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Dometic 320 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Standard Height - Elongated Bowl - White Ceramic

Code: dom87fr

417 reviews

Our Price: $280.80


Product Specs:

RV Toilets

Standard Height



Polypropylene and Ceramic

Full-Rim - Best

26 - 30 lbs


Perfect for full-time adventurers, this durable, standard-height RV toilet can handle everyday use. Elongated design provides plenty of comfort. Sturdy ceramic bowl is easy to clean. Each flush uses just 1 pint of water.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Dometic 320 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Standard Height - Elongated Bowl - White Ceramic - DOM87FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (417 Customer Reviews)

Perfect for full-time adventurers, this durable, standard-height RV toilet can handle everyday use. Elongated design provides plenty of comfort. Sturdy ceramic bowl is easy to clean. Each flush uses just 1 pint of water.

by: Mike10/18/2022

Much nicer than cheap plastic toilet installed as original equipment that leaked between bowl & outer shell, smelled worse than an outhouse. It's a little bit longer & just touches back wall, but should be ok. Feels more sturdy & comfortable with the wooden oval seat. Just winterized, so I'll find out for sure next summer. 2018 Wolfpack 325P13 front bathroom.

by: Robert01/22/2023

I like my new 320 dometic toilet. Elongated wood seat was the correct choice. Super easy to install. Super quiet flush, it is our 4th toilet and best yet.

by: Greg12/16/2022

I’m in love. Swapped out original plastic rv toilet and couldn’t be happier. Etrailer never fails to impress with lowest prices fast shipping!!!

by: Daniel04/06/2022

Toilet arrived timely. Everything is in good condition. Easy installation despite close tolerances (went from stinky plastic 300 Dometic model to 320 with a porcelain bowl. 300 model was only 2 years old with minimal use and septic was leaking between the bowl inner & outer cases. Sorry etrailer but the Dometic 300 models should not be sold, they are a sanitary hazard even for occasional use. Anyways back to 320 model, simple and easy to install. Chasing the mounting bolts in mounting plate slots gave me some exciting competition but I prevailed. Highly recommend this model.

by: Christopher01/11/2023

Toilet looks awesome upgraded from 310 this has a lip on top of bowl just like a residential toilet just received it haven't installed it yet the only bad is that there is overspray from spray paint it looks like on the porcelain bowl but being porcelain it should clean easily

by: Dr02/09/2022

Lightweight for being ceramic. Easy to clean and quieter than the old one when flushing. The flushing mechanism is far superior to the old cable system. The water flushes around the whole bowl for a cleaner flush. Very pleased and making plans to replace the plastic toilet in the bunkhouse end of our RV.

great, perfect!
Dr - 02/10/2023

by: Ronald 10/23/2021

Replaced a Thetford toilet in our new motorhome . Easy job . About one hour with taking my time .

Good upgrade, wife is happy.
Ronald - 10/24/2022

by: Happy C12/13/2022

The plastic toilet that came with our trailer had a problem with the seals. It ended up with nasty fluid in the walls of the toilet, causing a sewage smell that took a long time to track down. Apparently it’s a common problem - found a lot of folks online with that complaint. Some solutions but the issue just recurred. Have not had that problem with our new ceramic toilet!! Yay! And it’s more steady to sit on because of less plastic. Plus it looks great. Easy to jnstall. Fits right where the old plastic dometic was and used the same lines. Very happy camper.

by: Darren01/07/2023

Perfect fit came undamaged nice addition to my 03 tiffin great product I recommend this product.

by: Greg2U01/09/2023

Having a porcelain toilet that looks and feels like our home toilet is very comforting. We have had no issues or concerns since I installed the 320. It was easy to install. I never liked the plastic toilets that are standard equipment in RVs and the 320 brings home style look, feel and comfort back to the RV. I added the hand sprayer to complete this project.

by: Robert 01/11/2023

We love our new Dometic 320 toilet. It was very easy to install and works great! The larger elongated bowl and wooden seat is just like our toilet back home. Much better than the Thetford that came with our RV!

by: Frederick 03/12/2023

Best decision, much more comfortable than stock toilet in our Grand Design 351-M. It is a tight fit but it works. After 1 year, the toilet seat did crack on the bottom between the 2 bumpers, but was easily replaced at Home Depot with a better soft close seat. This is the best toilet, don’t wait to upgrade!

by: O. B.01/18/2023

I was very pleased with the staff of etrailer they were helpful even calling me to make sure my order was right. They went above and beyond what a company this large is able to do to make sure the customer was satisfied. Other large companies should take note.

by: Ralph 03/15/2023

Lori was absolutely incredible! Great customer service I will call her for my needs from now on.

by: 01/26/2023

I have a Damon challenger motorhome. It came with a tford toilet. I don't like it our foot pedal broke have no way to flush it. we decided to get the domestic 320 toilet. Anything is better then what we have now. I've heard great things about this toilet and I heard bad things about this toilet. But to me I'm going to love our great pooter toilet. Can't wait to get it. I just ordered it.

