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Expert Answers about Fastenal

  • Sealant Recommendation for a RV Roof Made from Fiberglass
  • We do offer a sealant that will work on fiberglass, but the part # 49329 that you referenced is not designed for it. Instead I would recommend the TremPro 644 Silicone Sealant # 0160297 as it has been confirmed to work on fiberglass.
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  • Locating the Brake Control and Battery Charge Wires on a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali
  • The brake control wire you are looking for on your 2007 GMC Yukon Denali will be located between the fuse box and the driver side fender. It may be wrapped up in black electrical tape. Once you have located the wire you will need additional hardware to secure the wires to the studs. I have included links to the two nuts used to secure the wires to the studs. I have included an article and a video that shows the location of the brake control wire and the battery charge wire on your vehicle....
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  • How to Get 12 Volt Power For Installation of a Prodigy Brake Controller on a 2011 GMC Yukon Denali
  • The wiring to power the brake controller on your 2011 GMC Yukon Denali is under the hood on the driver side next to the fender well. Remove the cover for the power distribution box and you will find the wire taped to a harness between the fender well and power distribution box. We have an FAQ article that details this, see link, and I added a photo that I took of the wire locations on a GM pickup. You may also have to connect the 12 volt power wire for your 7-Way trailer connector. Our...
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  • Tips for Installing E-Tracks in an Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer
  • The E-Tracks, like # E19148, is 12 gauge steel that is 2.5mm thick. What most people do is to use a piece of wood length wise inside the trailer, mount it to the wall framing (like the studs in a house), and then attach the E-Tracks to it. So you would add 2.5mm to the thickness of the wood and as long as you stay within that range you know it will not be going through the trailer wall. I also recommend that you contact the trailer manufacturer to determine the capacity the walls and...
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  • 2014 Silverado Power Distribution Block Stud Size on Power Distribution Block
  • The posts on the power distribution block of your 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 are M6 like the part # 185916 and M8 like part # 185917. The M8 is for the 12 volt power supply and the m6 is for the brake controller power supply.
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  • Recommendation for Attaching Aluminum Diamond Plate Flooring to Utility Trailer
  • To attach the aluminum diamond plate to the floor of your utility trailer, you can use self-tapping screws like # FA1131822 or something longer depending on how thick the aluminum is. I recommend using one about every square foot if possible. These particular self-tapping screws are 1-1/4 inches long and have 1/4 inch - 14 x 3/4 inch long threads. If you will be attaching the diamond plate to the metal grate on your trailer, you will need some type of anchor or lag bolts.
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  • Is TremPro 644 Silicone Sealant # 0160297 Suitable for Repairing Leaking Trailer Roof
  • The TremPro 644 Silicone Sealant # 0160297 that you referenced is an ideal product for repairing leaks in a trailer roof. This silicone product remains flexible after it cures and will stick to almost any material likely to be found on a trailer roof. Do note it cannot be painted. You definitely want to remove the old sealer and thoroughly clean the surface to be sealed. A putty knife works for large bits and steel wool can be used to remove the small residue. The cleaner the surface...
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  • What Size Nuts Are Needed to Connect Wires Under Hood for Brake Controller Installation on GMC Yukon
  • As it seems you already know, when installing a trailer brake controller on your 2007 GMC Yukon you will need to locate the two wires under the hood that need to be connected to fully activate the vehicle's tow package. One is the power wire to the brake control and the other is the battery charge line to the 7-Way connector. You will need to attach both of the wires to the threaded studs under the Gray handle at the front of the fuse box. To do this you will need one M6 x 1.0 nut like...
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  • How Far Apart Should E Tracks Be Installed On a Motorcycle Trailer
  • There's not a set distance that the E-Tracks like part # E19148 should be apart when installing in a one bike trailer. That will depend on the trailer dimensions, the weight of the trailer and where the best mounting locations are in your trailer. Are you planning on installing them on the floor or the walls? I am assuming it's a motorcycle trailer. If you have a wheel chock like the # MT70075 I would recommend putting the E-Tracks a couple feet on either side if possible. You don't need...
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  • Sealant Recommendation for Floor of 5th Wheel Where Jack Leg Was
  • The TremPro 644 Silicone Sealant part # 0160297 would be a great choice to seal off the gap you mentioned having in your floor from your old jack. This adheres to rubber-like roofing materials, aluminum, galvanized metal, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and even mortar and concrete
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  • Self Tapping Screw Recommendation for Installing Exterior Light on Trailer
  • Self tapping screws like the part # WLS100 which has a Torx head or a part # FA1131822 which is a hex head style bolt would work well. We don't normally see people seal the lights to the trailer as most light assemblies are a weather proof or waterproof design and don't require it. For a sealant we recommend the # 0160297 for sealing trailer roof vents. This would work well for a light assembly as well.
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  • Trailer Lights Go Out When Headlights and Brake Pedal are Applied
  • The problem you described sounds like a ground issue. What I recommend doing is running the ground wire for each of the trailer lights (assuming they do not all ground through the mounting hardware) up to the ground used for the 4-way trailer connector. I would then reground the bundle of wires for the lights and connector to a new bare metal spot on the trailer frame using both a self tapping screw like part # FA1131822 and ring terminal like part # DW05762-1. If you need additional wire...
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  • Availability of the Black TremPro Silicone Sealant
  • Yes, for the black TremPro Sealant by Fastenal you would want the part # 0160299.
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  • Recommended Tool For Cleaning Threads
  • To clean threads I recommend using a nylon brush like # 814092. This will allow you to clean out any debris without causing any damage to the threads like a wire brush might cause. Sometimes there is paint or powdercoat in threads that may require you to use a thread tapper to clean them out entirely. You can pick this up at a local hardware store or create your own.
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  • Recommended E-Track Mounting on Aluminum Frame Trailer
  • The Zinc Sheet Metal Screw - 8 x 3/4" Indented Hex Washer Head - Hex Slotted Drive # 31071 are a good choice for your wall studs, but not for your 3/4 inch wood floors. The zinc coating on both the E-track # E19135 and the screws will prevent galvanic corrosion from the dissimilar metals of steel and aluminum. For your floors, I recommend using zinc plated screws along with locknuts to secure your bikes using backing plate # BPEZ. You can obtain that hardware from your local hardware...
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  • How to Fix a Leaky Roof Seam on a Travel Trailer
  • I do have products to help you seal the roof of your 2004 Fleetwood Taos but none of them will be specific to the trailer. What I recommend doing is further securing the seam using sheet metal screws every 12" or so with part # 31071 and then placing a fair amount of silicone along the entire seam with part # 0160297. The screws are not made of stainless steel but are zinc coated to prevent rust. The silicone sealer is specially made for waterproofing roofing materials and is both EPDM...
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  • Availability of Self-Tapping Screws
  • We offer two sizes of self-tapping button- (or washer-) head screws. Part # FA1131822 has an unslotted hex head and is 1/4 -14 x 3/4-inch long threads. Part # 101131802 is # 8 x 1/2-inch long.
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