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Grease Cap, 2.72" OD Drive In with Plug - Qty 2

Code: rg04-120

133 reviews

Our Price: $21.81


Product Specs:

Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps


E-Z Lube Grease Cap

2.717 Inch O.D.


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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Grease Cap, 2.72" OD Drive In with Plug - Qty 2 - rg04-120

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (133 Customer Reviews)

by: Jeff V10/03/2016

This is one of those times where I really needed to stop and take the time to write a review. If you look at the pictures you will see that I have a tri-axle trailer and I had no paperwork on the brakes when I bought it from the original owner. So I call e trailer and I get Cathy T on the phone. I ask her if trailers are her specialty and she says "sure they are" I said ok great lets dig in but I don't know what I have but I told her I did have a caliper to measure. So after about an hour on the phone she questioned me enough to figure out the front and rear bearing AND race sizes, the seal size AND the replacement break assembly kit to use. I never once felt rushed and she was awesome !! There was a lot to ask about to make sure we got it right and guess what Cathy T NAILED IT. Check out the picture of the parts on the bench. Every part was exactly what I needed. It all worked out perfectly and I can not say enough good things about my experience with e trailer and Cathy T. If you EVER need help with a trailer E Trailer is the ONLY place to go. The price is incredible and the service is even better. What an awesome organization. Thank you E Trailer and Cathy T

by: Ken11/08/2022

What is pictured (and is what my current caps look like) is not what I received. However, it fits so I'm not going to complain. The one I received is a dome-like affair and not squared off like the ones in the picture.

Does it matter? That's up to you. Me? I prefer my stuff to look the same; especially as I plan on selling my trailer.

Yes, it does matter! You should get the part that you ordered, for sure. I have already sent your information to our customer service team and they will be in touch with you.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 11/11/2022

by: Robert 02/19/2023

Item was delivered quickly. Perfect fit! Dimensions were true.

by: Errol 12/06/2021

Ordered the parts by phone. Melissa was highly knowledgeable and extremely professional. Would recommend eTrailer to anyone that needs trailer parts or trailer hitches.

by: Mike12/07/2022

These parts worked as advertised No complaint to whatsoever

by: David10/19/2022


by: Bill T12/04/2017

I received the grease caps in a timely manner and they have worked great. Unlike the ones previously purchased locally, these have stayed on the trailer for over a year now. They are also a lot easier to install than the dome caps, these have the ridge around the base to press them on. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a quality product

The grease caps are still working great. I still have the extras I bought just in case one came The grease caps are still working great after a year or so. I still have extras I bought just in case one came off. Great product and excellent service.
Bill T - 12/05/2018

by: Tim 09/12/2021

Every part fits like OEM and the prices are very good! Love buying from, they are the best and if you have questions they HAVE the answers.

by: Benjamin09/23/2022

Got what I need and was shipped fast!

by: Dave J04/21/2020

These were easy to install replacements for my dump trailer. The old ones were bent & leaking from being smashed by my backhoe.

Still working great....Holding grease with no leaks. The caps I took off were flinging grease all over as I drove down the road. To this point, the trailer is clean with the new ones!
Dave J - 04/23/2021

by: Roger 08/28/2022

Bought these as a spare incase I need t hem.

by: Darryl 12/16/2019

Exactly what I was looking for to make my recently acquired trailer a bit more owner friendly. Being able to pop the center cap out of these hub caps and apply grease to the wheel bearings without pulling the hubs/brake drums is a big plus.

by: John09/24/2016

Just received my order of new backing plate assemblies and some misc small parts. Ordered on line late Sunday night, confirmed I had ordered the right parts Monday morning before shipment went out. Customer service by phone was superb and the gal I talked with was perfect. Shipment was on my porch Friday afternoon. I did open box and inspect shipment that arrived completely intact/good shape and all looked good at this point. Not sure when will get to the brakes on the trailer but will post again when the job is done. So far nothing but good to say about Regards, John.

by: Jerry02/18/2019

It is nice to know of that will work with you. I ordered 4 bearing dust covers for my trailer and they were too big. I called them on the next business day and the sent a return authorization number and reordered the correct ones no issues or hassle. I highly recommend them for trailer parts. The person I spoke to was very polite. I will send another review when I receive the correct dust covers

by: Todd W02/24/2017

I had ordered some parts online to rebuild the suspension on one of our trailers. Customer service called me a short time later to inform me that they were out of stock on some items, they asked if it was possible to substitute some items. She was able to find the exact parts I needed in a different kit. The parts came within 3 days, very well packed, and they fit perfectly! This is the 3rd time I've ordered from etrailer and they have exceeded my expectations every time. EXCELLENT customer service and quality parts.

by: Alan W.05/31/2020

These were a perfect replacement on our dump trailer at a much more reasonable price. I didn't see any difference in quality between these and assemblies at double the cost. Next time I need trailer parts I will probably shop around, (that's just what I do) then go to to buy.

by: Tim H.06/26/2017

The two sets of axle grease covers/caps I'd ordered arrived promptly and fit the axles perfectly. The website was easy to order from and provided good product lines to choose from. The product item videos were of great assistance. Thanks

by: John A.06/13/2016

I damaged parts on my trailer and I order replacement parts not knowing I had submitted the order twice. The good people of etrailer had a question about my order and went out of there way to contact me to see if I still wanted the two order of the same thing. I really appreciate there helpfulness. Etrailer Thank You.
I will be ordering parts again from them.

by: Tyler12/19/2020

These fit as described, but you get what you pay for. The metal is very thin, distorting while installing them. The rubber plugs that come with them are also thin. Would not recommend this particular item.

