2011 Ford Super Duty with 5th-Wheel/Gooseneck Trailer Tow Prep Package

Custom Fit Fifth Wheel

What is the Trailer Tow Prep Package on the 2011 Ford Super Duty?

Ford and towing industry leader Reese teamed up to package this option on the 2011 Super Duty truck. Now you can get Reese's Elite Series fifth-wheel and gooseneck rails installed at the Ford factory before you buy the truck.

What is the advantage of getting the Tow Prep Package over shopping and purchasing the rails on my own?

The convenience of not having to install it after you buy the truck

What do I need before I can tow?

You will need to purchase a fifth-wheel hitch or gooseneck ball - depending on the trailer you will be towing.

Generally, a fifth-wheel hitch is used for campers, whereas a gooseneck hitch is needed for industrial and agricultural applications such as construction and farm equipment. Most, but not all, horse trailers use a gooseneck hitch.

If you know that you will be towing different types of trailers, Reese's Elite Series system is exactly what you will want, because you can easily and quickly switch between fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches with no need to modify.


If I want to install this system after I buy the truck, what do I need?

Use part number RP30126 if you only want to pull a fifth wheel

Use part number RP30138-26 to give you mounting locations for a gooseneck and fifth wheel (this is the setup you will get from the factory tow prep package from Ford). The only exception is this part comes with the gooseneck ball where, when you buy from the factory, you will need to purchase the gooseneck ball separately.

What are the features of a Reese Elite Series hitch over other, standard hitches?

Reese Signature Series Hitch Adapter for 2011 Ford Super Duty

Underbed System


5th Wheel Hitch:



How can I use a standard fifth-wheel hitch with the Reese underbed tow system?

Main image of adapterStandard fifth-wheel installed on adapter

You can purchase an adapter (RP30156) that mounts on the Power Puck system of the Reese underbed fifth-wheel hitch. Like typical fifth-wheel rails, the adapter rides on top of your truck bed and includes slots that allow you to install a standard fifth-wheel hitch. With this adapter, you can still use your existing fifth-wheel hitch.

anchors lined up to fit into Reese underbed hitch Power Puckstabs of standard fifth-wheel hitch lined up to fit into adapter slots

The above illustrations show how all the parts work together. The picture on the left shows the anchors of the adapter lined up to fit into the pucks of the underbed hitch.The picture on the right shows a tab of the standard fifth-wheel positioned to drop into a slot of the adapter.

Reese Signature Series Hitch Adapter for 2011 Ford Super Duty

How does Reese's Elite Series compare with their Signature Series tow system?

The Signature Series is being phased out of production in favor of the Elite Series. The Elite and Signature Series are visually identical but have a couple of small differences. Elite has a taller mounting foot - this allows for the underbed rails to be mounted farther below the truck bed.

Elite Series hitches include a 7-way wiring harness for an in-bed hookup.

Because the rail kit mounts lower on the 2011 Ford Super Duty truck bed than on earlier Ford truck models - resulting in greater space between the rail and the truck bed -- Reese's Signature Series 5th-wheel hitches will not fit the 2011 Super Duty without a taller adapter foot (RP58419).

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