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RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit

Code: ras4527-t

580 reviews

Our Price: $539.00


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Leaf Springs

Standard Duty


2,000-lb Capacity. Convert your vehicle's leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. RAS adjusts to your load to level your ride. The system also increases stability, handling, and control by improving traction and reducing sway.

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Customer Reviews

RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit - RAS4527-T

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (580 Customer Reviews)

2,000-lb Capacity. Convert your vehicle's leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system. RAS adjusts to your load to level your ride. The system also increases stability, handling, and control by improving traction and reducing sway.

by: Taylor05/20/2022
1998 Chevrolet Blazer

Haven’t got to tow with them on yet. But overall they look and feel like they are great quality and were extremely easy to install. I had one slight hiccup and had to call customer support. I was on the phone and connected to an actually person within a minute, great customer service.
Without a load, my 98 Blazer rides very smooth, only slightly stiffer than stock. Also raised the rear maybe an inch, but not a big deal.

by: Miguel07/09/2021

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

I love the product since i have a 2021 toyota tacoma crew cab long bed with a campertop a robber mat and a jack thats around 450 pounds that a have at all times my truck was sittind low a lilbit plus it was swagging on the road i have summo spring to help my suspention but it was not enoght so i did my research but this was my better option i just installed it yerterday july-8-2021 and went for a ride where i ussually drive everyday and WOW now my truck rides very smood plus it lift my tryck 1 inch on the back now my tryck seats level it took me about 2 hrs but i did right i just follow the intructions and done i love the product the only thing that im concern is that the left side underneat the springleaft there is a breik line that is too close to the roadmaster suspention i hope that with the time dont hit that line because if it does thats the line for the breiks and i will be in trouble replacing it other wise evreything works great i recomend it 100% thanks guys i will buy it again?????best $500 that i spend on my truck

Its been working very well i loaded a couple of times and its awesome
Miguel - 07/10/2022

by: Shane02/15/2023

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Really like this product. Was super easy to install and instructions were easy to read. Amy was very helpful in recommending the correct part and even took the order for me. Its winter here in the Rockies so I haven't had a chance to test out the load of my 5th wheel, but the ride still feels smooth. I have ordered from etrailer before and always have a good experience. Choose them with peace of mind.

by: Tracey04/28/2021

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Total transformation! I never knew how bad my ride was until I installed these RoadMaster 3611-HD active suspension. It took longer to safely jack my truck up and remove tires than it was to install them! Absolutely a game changer. I carry about 1000 lbs of tools and supplies daily and like riding a Rollercoaster when hitting bumps. Now, i hit bumps on purpose just to feel these RoadMasters work their magic! Love them!

After a year of use , these RoadMaster 3611-HD active suspensions are still the best addition to my trucks performance. The streets of Houston are brutal and these active suspension breeze through them. I have 354000 on this truck and if I ever get another, this Active Suspension will be the first addition. Hands down!
Tracey T - 04/29/2022

by: Andrew G02/23/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

A year later and they still work great! It’s impressive how improved the handling in our 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 even without our 30ft camper on the back. No more spinning shale going up our driveway or sway on highway, these give it a much more planted stance in all applications. Hauling our camper without a major squat or hitting the bump pads is achievable with these units! You will not regret this purchase! I installed them on my own, in my garage along with new Bilstine shocks I purchased online in less than an hour! Great instructional YouTube videos showing proper install. Not a mechanic at all, I work in Sales for ADT Security and drive over 4,000 miles a month.

Two years after install and it’s still great, looks like new after 3 long PA Winters! General daily use even while not towing still makes handling much more improved over stock OEM. Currently have a 2013 F150 3.5 EcoBoost with 186,000 miles. Plan on taking our camper from PA to Nantucket this summer, this wouldn’t be possible without the Roadmaster Active Suspension!
Andrew G - 02/26/2023