by: Barry01/20/2023

My toilet was missing a screw on the water intake, but has nothing to do with etrailer as a second party. etrailer was wonderful very fast and cheapest on the net. They are very fast and efficient and I appreciate them as a supply company. I have used them many times in the past for trailer part's I couldn’t find anywhere else again thank you and keep up the great work.

by: John 08/10/2022

really nice. converting a skoolie and all my research pointed to the 320. installed but not used but seems like a great elongated porcelain toilet. fyi the pedestal is plastic but I guess that's the norm. also it is white but even on the box it says off white so no super bright white but I don't think I'll care.

by: Rupert201/13/2023

Installed today in my NoBo 19.8. was concerned about the fit, due to the small size of the bathroom. This replaced a miserably small Thetford unit that has performed perfectly for two years, it's just short and small. The 320 first perfectly and feels solid. I think it took more time to gather tools than to replace the old toilet. Easy to install. Hoping it last a long while.

by: Stephen B03/15/2023

Far superior than the old Thetford
install I had to get the correct compression elbow and adjust the height of the water connection

by: Jessica01/12/2023

Great service, everything was perfect. The new toilet is wonderful! So happy to have a normal toilet and am no longer peeing in a toilet shaped like a salad bowl!!!! Our old toilet was designed by an elf on a shelf!

by: Kerry 12/14/2022

These guys are great to deal with .Good prices , quick shipping . I have bought from them before and always had great service . As far as the toilet goes I am disapointed . Not in the one I bought from them but I bought an identical 320 and the foot pedal broke , no replacement . so I now had to buy a $300.00 toilet instead of a $30.00 part .

by: Debbie 02/16/2023

I would highly recommend etrailer. You were great to work with, my order came quickly.

by: Joseph 01/05/2023

Best Rv toilet for a tall person. Easy to install. Wood Seat. Won’t break and fall apart like the plastic ones. Been full time living in my RV for a Year waiting on my house to be finished. No issues with toilet at all!

by: David 03/10/2023

By far one of the best upgrades we have made to out travel trailer.

by: Kenneth L10/26/2022

We replaced our 310 with the elongated 320... I like the flush using less water. We moved the hand sprayer over from the 310 as well without issue. My wife likes it much better... it is the Cadillac of RV toilets.

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  • Difference Between Dometic RV Toilets And Sprayer Attachment
  • Great question, The 310 is a replacement for the 300 and the 310 is not as big or hardy as the 320. When I think of an RV toilet I think of the 310. When I think of a residential toilet for an RV, the 320 is something that come to mind. Dometic 310 Part-Timer RV Toilet - Standard Height - Round Bowl - Slow Close Lid - White Ceramic # DOM57FR. Overall dimensions: 18-1/2" long x 15" wide x 20" tall Seat length: 15-1/4" Seat thickness: 2-3/4" Seat cutout dimensions: 10-3/4" long...
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Dometic 510 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Hand Sprayer - Standard Height - Elongated Seat - White Ceramic

Code: dom29fr

84 reviews

Our Price: $431.08


Product Specs:

RV Toilets

Standard Height




Full-Rim - Best

41 - 50 lbs

Hand Sprayer


Perfect for full-time RV or boat living, this durable, standard-height toilet uses less than 1 pint of water per flush. Extended wooden seat provides comfort while you're on the road or the water. Hand sprayer lets you wash away stubborn waste.

Video of Dometic 510 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Hand Sprayer - Standard Height - Elongated Seat - White Ceramic

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Dometic 510 Full-Timer RV Toilet - Hand Sprayer - Standard Height - Elongated Seat - White Ceramic - DOM29FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (84 Customer Reviews)

Perfect for full-time RV or boat living, this durable, standard-height toilet uses less than 1 pint of water per flush. Extended wooden seat provides comfort while you're on the road or the water. Hand sprayer lets you wash away stubborn waste.

by: Mike 211/27/2022

installed easily, its kinda weird that the foot pedal is on the oppossite side as to what I'm used to and at 45psi the water comes out along the rim about a third of the way around so you kinda have to use the sprayer every time and they have installed all the foot pedal valve assembly on the outside of the pedestal so if you ever need to change it out the toilet can stay bolted to the floor it has a nice chrome sprayer that works well

by: Darrell07/21/2022

The sprayer kit leaks

I reached out to the manufacturer and they advised that they felt like the gummy substance is coming from the fresh water tank. They recommend to go ahead and drain the tank then clean it out before hooking it up again.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 07/29/2022

by: Scott 01/23/2023

This is a great toilet works perfectly. Very easy install in my case, I removed a Dometic model 210 and installed the 510.
Was thinking about the 320 that also has great reviews until I found out if the foot pedal breaks you need to replace the the toilet. Dometic doesn’t make any replacement pedal parts.

