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Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike Rack for 2 Electric Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Code: hly64fr

328 reviews

Our Price: $599.99


Product Specs:

RV and Camper Bike Racks

Platform Rack

RV Hitch Rack

Fifth Wheel
Flat-Towed Vehicle

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Electric Bikes
Fat Bikes

Frame Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes

Hollywood Racks

Bring your electric bikes to the campsite so you can motor around the trails. Works with motorhomes, 5th wheel trailers, and flat-towed vehicles. Fits 2 standard or fat tire e-bikes. Anti-rattle hitch pin and hitch tightener reduce rack movement.

Video of Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike Rack for 2 Electric Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike Rack for 2 Electric Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount - HLY64FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (328 Customer Reviews)

Bring your electric bikes to the campsite so you can motor around the trails. Works with motorhomes, 5th wheel trailers, and flat-towed vehicles. Fits 2 standard or fat tire e-bikes. Anti-rattle hitch pin and hitch tightener reduce rack movement.

by: Robert03/05/2022

After extensive research and excellent assistance from personnel, I purchased the Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike rack to use with my fifth wheel RV and my 2 e-bikes. I received and installed the rack today and am very pleased with the rack. Assembly was pretty easy and all the machined parts fit together perfectly. The rack was well packaged to protect the finish of the components and all hardware and a set of tools was included for assembly. I have not yet transported the bikes on the RV, but it appears the rack is very sturdy and should perform well. The manual for the rack even includes excellent guides for how to secure the bikes on the rack and 3 adjustable straps are included to further anchor the bikes to the rack. The rack exceeds my initial expectations and can recommend it for fifth wheel use!

Update: I have used the Hollywood RV Rider rack several times over the past year and can report it works well as advertised. It has safely and securely transported my ebikes on both my fifth wheel and pickup truck. I highly recommend this rack!
Robert - 03/07/2023

by: Wayne G08/11/2022

I have had several name brand bike racks and the Hollywood Racks RV Rider is by far the best. The rack is very sturdy and lite weight. It was easy to assemble with very good instructions. The rack fits our fat tire e-bikes and my SUV perfectly. The rack is very easy to adjust and while it sits high as to not drag the bikes when exiting parking lots, loading our 60lb e-bikes is no problem at all with the appropriate nethod, one wheel at a time. It is also possible to lean the rack to access the rear hatch on my SUV. The main reason for purchasing the rack is it is certified to mount behind a motorhome or on an SUV while being flat towed. There is literally no movement or sway of the rack behind the SUV. Very happy with this rack.

by: Greg08/11/2022

I purchased this rack to transport 2 e-bikes behind my 32ft class-C motorhome. The bike rack was easy to assemble and very professionally engineered. The rack holds the bikes secured with locking devices. The bikes and rack have no play or movement when all secure points are tightened. Rack and bikes do not block license plate or tail lights even when I put the cover on the Lectric 2.0 bikes. The photos show the rack attached to my Nissan Titan XD. This is an amazing bike rack.

by: JamesT08/02/2022

I purposely delayed submitting a review until we had a chance to really test it. We have just arrived in New England from GA and the bike rack has performed well. The interstates had many bumps along the way but our 2 bikes (1 ebike 50lbs/1 mountain bike 35lbs) remained secure on the back of our RV at 65 mph. I would rate 4.5 stars if possible, our issue was one of the locks was stubborn and I had to spray it with some lubricant.We also had one of the wheel strap cushions fall off and it took some time to find it since it is all black. I have orange duct tape on them now and spray painted the nuts & washers that are removed when using the rack. Very happy with our purchase.

by: Dana B.08/11/2022

We are very pleased with our Hollywood bike rack. It is very sturdy excellent quality. We use it on our 5th wheel, Nissan Rogue & can use it on Ford F-250. We are very pleased with it.