by: Dwayne C03/28/2017

We bought several things in the last few days to rework a trailer, everything bolted up and worked. The price is great, the quality is good and they were delivered quickly to our front door. It's the only place to look for trailer parts . The trailer is on the road today.

by: Damian 09/02/2021

My customer was completely satisfied with the product I’m completely satisfied with price and delivery thank y’all very much Damian CSM AutoZone 4254

by: James11/18/2017

I like the fast delivery of your products, I run my trailers hard and need a dependable supplier of parts. Thank you again and I will be ordering again as service price are what is important James

by: Tom Rennels 11/20/2016

The grease caps worked great! I will not hesitate in the future when I need a trailer part to order from these guys. Very satisfied.

by: Kraig06/25/2019

I needed to replace a dust cap on a 7000 pound 2 axle PJ trailer. Perfect fit and finish.

by: Nick11/08/2021

A little slow took a week and a half

Since these items are so light, they ship USPS Mail. Heavier items ship UPS. Just something to consider for next time!
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 11/10/2021

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Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2717SS - Stainless Steel (Pair)

Code: BB2717SS

42 reviews

Our Price: $53.61


Product Specs:

Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps


Bearing Protector Grease Cap

2.717 Inch

Bearing Buddy

Great for marine applications; the stainless steel construction provides the best in corrosion resistance. The design makes Bearing Buddy an easy way to protect your bearings by keeping water out and ensuring enough grease is in the hub.

Video of Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2717SS - Stainless Steel (Pair)

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2717SS - Stainless Steel (Pair) - BB2717SS

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (42 Customer Reviews)

Great for marine applications; the stainless steel construction provides the best in corrosion resistance. The design makes Bearing Buddy an easy way to protect your bearings by keeping water out and ensuring enough grease is in the hub.

by: Kyle 12/21/2022

Very nice bearing covers, great price and customer support. Had issues fitting on to hub but shaved down contact surface just a bit and bearing cover fitted on snug. Would definitely purchase again.

by: Teresa*Thies03/17/2022

One of the bearings would not go on. I had to Chuck it in the lathe and true it to go on.

You mentioned that one of the bearings was difficult to put in however I was not sure what you had to do to install it. Could you explain in more detail?
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/29/2022

by: Hillbilly Bob11/22/2016

Works as it should, quality product and gives me peace of mind knowing the bearings on my horse trailer are lubricated.

by: Angel 10/05/2022

Easy to use website products arrived qu ickly

by: NotAHandyman06/20/2022

These are very simple and convenient. When installing them I used a plastic hammer to get them started. I then used a 1 to 2 foot piece of 2x4 with one end on the buddy and hit the other end with a heavy hammer. Much easier than using the side of the 2x4 and this sent it straight in. Smack the 2x4, turn in a quarter turn, hit if again. I had a super tight fit on all 4 axles, so expect it to be snug.

by: Andre D.10/25/2017

These bearings Caps look great.
looked forward since I received my order. Unfortunatly I only installed these Bearing Buddy protector grease caps last week.
I tried last spring before to launch the boat, but the diameter of the caps was a little to large for my hubs. I brought them to a machine shop with one of the old dust caps.

by: Larry09/11/2022

Paid for two day and it took three day. Supposed to refund me $X.XX

by: Larry 08/27/2021

Fit was extremely tight. Would have been a better fit if .002 - .003 smaller diameter. I hope I am not the one that has to remove them :), because I had to force them in.

by: Cliff S.04/21/2014

Great deal all round, there was a availability issue with my online order, but they called me and we resolved the issue by swapping for better product that was available, delivery was fast and product fitted exactly as described very easy. I would and will be ordering from "etrailer" again, just have to find something I need!!!! Soon I hope.

by: Jerome 08/28/2022

Quick shipping

by: Larry12/30/2016

Installed grease caps on older equipment trailer that was purchased used. After Repacked bearings and installed new wheel seals. grease caps give me peace of mind that there will be no non lubricated wheel bearings.

by: Richard 09/21/2021

Bearing buddies came on time and fit perfectly. Great transaction, thank you!

by: CWT09/11/2017

Product installed very simply. Hardest part was removing the old hub caps. Installed 4 bearing buddies and filled with grease in less than 30 minutes. Received the product earlier than expected from etrailer. Great deal!

by: Justin08/02/2016

Fit well and they keep the water out of my boat trailer bearings. Wouldn't have a boat trailer without them.

by: Mark06/27/2017

Bearing buddies rock. Wouldn't haul a trailer without them. And what better place to buy them than etrailer!

by: Neil 01/05/2022

Great parts, prompt delivery!

by: Brian T.04/23/2019

Works great! Well worth the piece of mind pulling my 5th wheel!

by: Christopher03/04/2013

These are awesome! They look good and keep the trailer bearings well lubricated.

by: Theo c05/05/2015

I think these bearing buddies are awsome. Stainless is the was to go

by: GLENN M04/17/2017

The name alone stands out as a great product which is what Bearing Buddy has become.

by: Joe09/22/2016

Great service, fast shipping and everything was correct. I will use e trailer for all my future needs.

by: Thomas M06/27/2016

Very pleased with the product and service, Excellent.

No Problems at all
Thomas M - 06/29/2017

by: Doug 08/27/2021

Great parts and service

by: Ben08/25/2017

Got package in tonights mail. Everything is enclosed

by: Dale02/18/2019

I have lost all the covers they came off last summer on vacation the first day out.

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