by: Matt01/15/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

If you're buying kit 2611 for a Magnaride Denali or other vehicle using that setup, you should know this version doesn't include a bracket to go around the U bolts. You MUST drop the axle, remove the spacer block between the leafs and the axle, remove the U bolt locator plate, and sandwich the forward bracket of the RAS between the locator plate and the top leaf. You have to drop the axle because there is no way to remove the locator plate retention bolt from above (if you just turn the nut, that bolt, which serves as the centering pin, just spins in place). If I knew this before I ordered, I might not have ordered this kit. It took me a lot longer than expected to install as it was my first time dropping my rear axle away from my leaf springs. It's not a hard job, just not for the faint of heart if it's your first time. So here's the procedure for a Denali Magnaride. 1. Jack up rear of truck and put jack stands under the forward leaf spring mount points. 2. Working on one side only, place a jack under the axle on that side and remove the lower shock mounting bolt. 3. Remove the Magnaride actuator from the upper Magnaride sensor lever. 4. Remove the U bolts. 5. Lower the jack to guide the axle away from the leafs. 6. Pull out the spacer block and the Magnaride lower actuator plate. 7. Put clamps on the leaf in front of and behind the U bolt locator plate. 8. Grab the bottom of the pin/bolt with a vise grips or channel locks. It's not a bolt you can put a wrench on. 9. Remove the locator plate nut. 10. Put the lower RAS bracket over the pin/bolt and place the locator plate on top of it. 11. Reassemble and torque everything to spec. BE SURE TO DO ONE SIDE AT A TIME to ensure you don't screw up your pinion angle or anything like that.

As for how it works, seems great after first drive. Will be towing with it in a couple days (boat with about 350 lb tongue weight) but I like how it tidied up the back end, which felt a bit floaty without this kit.

I reached out to the manufacturer about the installation. I found that while all other GMC 1500s are able to use the 4611 easy install bracket, the kits for the 2015-2018 GMC 1500 Denalis are one the few applications where the 4611 kit can not be used and the axle must be ped for the install.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 01/17/2022
After a year, Im extremely happy with this modification. I have thousands of miles towing a travel trailer and the improvement is great. I still say three stars just due to the complex install.
Matt - 01/16/2023

by: Rick Maybury03/26/2021

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

I have a 2020 Silverado 1500 6 cyl Duramax with the Diesel Off Road package (3.73 diff). Travel trailer loaded is probably about 6,000 lb. I took several measurements during and after the spring kit installation. All measurements increased about an inch including the stock suspension with trailer and equalizer bars and with the spring kit installed at 1 mm spacing. A one inch improvement overall. I took the truck on a short drive and didn't notice any difference in ride (wasn't stiffer) which is what I wanted. Good to know that I can adjust the springs to the 2 mm spacing if I want to increase the suspension assist. Going camping next week and looking forward to see how it improves handling and porpoising.

After a year I am still pleased with this product. I had been adjusting the spring tension higher when towing and then back down after a trailering trip, but now just leave it adjusted to the trailer towing tension as the unloaded ride doesnt seem to suffer when the springs are tighter.
Rick M - 03/27/2022

by: Keith08/26/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Admitedly, I haven't even rolled my '07 Silverado 2500HD classic out of the garage yet, but I'm already very pleased. I had to go to a neighbor for a 10mm hex key socket and was slowed down by my 7yo kid 'helping', but it was still only 90 minutes my jack stands were in use. Easiest thing to do!
My only small downsides so far:
* needed to find a 10mm hex key that I apparently don't own, not sure why they picked that fastener
* wish I put some loc-tite on; just to make me feel better
* distance to drop the axle so the suspension fully hangs was way further than I expected; barely had my jack stands tall enough to get the job done.

These aren't really bad on the product, just notes for future customers. We're towing the 5er about an hour an a half this coming week, hopefully it steadies up a lot!

by: Russell09/01/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

I received this kit in a very timely manner always do from etrailer have some issues with the instructions that come from roadmaster not a trailer the bump stop spacer didn’t say that you need to use the original bolt from the bump stop so it slowed me down greatly on the install however I took it out on a quick run without a load I do feel that this has made the unloaded ride smoother tomorrow I’ll be taking the trailer out for a bit and we’ll see how it works there and I’ll update this rating.

by: Michael06/21/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Overall, very happy with the product. GMC didn't have any way to improve the truck from squatting when I hooked up my trailer. This kit didn't stop the squatting but significantly reduced the bounce on bad dips in roads, bridge/road transitions and bad railroad crossings.