by: Richard, Redding CA05/06/2022

As a child I never had an erector set so as an adult I’m making up for it with these “some assembly required” projects. I recently purchased an ebike and planned to transport it on the back of my Durango that I tow behind my motor home. I soon discovered not all bike racks are created equal and having a bike rack capable of handling the weight of an ebike is only one part of the challenge. Part 2 of the challenge is finding a rack designed to be hitched to a vehicle being towed behind a motor home because of the unique forces (stresses) present in this situation. Hollywood Rack’s RV Rider is specifically designed for my scenario. However, due to their popularity and the other supply chain issues in today’s culture, the RV Rider is frequently “sold out”. I placed an order through and after a couple of months I was notified the Hollywood Racks RV Riders were once again in stock and mine was being shipped. The packaging is heavy duty and the assembly instructions are easy to understand. Hollywood Racks has an instructional video. also has a review video on this product that explains the functionality. Fairly straightforward to assemble. I did not have any problems but I did watch both the Hollywood and videos while I was waiting for my shipment to arrive. It appears to be very well built. I can’t completely open my rear hatch unless I adjust my handle bars, but I can open the rear hatch quite a bit if I really need to access anything. Although leaning the rack back with two bikes on it would of course be easier with two people, I made the maneuver several times by myself. So two people are not required to lean it back. All in all, I’m please with this purchase and I expect this rack will perform very well for me. Time will tell, but I don’t see any weaknesses in its design or quality. Hint: applying a little car wax on the center support will help the clamps slide up and down easier.

by: Van07/01/2022

I bought this rack early in the spring and finally installed it on our motorhome for our first trip with our new e-bikes last week. I am impressed with how solid the rack is and how it holds the bikes in place - they didn't move! No wiggling or swaying and after several hundred miles, the bikes still look brand new! I'm particularly grateful for all the security features and am comfortable that our new bikes won't be subject to theft.
I usually get lost in the instructions and end up breaking something when I install anything. Not this time! I took my time and followed the directions easily and apparently did everything right. It all went together perfectly.
Loading the bikes was easy (again following the instructions carefully).
I highly recommend this bike rack!

by: Dennis04/04/2022

Assembly of the the Hollywood rack very easy, and it appears to provide a heavy duty support solution for two fat tire bikes. Missing one bolt and waiting on etrailer to send me a new bolt. One problem with mounting two fat tire bikes on this rack is that the car, truck, RV tail lights are not very visible; especially if you put a cover on the bikes. Hollywood does not have a light kit to install on this rack. etrailer recommended a light kit but I needed to design a method of mounting the lights. I used some 1-1/2 in 16 gauge square tube to mount the lights and attach to the rack. This light bar can be easily removed while mounting the bikes. I don't see why Hollywood doesn't design a solution for this problem.

by: James09/06/2022

It took a while to assemble the bike rack. I was impressed to see that it came with a locking hitch pin, locks on the post clamps and a cable lock. It carried our e-bikes just like it said it would. Very happy with this bike carrier.

by: Randall08/10/2022

It’s a great option for our heavy Rad Rover 6 Plus fat tire bikes on the rear of our class A motorhome. Very good for bike to bike adjustments. The dual adjustable lock-down clamps work very well. They even work for our step-thru models by attaching to the seat posts. No extra bar needed. My only issue is with the center post vertical/horizontal screw knob, washer and carriage bolt set. They’re untethered and must be fully removed to swing down the center support arm. While this is a pain (poor design), you must remember to replace the bolt/knob set or you can loose them… Yes, from experience.

by: Deborah and Keith03/06/2023

We love our Hollywood RV Rider Bike Rack. We have loaded it on our 87 Jeep Wrangler, our ‘06 Lexus, and our ‘83 Pilot. It is a perfect fit on all three! We needed the extra length to clear our rear mount tire on our Jeep. It worked! We have taken our 4”fat tire e-bikes on many roads from northern Idaho to southern Arizona. The bikes travel well and sturdy on this heavy weight rack. We feel very confident that they stay in place. We are able to load our bikes in a few minutes and hit the road in no time. It is very easy to load. We recommend using the bar grip extenders (which came in the package) to compact the storage area. This rack comes with a tip mechanism to allow you to tip the bikes down to access the rear trunk or hatchback.

by: John08/11/2022

I was looking for an "RV-rated" bike rack and this Hollywood rack fit the bill. As I installed it using both the etrailer installation video and the paper instructions, you could tell this is a sturdy rack that will hold up against many miles on the road. Both ebikes fit well in the rack with little to no movement. Looking forward to hitting the road soon and I am confident that this rack will meet all expectations.

by: Michael03/03/2022

As always etrailer is great to deal with. We waited 3 months for the rack to return to inventory. Rodney was great to deal and kept me updated along the way. It was worth the wait. This rack is solid and heavy duty for carrying our ebikes. Just what we were looking for.
In the picture the bikes are loaded up and the car is about to be hooked up to the motor home.

