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Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Code: c16530-16021

491 reviews

Our Price: $1,100.25


Product Specs:

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fixed Fifth Wheel

OEM - Ram

14 - 18 Inch Tall

Standard - Double Jaw

5000 lbs Vertical Load

20000 lbs GTW

Cushioned 360-Degree


Heavy-duty fifth-wheel trailer hitch has a dual jaw and color-coded lock indicator for superb safety and security. Self-aligning, pivoting head and included lube plate make hookup a snap. Legs mount to Ram OEM underbed platform.

Video of Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 20,000 lbs - C16530-16021

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (491 Customer Reviews)

Heavy-duty fifth-wheel trailer hitch has a dual jaw and color-coded lock indicator for superb safety and security. Self-aligning, pivoting head and included lube plate make hookup a snap. Legs mount to Ram OEM underbed platform.

by: Roy11/02/2022

This is a great 5th Wheel hitch! Although is is heavy, it was easy to install into the Ram bed by only removing The goose neck ball and the 4 covers for this hitch. Very solid and safe hitch! However, I did remove the safety pin and am using a padlock so no one can simply jerk the release as a sense-less joke while we are away from the rig.

by: David11/14/2021

I purchased the Curt Q20 5th wheel hitch to tow a Cedar Creek Champagne with a 2016 Ram 3500 DRW. This hitch is easy to install with and easy to operate. I put it together in about an hour with one other person. I have towed about 2400 miles with it over the past few months and haven’t had any problems or noticeable wear. Don’t forget to retorque your bolts when you are supposed to!

by: GP12/01/2015

Saved myself about $150 buying this online from Etrailer instead of my local rv/camping shop. My hitch arrived on time. The boxes were tore up but the website warned me about that ahead of time. Packaging wasn't an issue as all items were inside and intact. Assembly was simple and I had plenty of help from all the instructional videos I found on YouTube. Great hitch and I highly recommend that you purchase your new hitch from Etrailer.

Excellent! No issues.
GP - 11/30/2016

by: Morrisa10/18/2022

Most difficult to use hitch we ever owned. My husband and I are in our 60’s and required assistance to release the RV. Extremely difficult to pull the release handle out far enough to unlock the clamshell.

by: Dennis 01/05/2021
2014 Ram 3500

I have not pulled with this yet, but after lifting this to put it together, it's going to be durable because this hitch is heavy. You will need two people to get it out of your truck or use the trailer to lift it out and store it on the 5th wheel hitch.

Still a nice hitch, easy to use.
Dennis W - 01/06/2022

by: Ivan04/12/2019
2017 Dodge Ram Pickup

This 5th wheel hitch fits OEM hitch mount provisions perfectly on my 2017 Ram 3500. Connecting and disconnecting works well. This hitch is heavy for one person to manage, but a hoist set-up makes for easy installation and removal. Tows well with no play between trailer pin and truck. Great product.

by: Walleye Willie05/11/2022
2020 Dodge Ram Pickup

The unit comes in two boxes - separate head and leg assembly. The boxes were damaged and had been taped. Several of the bolts, nuts and washers were outside the shipping packages, but all were accounted for. The assembly instructions were straightforward and easy to read. The assembly went well and, despite the poor condition of the boxes, there were no scratches or defects. The installation in the Ram puck system is very smooth. All in all, a solid unit. We will see how it performs when picking up the 5th wheel.

by: Jeremy10/03/2022

Great hitch except the fact every time I put it in the truck I have to unbolt one side of the hitch to get it in the truck. These are supposed to be drop and go. Not impressed with that aspect of it.

by: Jeff 08/23/2022

The mount works very well - we've hauled our trailer many miles using it including a run from NC to Oregon! It is very effective and stands up well.

by: Tim D.06/14/2015
Dodge Ram Pickup

Melinda at was great and help select the best hitch solution for my needs. Hitch arrived exactly when promised.
Hitch itself appears to be solidly built. Some minor irritations like the locking pin cables crimped so hard that the cables were cut in two on two of the four leg pins. Will have to do my own anchors for those. Also packaging, as noted in other reviews, is pretty weak. After opening I understand why the whole box was wrapped in shrink wrap. Looked like a war was conducted inside with piece parts scattered to the winds. Shrink wrap kept it all inside thankfully
Install was straight forward, and went in easy with two people. Could be a little challenging for one person. Hitch now resides on a RAM 2500 8ft with 5th wheel OEM prep. 5th wheel gets picked up next week.

