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Expert Answers about Polk

  • Bluetooth Pairing Instructions for Polk Ultramarine Bluetooth Stereo PA4A
  • I reviewed the instructions for the Polk Ultramarine Bluetooth Stereo # PA4A that you referenced and below I included the section concerning pairing a Bluetooth device. It is recommended to consult the instructions for your device before doing the pairing procedure. Here are the complete pairing instructions from page 21. Before you begin, consult the owner’s manual for the Bluetooth device you want to pair with the PA4A. 1. Make sure the device is on and ready to receive a signal...
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  • Troubleshooting No Sound from Polk Ultramarine Stereo PA4A
  • If your Polk Ultramarine Stereo # PA4A is powered up but does not produce any sound you'll want to check that you have a functioning input source selected, that your speakers are properly connected and that the volume is set to a suitable level. If the speakers are connected properly and the unit is powered up you should still be able to hear some slight hiss/noise if you put your ear right up to the speaker. If you hear some gentle hiss then you know the unit is functioning and that...
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