Best Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts
Need help finding the perfect gift for the auto-enthusiast in your life? Here are a few of our favorite things to inspire your gift giving. (Or snag a few for yourself and your vehicle too!)Need ideas in a different category? Check out our Towing & Hauling, Outdoor Sports, RV & Camper, and Boating & Fishing gift guides. Or shop all categories by price.

Performance Tool Electric Car Jack

Flat tires can happen to anyone, so make sure your loved one is prepared for those oh-no moments with a Performance Tool Electric Car Jack. No one likes cranking their car up on the side of the road or in a parking lot. This electric jack solves that problem by plugging into a vehicle 12V outlet and raising/lowering the vehicle with the press of a remote-controlled button.

etrailer Bucket Seat Protector

Your camper might not mind getting their hands dirty—but their car is another matter. Help them protect their seats from mud and moisture with this non-slip, collapsible etrailer Bucket Seat Protector. Easily slip it over the headrest and seat after a hike, bike ride, beach day, or float trip. It’s waterproof and machine washable, plus it’s small enough to fit in the glove compartment on those days when they’re not covered in yuck.

Erickson Big Bed Jr Load Extender & High-Mount Load Bar

For the truck owner who needs just a little more room back there, the Erickson Big Bed Jr Load Extender & High-Mount Load Bar magically grants their wish. No more awkward tie-down jobs for flying down the highway—this baby takes the high road and the low road, letting you use either the bed or roof to support kayaks, lumber, ladders, or any other lengthy load.

Underhood Work Light

Meet the light that could guide Santa’s sleigh (sorry, Rudolph). This Underhood Work Light by Performance Tool takes up less than 18” of space in your toolbox but provides 450+ lumens of flood light wherever you need it. The retractable steel wires with hooks let you connect to almost any hood and provide the necessary light needed to tinker or fix ‘er up. It’s also a great work, garage, or shed light!

etrailer 2-in-1 Windshield Cover

Whether the forecast is for sun or snow, the etrailer 2-in-1 Windshield Cover has you, well…covered. One side of the reversible cover protects from snow and ice for zero scraping and the other side helps keeps the vehicle’s interior cooler and free of sun damage. It quickly and easily secures to side mirrors, is big enough to cover the windshield and wipers, and is a great gift for every driver on your list.
WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech Floor Mats

It’s the wet and snowy season, and you know what that means—damp, muddy, dirty vehicles are just around the corner. Grab your loved one a set of these WeatherTech Floor Mats designed to match their vehicle in both fit and color. Whether they just bought a new car they want to keep fresh and new, or their older vehicle just needs a little TLC, these mats are a great gift for anyone with a car.

Rightline Gear SUV Tent

Shopping for someone who regularly camps in their car or a tent? Upgrade their life with this Rightline Gear SUV Tent. It builds on their car by providing a dry, sheltered, private space off the back of the SUV. And it’s better than a standard tent because it connects right to their sturdy, roomy vehicle. Every camper will appreciate the extra room, whether they stick a mattress inside for sleeping, use it as a makeshift “mudroom,” or just enjoy the weather-protected extra space.

Powerbuilt Tire Step

Maybe they’re short, maybe their vehicle is tall, or maybe it’s a little of both…either way, they could use a handy stool like this Powerbuilt Tire Step. It brings all the parts they need within reach, making it perfect for loading gear on a roof rack, washing the windshield, or working under the hood. Whatever they need it for, this little lightweight step will make a huge difference!

REDARC TowPro Liberty Trailer Proportional Brake Controller

Great gifts do come in small packages! Many electric trailer brake controllers have a clunky, big box that folks knock their knee on – but not the TowPro Liberty! It gives your favorite tower a tool for smooth, safe proportional trailer braking and integrates into the vehicle’s dash or console for a from-the-factory look – all for just $135.
CUB Blind Spot Monitor

CUB Blind Spot Monitor

Even Santa could use a CUB Blind Spot Monitor. These kits make your loved one’s truck, RV, camper, or sleigh smarter and safer with features like blind spot detection, lane change alert, and rear cross traffic alert. Give the gift of safety on the road, and rest easier knowing CUB has their back.