So far, this hitch has been absolutely trouble free. The two piece design makes for a uick and easy removal or install when I need the bed to be free of restrictions ! Happy camper
Tim D - 06/14/2016

by: Pete03/20/2019
Dodge Ram Pickup

Just installed my Q20 no problems at all dropped right in place I did not tighten bolts all the way until it was in place directions could have been a little more clear for the ram puck system etrailer one of the best online companies I have dealt with from customer service to getting right info to the best tracking ever
Can’t say anything about the hitch yet get my RV Monday so far so good I feel confident

by: Kendall 07/11/2022

The chain for the keeper pin broke after only several months, otherwise has performed quite well.

by: Tyler S.08/17/2017
2016 Dodge Ram Pickup

After 1 year the 20K Curt is still like new. It was an easy drop in for the puck system on my 2016 Ram 3500 dually. We pull a 42 foot fifth wheel camping and it does the business. Easy hook up with one person and the color coded handle comes in handy. Recommended buy!

After a year, it is still like new. Couple grease points and using a hitch plate and really can not tell it has been used. The hitch is great and well recommended!
Tyler S - 08/17/2018

by: Cliff06/10/2022

It's a well built product but is a little difficult using. The instructions are very difficult to understand. They should be simplied. Too wordy.

by: Pat 11/23/2021

Great hitch, easy to assemble. Only issue was, my plate wouldn’t lift out of the mounting assembly. I removed the pins and covers, but couldn’t get it apart. I just left it together and assembled it in bed of truck

by: Stan 08/10/2021

Absolutely love the puck system and hitch mount. This hitch is easy to operate and easy to maintain. After a year it still works like it’s new.

by: Sylvie B.03/22/2018
2016 Ram 3500

We purchased this hitch for our 2016 Dodge. Helen in customer service was wonderful in getting this to us in a timely manner. Installation was very easy and it pulls great. Awesome purchase!

by: Barry12/01/2018

2 years ago I bought a inexpensive Curt hitch for a previous camper. I asked what the difference was between that and an 800 to $1,000 unit, now I know why. The long-term ride with this hitch is really great, double Jaws versus single Jaws is the way to go

by: Stu W08/19/2020

Hitch hook up and disconnect is very easy. Towing is a dream.

Hitching and unhitching is easy. There is no swaying or lurching when towing. Having the color code makes me feel more secure that the trailer is locked into position and ready to go.
Stu W - 08/20/2021

by: Larry 07/20/2021

The Curt Q20 hitch went together well, was easy to hook up the 5th wheel, and locked positively.

Always a pleasure doing business with etrailer. It's hard, if not impossible to beat their prices, and shipping is very fast.

by: Kevin Grant12/12/2016
2015 Ram 3500

I have had this hitch for a year now. I tow a 38 ft 5th wheel approx. 16000 lbs. It is very easy to hitch and un-hitch. Very stable ride. I think this is a great product. Very important to keep it lubed, but it is easy to lube.

I have been using now for over two years many miles on the 5th wheel and hitch. I have had zero problems with it, still functions great. As I stated above you must keep it lubed for easy release of the hitch, but it is very easy to lube. Great product.
Kevin G - 12/12/2017

by: Leo05/28/2016
Dodge Ram Pickup

My curt c16530-16021 has been a great 5th wheel hitch. It's worked flawlessly over the last year which we traveled extensively hooking and unhooking several times a week. The absolute best thing about this hitch is the ease of installation in the bed, of course you have to have the Dodge Ram 5th wheel bed option. Release the puck locks and it slips directly into the bed frame, close the puck locks and your ready to go about a 5 minute job.

by: James D.06/29/2017

This has been a good choice for a hitch. It's reasonably priced hitch and does the job it's made for. My rig's GVW is 15,000, so this is sufficient for me. My only concerns are that I've had some problems unhitching the trailer. I'm not sure if that's my rig leaning on the jaws or if that's problem with the hitch itself. I don't know it that would have been a problem if I had bought the B and W or Demco hitch. My second concern is one that can't be corrected as far as I know. I've got a dually and it's difficult for me to reach the handle because of my height. I carry a small step ladder to get over the fender for that.

