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2011 Chevrolet / GMC Elite Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch and Under-Bed Gooseneck Installation Kit

Custom Fit Fifth Wheel

Elite Series Under-Bed Gooseneck Complete Hitch

The New 2011 and Up Chevy and GMC 2500/3500 HD Trucks can now have an Under-bed Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch and Gooseneck Hitch Together

Reese has created a specially designed under-bed installation kit for 2011 GM HD trucks that will allow the use of both a Reese Elite Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch and a Gooseneck Trailer Hitch in one kit.

What do I need before I can tow?

If you want to tow a fifth wheel trailer, you will need the Under-Bed Rail and Installation Kit for Reese Elite Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches, part number RP30868 and also a fifth wheel trailer hitch.

If you want to tow a gooseneck trailer, you will need the same rail kit used for the fifth wheel, part number RP30868, plus the Reese Elite Series Under-Bed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Head Kit, part number RP30158 (we also sell them together; as a kit, part number RP30158-68).

Generally, a fifth wheel hitch is used for campers, whereas a gooseneck hitch is needed for industrial and agricultural applications such as construction and farm equipment. Most, but not all, horse trailers use a gooseneck hitch.

What if I Tow Both Fifth Wheel Trailers and Gooseneck Trailers?

If you know that you will be towing different types of trailers, Reese's Elite Series system is exactly what you will want, because you can easily and quickly switch between fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches.


  • Under-bed rail kit ensures full access to truck bed
    • Includes mounting points for both a fifth wheel hitch and a gooseneck hitch
  • Bolt-in, no-drill installation
  • Pop-In ball fits securely and is easy to insert and remove
    • Lift and turn integrated lever to unlock and remove ball
    • Locks with built-in ball-bearing system
  • 2 Safety-chain hookups included
    • Attach directly to Power Pucks built into gooseneck rails for simple mounting and removal
  • Sturdy, black powder-coated steel is corrosion resistant

fifth wheel fifth wheel hitch

Fifth Wheel Hitch:

  • Easy-to-use, single-piece, self-latching jaw wraps around king pin to ensure proper connection and prevent rattling
  • Extra-wide funnel provides larger area for guiding fifth wheel king pin into hitch
  • King pin indicator on handle keeps hitch from locking until connection is secure
  • 4-Way pivot head for fast, easy hookup, even on uneven terrain
    • 4-Degree, side-to-side pivot
  • Quick-lock Power Puck system allows easy mounting and removal of hitch

under bed rail system

What are the benefits of a Reese Elite Series hitch over other, standard hitches?

  • Under-bed rail system
    • Frame-mounted crossmember leaves your truck bed flat, giving you a finished look and maximum cargo space
    • Small Power Puck mounting holes sit flush with truck bed
  • High quality and great looking product that's been tested tough to stand up to every day heavy duty towing

Reese Elite Series Under-Bed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Head Kit

Can I just get the Fifth Wheel Rail Kit and Add the Gooseneck Hitch Later?

Once the Under-Bed Rail and Installation Kit, part number RP30868, has been installed, you can add the Under-Bed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Head Kit, part number RP30158, at any time. But if you know you are going to tow both a fifth wheel trailer and gooseneck trailer, installation will be easier if both hitches were installed at the same time using the complete hitch, part number RP30158-68.

Updated by: Raymond P.

Last updated: 6/29/18



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