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Shopping for dads can be tough. Store ads tell you he needs another "World's Best Dad" tie each Father's Day. Dad himself jokes how there better be a Mercedes in the driveway with a bow on top. But you're probably looking for a gift somewhere in between. Something that says "I put some thought into this." Something that's practical, that he'll use often and think about you when he does. Maybe something a little on the unique side, something he wouldn't think to buy himself. We're here to the rescue. We've compiled a list of unique, thoughtful, practical gifts for Dad — whether he's an outdoorsy guy, a car lover, a fisherman, or his own breed. You know him best, so take a look at the gift ideas below and find his next surprise.

RodBuckle Retractable Fishing Rod Tie-Down Strap

If Dad's an avid fisherman, chances are you've already bought him a rod or two (or five). But does he have a secure, easy way to carry them on deck? This retractable tie-down strap was designed to lock fishing poles into position (no tangled lines here), so all Dad's gear is in place when he needs it.

Tailgater Tire Table

My dad's the kind of guy who has a tall glass of iced tea in hand wherever he goes (at least, he swears it's tea). If your dad's like mine and is always looking for a surface for his drink, cooler, sunglasses, wallet, book, or what have you, he needs this handy tire table. Whether he's tailgating at the next big game or enjoying some solitude in the remote wilderness, he can set up shop anywhere he goes. The table simply hooks over his tire, and boom—he's got a stable surface. It folds flat for easy storage, and it's made of rustproof aluminum. No tools required (though your dad may insist he needs them anyway).

Wesbar LED Trailer Utility Light

Great for the dad who's not done tinkering with his car, boat, or trailer after dark, this hands-free, magnetically mounted utility light plugs into any 12V outlet. He can fix a flat in the dark, tinker with the trailer, or take the boat out at night...all with excellent visibility. These LED lights are bright, waterproof, and built to last up to 50x longer than incandescents. You're already the light in Dad's life...why not get him another?

Camp Casual Camping Mugs

Sharing a cup of coffee with my dad has always been a bonding experience for the two of us. If your dad loves a hot drink as much as he loves camping or RVing, pick up one of these unique camping-themed mugs by Camp Casual. They're available in a variety of designs, and they're dishwasher and microwave safe. Click below to check out the full line of these fun, giftable mugs.

Griot's Garage Car Cleaning Kit

Why not pick up a gift for your dad's pride and joy? No, not yourself — I'm talking about his other baby. You know, the one on four wheels that has a special place in his heart (and garage)? This fully stocked kit by Griot's Garage is perfect for the dad who loves his ride. The non-acidic wash, microfiber mitt, and foaming sprayer work like magic to remove dirt and grime (or that invisible spec of dust your dad swears is there) without scratching paint or wearing down wax. With a gift like this, you might even become dad's favorite.

etrailer Hitch Pin Alignment Collar

If you've seen your dad install a bike rack or cargo carrier in his hitch, and it mostly involves a lot of swearing as he tries to line everything up, do him a favor and pick up this Hitch Pin Alignment Collar. No more getting on his hands and knees to install an accessory. No more cursing when the hitch pin won't go in because the holes are a little off. This handy stop collar automatically lines up the hitch pin holes and doesn't need to be adjusted once installed. It's a quick, easy, affordable way to make Dad's life a little easier.

Rightline Gear SUV Tailgate Awning

Even the most outdoorsy of dads needs a little protection from the blazing sun. That's where this tailgate awning tent by Rightline Gear comes in handy. Make his day outdoors much more enjoyable with this shade-supplying, water-resistant canopy for Jeeps and SUVs with rear hatches.

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David C.

I purchased an eleven diode LED passenger side trailer tail light that took about five minutes to install. I now have two that are working perfectly, and was delighted to find etrailer as the company selling a single LED light, thank you etrailer.

David C.

Interesting ideas. What do you have that will heat up a hamburger on a boat that the burger is being housed in a plastic bag. Maybe glove warmers, or do you have a better idea without having to make a fire of any kind. The burger is already cooked, and is in between a bun in a plastic bag.

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@DavidC Solar oven.


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