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Wiring Installation Instructions for 2008 and Newer Volkswagen Rabbit and GTI

Technical Bulletin

SUBJECT/Summary: Wiring instructions for 2008, 2009 and 2010 VW Rabbit and GTIPROBLEM: Locating the correct wires on the vehicle to hook up a trailer wiring harness. These vehicles have a multiplexed wiring system that sends multiple signals (turn, brake, and tail) along the same wire.Solution:Use only a wiring harness that has a circuit protected battery-powered converter that can detect Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), such as Part # 119190 or 119190KIT.
  • Tail Light and Brake Functions: With a test light, probe the wires behind the vehicle's tail light until you locate the wire that contains both the tail and brake functions at 12V. Attach the Red (Stop) wire from 119190 unit to wire pointed out below.
    • Note: Two wires provide tail light and brake functions:
      • DO NOT USE the wire where you get pulses of the tail function: (A) Turn - 12V; (B) Brake - 12V; and (C) Tail Light - PWM.
      • USE: (A) Brake - 12V and (B) Tail Lights - 12V.
    • Ground the Brown (Tail Light) and White wires from 119190 (as mentioned in the 119190 instructions for the Mercedes; Step 9, 3-wire system, part c).
  • Turn Light Functions: Isolated turn signals cannot be found at rear of vehicle, so both the Yellow wire (Left Turn) and Green wire (Right Turn) must be run to the front of the vehicle, along with the Black wire (Battery +). Connections for turn signals must be found at the headlight assemblies.
Bulletin Date: 10/09/2009Bulletin Number: 09-0109Updated By: Dani S.Last Updated: 3/5/2021



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