When I ordered the hitch, it was time sensitive, since after I ordered one form another site, the order never came through. I called etrailer, and they promised a quick delivery, and they came through. It was a pleasure working with them. They get 5 stars!

by: James 08/27/2021

Just got the hitch installed took about 35 minutes..I haven't used it yet I will next I'm sure they will not be an issue good made heavy hitch thanks trailer good job

by: Chuck Mc09/23/2016
2015 Dodge Ram Pickup

I have a 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 with the Curt fifth wheel and with the truck being set up for the hitch it is fantastic. I rigged up an eye hook in a stud in the ceiling (of the garage) and got a 1.5 ton chain hoist and can lift the fifth wheel in and out of the truck in five minutes! Then I sit it on a furniture mover and roll it over into a corner of the garage.

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Do you have a question about this Fifth Wheel Hitch?


B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 25,000 lbs

Code: bwrvk3600

2968 reviews

Our Price: $1,399.00


Product Specs:

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fixed Fifth Wheel

OEM - Ram

17 - 19 Inch Tall

Standard - Double Jaw

6500 lbs Vertical Load

25000 lbs GTW

Double Pivot

B and W

Specially designed to attach to the receivers in your factory 5th-wheel towing prep package, the Companion OEM features a dual jaw for excellent jaw-to-king-pin contact and a cam-action handle for simple release. Easily remove for full bed access.

Video of B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 25,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 25,000 lbs - BWRVK3600

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (2968 Customer Reviews)

Specially designed to attach to the receivers in your factory 5th-wheel towing prep package, the Companion OEM features a dual jaw for excellent jaw-to-king-pin contact and a cam-action handle for simple release. Easily remove for full bed access.

by: John02/26/2023

Overall the B&W Companion seems to be a nice unit, but disappointing that it arrived a little beatup with chips and a nice scratch. It arrived before the truck did so the unboxing waited a couple weeks. Guess I should have unboxed right away instead of waiting until I needed to install it.

The install was fairly easy and uneventful since lifting it into the bed may have been the hardest part. It look about an hour including tie to track down various tools and supplies. With the OEM pucks in our new Ram 3500 it didn't take many tools to complete the install and since the camper isn't here I'll probably get to use some of the tools again when I find out the middle height isn't quite right for the trailer, but at least adjusting the height and position is pretty straight-forward. It's heavy enough (probably good since it will pull some weight) and takes up enough space that it may not get removed very often unless a 2nd strong back is available regualrly. Depending on how often we use the camper, maybe the hitch will only come out in the winter and go back in come spring.

We'll need to add a lock or two so the hitch doesn't wander off since it's so easy to remove that a couple strong backs could easily make off with it.

by: Rolf03/10/2023

This is my first 5th wheel hitch - and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. The hitch is super solid, nice positive close when connecting, and a lot of confidence while towing. It’s extremely heavy but I wanted that underneath my rig.

Simple and quick installation into my Ram’s puck system.

etrailer delivered quickly and it arrived in perfect condition.

Towing a 43’ Riverstone at 21K GVWR.

by: Dustin02/13/2023

Well if you actually sent me my entire order I would only complain about the expected delivery date changing 3 times but I didn’t get the small package that I ordered with my hitch

Hey thank you for the picture. I am sorry that the entire order has not been delivered. I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/14/2023

by: Rich H01/21/2023
2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

I haven't had a chance to tow with it but this B&W hitch looks awesome. It looks extremely well built. From the paint ,the welds,and the fit and finish this hitch should last a long time. Made in the USA at its finest! Installed on my 14 Ram dually in about an hour and it hides under the tonneau cover. It's heavy so ask for help lifting it,but it's built to last!

by: Michael S02/02/2023

AMAZING customer service. Needed a new 5th Wheel Hitch asap as my factory one was making so weird noises. Callrg erailer and spoke to Alex. She answered all my questions perfectly and got my B&W 5th Wheel Hitch to me as promised in 3 days . Thank Alex and erailer for a product and excellent customer service.

by: Tom M06/29/2022

The shipper’s had issues with the box it wouldn’t fit on their conveyor belts the outside of the box was dinged up pretty good and the other two boxes were together but undamaged the frame took a few dings where it rattled around in the trailer to me.

by: 03/15/2022
2022 Ram 3500

Quality as described and very beefy. I have no issue with the hitch. It's etrailer that failed to deliver for 6 weeks. I was flat out lied to by the first 3 representatives I spoke with. Then Rodney promised to followup and didn't. Finally, Melissa came through after I threatened to cancel. I feel etrailer owes me for the grief I had to go through.