by: John 09/10/2022

So here's the story, I ordered this commode from the trailer paid for express shipping and I received it in 2 days. When I open the box to install it had a crack in the ceramic Bowl. I called the trailer at a 5:00 p.m. in a panic as we were leaving in 3 days for our trip of 5 weeks. They immediately responded and sent me a replacement, overnight at their expense. Happy ending to this Saga is I received the replacement with 36 hours to spare. Everyone I talk to on the phone was more than accommodating and concerned that I was happy. I am!.

by: Jeff11/04/2022

Ordered to replace 210 that is no longer available.. install was easy enough but as usual ., the simplest of projects can turn into pain.. broke one of the bolts on mounting.. with 1/4 socket drive… but that all my doing.. etrailer has great tracking ., delivered exactly on time and in good condition., I will have to say.., they spanked [online]!!! I will be ordering more things from them!!!

by: Gary 01/11/2023

The team at Etrailer is the best. I called mid day, confirmed the product was in stock. They listen to my problem, and was able to get my product to me next day! Awesome service, highest quality product and the customer service was the best!

by: RVBOSS08/16/2022

I install a whole bunch of RV toilets and this is apparently the new version of the old 320. Pretty nice, has two regular closet flange bolts and two large lag bolts that mount the rear end of the toilet to the base of the floor. Be aware that the water inlet and flush pedal is on the opposite side of all other Dometic toilets. Be prepared to make the necessary water line adjustments. Very nice porcelain throne with sprayer

by: Richard10/15/2022

Arrived on time Package was in great shape product was in excellent condition as
have all my orders from etrailer Thanks for the great service and demonstration videos on installation of products sold

by: John01/19/2022

Really looking for one year follow up. Toilet broke other day. Had to pay for another to get the warranty reimbursement. Plus I have to pay the shipping back on the toilet u sold me. Hmm great deal. Hope I get another 2 year warranty. No faith in this product.

Under the warranty, you are responsible for return freight. We will cover the cost of shipping the replacement item to you. You do not need to pay for another item unless you upgrade toilets.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 01/20/2022

by: Mike07/14/2022

I ordered a new toilet for my camper and it showed up damaged from shipping.
They had another one in the mail that day. It showed up damaged as well. Jim had another one shipped right out and it showed up perfect. They stand behind their products and their service is outstanding! etrailer has all my business and would recommend them to any one.

by: David06/13/2022

The toilet install was really easy and went well overall. However, I have a couple of suggestions that should be added to the features list. First off this is not a simple two bolt installation. There are an additional two lag bolts that have to be installed on the back side of the toilet. If you do not install these lag bolts, because at first I did not, the toilet is terribly unstable and could easily rip right out of the floor. That really needs to be addressed. I certainly cannot be the first to bring this up.
I would also like to say that I am really really disappointed that the nice wooden seat is not an easy or slow close. For as much as this toilet cost this should really be a standard feature, or at least an optional upgrade.
Overall, I am mostly satisfied with my purchase.

by: Richard07/30/2022

the only complaint I have is there is no simple way to drain water from the flush valve to keep it from freezing and breaking. Mine froze and broke and I had to replace the broken part. If there is a simple way to drain the water from the flush valve let me know. Everything else was good.

by: Tina08/20/2022

Arrived quickly with no issues. Installed and works great. The best thing about buying from etrailer though is the amazing customer service. They are great about keeping you informed and checking in to make sure everything is good.

by: Shirley 07/02/2022

Excellent product! We did have to make a few adjustments because the new didn’t line up with the old. Thank god we own an auto repair shop and had all the tools to make adjustments.
Also didn’t know we had to order other parts separately before ordering. After all that you get 5 stars. Thanks

by: Thomas09/25/2022

I will not be installing toilet until spring of 2023. Exact same toilet as I have now. Should be easy to install. That’s the reason for average rating.

by: Brook 03/15/2023

I opened and and it looks good so far

by: Gary 01/24/2023

Great product fast shipping great servi ce

by: Dan09/20/2022

Spring cartridge broke within a month. Waiting replacement

by: Erin11/07/2022

BE AWARE BEFORE YOU ORDER. This is NOT an ELONGATED SEAT toilet. It is a regular ROUND toilet seat. We thought we were upgrading to a roomier elongated bowl/seat. Very disappointing. But we had to install it anyway since our old toilet was leaking and were full-timers. So, it is what it is now. So we're making it work. It is a good rv toilet. Just not what we thought we were getting.

by: Ron 01/04/2022

Item was in stock, shipped quick, arrived in great shape, and works really well. Spray nozzle was a dud but customer service jumped right on it and sent out a new one. Great service, I’m an etrailer fan from here on out

by: Bill 10/06/2022

Perfect replacement for our rig

by: Rusty08/18/2022

it looks like very cheaply make, I dont like apron on the bottom and the rubber with the hose clamp.

by: Daniel05/11/2022

Excellent toilet and sprayer. Works great. Easy to install. Only problem is sprayer is over priced. It is not RV specific. It is the same one you find in your kitchen. You can pick one up from any hardware store for half the price. Just being honest.

by: Scott 11/30/2022

1 year later . So far very good!
buy again if ever needed !

by: Laura 02/06/2023

Great product—fast delivery

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