This rack is heavy duty as it should be to carry the weight of 2 e-bikes. No issues after using for the past year. It’s a great product and was just we needed to carry our bikes. We have used in the motor home as well as my truck pulled by the motor home with no issues.
Michael - 03/04/2023

by: Greg 03/02/2023

Rock solid Ebike rack for our fifth wheel. This rack is very sturdy, easy to load and unload our heavy ebikes onto and locks up securely. The only issue we have had noticed while traveling through several states that the adjustable clamps that are used to tighten up to the bike frame have experienced quite a bit of wear on the rubber gripper inside the a clamps. They will need to be replaced fairly soon. Overall we are extremely happy with our Hollywood RV Rider Bike Rack. A very good bike rack for towable RV's.

by: Marty 02/26/2023

It is the perfect rack for carrying our 2 e-bikes on the back of our 5th wheel camper. The extra 2 inch U-Bolt stabilizer that came with the rack prevents any movement of the rack. I took away 1 star, however, because my GMC 3500 has a 2.5 inch receiver and neither Hollywood nor etrailer has a 2.5 inch stabilizer U-Bolt for the larger HD truck models. Disappointing because nearly all 5th wheels are pulled by HD trucks.

by: Don 03/14/2023

Purchased e-bike recently so needed to upgrade my bike rack to something heavy duty. This rack is heavy duty and well designed holding bikes firmly in place. The upper clamps have a wide range of adjustment that fit a round tube and one of the newer flat bars. The assembly instructions are very clear. The locking clamp knobs, hitch pin lock and cable lock are a nice extra to secure the bikes. This rack is used on my truck but also on a re-enforced camper trailer hitch.

by: Douglas07/24/2020

The hitch was straight forward in the assembly. Functioned nicely with my two Model Rs from Electric Bike Company, total weight of two bikes is 120 lbs.
I have it on the back of my Jeep Wrangler for flat towing behind the RV.

Rack is strong and sturdy. After a year of frequent use, I highly recommend this rack!
Douglas - 07/25/2021

by: Jamie 03/04/2023

Works great! I like the design as it is very adjustable to hold pretty much any bike. Heavy duty enough to hold our e-bikes, which are very heavy. It has a bracket that tightens where the rack slides into the receiver keeping the rack very snug to whatever trailer or vehicle you have it on. Great buy!

by: Toothdude02/25/2023

This by far the best bike rack for ebikes. Everything is heavy duty. That also translates to the rack itself is heavy. Would recommend this over any other racks we considered. Less expensive than other racks with same weight rating.

by: Mark 03/13/2023

Well made. Purchased the Hollywood rack to rack to replace my existing Hollywood rack. The rack was damaged by a motor vehicle that rear ended me while I was stopped at a red light. My truck was not damaged because the Hollywood rack was made of heavy duty steel and received the brunt of the accident.

by: Chris09/17/2022

Great rack for ebikes. Incredibly solid and secure. Once bikes are loaded, they do not move. Very happy with this purchase.

by: Tim 03/01/2023

Excellent bike rack for our ebikes. We've had the rack for a year and have used it on multiple camping trips with no problem. We are about to kick off the camping season in just a couple weeks and can't wait to get out and hit the bike trails.

by: Dale09/15/2022

Loved the service and love my Hollywood rack

by: Scott 02/28/2023

This is a great rack. I have had it for a year abd had it on the back of my 37 foot grand design fifth wheel and I had no issues with it. I used an extension hitch reviver to give the e bones a little room and it worked perfectly! I would buy again.

by: Bob 08/10/2022

The Hollywood rack is sturdy and secures our ebikes well. I like the clamp and locking system for holding bikes upright. However the clamp arms are always getting in the way when loading/unloading and transferring the heavier inner bike to the back. It’s also difficult to secure the clamps from moving around when the bike rack is folded up. I wish these clamp arms could be folded and stowed better.