Still working well. Overbuilt and safe.
Charles H - 03/16/2023

by: Shane10/01/2022

Product is as expected! Heavy duty and exceptionally built. You(etrailer) may want to rethink the packaging that you ship the hitch in though. No damage found fortunately!

by: Ivan09/17/2022

Customer service sucks! I bought a product and it has not arrived yet, when I chat with customer service they told me that my product was held by UPS to pickup and I had to call UPS, this does not make sense, I paid the delivery to my house, not to pickup at UPS! Finally, I called UPS and they don't know about my order, so my product is missing and customer services doesn't give me any response.
I’ve been dealing with all this hassle for 3 days already, Im completely tramped in this issue and etrailer don't take their responsibility in this matter. What do I have to do?

I sincerely apologize for the experience that you have had. I have asked to customer service to reach out to you directly for the status of your order.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 09/30/2022

by: Brandon 03/16/2023

Great solid hitch. I would strongly recommend this hitch to anyone with a heavy fifth wheel. Keep in mind the hitch is very heavy. I use my tractor to get it in and out of the bed, I can line the posts up with holes and drop it right in. Very easy to hookup and disconnect.

by: Ryan07/16/2022

1 Year in and this hitch is Solid and Flawless. Moves the Big Momentum with ease.

by: Deloyd01/18/2018

So far it has been great! Being 65yrs old I was apprehensive about trying to assemble and load the hitch with just my wife to help. I remedied that by loading everything into the bed of my truck, including my tools and assembled it in place. Not being up to speed on RAMs puck system I did not know what to expect. I assembled the hitch, torqued it to spec and it dropped into place with out further adjustments or fanfare. I pull a 34' 5th wheel and don't even know it is back there. Hitching and unhitching is a breeze with very little learning curve. That says a lot since my learning curve more resembles a U-turn. Thank you B&W for a great hitch, thank you etrailers for a great deal.

We are very impressed with the B&W hitch. My wife and I both hitch and unhitch without any problems. Ill say it again. Thanks B&W for a great hitch and thanks etrailer for a great deal.
DeLoyd M - 01/18/2019

by: Greg08/17/2017
2017 Dodge Ram Pickup

Love it. I took it out of the box, walked it over to my truck, and set into the openings in my truck bed and turned the handles and put pins in and I didn't even have to adjust it it was perfectly tight. Put the two pieces on to hold the top piece and added a little Grease and it was ready to go. I have a 2017 Ram 3500 4 X4 long bed with airbags and mounted it forward and up all the way. I'm pulling an 18000 pound fifth wheel with flex-air king pin and it rides perfectly. PERFECTLY. I'M very happy with the quality of build and ease of use.

Pulled through Tallahassee, Birmingham, Memphis, Little Rock, Shreveport, Mobile and Monticello and it is a comfortable, well-built, easy to use hitch. Etrailer also gets my recommendations regularly.
GREG - 08/17/2018

by: Edward05/23/2022
2018 Ram 3500

I am starting a Hot Shot trucking company and this 5th wheel will easily pull the trailer that I purchased. The 5th wheel looks great in the back of my truck. It was not to difficult install. The only reason for a 4 star rating is one the boxes looked like it came out of a trash compactor. The base was in that box and was all scratched up. I would buy from this company again in the future.

by: Jerry08/29/2019

Just installed my 5th wheel. (mechanically inclined)
30 minutes and done. Whoever thought of the puck system in the newer trucks is a genius! BW made this bad boy heavy duty. Was all I could do to lift frame in place. Put in place loosened all bolts and it fit in place like a glove. Torqued bolts and cannot wait to get my new toyhauler hitched up!!

Ive only one bad thing to say. The spring setup to keep an angle is junk. Torsion Spring I added a tension spring. Still loving the Hitch.
Jerry - 08/31/2020

by: Randy E.09/27/2015
2015 Ram 3500

Was tired of the movement and clunking with my old hitch between the hich and rails and the kingpin and locking jaws.

