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Installing a REDARC BCDC1212T to a Dump Trailer

Part Number: BCDC1212TThis installation guide applies to fitting a Redarc BCDC1212T battery charger drawing up to 12 Amps, to a trailer equipped with an auxiliary battery. This requires a 12V auxiliary feed through the towbar wiring (including socket and plug) with sufficient capacity to support this additional load. Fitting the BCDC1212T:
  • The BCDC should be located as close to the auxiliary battery as possible (within the length of the fitted BROWN wire). A protective in-line fuse is required between the BROWN wire and the auxiliary battery positive terminal.
    BCDC Wiring Chart Showing Connection to Auxiliary Battery
  • Secure the BCDC1212T in a clear area using 1/4" (M6) bolts or 5/16" tek head screws, ensuring the front display panel is visible for periodic operational checks.
    Redarc BCDC Battery Charger
Wiring the BCDC1212T:
  • Connect the BCDC BLACK (ground) wire to a suitable clean trailer ground point. This must be a low inpedance path to both the start battery (through the towing harnesses) and the auxiliary battery grounds. The auxiliary battery negative terminal is an ideal connection point.
  • Confirm the battery chemistry of the auxiliary battery. Referring to the supplied owner's manual Section 2.2, configure the ORANGE (profile) wire as required:
    • a) Connect ORANGE to GREEN for Lithium-based battery
    • b) Leave ORANGE and GREEN disconnected for conventional Lead-acid
  • Connect the auxiliary battery as shown below:
    • a) Connect the BCDC1212T BROWN (output) wire (1) to a suitably rated fuse holder (2) (REDARC part FK30 is recommended)
    • b) Connect a short cable (3) (KIT19 recommended) to the other side of the fuse holder and fit a suitable fuse (30A recommended)
    • c) Connect the other end of the short cable to the positive terminal of the auxiliary battery (4)
      Redarc BCDC Battery Charger Wiring
    • d) Connect the BCDC1212T RED (input) wire to the 12V auxiliary power from the trailer connection. (Note: The trailer wiring harness fitted in the tow vehicle must be suitably rated for the current and fused to protect the wiring harness - refer to the BCDC1212T manual for further information).
    • e) If the 12V auxiliary power in the towing connection is permanently fed (does not isolate when towing vehicle ignition is switched 'Off', leave the BCDC1212 BLUE (input) to the BCDC1212T RED (input) wire which will continue to draw down on the towing vehicle electrical supply to a lower threshold which may impact cranking (vehicle starting) ability.
    • f) Ensure all wiring is secured and well insulated (including unused connections).
Updated On: 10/16/20



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