best Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator Recommendation for Trailer Disc Brakes
  • If you are looking for the most reliable and best performing electric over hydraulic actuator which would work well with the factory brake controller of your 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 the best option is the HydraStar part # HBA16. Of all the actuators we offer this one works the quickest and gives us the least amount of reliability issues. This also is for disc brakes like the Tuson you mentioned.
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  • RV Tire Sensor Kit Recommendation that Allows Use of More than 6 Sensors/Tires
  • We do now offer the TireMinder RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System # TPMS-APP-6 which uses your smartphone as its display. This too comes with 6 sensors but more CAN be added to this system using 2-piece sensor pack # TM-2BRASS. Up to 22 tires can be monitored. There currently isn't a Tuson option that allows for more sensors to be used although we've heard in 2019 they may be releasing a 10 sensor kit.
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  • Are Specific Replacement Sensors Needed for Tuson Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems?
  • There is no unique ID necessary when ordering the Replacement Tire Pressure and Temperature Sensor for Tuson Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems # 335TPMS-SENS. When you get a replacement you will only need to pair the sensor to the receiver like you did when you initially set up the system.
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  • Should Weight Distribution be Used for Towing a 10K Trailer with a Class A Motorhome
  • Weight distribution (WD) systems are really only needed when the weight of the trailer is at least half of the weight of the vehicle towing it. Since this isn't the case with your Class A motorhome pulling your 10K trailer I doubt you really need a WD system but you could benefit from adding some sway control. Typically we recommend using a WD system with integrated sway control but since the WD isn't needed you can just use one of our standalone sway control units. I recommend using...
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