This hitch completely does away with all the noise. The absolute best 5th wheel hitch I have even owned. A great made in America product. Thououghly impressed.

Best hitch ever
Randy E - 09/26/2016

by: Mark11/11/2021

It was missing parts but the super nice folks at etrailer got with B&W and had them send the parts directly to me. There are also quite of few blemishes/scrapes in the paint on the hitch base.

It works as it should
Mark - 11/12/2022

by: Mark12/29/2022
2019 Ram 3500

Came in great shape. Was easy to install. Haven’t had a chance to haul with it yet, but as beefy and well made as this B&W is, I don’t anticipate any problems.

by: Edward02/11/2020
2019 Dodge Ram Pickup

Everybody I've ever spoken to said B&W was the best and I believe it. With the help of a friend, this installation took an hour or so. I did open up one of the holes on a corner latch to accommodate a padlock in place of a locking pin. Otherwise very little adjustment was necessary on my 2019 Ram 2500. I set this one up 2"behind the axle and the second hole from the top. This setting worked out OK for my Montana HC 305RL

Great Hitch, I use a lube plate and keep the jaws greased for smooth operation
Edward - 02/12/2021

by: Josh05/09/2022
Dodge Ram Pickup

Arrived on time, and installation went smoothly, for my 2021 Ram Bighorn 3500 Dually long bed and feels sturdy. Box was pretty neat up on arrival,but product was, just slightly scuffed. Overall satisfaction was as expected. Product feels solid and is heavy, which I don't see as a bad thing considering the price of the equipment it is designed to carry. Only minor gripe I have is the hole for the cotter pin on the crown nuts was almost unusable for the position I needed to tighten one of the corners in my truck Bed. Ended up only getting half the cotter pin back through the hole after adjustments were made.

by: Richard C.10/11/2015
2015 Ram 2500

Big and heavy . Took 4 of us to install it. Think I got the side support placement right. Will have to wait till I hook up too see.
One complaint and the mfg. should do something about it. The handle can be reached from the side but not the locking pin. I'm going to have to figure out a way to lock it as at my age It is now a problem. Will come up with something that can be done from the side.

On that issue I recommend a step you can leave in bed to pull out and step up to secure lock. Thats my plan for now.
-- comment by: Steve - 12/06/2015
One of the folding wheel mounted steps might do the job.
-- comment by: Tom W - 01/02/2016

buy a pair of mechanical fingers, thats what I use.
-- comment by: gil - 01/16/2016
One further comment. The jaws as seen from the back when closed should be painted yellow. Then it could easily be noted that they are closed.
Richard C - 10/15/2016

by: Jack 01/31/2023

Everything is top notch. First the hitching process is solid and secure. The ride and feel are the best. And for me the best feature is unhitching. Way easier on the old shoulders than my old Super 5th hitch. Extremely well built!

by: Gilbert05/01/2022
2016 Ram 3500

This B&W 25k 5th wheel hitch is amazing and tuff. So glad I purchased this one from you all. Thanks my Ram 3500 love it. Lol

by: John 01/10/2023

Absolutely perfect as far as I know. First time fifth wheel owner first time fifth wheel pulling. Pulled all over the country. over 10,000 miles not one issue.

by: Randy 01/18/2023
2017 Dodge Ram Pickup

Very easy install with Ram puck system. Just pulled a 17,000 pound 5th wheel and it did great. Hook up and disconnect were simple.

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  • I believe the B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 25,000 lbs # BWRVK3600 is a superior hitch to the Curt Q25 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 25,000 lbs # C16049. The Curt hitch comes apart in different places and is held together with bolts and nuts. The Companion hitch is a sturdy welded base without any bolts and nuts. Both hitches allow you to remove the head from the base for easy loading and unloading. Il...
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  • Please Compare the Curt Q25 # C16049 and the B&W Companion # BWRVK3600 for My 2021 Ram 3500
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  • Comparing The Curt A25 And B&W Companion For A 2019 Ram 3500
  • Both the B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch # BWRVK3600 and Curt A25 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # C16046 are very popular, high-quality hitch options to consider. I would recommend the B&W over the Curt however for a few reasons. The B&W Companion has thick jaws at 1" providing a secure 360 degree hookup that will give you peace of mind. The Companion is made in the USA and B&W is known for it's quality gray powder coat finish that resists corrosion. In addition the pivot arms of the...
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