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Ask the Experts about this Hollywood Racks RV and Camper Bike Racks
Do you have a question about this RV and Camper Bike Racks?

  • Differences Between Hollywood Racks RV Rider and Sport Rider SE
  • The Hollywood Racks # HLY64FR weighs a bit above 70 lbs. Motorhome/RV compatible bike racks are built very sturdy for a reason. The relatively long overhang at the rear of the vehicle (when compared to that of a regular passenger vehicle) causes the rack much more bouncing and shock than would be experienced at the rear of a passenger car, truck or SUV. This bouncing is more severe on a towed trailer versus a motorhome, as a towed RV typically has a more rudimentary suspension that will...
    view full answer...

  • Differences Between The Hollywood Racks HR1500 And HR1700 Bike Racks
  • Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike Rack # HLY64FR (HR1700) has padded clamps to mount to the bike frame and is approved for car, van, truck, SUV, motorhome, fifth wheel, and flat towed vehicle usage. It has slightly larger dimensions than the HR1500 with the distance from center of hitch pin hole on standard shank to: Closest part of rack when folded down: 12" Closest part of rack when folded up: 7-1/2" Farthest part of rack when folded down: 32" Farthest part of rack when folded up: 18-1/4" The...
    view full answer...

  • Difference Between Hollywood Racks RV Rider HLY64FR and HR1700
  • There's no difference at all. The # HLY64FR is our unique part number for the Hollywood Racks HR1700 RV Rider bike rack, it's the same exact bike rack just by a different part number. The RV rider is a great choice for carrying heavy electric bikes or fat bikes weighing up to 80 lbs per bike with tires up to 5 inches wide. It's recommended for motorhomes or 5th wheel trailers at least 24 feet in length, although it can be also used on passenger vehicles and vehicles that are being flat...
    view full answer...

  • Is Hollywood Racks HLY64FR RV Rider or HLY 74FR SportRider SE Better for Step-Thru Frame Bikes
  • Either rack would work well for you, assuming that you're planning on using the rack on a passenger vehicle with a 2 inch receiver hitch. That being said, one of the racks will work with your step-thru bike right out of the box, the other will require that an accessory be used. The primary difference between the racks is how they hold the bike's frame. The # HLY64FR RV Rider can hold the bike frame at the seat post tube or the top tube, which makes it ideal for bikes with step through...
    view full answer...


Swagman E-Spec Bike Rack for 2 Electric Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Code: s94fr

311 reviews

Our Price: $379.12


Product Specs:

Hitch Bike Racks

Platform Rack

Fold-Up Rack

Electric Bikes
Heavy Bikes

Fits 2 Inch Hitch

Class 3

Frame Mount

Bike and Hitch Lock

2 Bikes


This heavy-duty rack carries 2 e-bikes up to 70 lbs each on the back of your car, truck, or SUV. It also handles the extra bounce and sway resulting from being mounted on your 5th wheel, motorhome, or travel trailer.

Video of Swagman E-Spec Bike Rack for 2 Electric Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Swagman E-Spec Bike Rack for 2 Electric Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount - S94FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (311 Customer Reviews)

This heavy-duty rack carries 2 e-bikes up to 70 lbs each on the back of your car, truck, or SUV. It also handles the extra bounce and sway resulting from being mounted on your 5th wheel, motorhome, or travel trailer.

by: James10/22/2021

Very impressed with the quality of the Swagman E-Spec bike rack. Easy to assemble and install on the 5th wheel 2” receiver. Solid hitch bolt locking system provided that reduces bike movement to a minimum. Locking in the bikes was very straight forward. I used an extra strap/lock just for my own piece of mind. Watching the bikes through the rear back-up camera also showed little movement over rough roads. Added a travel cover and netting to protect bikes during travel. Highly recommend this product for RV applications.

After 8 long trips since purchasing we have had ZERO issues. Very solid design and proven reliability. Bike cover works excellent as well. When traveling in rain or dusty roads. Bikes remain clean and dry. Highly recommended after a year of traveling.
James - 10/27/2022

by: Joseph08/15/2022

First trip was over 500 hundred miles using the Swagman E-Spec. I was worried something bad was going to happen. Fortunately, everything held and had no problems. Family was driving behind us and they said everything looked good. My only little issue was the lock placement on the locking ratchet hooks. The locks face towards the trailer and you have to finagle the key backwards to lock and unlock the locking ratchet hooks.

