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RP58405 Instructions Update for 2004-2009 Nissan Titan

Custom Fit Fifth Wheel

Technical Bulletin

SUBJECT/Summary: The adapter bracket rail mounting kit, RP58405, has been changed.

PROBLEM: The RP58405 installation instructions have been updated for the 2004-2009 Nissan Titan.

SOLUTION: The dimension from rear rail to rear edge of bed should be 26-1/2". The row three base rail hole on driver side has been moved inward also.


Important Notes for this Installation:

1. Use the RP58405 service kit together with RP30035 mounting kit. Read pages 1-3 of the RP30035 instructions for general information.

2. Bolts will need to be pulled through access holes in frame with supplied pull wire.

3. Do not drill through both walls of the frame. Drill only through wall of the frame to which bracket is mounted.

4. Drill through frame at rear hole in each front side bracket and both holes in passenger side rear side bracket.

NOTE: Do not install on a truck with a 6-1/2' or 7' box unless the trailer is equipped with a Reese Sidewinder Pin box or KWIK-SLIDE.

Product Number: RP58405

Manufacturer: Reese

Bulletin Date: 11/11/2010

Bulletin Number: TB10-13

Updated by: Raymond P.

Last updated: 6/28/18



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