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Expert Answers about Race Ramps

  • Recommended Products To Avoid Flat Spots During Storage
  • I recommend the Race Ramps FlatStoppers Storage Set for Tires up to 12" Wide - 6,000 lbs, # RR-FS. This comes with the set of 4. These are lightweight supports for the entire bottom portion of your tires promoting even weight distribution and protecting your tires from fluctuating ground temperatures. They are made from a ultra-strong and high-density EPS Foam construction that won't rust, sag, bounce or crack. Anti-skid design promotes safety. The only other recommendation would...
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  • Race Ramps FlatStoppers Recommendation for 9 inch Wide Rear Tire
  • Since your rear tires are 9 inches wide the Race Ramps FlatStoppers you need are the part # RR-FS instead as they are designed for tires up to 12 inches in width. The part # RR-FS-10 actually only fits tires up to 8 inches in width.
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  • What is the Height of the Xtenders for 56 inch Race Ramps
  • The Xtenders for Race Ramps # RR-EX-12 that you referenced have a height of 3 inches at that highest point. My contact at Race Ramps confirmed this. Please keep in mind that these are extenders for the 56 inch Race Ramps Car Service Ramps # RR-56. The Xtenders help when you have a car with very low ground clearance so that they can load on the ramps easier. The 56 inch ramps themselves have a height of 8 inches from the ground to the part where the tire of your vehicle will rest.
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  • Will Race Ramps Trailer Ramps Work When Loading Motorcycles In 2012 Work And Play Toy Hauler
  • The best way to make sure the Race Ramps Trailer Ramps, part # RR-TR-6, will work for you is to measure the distance from the top of your ramp door to the ground. If the distance from the top of your toy hauler door when it is open is 6 inches or less, then the # RR-TR-6 ramps should work great for you. These have a textured surface that helps prevent them from sliding and they are built with an 8.2 degree angle to help low to the ground vehicles like your motorcycles from scraping.
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  • Could the Flatstoppers Be Used on a Trailer
  • As long as your trailer weighs less than 6,000 lbs the FlatStoppers part # RR-FS-10 that you referenced would work well to prevent your trailer tires from getting flat spots. You would just need to get all 4 wheels of your trailer up onto the flatstoppers and then use the jack to level the trailer.
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  • Why Are Race Ramps FlatStoppers Only Available With 4 In The Package
  • The Race Ramps FlatStoppers, part # RR-FS-10 are offered with 4 in the package only. The company has designed these so that they can be used for vehicles and also for trailers. Since the most common use for these is with a vehicle, they offer them with a quantity of 4 in the package. These measure 22 inches long x 3.5 inches tall x 10 inches wide, and support up to a 6000-lb vehicle.
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  • Can the Race Ramps # RR-TR-5 Be Used with Nissan 370Z that is 5-1/2 inches Off Ground
  • The overall height of the Race Ramps Trailer Ramps # RR-TR-5 is 5 inches, the length of the ramp is 67 inches, and the angle of the ramp is 4.3 degrees. Your vehicle that sits 5-1/2 inches off the ground would easily fit without scraping. If your trailer's dovetail is 5 inches off the ground or has ramps that would work well at that height these would be great for you.
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  • What is Weight Capacity of Race Ramps FlatStoppers # RR-FS-10
  • The Race Ramps FlatStoppers # RR-FS-10 can each handle up to 1500-lbs, so a set of four is capable of supporting a 6000-lb vehicle. FlatStoppers help prevent flat spots on your tires when the vehicle is stored for 30 days or longer. They work with tires up to 8-inches wide.
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  • Will Race Ramps RR-56-2 Work with C7 Chevy Corvette Stingray
  • The Ramps part # RR-56-2 should work for your 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray, but you can pretty easily measure to find out. If you check out the attached picture you can see how to use a yardstick to determine if it will fit. The other option is 3 feet on a straight edge (3 feet in a yard) and use that is you do not have a yardstick. We had a customer with a Corvette (didn't specify year) that only had 3 inches of clearance from the ground and these work just fine.
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  • Race Ramps FlatStoppers Recommendation for a 2012 Chevy Camaro SS
  • Yes, the Race Ramps Wheel Chocks # RR-FS that you referenced will work on a Camaro SS like your 2012 model. These have a 6k capacity for all 4 so while your car is pretty heavy, these would have more than enough capacity as well. I attached a review video for you to check out as well.