Please keep in mind for installation on a Fifth Wheel or Trailer use Hardware Kit included. To mount the E-spec you must remove the folding pin and install the supplied bolt, washers and nut.
-- comment by: Heather A - 08/25/2022

by: James07/26/2022

This is a great rack. I got it the recommendation of my brother-in-law, who has on and it has worked wonderfully for him. It's a good solid, rack and holds the the e-bikes quite well. It assembles easily and sets up for the bikes easily also. You really only have to remember which hook to install first. I am adding a strap to tie the bikes together just as an added precaution. I will aso being using a cover to protect them. It is going to be an extra large BBQ cover. The size I got is 82" wide to make sure.

My only nit, and the reason I didn't give it 5 stars, is that you have to order fat tire adapters separately. They are not an included option when ordering the rack itself. And remember to order TWO sets if you want to replace both. They only come in a pack for one bike.

by: Tom Mc11/04/2022

I have pulled my 33’ 5th wheel around 400 miles since I installed my Swagman E-Spec bike rack with a Rad Mini and a Rad expand E-bike on board and have had absolutely no problems. The bikes are held firmly and safely in place without shake or excessive vibration. I have had friends follow closely behind me just to verify the ride and they are equally impressed. This bike rack makes carrying two E-bikes effortless. I can load and unload the bikes by myself without any problem and the “keyed alike” feature make all the locking components quick and easy to access. etrailer delivered without any hassle and their helpfulness in recommending the 4”+ tire adapters was the ticket to making my rack fit one of my bikes.

by: Mike07/24/2022

It’s a shame that the fat tire saddles can’t be an either-or purchase. Now I have a set for the trash can. Why not make the fat tire saddles the standard and the skinny saddles the option? The fat tire set will work for all tires. It would have been nice if the the 2” tube was another 3” or 4” longer so the handle bars on the bike had a little more clearance from hitting the back side of the camper. The hold down hoops could have been a little bigger. The cross members on a lot of electric bikes are pretty wide as most Ebikes store their batteries their.

by: Mark04/18/2022

I was worried about a rear bumper bike rack for my 2 Lectric bikes bouncing too much but after traveling 2,000 miles, we didn't have any trouble. The Swagman E-spec from etrailer bike rack was made specifically for my RV and attaches to the hitch that is rated at 300 lbs. The bike rack locks the bikes into the rack and I had a cover from [online] to protect the bikes from the elements. Loading and unloading is very easy. Prior to the bike rack, we had to fold the bikes in half and put them in a 80 gallon plastic tub and muscle them into the living room between the slides and that was a horrible experience having to lift them into and out of the RV. The supply chain pandemic issue took place and delayed the arrival by 6 months but worth the wait.

by: Donald08/01/2022

Very heavy duty and stable on the back of my fifth wheel. No shaking with my 65lb electric bike. Just a little disappointed that I had to buy an additional set of tire holders for my wife’s electric bike. Come on, just put them in the original set!

by: John02/10/2022

Works great to secure our two e-bikes, my wife’s beach cruiser and my Sondors fat tire bike. This was the only rack that was actually approved for fifth wheel trailers. It works great and the tire straps as well as the locking bite secure the bike well for travel. We’ve gone hundred of miles over some less than perfect roads with zero mishaps. The lock on the rack is fine for travel or a quick stop but overnight etc . We choose to add an additional heavy chain and large Schlage lock for added safety and deference. I would recommend this rack 100% especially for those with a fifth wheel.

by: BB08/22/2022

Well built and solid constructions. We have a 25ft Navion with a spare tire mounted on the back so I had to add an extender to the hitch mount, but the bikes are very solid and secure in the rack. We have two Rad Mini's that each weigh about 65 lbs without the batteries. I suggest putting some foam padding between the bikes while on the reck so they don't scratch each other. Also get a cover for the bikes to keep road dirt off them while travelling otherwise they get really grimy. I bought a motorcycle cover that easily fits over both bikes. Very glad I chose this rack and purchased it from etrailer.