by: Jock08/20/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Good service. Fast shipping an very easy installation. Can tell alittle difference already. Haven't hooked up to anything yet but always have a good bit in the bed 85 gallons of diesel an 2 full toolboxes

by: Angel10/18/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Not to happy with the RoadActive suspension leaf spring kit. I loaded them on a 2017 f-150 with a 6” lift to pull a 6000lbs bumper pull trailer. Still squats pretty good even with the RAS torque to the highest/Safest tension and also quite a bit of bounce in it. I do have a weight safe brand adjustable ball hitch to try to counter the Small height from the lift. I do like the look of it on but don’t feel to safe towing the trailer

I reached out to the manufacturer about your experience and they did have a few suggestions. They advised that the HD version that is rated for 3000 pounds part # RAS3611-YHD
RoadActive Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit - Heavy Duty
, might have been a better option. It would be a fit for the 2017 Ford 150. They also advised that if you have set the tension at the suggested 2mm black disc there is still room for an additional tension setting. The absolute max tension that can be set on the spring, is 3mm gap between the coils of the spring. This would be the white and black disc together, keep in mind adjustment must be made with truck in the air - axle hanging free.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 10/27/2022

by: David01/29/2021

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Roadmaster active suspension seems to be built very well. I look forward to towing my travel trailer very soon to see if it improves the towing experience.

It has been a year now since I installed the Roadmaster Active Suspension system on my 2018 F150. We pull a 30 ft travel trailer from Wisconsin to Alabama.Last year the roads became very slippery when we encountered a rain snow mix. The truck and trailer tracked perfectly. I just hooked up the rig yesterday to take the same trip, leaving tomorrow. The truck definitely handles better with the RAS. Im glad I installed it and am sure it will last for years.
Dave H - 01/30/2022

by: Larry03/10/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

The install was straight forward, no lift so it took a couple hours, no problems following written directions. Drove my 2020 Silverado 1500/Diesel around and didn't notice any significant change in the unloaded ride. Very happy with the product, we'll see how it performs when I get my RV behind it.

Still a top notch product! Better ride on the freeway while towing, less bounce. Smooths out rough roads when not towing. Love it!
Larry - 03/11/2023

by: Isaiah09/15/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Wait what?!
Should’ve put these on first
thing when I got the truck. Raised the rear a little over an inch, unloaded ride improves, and now tows level! No messing with air hoses, or pumping them up, just install and Tighten! Reminds me of accumulators on hydraulic setups, brilliant idea
2018 F150, 6.5’ bed, 3.5L EcoBoost

by: Marshall F10/05/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Installed for nearly 6 months now. I love this suspension! I needed something to give my '18 Titan some heft in the back end when pulling our 24' RV trailer but didn't want to deal with any of the air options out there. After reading the directions twice, I installed both sides before the AC/DC album was finished playing, so it's super fast and easy. I set them on 25% tension and really like how they drastically reduce porpoising during our RV drives. Well worth the cost.

by: Sergio08/12/2020

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

The bed of the truck measured 37.5" with a tool box weighing 200 lbs. The truck felt weighed down with passengers weighing 600lbs. Total weight 800lbs with a tank full of gas. After the install the truck rides smoother and certainly " like new". The stopping distance and acceleration distance have shortened drastically. I'm planning on loading up the bed and the Roadmaster Active Suspension RAS4611. My wife even drive it and she could feel the difference. "It drives like a muscle car." Buy it. Install time at a reputable mechanic shop was a 30 min. Install. I received them today at 1 pm and got it installed at 3:00 pm and finished the install at 3:30pm. It's an investment worth the price over traditional air bag system. Mechanic installed this on 2011 Nissan Titan SV.