Tailgater Tire Table

With this nifty Tailgater Tire Table, the party can go anywhere. The table provides a stable surface ideal for tailgating, camping, or outdoor get-togethers. It easily adjusts around any 14”+ tire and folds flat for easy storage—no need to take up the whole trunk with unnecessary bulk.

Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Rolling Seat

Shopping for someone who’s always tinkering on their car? Save their back and knees with this Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Rolling Seat. This cushioned seat features large rubber wheels that easily roll over concrete and cracks. It even includes a slide-out drawer for tools and cup holders for their favorite drink. They’ll be rolling around the garage faster than a reindeer flies (which I hear is pretty dang fast). Cargo Area Protector

Help win the battle against dirt, pet hair, wet jackets, muddy cleats, or leaky groceries with the Cargo Area Protector. The versatile three-piece design allows for easy configuration for vehicles of most every size, with seats up or laid flat, and it even covers your bumper to protect it from scratches while loading and unloading.

Hopkins’s EasyLift Truck Bed Tailgate Lift Assist

You can’t give away super strength, but you can give the gift of the Hopkins’s EasyLift Truck Bed Tailgate Lift Assist, and it’ll certainly make your giftee feel like they’ve got super strength. This lift assist makes those heavy 30- to 40-lb truck tailgates so easy to lift and lower, you can literally close them with just one finger. Yes, that’s right, for Christmas this year you can turn your loved one into Superman (or Superwoman).

Rightline Gear Tailgating Canopy

It’s a gift for the tailgater, the camper, the fishing enthusiast, the beach-goer—basically, if they spend any time outdoors and have a van or SUV, they’ll love this portable Rightline Gear Tailgating Canopy. They still enjoy full access to their cargo area but get to avoid the blazing sun or untimely downpour. The canopy just secures to their vehicle’s hatch, and boom—instant shelter.

Duracell Jump Starter

Are you the person they call when they need a hand? Well, now you can be their savior even from a distance. This rechargeable Duracell Jump Starter quickly restarts dead batteries on gas and diesel cars, boats, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles. And it doesn’t stop at just reviving dead batteries—this multitasking beast also has a built-in tire inflator, a 12V port for accessories, and a USB port for charging dead smartphones or other devices (you know, the ones that always seem to die right when you need them most). It’s the perfect companion to help your loved one out of any emergency when you can’t be there in person.

Stallion Tire Grip Vehicle Traction Recovery Tracks

For some, there’s 4-wheel-drive. For everyone else, there’s Stallion Recovery Tracks. This functional gift is perfect for anyone who takes on winter weather (especially in a less-than-equipped vehicle). Just position a track under each drive wheel to create enough traction to get stuck tires back on the road. Then roll up the tracks and pop them in the trunk to store.

Performance Tool Heated Travel Blanket

Baby, it’s cold outside—so help your giftee stay warm and toasty with this Heated Travel Blanket by Performance Tool. Just plug it into the 12V outlet of any vehicle, and boom—they can enjoy a cozy ride. It’s got 3 heat settings, a built-in shutoff timer, and a 94” cord to reach any seat in the car, from the driver to the shotgun passenger to the kiddos in the backseat.

Hopkins Go Gear Tablet Holder for Vehicle Headrests

Anyone who road trips with kids will love this little lifesaver. The Hopkins Go Gear Tablet Holder easily slips over a vehicle’s headrest and snugly holds tablets or phones in place, turning the backseat into a theater on wheels. It fits any size tablet and adjusts to fit almost any vehicle headrest.

AAMP Universal Heat Seat Kit

Did you know millions of people suffer from Frozen Car Butt every year? Help your giftee keep their vehicle seat toasty with this sweet AAMP Universal Heat Seat Kit. It plugs into their 12v accessory outlet and includes 4 heating pad surfaces. This year, let’s make frozen butts a thing of the past.
Need ideas in a different category? Check out our Towing & Hauling, Outdoor Sports, RV & Camper, and Boating & Fishing gift guides. Or shop all categories by price.
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