Recently it has been announced that the FTC is investigating Google's trade practices. Typically at we like to keep our focus on hitches, bike racks and serving customers, not government and Google. But today we are going to make an exception and take just a few minutes to give our perspective. Over the 65 years that we have been in business we have used many different ways to advertise. We have used newspaper, radio, magazines, tv, hats, key chains, direct mail and more recently the internet. The important questions in all of these is always the same. Does it work? Did it serve our customers well? Our goal is to advertise in places were people have problems that we can help solve. We then want to help customers get to their solution as easily as possible.

We don't want to waste people's time with irrelevant ads. We don't want to waste our time making irrelevant ads. Frankly, if we can save money by not creating irrelevant ads we can offer customers lower prices and better service. Everybody wins.

No company we have dealt with has ever come close to offering as many resources for improving our business as Google. They make it very clear what works and what does not work. They make it very clear how to improve your website and offer tools to help. They offer tools and data that help us to better help our customers. There are other search engines, other ad networks, other mediums and if we choose to use them it will take about 10 minutes to export our entire account, history and all, so that we can upload it to another advertiser.

If we choose not to use Google for advertising we will still be in the organic search results, we can still use the multitude of tools they offer such as Webmaster Tools and YouTube to improve our business and serve customers. We don't use Google because we have to, we use Google because we want to. Because right now it is the best option for serving our customers. Customers don't use Google because they have to, there are many search engines. They want to, because it works.

At when faced with a decision about how to move forward we ask ourselves "Will this help customers better solve their problems?". Google helps us answer yes more than anyone else. As long as they do we wish our friends at Google success.

Back to serving customers,

Kevin Bross