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  • Weight Capacity and Country Of Origin for Race Ramps
  • The non-HD versions of the Race Ramps like the part # RR-PPS have a 3,000 lb capacity. All Race Ramps products are made in the USA.
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  • Can Race Ramps # RR-56 Support 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4
  • The ramps will work great for you. According to my research, a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 weighs about 5300 lbs, which is less than the 6,000 capacity of the Race Ramps # RR-56 you mentioned. If you click the provided link, you can see a product demonstration video featuring the ramps.
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  • Race Ramp Lifts for 10K-lb Tandem Torsion Axle Trailer to Allow Tire Changing
  • Thank you for clearly explaining your intended use for the ramps you want for your 10K tandem torsion axle trailer. The highest-rated ramps we offer have a 6000-lb capacity. All are shown on the linked page. These vary in width, length and lift. Since your entire trailer weight will NOT be on the ramps you could just get by with the 6K rating. In terms of an overall match to your requirements, the Race Ramps # RR-30 is the item closest to your description. However, axle spacing can...
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  • Could Race Ramps Side Kicks be Used on Trailer and Chevy Suburban
  • If you need a ramp to get you 7-3/4 inches of height the part # RR-TR-SK would be a great solution as it has a height of 7-1/2 inches. The last 1/4 of an inch would not be an issue at all. Your Suburban could easily be used with the ramps too. I attached a review video for these ramps as well.
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  • Race Ramps Car Lift Ramps to Allow Car Door to Clear Escape Door opening on Trailer
  • The Race Ramps Car Lift Ramps - 4" Lift # RR-CLR-4 will allow you to lift your vehicle 4 inches so your door can clear the escape door opening. We also have the # RR-TM-FRT-3 or # RR-TJ-S which will lift your car 3 inches. The Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramps - Qty 2 # RR-PPS or the Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramps - Racer Model with Scale Cutouts - Qty 2 # RR-PPS-R will lift your vehicle 14 inches off the trailer floor.
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  • Can The Race Ramps Restyler Display Ramps Be Used on a Subaru Legacy with 108.3 Inch Wheelbase?
  • The Race Ramps Restyler Display and Detailing Ramps - 16" Wide - 14" Lift - Qty 2 # RR-RESTYLE-16 is designed for vehicles with wheelbases from 82 inches to 128 inches. For your Subaru Legacy with a wheelbase of 108.3, it will absolutely work well as the ramp is rated for 6,000 lbs. Each of the blocks can hold 1,500 lbs so that is where you get that 6,000 lbs total. You will be able to remove the pieces in between the wheels if you so desire to give an additional viewing angle. I...
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  • Will Fiat 500 Tires Fit Properly on the Race Ramps FlatStoppers # RR-FS-10
  • Depending on the tire size on your Fiat 500 the tires will be up to 8 inches wide and up to 23-1/2 inches in diameter. The Race Ramps FlatStoppers # RR-FS-10 will accept tires up to 8 inches by 28 inches so the Fiat tires will fit perfectly! They will be well-cradled and will fit the curvature of the Race Ramps nicely.
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  • How to Determine Which Race Ramp with Flap Cutout is Correct for My Trailer
  • To best determine which Race Ramps with the flap cutout will work for you, it will be based on the height of your trailer, the angle the door lowers to, and the height accommodation you will need for your vehicle. The # RR-TR-7-FLP will have a trailer door height of 4.75 inches off the ground and a ramp length of 74 inches. The # RR-TR-9-FLP has a trailer door height of 7 inches off the ground and a ramp length of 95 inches. I have linked both of the Race Ramps with the Flap Cutouts...
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  • Using Race Ramp FlatStoppers when Storing a 2014 Dodge Challenger
  • Race Ramps FlatStoppers # RR-FS-16-SC are easy to use. Just place them in front of each of the vehicle wheels, centered with the wheels, and drive the vehicle up onto them. You will know when you are on and in the right place because it will suddenly be harder (at LOW speed) to keep moving forward. I have included a link to a video showing a Corvette (and a trailer) being put on the FlatStoppers.
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  • Recommended Vehicle Ramp For 3,900-lb Taurus
  • We have ramps that will work with your Taurus. I recommend the FloTool RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp Set, part # FT11909MI. This ramp set hasa 12,000-lb weight capacity and will work with tires up to 9-inches wide. The ramps measure 35-1/2-inches long x 12-inches wide x 6-3/4-inches tall, and have a non-skid rubber foot under each ramp to prevent sliding. The weight of your Taurus at 3,900 lbs would exceed the maximum weight capacity of the # RR-56-2 ramps. I understand your saying that...