Using a hitch extender isnt recommended. The additional length will cause more bouncing which could cause the rack or hitch to fail.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 08/31/2022

by: Roger 11/12/2021

Put it on our 5th wheel with and electric bike and a road bike and it rides well. The cover works really well and the bikes are very secure. I am very pleased with it.

The bike hitch is still working well I am very pleased with it.
Roger - 03/06/2023

by: Norma11/04/2022

This is an excellent company to purchase items from! This is my second purchase and couldn’t be more pleased with the fast shipping and quality and accuracy of my orders. This bike rack was sold out through the company but luckily was in stock here! Buy with confidence from this site!

by: Chuck02/08/2023

We where looking for a receiver hitch rack that we could use on both the back of our travel trailer and also the truck or car that didn’t beat up our bikes in transit. The Swagman E-Spec Bike Rack is one of the few racks on the market approved for travel trailer use and the answer to our bike rack needs. We don’t have E-bikes yet but see us aging into them so the E-Spec Bike Rack has growth potential for us as well. The bikes sit nicely in the platform and ride solidly. The locking arms are adjustable and no additional cross bar hardware is needed to lock the bikes into place.

by: Kenny07/30/2022

Awesome e bike carrier. I had a Swagman for my regular bike and I looked no further when I needed an e bike rack for my RV. Sturdy, reliable and Swagman and etrailer have some of the best customer service.

by: Brent 09/09/2022

This is an excellent product. We have used it for a year on the back of our 5th wheel. We have two large and heavy e-bikes; this has zero issues with sturdiness or excess bounce. The locks and adjustments are easy to use. Because of our taller and longer handlebar bikes we added a hitch extender to keep them out from the back window, although as mention they do not move once the are on. We highly recommend this product. The service and communication was excellent when purchasing the item. Very happy with the product and quality.

by: Mark08/11/2022

This rack was advertised for evoked with fat tires. My bike has 5” tires which do not fit in the rack. When you go on to the web site, they advertise a wide wheel rack for this rack but they are unavailable. I have a brand new Swagman rack (which took 6 months to get) that I cannot use. Very disappointing!

Since your bike has fat tires you will need Fat Tire Adapter Kit # S64679
Fat Tire Adapter Kit for Swagman G10 and E-Spec Bike Racks
which will work with tires up to 5 wide.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 08/17/2022

by: Benny03/15/2023

I think Swagman makes great hitches. I’ve used a Swagman rack on my RV for our road bikes. Now, after easily following their well written directions to a tee, I will see how the e-spec fairs when we get on the road. I will give full details on Our Rolling Voyage on YouTube. Stay tuned.

by: Greg 01/21/2023

1 year later and this bike rack is great. Holds both mine and my wife’s Lectric brand bikes. Had the rack on the back of my fifth wheel will put any problems or metal fatigue. Great Rack well worth the money.

by: Paul12/30/2022

Overall I am satisfied with the E-Spec bike rack. I am confident my new ebikes now won't end up being dragged behind the trailer and they won't get beat up.
- Heavy! But that's required if you want to hang it on the back of a travel trailer.
- Assembly instructions
* Were reasonably clear
* Step 6 should reference Figure 5, not 4. And a note should mention the wheel trays are not all the same (I should know that?).
- Bike Installation Instructions
* Step 2 says put bike on inner position (close to bumper) and Step 5 says use the longer hook with the inner bike. Oops! My rack came with the short hook facing the inner bike! I fiddle-dinked for 10 minutes trying to figure if it was me or you. It was you. I could have removed the two hooks from their bases and swapped them but I just reversed their position on the upright and for my bikes it worked. Later when it is warmer I'll stare at it again.

by: Michael 08/18/2022

I really like the Swagman E-Spec Bike Rack for 2 Electric Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount Item #S94FR I gave 4 stars only because I had to send 4 hour modifying the hooks (shot and long) before I could use the Rack on my 2 electric bikes. The fit on the vehicle tight and secure, it strong enough to hold a lot heavy bikes then I have and only about an hour to set up minus the modification to the hooks to hold the bikes apart. Still looking for another long hook to make work.

by: David06/03/2021

I really like the rack but be careful when torquing down the handles for the tire holders. Mine cracked but Swagman promptly sent new ones. My 2.7” tire fit but would like to see the holders a bit wider. Overall I think it’s the best RV ebike rack out there. Thumbs up!