What can I say. After a year of constantly driving through Texas roads and highways. I have moved twice and loaded the bed of my truck plus U-Haul 6x12 trailer and thy truck has not felt the load of it. The Active Road Suspension Leaf Spring is constantly sort of speak sensing if theres load so it can actively push it upwards. I have even driven up to the crazy roads of Pennsylvania and my pick drives smoother than when I got it from the dealer. Im telling you these things work. As any cautious driver upkeeping his own vehicle, I have periodically checked the bolts and location of the resistance in between the spring and it has not deflected or moved from its original installation. I believe every pick up must have these. It beats constantly putting air on the air bags especially in inclement weather like up here in Pennsylvania with the snow. I couldnt be more satisfied with this purchase. Thank you etrailer for offering this superb product.
Sergio R - 08/13/2021
Just like when I bought it.
Sergio R - 08/16/2021

by: John 03/06/2023

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

I thought it was too good to be true when I read the other reviews. It only took me an hour to install because I had to remove something else from a different suspension system. Once this was installed the truck had the same ride when empty as it did before I put it on. With our large 33 foot fifth wheel on our 2019 F150, it handled it perfectly. The back was still about an inch higher than the front once the suspension settled out in the full weight of the camper was on the hitch. When driving with the camper connected the suspension performs very well also. It’s not harsh and it acts like a Factory suspension would. I had a Timbren suspension before, and this is far better.

by: Scott10/20/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

1 year with RAS and I believe it's a great product. It helps distribute weight and increases towing confidence. Using RAS with heavy tongue weight significantly reduced bouncing effect compared to OEM.

by: Lanny 02/22/2023

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

2nd one and love it. 1st was for my Tacoma and now for my F150. Get this over sumo springs or airbags as you get a better ride with and without towing. Custom support is awesome at RAS. Tip - adjust the side with gas tank 25% more to balance for a perfectly level ride - that worked for me

by: Chris 02/22/2023

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

The product itself is great, very clean and does the job. But fitment however is another issue on a 2018 F150. With the truck completely off the ground and rear axle free hanging the Shock will hit the bolt on the part closest to the axle mount on the passenger side, Driver side is fine as shock is mounted differently. For now I am using it and is fine to drive just have to bewary of it wen I lift the truck again, hoping they can come up with a fix for that.

by: Robert10/27/2021

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

This is my 2nd set of RAS! Just purchased for towing in my D-Max 2500HD. 1st set we’re on a Chevy 1500. I tow a 7000lb 259FKDS Freedom Express bumper pull and having the RAS-HD’s installed is night and day difference in towing. I have them set at 40% because of my cargo in the truck bed and tongue weight. I’m set up right now as I type on a 100 mile camping trip to set the springs and readjust if needed! So I say….”if you need support with towing, give RAS3611-HD a try…you won’t be disappointed with the results”

by: GinoP01/22/2023

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Delivery was fast and the product arrived in great condition. I watched multiple videos on installation. The etrailer video shows the suspension forks being bolted in the first hole. The Roadmaster Roadactive video (the vendor) indicates you should mount in the second or third hole. I went with the second hole. Installation was relatively easy. Like everyone said, it takes more time to lift the truck and remove the wheels than to install the kit. One thing to note is if you need to use the bump stop spacers, pay attention to the bolt length. I went with too long a bolt and had a devil of a time removing the nut so I could go with a shorter bolt. Overall, even with that it took me a little over an hour.

Once installation was completed, I measured all four wheel wells. With the springs set to the 1mm spacer chip, the back of the truck raised 3/4". The ride seems more firm but not bad at all. I plan on hooking up our small, 21' fifth wheel (Escape 5.0TA) this week to see what the overall change is. I purchased the kit because, with the Escape 5.0 hooked up, the rearend sag was about an inch lower than I wanted. All in all, I am happy with the product so far.

by: Mr Nick08/14/2022

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

I installed these springs on my 2007 Silverado 2500HD that is used for towing a bumper pull horse trailer. With two or three horses in the trailer plus camping gear in the bed, the truck tended to squat more than I liked. These springs totally fixed that issue. I was concerned that they would cause a harsh ride when unloaded and not towing, but I honestly haven't noticed a difference.

To install the springs, the rear of the truck needs to be raised by the frame high enough for the axle to hang freely from the leaf springs. This would be easily done on a lift. It was a little tricky lifting it high enough in my driveway, but it was doable with a large jack and some tall jack stands placed under the forward leaf spring mounts.