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  • Race Ramp Recommendation for Loading Drag Car on Doolittle Tilting Trailer
  • The Race Ramps part # RR-TR-10-2 would work well for your husbands drag car. I looked up pictures of the trailer he has and it would tilt back to rest on top of the # RR-TR-10-2 which would then allow him to easily drive or winch his car up on to the trailer. The long transition of these ramps would help prevent any ground clearance issues as well. His car looks awesome!
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  • Recommended Lightweight Ramp For Changing Oil in 2000 Chevy Sliverado
  • The # RR-30 will give you an extra 5 inches of height, so they should work perfectly for you since you were looking to gain an extra 4-5 inches of height. The ramps are compatible with vehicles weighing up to 6000 lbs. The ramps are also lightweight and very easy to handle. To determine if the approach angle of your truck is compatible with the rams, use a yardstick and take a measurement as outlined in the diagram I've provided for you.
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  • Recommended Ramps To Load Car In Car Hauler Without Bottoming Out
  • You have a very unique situation. We don't have anything specific to help you with your angle directly, however, you have already done a lot of the work figuring angles and rise needed. I recommend using the Race Ramps Rack Ramps - 5" Lift - Qty 2, # RR-RACK-5. This at its highest point will give you the 6 inches you need of lift and you can gradually step it down with Race Ramps Racing Scale Ramps - Qty 2, # RR-SCALE-2. This will give you the lift and relief from lift when you need...
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  • Weight of Race Ramps Trak-Jax Ramps
  • The Race Ramps Trak-Jax Ramps # RR-TJ referenced in your question weigh just 3-1/2 pounds per ramp. These solid foam ramps will lift your vehicle 3 inches so you can place a standard floor jack underneath. It features a nice, gradual approach angle that will prevent underbody scrape and a no-slip coating that will resist water and oil. Each ramp has a 1,500 pound weight capacity (3,000 pounds combined when used together). I have attached a short video demonstration on this product...
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  • Overall Length of Race Ramps Rack Ramps # RR-RACK-4
  • The overall length of the Race Ramps Rack Ramps # RR-RACK-4 that you referenced is 27-1/2 inches. I apologize for any confusion but that has been verified by Race Ramps.
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  • How to Determine if Vehicle Has Enough Ground Clearance Race Ram RR-40
  • In order for you to be able to determine that you will need to check out the picture I attached that shows all of the dimensions of the ramp # RR-40 as well as the angle of the ramp. This ramp was made for low sitting vehicles like what you have so it SHOULD work just fine.
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  • Will Race Ramps 2-Stage Incline Ramps # RR-72-2 Fit 2013 Ford Focus with 6 inches of Clearance
  • Yes the Race Ramps 2-Stage Incline Ramps # RR-72-2 will easily fit your 2013 Ford Focus that has 6 inches of clearance. These have a long incline which allows vehicles with low clearances to fit.
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  • Are the Race Ramps Race Rocks Weatherproof
  • I spoke with my contact over at Race Ramps about display rock # RR-ROCK-16-RB. He said they are absolutely weatherproof and will withstand the heat and cold just fine. They are constructed of proprietary materials that make them very tough but light and the bottom is coated with a special non-skid material so they won't slide around either.
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  • Can Portions Of The Race Ramps Be Removed After Car Is Elevated?
  • The Race Ramps Portable Pit Stop Ramps can have portions removed after the car is elevated. Not only can you remove the ramps so you can close the garage door, but you can also remove the section or sections between the wheels for access to the undercarriage from the side of your vehicle. I've attached a couple photos to assist.
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  • Recommended Step To Use For Getting in And Out OF 2016 Toyota Tacoma With Lift Kit
  • Since the steps we offer are attached to the truck and use brackets for installation I recommend using a free standing step that is not attached to the truck. I recommend a trailer step like the Race Ramps Trailer Step, part # RR-TR-SP-30. This step is a solid foam block that measures 30 inches long x 11-1/4 inches wide, and is 8 inches tall. This step weighs just 10 lbs and has handy carrying straps. The step has a non-slip surface and with he larger surface assures a safe step when...
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