The rack has performed well. I eventually secured each tire holder by screwing a lag thru the holder and into the frame once I was confident in my tire settings. *Swagman did tell me this would void my warranty, however, my tire holders now stay in place.
David - 06/04/2022

by: James 03/22/2023

Very sturdy working great on our 5th wheel. Item was shipped very quickly. Everything I've ordered from etrailer has been great there service is by far the best.

by: Bill 03/25/2023

I needed a solid carrier on the back of my travel trailer that would not sway. The Swagman E-Spec Bike Carrier did an excellent job of filling that need.

by: Gary 10/19/2021

Very good bike rack, heavy duty solid steel construction the only thing I'm going to add is lock nuts on all the bolts supplied I don't want anything loosing up down the road....

Very good bike rack locks down solid I add an extra rachet strap around top of bikes to bumper to prevent any back and forth movement...
Gary - 10/20/2022

by: Freida02/01/2023

This Company is AMAZING With product and Excellant in customer service My bike rack was on the back of my Rv parked and another Rv hit it while trying to park his. I call Jessica at etrailer and within 5 minutes she had everything reordered and even stayed on the phone to answer questions that the other people that was driving the other RV. She sent the invoice before we hung the phone up and kept us posted until we received the product 3 days later. Thank you Jessica and etrailer for giving such excellent service.

by: Mark02/18/2023

Warning...This is very high off the ground and if you are purchasing it for electric bikes, like me, it is a real challenge to get them up and loaded. So you better be strong or have help. I cant give it 5 stars only because I havent driven with it yet. However it was apparently easy to put together, Instructions were not very good, only pictures, and had a few pieces left over dont really know what to do with. But it only took about 30 min to assemble and put on the truck and see how all works. Looks strong and stable.

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Ask the Experts about this Swagman Hitch Bike Racks
Do you have a question about this Hitch Bike Racks?

  • Comparing Swagman E-Spec and Current Bike Racks for an SUV and a Ram ProMaster RV
  • You have a great eye. Both the Swagman E-Spec # S94FR and the Swagman Current # S64678 are super strong bike racks that are constructed for brute strength. This is because Swagman wanted both of these racks to be approved for use when attached to the back of motorhomes/RVs. However, the E-Spec has the advantage of strength because not only can the E-Spec withstand the extra force/torque exerted on it on the back of a motorhome/RV, it also can withstand the increased force when mounted on...
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  • Comparing The Swagman E-Spec Bike Rack To The Swagman Chinook Bike Rack
  • The Swagman Chinook Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier - 1-1/4 Inch and 2 Inch Hitches - Tilting # S64683 is compatible with 1-1/4" and 2" trailer hitch receivers, while the Swagman E-Spec Platform-Style 2 Bike Carrier for Electric Bikes - Platform Style - 2 Inch Hitches # S94FR is only compatible with 2" trailer hitch receivers. The Chinook does have a lower weight capacity at 45lbs per bike, whereas the E-spec has a weight capacity of 70lbs per bike. The E-spec is also compatible with...
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  • Comparison of Yakima OnRamp and Swagman E-Spec Bike Racks for Lectric 2.0 E-Bikes
  • The big difference between the Yakima # Y36FR OnRamp and the Swagman # S94FR E-Spec is how the rack grasps the bike frames and the fact that the Yakima OnRamp features an on-board ramp that makes loading the bikes much easier. The E-Spec has a 70 lb per bike capacity, while the OnRamp's capacity is 66 lb per bike. The E-Spec has ratcheting hooks that can be ran down to grab the frame top tube or an adapter bar like # 64005 while the OnRamp grabs the bike by the seat post tube, which...
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  • Best Electric Bike Rack for 2020 Ford F-150
  • The Swagman Current Bike Rack for 2 Electric Bikes # S64678 is a great bike rack, but I have another recommendation. I believe the Swagman E-Spec # S94FR is a better fit for you. It is similar to the Swagman Current, but has a bigger weight capacity of 70 lbs while the Current is 60 lbs per bike. It is also designed to be an extremely heavy duty bike rack and handle extra road stress and bounce which you might have with your truck. The downside of that sturdiness is that it can't tilt...
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