To set the tension, I tightened them to the thinner 1mm shim, plus an extra turn or two. It seems to be fine for my purposes so I intend to leave them there.

by: Joshua S01/30/2023

Review from a similar RAS in Vehicle Suspension

Forgot it is installed. I put the HD version on to tow a small 4800 # camper. No squat at all and the unloaded ride is smooth. Like I said, I do not even know it's installed except when I pack the truck to the gills and it is level. It does raise the rear end up unloaded, but at this point I do not notice it. When it's time, I may install Billstein shocks that can bring the front end up about an inch. Not a priority though since the rake helps level it out when loaded.

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TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal

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357 reviews

Our Price: $432.99


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement


Heavy Duty

Overload Pads


Get improved handling with minimal sway and body roll. The StableLoad pads in this suspension enhancement kit feature quick-disconnects and a hinged design so you can easily return to your original ride. Specially treated drill bits included.

Video of TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal

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TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade w Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - Universal - TLA7311

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (357 Customer Reviews)

Get improved handling with minimal sway and body roll. The StableLoad pads in this suspension enhancement kit feature quick-disconnects and a hinged design so you can easily return to your original ride. Specially treated drill bits included.

by: Dennis09/19/2022

Significantly reduces sway when slide in camper is on. So good to be able to easily twist the wedge out and improve ride when camper is not on. Installation is challenging when springs need to be drilled as for my installation. I rigged a jack as shown on youtube and did very good on first hole but did not get shut down at the end of it and chipped the first bit(two bits were included.) It was a struggle after that for some reason. Torklift sent 2 more bits when I called for advice but the solution for me was learning to sharpen bits on you tube. When the bits quit cutting I would crawl out and go the grinder. Installed on an 03 Dodge 2500 Diesel.

by: John09/02/2018
2004 Dodge Ram Pickup

Having been in the auto/truck repair business for over 50 years, I thought this would be a good Idea so I tried it. I could have made my own but it would be a lot of cutting and drilling because it is so many pieces. I used it to add capacity so I could haul my camper that I purchased three states away and had to pick up. I used 2 of the 3 plates because there wasn’t enough room for three. It did very well like that but after I got back I added the 3rd plate figuring I could use the third one by just jacking the truck slightly before engaging. I thought all three woul be needed once the camper was full of water and gear.
I am enclosing a picture of how ti drill the springs with using the vehicles own drill press (screw jack) for changing tires.
I still need to test fully loaded and with all three plates in place.

So far so good, I added the third plate and with grease and the air bags I can get it engaged. I also added one leaf Super Spring and VR front coils for a 3500 clone effect. I deflate the ait bags after I engage the overloads as they are too spongy. Fully loaded with built in generator and 46 gallons of water it sits about one inch higher in the back.
John - 09/04/2019

by: Dan 02/15/2023

It made all the difference when towing by providing a level of support that could only be gained by changing to stiffer springs that would hurt the hinder the ride all the time. With the stable load system, I can change from supported ride to a regular factory ride in minutes.

by: Matthew07/29/2022

I haven't been able to install it. The shops that are listed to be installers haven't known how to install it or even heard of the product, so it just sits unused.

You mentioned that you have been unable to have the system installed and I recommend sending an installer the link below on a video install for a 2017 Ford 250. This would be a good guide and may allow them or you to be more comfortable with the system.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 08/05/2022

by: Fred08/27/2018
2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty

This is the best towing improvement item I have ever purchased.
We purchased a new 2018 Ford F-250 super-crew with the 6.2 gas and had our load leveling, anti-sway hitch professionally installed to tow our 2016 28' travel trailer. We towed the trailer for 1550 miles on numerous trips and it was very uncomfortable. At first I thought it was trailer sway, but soon realized it was the truck trying to point left or right or bouncing up and down every time we hit a dip or bump in the road, no matter how slight. It was truly white knuckle driving.
I searched for the problem and solutions and decided to try the TorkLift StableLoad system. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
We could tell within a few blocks from home the truck felt much more stable and on the highway it was like a different truck and trailer. We just towed the trailer 856 miles and it was an incredibly easy and relaxing drive.
I love that I can engage or disengage the devices so we don't have a stiff ride when not towing.
If I ever install one again I will have someone else drill the spring leafs or at least rent the tool from the manufacturer. I ruined the 2 drills they sent almost immediately by not using enough pressure and using too much drill speed. Once I realized what I was doing wrong I was able to drill the holes using a floor jack to apply pressure as others have described and drilling at the slowest speed possible.
Once the holes were drilled it was very easy to assemble and install the StableLoads.

