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Best Gifts for Towing & Trailering
Need help finding the perfect gift for the hauler or tower in your life? Here are a few of our favorite things to inspire your gift giving. (Or snag a few for yourself too!)
hitch alignment collar

etrailer Hitch Pin Alignment Collar

This handy little stocking stuffer makes installing a heavy hitch accessory a breeze. The etrailer Hitch Alignment Tool lets your loved one install a ball mount, bike rack, cargo carrier, or other hitch accessory the first time, every time. Just install this nifty collar on a 2” hitch accessory once, and the stop collar will automatically line up the pin holes perfectly from there on out.
 B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts

B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts

Know someone who tows multiple trailers? They’ll love the convenience and versatility of B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mounts. It’s available with one, two, or three ball options and multiple rises and drops to accommodate different truck and trailer heights. Plus, the ball and mounting platform stores beneath the hitch for a sleek look when not towing.
trailer jack

Ultimate Trailer Jack

Anyone with a camper will love this highly affordable trailer jack upgrade. Unlike traditional jacks, the Ultimate Trailer Jack stows above the trailer frame, so it’s always clear whether or not it’s in the retracted position. This helps preoccupied towers make sure the jack is ready to travel and prevent the damage that occurs when the jack isn’t fully retracted.
Scrubblade Windshield Wipers

Scrubblade Windshield Wipers

Does your car need a little love this holiday season? Treat her to some fresh new windshield wiper blades by Scrubblade. These custom blades cut through road grime, mud, snow, and whatever else you throw at them. If you want to really make your car feel special, you can even grab a set of blades with a unique pop of color to match her paint job.
Surecall Cell Phone Booster

Surecall Cell Signal Booster

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “this campsite would be perfect…if only it had better cell service,” the Surecall Cell Signal Booster is just what you’ve been waiting for. The Booster does exactly what it sounds like: it magnifies existing cell signals so you can stay in touch with family, work remotely, or just relax and scroll at the end of a long day. The big caveat here is that with working cell service, you have no excuse to ignore unwanted calls from your boss or mother-in-law. But you know, cat videos, right?
solar charger

Bright Way Solar Battery Charger

What better way to make the New Year merry and bright than with a solar charging system? The Bright Way Solar Battery Charger is a 7.5-watt solar panel that uses sunlight to trickle charge your trailer, camper, boat, or trailer battery. Additionally, enjoy the red (secretly holiday-themed) LED lights to help you monitor the charging status. This gift could help you, or your giftee, avoid suffering from a case of the winter blues and keep the sun coming all year round for both you and your toys. That way, they will be ready (charged) for the job at hand whenever you are!
wheel lock

etrailer Wheel Lock

Peace on earth is a wonderful thought, and so is the peace of mind that comes with an etrailer Wheel Lock. It clamps easily around your tire and wheel to immobilize your trailer or vehicle, and the bright-yellow color puts wannabe thieves on notice before they even get close. It’s a perfect gift for those who can’t keep a constant eye on their trailer, ATV, or vehicle.
motion light

Diamond Solar-Powered Motion Light

Looking for a gift that is merry and bright? The Diamond Solar-Powered Motion Light is a motion-activated, solar powered LED porch light with dusk-to-dawn sensor that provides lighting and safety – no wiring required. Not only are you helping light up the exterior of your loved one’s RV or shed but you are also giving them more security--something you can never have too much of! Your giftee will be beaming when they find this present under the tree.
tongue weight scale

etrailer Tongue Weight Scale

If you know someone who tows, look no further for a gift than this etrailer Tongue Weight Scale. This scale connects to a ball coupler or jack and provides an easy-to-read measurement to indicate whether the trailer is properly loaded. No guessing, no driving to a commercial scale, and definitely no driving with an overloaded trailer. It’s safe, it’s convenient, and it spares your loved one from having to do math (they’ll love you for it).
tire gauge

TireMinder Tire Gauge

Holiday season also means traveling season. Let’s say heights aren’t your thing and you prefer to drive to your loved one’s humble abode way up yonder. TireMinder Tire Gauge makes sure your loved ones’ tires are full of air (and maybe even some holiday cheer). The elves specially crafted this gauge with unique features such as an LED flashlight, a glass shatter tool, and an emergency seatbelt cutter. Give the gift of practicality with this 6-in-1 digital pressure gauge.
trailer winch

Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch

Looking for a practical gift that’s guaranteed to make your loved one’s life easier? Look no further than this electric Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch. With the touch of a button on the included remote, this winch pulls ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, or other small vehicles onto a trailer. (We hear Santa himself uses it to transport his sleigh during the off season.)
Champion Generators

Champion Generators

We are the champions, my friend. But we won’t have to keep on fighting to power our devices with the Champion Generators. All come equipped with an eco-mode to reduce engine noise, extend run time, and save fuel. And with options from 2,500 watts (perfect for small campers or serious tailgaters) all the way to 9,000 for the largest of RVs, there’s a champion generator for every member of the family.
jump starter

Goal Zero Venture Jump Vehicle Starter

Dead devices can really ruin a good time, especially when that "device" is your vehicle. That’s why the Goal Zero Venture Jump Vehicle Starter is such a useful gift. This lightweight (1.5 lbs) jump starter packs enough power to revive gas or diesel cars, boats, trucks, bikes, or ATVs up to 10 times off a single charge. It can also double as an emergency device charger to juice up a phone, camera, or other electronic device. Plus, it’s small enough to tuck in a glove compartment or toolbox, so it’s always there when you need it.
recovery hook

Bulldog Winch Big Dog Recovery Hook

Looking for a gift that’ll carry some weight? Check out the Bulldog Winch Big Dog Recovery Hook. It’s a 25-lb, forged-steel beast that’s equally good at looking tough and pulling vehicles out of the mud or snow.
hitch cover

Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Silencer and Cover

No one likes a noisy ride from a rattling hitch receiver; it can make even the shortest trips feel way too long. For less than $10, give your loved one the gift of a quiet ride with the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Silencer and Cover. This handy device eliminates vibration between the hitch and accessory by creating a solid connection point. Plus, the magnetic cover keeps gunk out of the hitch when they’re done towing.
backup camer

VueSMART RV and Trailer Backup Camera - Wireless

Who needs Rudolph when you have this VueSMART Backup Camera? If your giftee has an RV or trailer they struggle to reverse, you’ll be their holiday hero when you hand them eyes in the back of their head. The VueSMART camera offers a 152-degree viewing angle to minimize blind spots and connects to any phone or smart device. It can even record video and take photos!

PT FirePoint Rechargable Flashlight Set

You can’t offer your loved one Rudolph’s nose to light the way, but you can get close with the PT FirePoint Rechargable Flashlight Set. You’ll feel the quality with the sturdy, but lightweight, water-and-impact-resistant aluminum and see the difference with up to 3000+ lumens of bright, adjustable light (both in brightness and beam width). Not to mention they’re rechargeable so no more packing extra batteries. Gift the set or split it for the perfect stocking stuffers.
seat cover

etrailer Bucket Seat Protector

Your camper might not mind getting their hands dirty—but their car is another matter. Help them protect their seats from mud and moisture with this non-slip, collapsible etrailer Bucket Seat Protector. Easily slip it over the headrest and seat after a hike, bike ride, beach day, or float trip. It’s waterproof and machine washable, plus it’s small enough to fit in the glove compartment on those days when they’re not covered in yuck.
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