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Best Gifts for Boaters & Fishermen
Need help finding the perfect gift for the boater or fisherman in your life? Here are a few of our favorite things to inspire your gift giving. (Or snag a few for yourself and your vehicle too!)Need ideas in a different category? Check out our Towing & Hauling, Outdoor Sports, RV & Camper, and Auto gift guides. Or shop all categories by price.
WeatherTech Floor Mats

GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box

iPhones make great Christmas gifts, but if you’re looking for something that costs south of $1,000, try helping your loved one protect the phone they already have with a GSI Outdoors Lexan Gear Box. These dry boxes provide a tight, waterproof seal to safely store phones, wallets, cameras, Go-Pros, and other small gear for those days on the boat, kayak, or raft. There are 4 different sizes available, ranging from “stocking stuffer” size to “under the tree” size.
motor lock

Trimax Outboard Motor Lock

Having a boat can be a joy. Just you, your loved ones, and the open water. One of the biggest problems with owning a boat, however, is security. For the boat owner in your life, a Trimax Outboard Motor Lock is the best gift that you hope they never need. The peace of mind in knowing that your boat is safe to make memories year after year cannot be put into words. So, whether it’s a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself this season, make sure you’re giving someone a gift that can make them feel at ease all year round.
solar charger

Bright Way Solar Battery Charger

What better way to make the New Year merry and bright than with a solar charging system? The Bright Way Solar Battery Charger is a 7.5-watt solar panel that uses sunlight to trickle charge your RV, camper, boat, or trailer battery. Additionally, enjoy the red (secretly holiday-themed) LED lights to help you monitor the charging status. This gift could help you, or your giftee, avoid suffering from a case of the winter blues and keep the sun coming all year round for both you and your toys. That way, they will be ready (charged) for boating season whenever you are!
seat protector

etrailer Bucket Seat Protector

Your fisherman might not mind getting their hands dirty—but their car is another matter. Help them protect their seats from mud and moisture with this non-slip, collapsible etrailer Bucket Seat Protector. Easily slip it over the headrest and seat after a hike, bike ride, beach day, or float trip. It’s waterproof and machine washable, plus it’s small enough to fit in the glove compartment on those days when they’re not covered in yuck.

XG Cargo Ice Box Travel Cooler

If you know someone who loves life on a boat, you know someone who needs a convenient way to keep refreshments chilled. This XG Cargo Ice Box Travel Cooler keeps contents cold for up to 3 days. Its waterproof shell is perfect for boating, and if you’ve ever been left with a soggy lunch after the cooler went for a dip, you know how important this is. This cooler even includes four D-ring tie-downs for easy strapping to a boat or vehicle, because an adventure is only as good as its snacks.
CIPA Boating Mirrors

CIPA Boating Mirror

It’s not very often you can give the gift of hindsight, but keep your favorite boater safe on the water with a CIPA Boating Mirror. They’re perfect for keeping an eye on the tuber behind you, other vessels in your blind spots, and staying safe on the water.
battery monitor

OptiMate M6/M8 to SAE w/ Lithium Batt Monitor

Let’s face it…nothing is simple about holiday shopping. But there are simple products that could ease the load of your giftee. This weatherproof OptiMate M6/M8 to SAE w/ Lithium Batt Monitor makes charging your 12.8/13.2-volt lithium battery a simple plug-in operation. Great for cars, boats, or motorcycles, this makes it easy to charge extra batteries and maintain additional toys. Oh by golly, this gift will be jolly!
hand grip

SeaSucker Vacuum Mount Hand Grip

I miss boating in the winter, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t spend the holiday season preparing summer-time adventures. From getting in and out to just moving around, it’s always nice to have a hand hold, and the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount Hand Grip means that you will always have stability where you need it. The grip supports up to 210 pounds of weight and can attach to any even surface. Now you’ll just have to resist the temptation to take the boat out on the chilly water!
SmartPlug Power Cords

SmartPlug Power Cords

We all know that person who’s difficult to buy for because they have everything. But if you’ve got a boater in your life, chances are they could upgrade the performance and safety of their power cord or adapter from SmartPlug. Old-style cords are prone to overheating, offer minimal weather protection, and lack useful indicators to show safe or unsafe connections. SmartPlug, on the other hand, comes with durable stainless-steel components that hold up to marine environments, and the blue LED indicator lights up to let you know all is well. Plus, the waterproof seals protect against moisture (which, you know, is pretty much everywhere around a boat!).

Everchill 12V Cooler

Every boater knows the inconvenience of trying to keep food and drinks cold when the sun is blazing…you watch the ice slowly melt and hope it gets you through the day. The Everchill 12V Cooler is basically like bringing your fridge on the water with you. It’s battery powered and lasts up to 12 hours (with various recharging options). This 13.75 gallon cooler provides dual zones, which means it’s part fridge, part freezer, and 100% awesome. And because Everchill really went above and beyond (and you will too with a gift like this), it also includes an integrated cutting board, a bottle opener, and built-in wheels for portability.
WeatherTech Floor Mats

TecNiq Boat Lights

These boat lights by TecNiq have all the hallmarks of a great gift: they’re useful, they’re thoughtful, and they’re something most other people will never think to get. Stand out from the gift-giving crowd this year with a dock light, underwater light, accent light, compartment light (really, they’ve got lights for every purpose except catching fish) for your favorite boater.
rod rack

SeaSucker Vacuum-Mount Rod Rack

The fishing enthusiast in your life might have too many poles to justify another rod-and-reel gift, but do they have a place to safely organize them on the boat? Check out this SeaSucker Vacuum-Mount Rod Rack. It holds up to 7 poles and attaches to most non-porous surfaces. It attaches and removes in seconds, and the rubber inserts with hook-and-loop fasteners keep the rods secure. Your giftee will be so eager to try it out, there’s a good chance they’ll be fishing in December (ice fishing, anyone?).
boat buckle

BoatBuckle Hold-Down PLUS System

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the fishing enthusiast on your list? They’ll be delighted to find BoatBuckle Hold-Down PLUS System with their name on it. This system secures up to 4 fishing rods on their boat, preventing tangled lines, broken tips, and rods falling overboard. The SUR-Grip handle and grommets cushion each fishing rod, so your loved one can make their next big catch and avoid the next big scratch.
pontoon ladder

Jif Marine Folding Pontoon Ladder

Is the pontoon owner in your life looking for a better boost when getting out of the water? Jif Marine Folding Pontoon Ladder fits easily on the side of your boat and folds out of the water when not in use. This ladder has a 300-lb capacity and 5 steps to make sure that you are able to get a secure foothold and climb out of the water safely. It’s never too soon to think about boating again, even in the middle of the chilly holiday season.
Terapump Fuel Transfer Pumps

Terapump Fuel Transfer Pumps

Make a messy job easier with Terapump Fuel Transfer Pumps. Choose from battery or hand-powered pumps that can siphon most fuel, water and agricultural chemicals easily and quickly from one tank to another.
jump starter

Goal Zero Venture Jump Vehicle Starter

Dead devices can really ruin a good time, especially when that "device" is your vehicle. That’s why the Goal Zero Venture Jump Vehicle Starter is such a useful gift. This lightweight (1.5 lbs) jump starter packs enough power to revive gas or diesel cars, boats, trucks, bikes, or ATVs up to 10 times off a single charge. It can also double as an emergency device charger to juice up a phone, camera, or other electronic device. Plus, it’s small enough to tuck in a glove compartment or toolbox, so it’s always there when you need it.
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