by: Todd W07/14/2020

They’ve done great holding up my camper and ATV trailer. No need for air bags.

by: Michael 01/12/2022
2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

At first I was a little skeptical on buying these for my 2002 Ram 3500 rattle box with airbags and other enhancements added to stabilize my truck. My camper is a Lance 1161 weighing close to 5000lbs,also included bouncing and swaying all over the road on certain road conditions. Well the ride changed to more of a solid carry and it took my death grip off the wheel when approaching road imperfections and running with cross winds. I am very happy with this Stableload addition. The price is a little high but boy what a better ride.

by: Ralph06/11/2019
2013 Dodge Ram Pickup

Used these on a 2013 Ram one ton dually hauling a 4500 lb truck camper. Truck also has airbags. Problem I had with the airbags when pressured up the truck would porpoise and had side to side sway.
Install of the stable loads for me was four hours. The leaf spring was extremely hard to drill. I only needed one drill bit to do all four holes. Used a lot of oil. Using a little less pressure in the air bags (10 psi less) the sway and porpoise was greatly reduced. Giving me more security in the vehicle set up. I put these on just before a two week trip. I was so glad I did.

Following up after a year. Now have a heavier camper. My set up is airbags, stable loads and rear sway bar. Stablloads greatly improved the overall ride quality.
Ralph - 06/12/2020

by: Taberski05/10/2017
2015 Dodge Ram Pickup

The Lower StableLoads work great on my 2014 RAM 3500 DRW. I use my truck to haul a 2015 Arctic Fox 990 slide-in truck camper. When loaded my truck is right at the GVWR of 14,000#. The Lower StableLoads now allow my truck to ride level where previously the rear of the truck was noticeably lower than the front. Note: the RAM (Dodge) required drilling the lower leaf-springs. TorkLift offers a tool to assist in the drilling of these holes - it was wonderful! If you need to drill your leaf-springs, borrow this tool. Note also: the tool is supposed to come supplied with 4 drill-bits, so you shouldn't need a separate set. I recommend you give TorkLift a call prior to ordering if you need to drill.

by: Kevin05/14/2020

Just finished installing all for torklift stable loads I was hoping it would solve my problem. I have a dodge 2500 diesel with a slide in camper. I’ve installed air bags,rancho 9000 shocks and then a Hellwig stabilizer. Running 80 lbs
But it was still scary driving like you were on balloons and when a big rig goes by sucks truck over ,very unnerving with my family in vehicle. I drove truck with the new torklift stabilizes and dropped ten pounds each test I’m running 40 psi now in bags and I had a smile on my face as it’s so much more stable. I thought truck would sag but it did not very happy I didn’t think it would work Thanks so much by the way,camper loaded is 2950 lbs.

by: K.T.S.04/29/2016
2012 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Installed on 2003 F350 long bed with camper package. Drilling springs is challenging. Used a floor jack with a wood block and Milwaukee corded 1/2 drill at low speed and constant pressure with oil. Once drilled parts installed easily. Have driven about 12,000 miles in last year with 3,500 lb dry weight Artic Fox 990 truck camper. Lots of forest service, desert, and logging roads. Running Toyo E range tires. Stabiloaders keep rig level. Very stable on interstate. Would buy again. Torquelift makes fine product in USA.

by: Carlos J.07/14/2019
2003 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty

This is the 3rd time I have purchased the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System. I have always been satisfied with the ease of installation and the effectiveness of these springs, whether I am pulling a tow behind trailer, a 5th wheel or carrying a load in my truck. The only thing I did different this time is I purchased the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System with the TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade. I will post a review on the complete purchase once I install these in addition to the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System.

by: Tim S06/25/2020
2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Tow a 5TH Wheel to Florida every year from NY. The addition of the TorkLift made a huge difference in ride and braking. Installed on 2019 F250 diesel, even noticed about 2 MPG increase, assume its because of a leveled load. For those DIYers, spend the money and rent the drilling tool and it will save you quite a bit of time and hassle with the install. I watched a video of a person drilling all four holes in about 20 minutes, without the tools you can spend 30 minutes per hole. Love the fact that they can be disengaged when not towing to go back to a stock ride. cheaper and better than air bags and do not have to worry about the popping while driving down the road.

