2005-Current Volkswagen Touareg or Porsche Cayenne

Custom Fit Brake Controller

Technical Bulletin

SUBJECT/Summary: Installing a brake control on a 2005-current Volkswagen Touareg or Porsche Cayenne

PROBLEM: Difficulty installing a brake controller on a 2005-current Volkswagen Touareg or 2005-current Porsche Cayenne

SOLUTION: To install a brake control on a 2005-current Volkswagen Touareg or Porsche Cayenne using the factory brake control connector, you will need to assemble a brake control harness from parts that you can obtain from a Volkswagen dealer. This harness will allow you to plug your brake controller into the factory brake control connector.

Assemble Harness

Volkswagen Part numbers 1J0-972-782 and 000-979-228

You will need the following parts (pictured above) that are available from a Volkswagen dealer - 1 connector housing (#1J0-972-782) and 2 wire/terminal assemblies (#000-979-228). Cut the wires from both wire assemblies in half so that you have 4 wires, each with a clip on one end and bare wire on the other. Connect the bare end of each of these wires to one of the wires on your brake controller, then slip the other end of each wire into its appropriate slot on the housing. The slots are numbered to make it easier to connect each wire correctly. The following table shows the correct wiring connections.

Wire Position in HousingBrake Control Wire ColorFunctionWire Color on Vehicle Side of Housing
2black12 voltred/yellow
3 (see note below)redbrake lamp signalblack/red
4bluetrailer brake outputblue

Connect to the Factory Brake Control Connector

The factory brake control connector is located under the vehicle's dash on the driver's side close to the door. You'll have to remove the appearance panel, which is held on by 2 Torx head screws. The factory brake control connector is underneath the panel and is wrapped in gray foam. Remove the foam and connect the housing to the connector.


You may need to install a relay if you're using a Prodigy or P3 brake controller. The display of these controllers can be erratic when used on 2009-current Volkswagen Touregs and Porsche Cayennes. To avoid this problem, you should install a 12V, normally open relay. The following instructions and numbered diagram will help you install the relay correctly.

(The Prodigy RF wireless brake controller uses radio signals to control the brakes on your trailer, so it does not need a relay.)

  1. Obtain locally, a 12 volt, normally open relay.
  2. Connect the ground terminal (85) of the relay to a ground under the dash.
  3. Connect the trigger terminal (86) of the relay to pin #3 of the brake control connector.
  4. Connect the red wire from the brake control to the load terminal (87) of the relay.
  5. Connect the source voltage terminal (30) to a 12 volt source. This wire should have a 5-amp fuse installed in-line.

Manufacturer: Tekonsha

Bulletin Date: January 21, 2009

Bulletin Number: TB0021

Updated by: Raymond P.

Last updated: 6/27/18



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