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Access UTV Tonneau Covers

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Access Custom Soft Tonneau Cover for UTVs

This customized tonneau is a great fit for your UTV. It guards your vehicle's bed from weather and debris. Quickly roll back the top to load bulky items. The fabric maintains its shape at varying temperatures for a sleek look and a tight seal.Features:
  • Custom-fit tonneau system protects your UTV bed and cargo from debris and the elements
    • Bed cover blocks rain, dirt and wind
    • Vinyl flap at the back of the cargo area helps to seal out weather
    • Velcro closures secure the sides of the cover
    • Bar snaps down at the tailgate to lock the tonneau in place
  • Sleek, from-the-factory look
    • Customized for your vehicle
    • Dials on each side adjust the cover's tension for a tight seal
    • Aerodynamic fit reduces drag
  • Durable, soft black vinyl fabric
    • Resists UV rays and maintains its shape in hot and cold temperatures
  • Rolls up easily so that you can transport bulky items in your bed
    • Stores neatly behind your cab, secured with straps and buckles
  • Includes bolt-on base rails for installation
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-Year warranty
Close-up of cover's base rails on top of UTV's side-by-side box
Use this soft mini tonneau cover to protect your vehicle's cargo area from road dirt and weather. Bolt the tonneau's base rails onto the top of your side-by-side's box, and then unroll the cover to complete your tonneau system - no extra accessories or parts needed.The reinforced vinyl fabric maintains its shape at varying temperatures and resists harsh UV rays. A weather flap helps to seal the back of your UTV bed, and a bar snaps down at the tailgate for added protection. Velcro closures secure the sides of the tonneau. Use the tension dials on each side to further adjust the fit for a sleek, aerodynamic profile that reduces drag.
Lifting back the cover using the auto-latch image
Rolling back the cover to load items is simple - pull the AutoLatch and lift up on the rear bar to start rolling the cover up. The cover will peel back off of the Velcro as you roll it toward the cab. Secure the cover out of the way with the included straps and buckles.
Ranger UTV with Access cover rolled up
Ranger UTV with Access UTV Tonneau cover image

Access LED Truck Bed Lighting Kit - 1 Strip

Shed some light on the situation with this high-density LED light strip. The flexible strip bends so you can put it in a corner or anywhere else you need light. The 18 bright white LED lights are great for use with a tonneau cover or camper shell.Features:
  • Lights up your truck bed with 18 bright white LED lights
    • Flexible, high-density LED strip can bend around corners
  • Waterproof - withstands exposure to the elements
  • Turns on and off with a push of the button near the end of the strip
  • Installs easily
    • Includes electrical lead with power and ground wires
      • Tap into a nearby power source like your tail lights
      • For constant power, run wire (sold separately) to connect to your vehicle's battery
    • Attaches securely with pre-applied 3M adhesive tape
  • Perfect for truck beds with tonneau covers or camper shells
  • Works in boats, vans and trailers
  • Quantity: 1 lighting strip
  • Strip length: 12"
  • Number of LEDs per strip: 18
  • Wiring length: 3'
  • 1-Year warranty
Close-up of led lights turned on under cover image
No more feeling around in your dark truck bed for tools or cargo. The 18 white LED lights on this foot-long, high-density strip add bright, even light along the length of your truck bed. This flexible strip bends to fit in a corner or anywhere else you need light. The 3M adhesive tape on the back of the light strip keeps it securely in place and makes installation a snap. Turn your lights on and off using the blue push button located on the cord at the end of the light strip.
Close-up of two-prong electrical lead image
The lights wire into any nearby 12-volt electrical source using a two-prong electrical lead that connects to a power source and a ground. If you tap into a tail light, this weatherproof light strip works only when your running lights are on. You can also hardwire the lights to your battery using added wiring (sold separately) so that they have constant power. Wire the light strip in by soldering or using a Scotch lock (sold separately).
Inside truck bed with Access LED lights on image
These truck-bed lights are a must-have if you use a tonneau cover or shell on your pickup or UTV. Install them in your boat, van or trailer to light up dark spots. Let there be light - exactly where you need it most.
Access LED truck bed lighting kit product image



Do you make a bed cover for a 2020 Pioneer 700-2. I’m looking for one to keep the dust out. Thanks

David B.


I don't have anything that is a custom fit or "universal" I'll link you to the items we do have so you can look at them however, I would suggest contacting a Honda dealer to see if they can source a cover for you.



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