by: Clinton E10/20/2017
2017 Chevrolet Cobalt

Naturally, the difficult part is drilling the overload springs. They are about 9/16" thick. The picture on eTrailers shows 4 cobalt bits, but came with 2. But, it turned out to be no big deal, since I was able to drill all 4 holes with one bit. I have a slow turning antique 1/2" drill that helped; after drilling 3 holes to dimple (not all the way thru), I didn't have enough arm left to drill the last one, so I employed a floor jack to push up. Worked well. The key is stopping every 5 - 10 seconds and dip the drill tip into motor oil. This works well in lieu of cutting oil. I would make the following changes for a 2017 Super Duty instructions. Drill the hole into the spring 1-1/2" in from the tip instead of 1" per instructions, this is for the rear of the leafs, the front still is at 1". The reason is there is a taper in the thickness near the tip, causing it to not sit firmly onto the spring. I also had to cut 1/2" off of the thin-headed 3/8" bolt for the front of the springs. Even with the rear jacked up and topping out the shocks there wasn't enough space to get it in. The rear worked without cutting. I am going to look for a different clip for the the "stored" pin. I don't think these will stay on. I think instructions could be better, especially in the planning of whether to mount inside or outside the spring stack. But, most of it is okay. I have not tested with the camper, but I am 99% sure it will make hauling the truck camper much better. I tested with temporary felling wedges, so I know it will help a bunch. By the way, I have Torklift tiedowns and Fastguns and love them.

by: Corey08/22/2017

Worth every penny to keep the truck stable. Without the special tool to drill the springs it was an extremely long, tiring process. I place a floor Jack under my drill to increase the pressure on the springs. That helped a lot, but still glad I only had to so it once.

by: James 04/20/2021
2008 Dodge Ram Pickup

Definitely cut down on the sway on my 08 ram 2500 diesel truck when I have my Lance truck camper loaded. I had to drill my springs. Contacted Torque lift and they sent me a portable drill press and bits. Awesome.

by: David T10/11/2018
Ford F-350 Super Duty

I installed TorkLifts on my F350 with a Host Mammoth and find I have very little sway even in a heavy crosswind. I highly recommend this product.

Im very glad I installed the TorkLifts on my 350 Ford. Being top heavy, driving on different road surfaces I know my truck will handle the load without having to worry about it.
David T - 10/21/2019

by: Still great04/13/2019

Still great, really helps. Need to spray a little lube on them now and then.

by: Bud 02/27/2021
Dodge Ram Pickup

After a year on the road with the lowers installed carrying a Lance 1172 (aka Heavy), they have made the biggest impact in ride and handling this Ram 3500 dually. Sway diminished significantly and highway handling improved significantly. Turning street corners no longer feels mushy or soft. If you haul heavy loads in your truck, the Lower StableLoad is worthy of your consideration.

by: Shawn03/24/2022

Best service and quality parts! Will continue to do business and refer others to etrailer!

by: Matthew 08/07/2022
2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

I installed these on my 2017 ford f250. Pull a 5th wheel. I can't tell you how good they work. Levels everything out and pulls great.

by: Ovid09/10/2019

I have ordered from trailer multiple times and have worked with the customer service line to solve problems, they have always been knowledgeable and helpful.
Great company!

by: Mike K01/28/2020
Dodge Ram Pickup

The stable loads work as stated. They give a much better ride than expected. Ram 350 with Host mammoth aboard.

by: Matt 06/27/2020
Ford Excursion

Installed easily and work as described. Works well to level our Excursion under heavier loads. Took 1 star off due to the $350 pricing. That's pretty steep for what you get.

by: Kurt11/27/2017
2004 Nissan Xterra

The TorqLink load stabilizers I installed enabled me to carry a dual sport motorcycle on a hitch hauler with no problems on my 2004 Nissan Xterra. The vehicle drove almost like it was unloaded. I did have to remove the rear sway bar to fit the back load stabilizers, but the sway bar has little value anyway. I recommend this product.

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